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Battle Mode & Stages

Post by Josh1995 on Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:58 am

Battle Mode & Stages
Battle Mode

Racing isn't the only thing you can do in Mario Kart Wii. Battle Mode has been as much a part of Mario Kart as the racing. Before you know how to play, though, you have to find out what's new.


There's now two ways to play. First, Balloon Battle returns, a game requiring you to collect three balloons. The items you used to get ahead of the pack in a race is used to pop the others balloons. You can even use some item such as the Mushroom to steal your opponents's balloons.

The new kid on the block is Coin Runners. The stages start with coins scattered around them. You have to try and get as many coins as you can.

This mode has a somewhat bad side effect: You can only play on teams now. This changes the game in both offline and online areas form a last-man-standing free-for-all, to trying to be on the winning side at the end of three minutes. A disappointment to some is it only changes the game a little bit, as you can still win some points online if you have more points or coins then some members of the other team (and Blue Shells go after the top dogs at the time, so watch out).


To drift or not to drift has a whole new meaning in battle mode. Battle mode is more about defending yourself and hitting others with items than speed. If you put drift on auto, then the drift button can be used to hold items behind you. So this is the main mode to use it in as it gives you an advantage. Also, if you hit an item placed by teammate, the item won't hurt you but it'll just disappear.

Block Plaza

(Img credit to Snomi from

This stage is a remake of Fort Block, so if you played through that stage, you should be fine here. The premise is simple: be the team to get to the top first and hold it for the rest of the race to ensure victory.

Once you get on top, if you or your teammates have any False Item Boxes or Bananas, use them to block the other team from getting up, then try to get a good projectile item and fire it at any opponent who's below.

If you're stuck on the bottom, try and keep an item, just in case you need defending, and/or try to find anyone who the winning team left behind. The only hazard here is the sinking statues, so be careful when driving.

Stage best used for: Balloon Battle

Delfino Pier

(Img Credit to Snomi of

Delfino Pier is a complex stage that is constantly changing. Your starting point is a platform that slopes up into a roof with two chimneys (each with a boost pad on one side), and a raised drawbridge (more on that later). Around the back of the platform are three locked gates (also for later). The water is the hazard here. As you play, the water will rise and cut off parts of the stage. Don't worry, because halfway into the race, you'll hear a bell sound. When you hear this you have two ways to go. The gates are now open, so you can go to the basement and work your way up, or you can wait for the drawbridge to come down and enter the second area from up top. At this time, you have two places to fight: the roof on the platform that the water didn't touch, and the second area that has another roof and a sloped boost pad, so you can do tricks. Because of the way the stage is set up there are many ways you can win here (just avoid the water).

Stage best played on: Both

Funky Stadium

This stage is very simple in design. There are tons of ramps and half-pipes, plus a giant TV screen with pictures of Funky Kong. Nothing really changes during the course of play, so there's not much to say.

Stage best played on: Both

Chomp Roulette

Ready for some roulette fun? The stage starts off on 12 ramps, everyone on a booster. As soon as the game starts everyone is launched to a giant roulette table, along with a giant Chain Chomp. Half-pipes and ramps cover the whole area. Nothing changes, so the only danger is the Chomp.
As a tip for players everywhere in large matches (either offline or online) in Coin Runners you and anyone else has a huge cance of running into the chomp at lease one. If you want to use this to your advandtage then do this. In these matches always keep an eye on the map in the lower right hand couner. When the chomp is right behind you try to get out the way by going to the outer area and slowing down other then jumping through the Roulette. If you do this you will be able to follow the chomp and pick up any coins from the people who where sadly crushed dy it along the way.

Stage best played on: Coin Runners

Thwomp Desert

This stage can be very "epic" and confusing, but it can be even more if you don't focus. What you have to worry about is the Thwomps that cause major quicksand and the quicksand it's self. With no warning the Thwomps will rise and fall anywhere, so be careful!

Stage best played on: Both

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