TR0LL's Story: Feb 12, 2012

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TR0LL's Story: Feb 12, 2012 Empty TR0LL's Story: Feb 12, 2012

Post by TR0LL on Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:22 am

I Disied To Let You Guys Know What I Have Been Doing Seance Ive Been Gone

Will, My Gamestop Finally had conduit 2 and i actually had a lot fun playing it, sadly im still on lvl 2 =P(I Haven t Play Much Of It)
I Been On Toonzone Few Days Wounding Was Be On CN Lately (The Annoying Orange Got Pick Up Regular Show And Adventure Time Gets Renew All CN Real Shows Are Canceled besides level up) Looking At News For Games On There It Was Kinda Meh,
Then I Got DBZUT And Soul Caliber 4 At Gamestop There Pretty Fun I Need Catch Up On DBZ More

I Have Been Working Project CN And My Live Action Channel X-Live A Few Mouths Ago

Dragon Ball GT Is On Nicktoons Now And Been Watching It, its Kinda Ok But DBZ And DB Were Better,

Thats Pretty Much What i have been doing few days, Overall How Are You Guys Been Doing Seance I Was Gone?

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