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Post by TR0LL on Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:43 pm

will hey everyone (and new members)i'm not coming back i just i drop to say hi to everybody im been pretty good s im not ever going do those movie-and what not no i dont think this clan needs movies >-> so anyways i just drop say hi it looks inactive today then it was a few back so anyways im just going head close the youtube woa because it look like yall have not ues it anymore so...ya and will ive been doing stuff and sick but im holding there and look at my typeing isnt it much better then compare few years back? will anyways im head to log of oh and do not have active my new account "troll1" because i thought that i lost my password so it be "troll1" anyways thanks for been grate guys funkey, pika, drew, um ba and all yall so take care and goodbey untill we meet again

remember the topics i posted back then i think i jsu got little over and i did hang with someone that will kinda werid so and it was could, if you guys don't remember him he was one member of woa but he not here anymore i think he left for awhile so and i don;t hang with anymore so i just been busy and i don;t know now today on what heck could WOA3DS Be it be it be very bad i don't think it would work anyways and woa movies to there just things that i don't think that ill be doing anymore and i don;t why i thought them i guess i had problems when i hanged with could and then things gone more bad in 2012 when i had go hospital because of hearing things that were not there so im really sorry i really like this clan and i wanted do was help to keep it activated but i left so early so im just sorry i really am i still don't want come back i feel fine without clans so... and i really think that everybody that been on was really cool and all and then there new ones to show but it been 6 years and im 17 years old now and i think im done for good

this won't mean that im not giving up on nintendo's console i still play with them a lot so it been grate seeing everybody that been with for last 6 years but i think im ready go now but you still see me i check on my new email if i have time to so, i really enjoy being here this clan was not same as it was years ago but im sure you guys will end up coming back and then i come on and read what everyone saying please do read it im not mean im not bad guy i reall liked all you and there be new people to join who end up coming to this clan so i want be your friends i thought yall were grate friends and pretty much enjoy being here i don want yall get upset anyways i did remeber the bad time and good times here so i really didnt want post so much i was really worried about you guys i wanted do intersted topics and i think im just doing it wrong sometime so i don't want be the way i was year ago so this me now and im now going to be doing things that i need do i have more real friends like yall and my like skills at school to so this will be it im not gonna be here anymore i plan not to anymore so this is it now maybe will see each orther real soon and i hop this clan can stay working soon i hate when all you guys that i know start crushing each orthers i don;t like it when it was that i didnt want you guys to tell you that i was life skill ok that why my spelling bad im learning so im just want you all know that i will be here whenever you need


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Post by BA on Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:28 am

Hey Troll! You're free to close the WOA YouTube channel and I'll remove the "Troll1" account you tried to make. 

In any case, you're totally fine with not coming back to WOA or being active in its affairs. So don't be too hard on yourself for not being around as much as you would have wanted. Concentrate on life and your studies and feel free to jump on and say hello every once in awhile. I'm also around if you need anything here.

Thanks for being a good sport and good luck with your endeavors Troll!
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