Monster Hunter Tri Jhen Mohran Hunt

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Monster Hunter Tri Jhen Mohran Hunt

Post by Tal on Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:08 am

Copy/paste time
"By far the most epic hunt in the game in my opinion. I love it how you have to man each weapon, communicate with your teammates, and work together so well to kill this thing. It's amazing.
Sure, we didn't win, but it was still a good fight. Pessimists. :(
Full Baggi+ armor
Dark Claw long sword
Speed Gatherer
Cold Cancel (Hi)
Ice Res +20
Capture Expert
Difficulty: High Rank
I have better armor, but Speed Gatherer helps gather ballista ammo, and Focus is fun when you spam Spirit with a long sword.
P.S. They need a non-Awaken ice long sword. I would have used it instead."
Obviously watch them in order, otherwise you'll be lost as to what's happening.


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