Troll's Youtube Clans Promotion(Inclued WOAClan Youtube Channel)

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Troll's Youtube Clans Promotion(Inclued WOAClan Youtube Channel)

Post by TR0LL on Sat Jun 18, 2011 12:54 pm

So Heres A Pic I Made For My Youtube Channels(This Also Include WOAClan Youtube Channel ;) )

Here Were Date That They Were Made On Youtube
WOAClan(Feb 10, 2009 - Present)
Aozzborn99(Feb 26, 2009 - Present)
Zerowii900(Mar 22, 2009 - Jun 31, 2010 / Summer 2012 - Present)
SuperTrollmaster64(May 16, 2009 - Present)
Blueadventurechannel(May 22, 2010 - Present)
TheCNWorld(Jan 26, 2011 - Present)
ProjectCN(Jun 15, 2011 - Present)(Uploads. Begaings Fall 2011)
StarWarsStorys(Jun 17, 2011 - Present)

Anyways. This Promotion Will Be Added For Trailers(Inclued WOAClan) And As For WOA I Wonder ''Another Trailer Would Be Good Idea'' What Would This Mean? Not Going Say, Or Tell. It Secret. So Everybody Gonna Have Wait Until August All i Can Say Is That About Main Games oF This Clan
It Something i metion here quite time ago(It Not The Movies Or WOA3DS)

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