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Post by Funky Road on Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:49 am

Funkay here! First of all I am 16 years old now, yet I decide to feel like I am still 12-14 haha =D

But anyway that's one thing, this is another.

Well we all have a library we cherish among other things. So if you would like to, share with us what you proudly hold within your arsenal of video games. Whether be it Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, DS, PC, etc. Don't be shy or scared, because you have those games because YOU like that game. Don't worry about what others think about it, or you. And remember, keep all rage/flame comments to self =D


Nintendo Wii
Guitar Hero Aerosmith
Guitar Hero 4: World Tour
Guitar Hero Smash Hits
Guitar Hero 5
Band Hero
Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock
Rock Band 2
Rock Band 3
The Beatles Rock Band
Lego Rock Band
Green Day Rock Band
Super Mario Galaxy 1;2
Mario Strikers Charged
CARS Mater-national
Mario Kart Wii
Super Smash Bros Brawl

Xbox 360
Call of Duty 3
Call of Duty ModernWarfare 2
Call of Duty Black Ops
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Need for Speed: Carbon
Need for Speed Pro Street
Midnight Club: Los Angeles
HALO Reach

To be coninued with as games come later! =D
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Funky Road
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Your Arsenal! Empty Re: Your Arsenal!

Post by Grimblade on Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:02 pm


I'll get to this eventually. Maybe.


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Your Arsenal! Empty Re: Your Arsenal!

Post by Tal on Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:41 pm

I'll start light with handhelds.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Super Mario 64 DS
Yoshi Touch & Go
Kirby Canvas Curse
Mario Kart DS
Mario and Luigi Partners in Time
Super Princess Peach (Ren-approved)
New Super Mario Bros.
Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks
Pokemon Ranger, White, Pearl, Platinum, Blue Mystery Dungeon, Explorers of Time
Mario Party DS
Animal Crossing Wild World
Phantasy Star 0
Yoshi's Island DS

Gameboy Advance
Yoshi's Island
Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland
Super Mario World
Mario Party Advance
Pokemon Emerald
Legend of Zelda Minish Cap
Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue
Super Mario Advance
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

Console time.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword
Monster Hunter Tri
Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Mario Kart Wii
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Guitar Hero 3, 4
Rock Band 2, 3
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Metroid Prime 3, Other M
Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World
Animal Crossing City Folk
The Conduit
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Paper Mario
Wii Sports

Tales of Vesperia
Gears of War 2
Fable 3
Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Phantasy Star Online
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Kirby Air Ride
Tales of Symphonia
Mario Party 4, 5, 6
Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventure, Wind Waker

And now because I can

Left 4 Dead 1, 2
Team Fortress 2
Garry's Mod
League of Legends
Half-Life 2
Battlefield 1942
Call of Duty United Offensive (because the first was the only fun one, before ANYONE says anything)


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Your Arsenal! Empty Re: Your Arsenal!

Post by Ender on Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:50 pm

At the elderly age of 20, I have purchased many games in my time. Many of which I can't remember. They aren't with me.

(That I can remember, I probably forgot a bunch...particularly in the SNES/NES sectors.)

-Various ATARI games

-All Power Joy games (basically bootlegged NES games)

-A bunch of ridiculous Sonic games
-Tails' Adventure 1-2
-Sonic Drift 1-2

-A few crappy Sonic games.

-Toy Story
-Mickey Mouse’s Castle of Illusion
-Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3
-Sonic Spinball
-Sonic & Knuckles
-Sonic 3D Blast
-Road Rash
-Earthworm Jim 1-2
-Tom & Jerry
-Bubsy 1-2

-Megaman Series
-Duck Hunt
-Super Mario Bros 1-3
-Castlevania series
-Simon’s Castle
-Ghouls n’ Ghosts
-DR Mario
-Punch Out!
-Kid Icarus
-The Legend of Zelda
-LOZ 2: Link’s Adventure

-Megaman Series
-Super Metroid
-Tiny Toons
-Chuck Rock
-Super Mario Bros All Stars
-Yoshi’s Island
-Super Ghosts n’ Goblins
-Super Mario World
- Castlevania series
-Super Punch Out!
-X-MEN 2
-Super Mario Kart
-Streets of Rage 2
-Zombies ate my Neighbors

-Pokemon Snap
-Pokemon Stadium 1-2
-Hey-You! Pikachu!
-Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers
-Mario Kart 64
-Mario 64
-Kirby and the Crystal Shards
-Starfox 64
-DK 64
-Banjo-Kazooie 1-2
-Super Smash Bros
-Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
-Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask
-Pokemon Puzzle League
-Earthworm Jim 3
-Rayman 2
-Mario Party 1-3
-Mario Tennis
-Mario Golf
-007 Golden Eye
-Yoshi Story

-Pokemon Channel
-Kirby Air Ride
-Viewtiful Joe 1-2
-Pikmin 1-2
-Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
-Mario Power Tennis
-Metroid Prime 1-2
-Resident Evil 4
-Sonic Heroes
-LOZ: Twilight Princess
-Animal Crossing
-Sonic Heroes
-Luigi’s Mansion
-Mario Party 5,6,7
-Sonic DX
-Sonic Adventures 2 Battle
-LOZ: Wind Waker
-Spider-man 2
-The Sims
-The Sims Bustin’ Out
-Harvest Moon: A wonderful life, Magical Melody
-Pac-Man World 2
-Tales Series
-Sonic Mega Collection
-Sonic Gems Collection
-Mario kart Double Dash
-Monopoly Party
-Ultimate Spider-man
-Pokemon XD
-Pokemon Coliseum
-Starfox Assault
-WarioWare Party Games
-Phantasy Star Online Episode 1&2 Plus
-LOZ OOT/Master Quest
-Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
-Rayman 3
-Rayman Arena
-Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
- Super Mario Sunshine
-Godzilla: Destroy all monsters
-Resident Evil X: Code Veronica

-Sonic and the Secret Rings
-Animal Crossing: City Folk
-Guitar Hero 3
-Link’s Crossbow Training
-Mario Kart Wii
-House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return
-Kirby: Return to Dreamland
-Metroid Prime 3
-Metroid Prime Trilogy
-Metroid Other M
-Mario party 8
-One Piece: Grand Adventure
-The Conduit
-New Super Mario Bros Wii
-Pokemon Battle Revolution
-Rockband 2
-Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
-Super Mario Galaxy 1-2
-Super Paper Mario
-LOZ: Skyward Sword
-Spider-man 2
-Spiderman: Web of Shadows

-All Kingdom Hearts Games
-Spyro 1-3
-Gex 1-3
-Shadow of the Colossus
-All Crash Bandicoot games
-Toy Story 2
-Star Wars Bounty Hunter
-Resident Evil 2
-Silent Hill Series
-Various FF games, VII, X, XII, etc.
-Twisted Metal Series
-Star wars Battlefront 1-2

XBOX 360:
-Army of 2
-Just Cause 2
-Assassin’s Creed 1-2, Brotherhood, Revelations
-Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City
-Battlefield 3
-Battlefield: Bad Company 2
-Bioshock 1-2
-COD Black Ops
-Condemned 1-2
-Dead Island
-Dead Rising 2
-Left 4 Dead 1-2
-Sonic the Hedgehog 3
-Super Meat Boy
-Doritos’ Crash Course
-A racing game by the same studio which I can’t recall.
-Fable 2-3
-Fallout 3
-Fallout New Vagas
-Gears of War 3
-Halo 3
-Halo Reach
-Halo 2
-Orange Box (TF2, Portal, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Episodes 1 and 2)
-Phantasy Star Universe
-Portal 2
-Red Dead Redemption
-Resident Evil 5
-Resident Evil
-Resident Evil 0
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-Tales of Vesperia
-Beyond Good and Evil HD

-Super Mario World

-Harry Potter
-Super Mario World 3
-Wario’s Woods
-Wario Land 3
-Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Crystal
-Zelda Oracle of Ages
-Zelda Oracle of Seasons
-Yu-Gi-Oh: Stairway to the Destined Duel
-Pokemon TCG
-Link’s Awakening

-Metroid Fusion
-Demi Kids Light, Dark
-Kirby: Nightmare in DreamLand
-Kirby and the Magic Mirror
-Cartoon Network Racing
-Mario Kart Advance
-Yu-Gi-oh: World Championship 2005
-Yu-Gi-Oh! 2008
-Pokemon Ruby. Sapphire, Emerald
-Zelda: Minish Cap
-FF Tactics Advance
-Golden Sun
-Golden Sun: Lost Age
-Zelda: A Link to the Past/4 Swords
-Sonic Advance 1-2
-Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga

-The World Ends With You
-Children of Mana
-Freshly Picked Tingle’s Rosy Colored Rupee Land
-Metroid Prime Hunters
-Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
-Sonic Chronicles
-Animal Crossing: Wild World
-Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime
-Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
-Kirby Squeak Squad
-Mario & Luigi Partners in Time
-Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story
-Mario Kart DS
-Super Mario 64 DS
-New Super Mario Bros
-Phantasy Star 0
-Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, Red Team, Explorers of Time
-Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black, White
-Wario Ware DIY
-Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour
-Yu-Gi-Oh! Over the Nexus
-Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends
-Brain Age
-Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble

-Sonic CD
-LEGO Creator
-Lego Island
-Amnesia: Dark Decent
-Left 4 Dead 2
-Portal 2
- Team Fortress 2
-Chex Quest
-Oregon Trail
-Amazon Trail
-Civ series
-Lemmings 2000
-Warcraft 1-3
-Unreal Tourny series
-Age of Empires
-Neverwinter Nights
-Worms Series

-Lost Winds
-Defend Your Castle

-Dark Souls
-Borderlands 2
-Resident Evil: Raccoon City
-Silent Hill HD Collection

iPod: Too many

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Your Arsenal! Empty Re: Your Arsenal!

Post by BA on Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:39 pm

Moving this to the "Game & Console Talk" board. ;)
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Your Arsenal! Empty Re: Your Arsenal!

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