WOA MOVIE: Thinking Working On One With All Main Games

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WOA MOVIE: Thinking Working On One With All Main Games

Post by TR0LL on Mon Mar 14, 2011 8:56 pm

After Week Figuring What I Can Do, I Dised Work On Another Movie Yes Mario Kart 64 Movie Being Work On Still But I Haven't Finish Anything Seace....Will When Was Last Time I Was On Lol

Anyways, I Thought About It And So, I Want Begin Working On WOA Movie With All Game And Im Not Just Saying The Wii All Are Main Games. PC As Well I Mean Yes There That Super Smash Bros And WOA3DS. Wich Reminds Me WOA3DS Is Nolong Being Works Due Being Off Alot But That Project Was Bit Upcomplete And Besides It Was Never Made Only Trailer Was There

So, There Will Be WOA Movie: Mario Kart And Part 2 Of WOA Movie: Super Smash Bros Coming This Summer

Just You Wait For Action It Gonna Make Movie More Interesting See =)


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