How many times do I keep posting this? LOL

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How many times do I keep posting this? LOL Empty How many times do I keep posting this? LOL

Post by SoulReaver on Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:30 am

I'm pretty sure you've all noticed how I may come back for a short period of time and I don't come on for awhile. I was away this summer. I've also been focusing on a game called Aion, I've told some of you about but I play the Free 2 Play/retail version instead of the private server I introduced to some of you and chose Elyos side. Honestly, leveling is a bi**h in that game and I'm trying to get into a LOT of PvP. But anyway, I'm going into Sophomore year I only get 3 core classes this year so HOPEFULLY I'll actually start coming on more, I'm getting a new laptop anyway since I'm in Information Technology. Also I rarely play my Wii and haven't even touched it in months, but if you guys want me to play in SSBB, CoD 4, or Guitar Hero III matches/tournaments, I'll be up for it.

P.S. I remember getting a God title, back before WOA's update with the old WOA shop. It was God of Keyblades. I would like to know if I could still get that title anymore? If not then that's fine :]

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