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Post by darthjawafett on Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:56 pm

The sun rose and so did vanitas.
The soldiers knew Gosvik's squad would return to finish the battle. They mounted a turret onto the guard tower for the up coming battle.

Vanitas went towards the elders tent to give him the files about the weapons chamber he found.
As he approached the door 3 grenades flew in from the forest 1 Smoke and 2 Frag Grenades.
The cloud of smoke exploded first so the rebels didnt see where the shrapnel fly at them.
No fatal injuries happened during that.
In the medical center the wounded soldiers were still in recovery with 2/5s of them ready for battle.

The turret was raining hell on Gosvik's Squadron. It didn't seem as if they would leave though.
An explosive bolt was shot at a tree which fell blocking the clearest path to the camp. The soldiers were still disconnected from their command. That could be a reason they hadn't backed down yet. They needed to take control of the rebels Comm tower. Vanitas went towards the person leading the rebels during the battle.

Vanitas: Listen i think i know their objective.
General: its a territory war obviously They want this camp.
Vanitas: Wrong, they're cut off from their command they need our comm tower. And their probably moving around the forest as we speak to take control of it.
General: Thats a pretty good deduction.
The general called out to some soldiers and told them to guard the comm tower.
General: And what will you be doing?
Vanitas: When one of them dies ill take their helmet hook it to the comm tower and tell them that their squad is returning home.
General: And you think that this will work?
Vanitas: Gosvik's soldiers are retards and weak. Trust me I've dealt with them in the past.
Vanitas left the general to go hunt down one of the soldiers.
This kill had to be careful Vanitas couldn't risk damaging the radio on the soldiers helmet.
Vanitas summoned void gear and hid in the bushes. After 3 minutes a lone soldier who had gotten lost was walking through the forest. When he past vanitas vanitas left the bush and snuck up behind the soldier who quickly turned around... Vanitas was gone.
Vanitas was behind the soldier again and cut his legs with void gear. The soldier couldnt stand up. Vanitas stabbed his chest and took his helmet.
Vanitas: Im sure you'll be fine.
Soldier: You can't do this to me... you'll pay.
Vanitas could now mimic the soldiers voice well enough to talk to who ever was in charge at his command.
Vanitas went back to the comm tower and ripped the wires out from the mic of the soldiers helmet. He lowered his visor and attached the mic to his helmet.
Vanitas (using the soldiers voice) : We've beaten the rebels at the camp and torched it were returning home.
???: But your orders were to retreat. We know you heard it because it was 2 and a half hours before the connected failed.
Vanitas: we had a job to finish and we don't like to leave things half assed.
???: Whatever just return to the capital. Turns out your commander was assassinated to were trying to figure out which soldier to promote.
Vanitas: Alright were returning.
Vanitas ripped the mic out from his helmet and raised his visor.
Vanitas told the general that his part was done. The general then signaled for a full on attack against the enemy squad.

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Post by Grimblade on Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:28 am

Kit awoke. His leg was a bit sore, but he could feel that he was at least safe and recovered. But he did now know where he was. He blinked as the light of the sunrise reached out to his eyes, which had been closed for quite some time.

He sat up and looked down at his leg, which was neatly bandaged. He had a bandage around his wrist as well, which he found odd, as his wrist was not injured as far as he could remember. The spot itched a bit though. And he appeared to be in a large tent, which from the looks of it, appeared to be an infirmary of sorts.

"You're finally awake!" he heard a voice say from across the room.

Kit looked over and saw that the speaker was a young girl who appeared to be around the age of 20. She had dirty blonde hair and glasses, and her voice was soothing to hear. She was pretty attractive as well, and had a 'kind-and-intelligent' look about her.

"You've been out for a long time, it's the second morning after we found you. Is everything alright?" she asked as she approached him.

"I feel very well, which I suppose is thanks to this treatment. I wasn't entirely sure if I was going to last out there." Kit replied. "Who do I have to thank for this?"

The girl let out a laugh. "That would be me. I'm the nurse and doctor for the rebels. But you should already know that shouldn't you?" she asked, with a cautious smile upon her face. "I know you're not who you appear to be. After all, Grant's body was found upon the battlefield. I've seen him plenty, and I don't think he ever had one of those." she said, pointing to his tail.

Kit was temporarily stunned, but then shifted into the form of a teenage boy and extended his claws.

The girl seemed shocked and fearful for a moment, and then regained her composure. "That's definitely interesting, but I guess you don't know what you'll come across these days. But you have nothing to worry about, I'm not an enemy. And I hope that you're not..." she smiled, but still stole nervous glances at his claws.

Kit settled down, his claws retracting. "I'm not your enemy."

The girl sighed with relief. "That's good news...I was taking a gamble by helping you here, the general wouldn't take too kindly that you were here, given your...circumstances. But anyway, my name is Camila." She smiled. Would you mind telling me about yourself? I've never seen such a being, and I'd like to know more. You seem interesting. And don't worry about secrecy, you're words are safe with me."

"I'm sorry, but I ca--" Kit stopped mid-sentence as he noticed a bandage around the girl's arm, and then glanced at the one on his own wrist. He then realized something: this girl must have used her own blood to keep him alive. She had taken him in against circumstances and made such a sacrifice. For him: one she knew nothing about. "Very well then." he said after a pause.

Kit began telling Camila about himself and his past. She listened intently and unwaveringly, occasionally asking questions and making comments, but surprisingly was accepting and in belief of it all. Never once in his 105 years of living had he been able to be so open with someone. And someone so young, at that...and beautiful...

He stopped his thoughts. What was this feeling welling up inside of him? Surely he was not falling in love with this...human...

His own internal emotional struggle was temporarily broken as he heard one of the sick people nearby mumble several barely audible words. "Soldiers...dragon..."

The recollections of the occurrences of what happened prior to his arrival rushed back to Kit. He quickly turned back to Camila. "Camila, did a dragon pass through here? Or a Reaper?" he asked, slightly panicked.

"The Reaper was spotted in the forest clearing up the fire, but..." she looked away nervously, a slight sadness in her eyes. "The dragon...he was captured by Gosvik's men. He must have been a friend of yours...I'm so sorry."

Kit was dumbstruck. "It can't be...Tal was captured?! I have to do something." he said as he quickly got up and ran towards the entrance to the tent. "Camila, you will see me again, so don't worry. Once again, thank you. Keep up the good work." He turned away and left the tent, that bizarre emotion still lurking in his mind. In his heart.

"Surely someone here can give me even the slightest bit of information as to where Tal might be being held...I need to rescue him. And I shall." he thought to himself. He glanced back at the Infirmary one last time and saw Camila through the entrance, watching him leave, a smile on her face. He looked forward once again as he walked towards the main area of the camp. Smiling.


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Post by darthjawafett on Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:34 am

The battle was over and gosvik's soldiers were gone more soldiers were sent to the medical tent for treatment.
Vanitas used his bio-scan ability to see if they're any rebels injured in the forest.
A teenager who was running out of the tent bumped into vanitas.
This ended his bio-scan but he had confirmed no one was in the forest.
???: Watch were your going.
Vanitas:.... wait. your that kitsune aren't you.
???: I have no idea what your talking about.
Vanitas: You can't fool me your soul shows a fox which makes you a kitsune.. a fox spirit. So why are you here anyway?
???: Im supposed to meet a dragon called Tal and a Reaper named shiki here.

Vanitas remembered his encounter with tal and that he had been trying to track him down.
Vanitas: Tal. he was taking by a transport chopper i know the direction in which they flew.
???: So then will you help me rescue him.
Vanitas: Alright and your plan exactly is?
???: Depending on the compound hes held at ill alter my plan.
Vanitas: So your reaper friend is he going to help us too?
The person tells vanitas that his name is kit and vanitas tells kit who he is.
Kit: He should be here the forest fire is out right?
Vanitas: Yea its been gone for awhile.
Kit: Well a good thing is that wherever tal is being held Gosvik is certainly there. So how exactly are we going to get there we cant chase a Helicopter on foot.
Vanitas: Follow me they get out of sight of the rebels and Vanitas summons his glider.
Kit: Whats exactly is this a type of vehicle?
Vanitas: Its a keyblade glider.
Kit: It just looks like a 1 person vehicle how am i supposed to go?
Vanitas summoned Chaos Ripper and it transformed into a Sidecar attachment for the glider.
Kit: A sidecar?
Vanitas: I guess...

A ghost like person appeared in front of kit.
???: I cleared out the fire in the forest kit. I assume you and tal got your jobs done too.
Kit: Hi shiki well you see I finished my part of the plan and Vanitas told me that you finished yours as well but Tal was captured by Gosvik. They took him away in a Transport helicopter.
Shiki: So let me guess were going on a rescue mission?
Kit: well we have to.
Shiki: So what exactly happened here?
Kit: well most of my stay here i was blacked out so maybe Vanitas can help you.
Vanitas: As you know Gosvik's soldiers were sent here to kill all the rebels here. When Tal arrived their objective changed to capturing him. They tazed him then put him onto the helicopter and flew Southwest from here. During the battle Kit arrived and was taken to the medical tent where he was healed.
Vanitas told Shiki exactly what happened Prior to his arrival.
Shiki: I see so i guess this is our transport out of here?
Vanitas: Yep. Well now that your up to date lets go. Shiki entered the sidecar with kit and Vanitas started the glider and flew in the direction he saw the transport helicopter go.

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Post by Tal on Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:36 am

Silence. Darkness.
Both pervaded the air around Tal, who wasn't sure what was going on. He awoke on a table of sorts, or so it felt. He tried to move his arms, but they were being restrained.
"What the hell...?"
???: "Sir! It's waking up!"
???: "Good. At least we know it survived the process."
Looking around to find the voices he heard, he saw a faint light from up above him. A window? Looked like it. And the voices were coming from there.
Another thing bugged him. Process? What process? Just where was Tal anyway?
???: "I'm going down. I'm sure our little pet will enjoy the surprise we have for him."
Uh oh. This... definitely wasn't good. The gears in Tal's head kicked up just enough for him to get an understanding of the situation. He remembered they were captured. The window above him, the voices... he was being monitored, or watched. The people were talking about him. And whatever their surprise is, it couldn't have been good.
"Agna, are you all right?"
No response. Tal panicked.
???: "She won't be responding any time soon."
Tal's head jerked in the direction of the voice, and the lights in the room went on.
"Gosvik! What the hell did you do to her?!"
Gosvik: "Why, we haven't done anything to her. It's what we did to you that you should worry about."
Tal's gaze never faltered. The look of pure indignation on his face was affixed on Gosvik.
Gosvik: "You won't find anything different with your body, oh no. But you had to have noticed that your dragon companion hasn't been answering, no?"
"You bastard!! I swear if you did anything to hurt her I'll tear your goddamn heart out!"
Gosvik: "Big words from a failed experiment. Oh, and you might find that hard to do with none of your equipment."
Tal finally looked away. He glanced at his sides, and all of his equipment was gone. His Stag Cutlery was taken, and his pistol and BA's revolver were also missing.
Gosvik: "Good boy. Calm yourself. If you really desire to know what we did to you and your dragon, look right through that window to your right."
Tal looked over, and a shutter over the window opened. He saw a room filled with all sorts of glass phials and tubes. Each one had some sort of smoky wisp inside of it.
"Wh- what is that?"
Gosvik: "Isn't it beautiful? It's where we keep the souls of anything we plan on using for our experiments. Your dragon just so happens to be in there."
"What?! You- you took her from our body?!"
Gosvik: "You were a failed experiment anyway, you worthless freak! We need something that's going to listen to us and obey us for our army, not something who kills half of our science team and escapes! Do you know the trouble you caused us?!" Gosvik balled his hand into a fist. "Do you know how hard it is to replace men of that stature, with that kind of experience and intelligence?! We're still searching!!"
Gosvik swung his fist and struck Tal across the jaw, shattering 4 of his teeth.
Tal yelped in pain, as blood poured from his mouth.
Gosvik: "We don't need you anymore! As long as we have your beast and the other one, we can continue these experiments until we find the perfect match for us!"
Tal's head remained turned away from Gosvik, still trying to cope with the pain.
Gosvik: "As soon as we find our match, you're being executed. Just wait until then, you miserable filth."
Gosvik walked out the door as it slammed shut behind him. The shutter over the window closed, and the room returned to dark.
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/NKledBQSOD0?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/NKledBQSOD0?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
"N... no... Agna... why..." Tal mumbled.
A single tear fell from his eye. Why? Why did this have to happen to him? First, the insane experiment that caused him to be like this. Now they took Agna from him. And after it's all over...
"I'm dead..."
Tal never moved. He was too shaken and afraid. He always had Agna with him to help him through situations like these, but now she was gone. He... he needed her back. Even though they were never even of the same race, Tal thought of Agna as a motherly figure. Even before the transformation, she always watched out for him and made sure he never did anything stupid, she cared for him. Taking her was like taking away his guardian angel. He loved her as much as a boy could love his dragon.
Tal's rage finally hit.
"I swear, I'll make these bastards pay! I'll get you back! Just... just... hold on..."
Tal's rage quickly changed to sadness. He broke down into tears. He needed her back. And he'd get her back. Even if he died trying.
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/FG1YQ--gwwU?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/FG1YQ--gwwU?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Outside, a lone figure waited, kneeling on the branch of a large tree, gazing through the window with binoculars she stole from a guard.
Her bunny twitched its nose anxiously.
Rain - Page 4 Forum_rpg___rain___scene_by_talent412-d3ld6g4
Chiyo: "Don't worry, BunBun. If what we overheard from that shadow thing we fought way back when was right, Tal should be here."
A loud roar erupted from the walls of the facility.
Chiyo: "And there he is. Let's go. We have a dragon to save."
Bagging the binoculars and the bunny, Chiyo leaped from her tree perch through an open window, landing quietly inside.

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Post by Grimblade on Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:34 pm

Fett started off in his glider with Kit and Shiki in the sidecar. The glider moved along, but seemed to be having some issues, as it was wavering in the air, somewhat low to the ground, and was moving at a less-than-speedy pace.

"I don't think it's used to this much weight..." Fett said, seeming almost embarrassed. Next thing, the glider plummeted to the ground with a resounding "Crash", and Fett was lying sprawled out on the ground in front of the totaled glider.

"He's out cold." Shiki said, looking over his shoulder. But Kit was already gone. "Wait, what? Did he leave already? No matter, I suppose I should get Fett back over to the rebel camp infirmary." He turned around and observed a number of people standing at the edge of the camp watching.


Kit was running as fast as he could, his padded paws hitting the ground in a rapid rhythm. He had to find Tal, and was tired of distractions. His mind kept wanting to meander back to thoughts of Camila, but he had to stay focused on his task at hand, and did just that. His leg was also hurting from where he had been injured, but was healed enough to where it wasn't a hindrance.

"At least it hasn't been too long since he was captured. I can still smell his scent in the air...dragons smell pretty nice actually. But you don't smell dragons often, which makes this easy." Kit thought to himself as he ran, using his trained fox-nose to follow the scent-trail that the dragon had left behind.

It wasn't long until he came upon a heavily-guarded compound. It was approaching nightfall.

Kit moved around, trying to get a proper scope of the building's surroundings. There were guards everywhere. Searchlights, sensors...the entire upper-class defensive system that Gosvik uses in his more important locations. the ground was barren all around the building except for one tree, the trunk of which was carved into the likeness of Gosvik himself. Kit saw something move.

"For a second, it appeared as though someone jumped from that tree and into the compound. There is an open window...perhaps there is someone." Kit thought to himself as he approached the tree, avoiding detection from the guards. "This thing is realy tall though...which explains why they haven't thought of people using it as a means of entry."

Kit extended his claws and took the form of a young boy, and nimbly climbed up the length of the tree, stopping only to hide when the searchlights passed across. After several minutes, he climbed the full length of the tree and out onto one of the outstretched branches closes to the window. "Whoever managed to get in from here must be an amazing jumper. This is a really long gap." he thought to himself as he stared across the black void between the tree-branch and the window.

After mustering up his courage and returning to his fox form, he gave himself a running start on the branch, and then leaped as far as he could, his hind-paws pushing him off the branch. He soared through the air. Would he make it? He wasn't sure. After a few-second jump that seemed like an eternity, Kit was at the window, barely holding onto the edge of the sill in the form of a teenage boy. "Good thing I transformed in midair there....heh, nice trick. I wouldn't be able to get ahold of this steel very well with my claws, nor would I have made the jump without being in my normal form."

He climbed through the window and dropped noiselessly to the floor below. The figure he had glimpsed earlier was nowhere in sight.

Kit looked around, at a loss of where to go. He was inside of a hallway. He walked to the end of the hall and peered around the corner, where he saw several guards walking and conversing. One of them was talking.
"Yeah, Gosvik apparently caught the monster. Who knows what will happen to that monstrosity, but I hope he does away with its pitiful existence soon."
All three laughed.
"Yeah, Gosvik has been in a foul mood ever since he lost his prized science team. It set him back a good bit." the second soldier added.
"Aye, but Gosvik will have his way regardless. I don't see the point in anyone even resisting at this point."
"Ah well, idiots will be idiots."
All three laughed again as they turned into a room, closing the door behind them.

Kit walked over and inspected the sign. "Military dormitories, huh? Gosvik's men apparently get the higher end of the ladder here. That explains the carpet. Now, to find out where Tal is..."

He then transformed himself into a beautiful maiden, as he had done back in the city, once again having a flowing dress to conceal his tail. "Time to fool some of Gosvik's swine again..."

He opened the door slowly, peering inside. The three guards were at a table in the center of the room, playing cards and chatting while drinking liquor. One of them looked over.

"Who goes there?! You best not be interrupting our---" he stopped mid sentence, taken aback by the beauty of the woman in front of him. "It looks like we have a special guest." he said, a sly smile on his face. "Come and take a seat, and let us know what we can help you with." he said as he gestured towards the large couch to the side of the room.

Kit sat down on the couch. "Just as planned" he thought to himself.

One of the guards, who seemed to be the ringleader of the three, came over and sat down beside Kit. "Now, what do you want?" he asked, the smell of liquor on his breath.

"I saw you guys in the hall, and were hoping you could help me. You see, I'm a relative of---" Kit was stopped short in his sentence.

"Say no more." the ringleader said as he began sliding his hand up Kit's dress.

Kit squirmed as the man grabbed ahold of his tail.

"Gosvik warned us about you. We'll get a hefty prize off of you, we will." the soldier said, before he began laughing, quickly pinning Kit down on the couch.

Kit tried to get up, but was being restrained. And now the other two guards had guns pointed directly at his head.

"Now be a good fox and lie down. Good boy." one of the soldiers said.

Kit was clearly angry. But he had foreseen the possibility of something like this happening. He outstretched his claws. "I hope this works out well..." he thought.

One of the guards looked down at him. "Nice claws. Too bad they're of no use with you pinned like that." he laughed once more. "People will be up soon to take you away, down to that godforsaken laboratory where Gosvik makes his monstrosities. He could definitely make use of a creature like you."

Just then, Kit took the form of a young boy and spun around with his temporary space created by his becoming a smaller form. He then quickly shifted into the form of a teenage boy and kicked the guns out of the hands of the two guards on their side of him, and shoved the one guard away from him, who appeared to already dead. He jumped to his feet.

"Quickly, get him!" one of the guards shouted. The two fumbled to get their weapons off of the ground, but their efforts were in vain, as Kit was already upon them, setting his deadly claws into their flesh. They were dead within seconds.

"Thank you for that." Kit said, looking up from the bloody masses that lay before him. The ringleader was lying on the ground several feet away, a hole burned in his head formed by a shot of some sort.

"You're welcome! Looks like I came at a good time." a voice replied from the doorway.

Kit looked over and saw a girl staring in the doorway, dressed in black, with a bunny at her side. the same bunny that had tried to steal his food in the forest.

"Wait, that's--" Kit's statement was cut off by the girl.

"We can talk later. You can call me Chiyo, but right now we have to go. There's lots of guards coming up here...for you, I guess. But we have to go while they're distracted, we need to rescue the dragonboy."

"Tal! Yes, let's hurry." Kit replied.

"Looks like we're here for the same reason then!" Chiyo replied. "Now, let's go! Come along, Bunbun! We gotta save Tal!" she exclaimed as she put the bunny in her bag.

They both ran into the hall, Kit following Chiyo. "Do you know where the laboratory is?" Kit asked as they ran.

"Yeah!" Chiyo replied, still leading the way. "I found the schematics for this place in the engineering room. Silly military." BunBun kept poking his head out of her bag, scanning their surroundings for enemies.

They continued on their mission. "We're coming, Tal. Hold tight."


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Post by darthjawafett on Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:28 pm

Vanitas woke up in the infirmary back at the Medical tent.
Vanitas: Huh where am i..
Shiki: Medical tent.. your glider crashed and got wrecked it disappeared shortly after and i brought you here. They said none of your bones were broken from the crash through which is odd.
Vanitas: Im a necromancer it should be expected that my bones are stronger than usual.
Shiki: ah so what are you going to do about your glider.
Vanitas summoned both his blades and set chaos ripper to the side.
He looked at what appeared to be a keychain on void gear.
Shiki: What are you doing.
Vanitas: The glider comes from the keychain attached to the blade not the blade itself. Gliders are always breaking back in my world. So we have many of the same keychains in case.
Shiki: Your people seem as if they're prepared for anything.
Vanitas: Yea...were not.

The entire keychain on void gear seemed damaged so Vanitas removed it.
Vanitas: Well this is useless now. He pulled out a keychain that perfectly resembled the one he just removed.
He attached it and put it to the side.
Vanitas: Now for this one. he picked up Chaos ripper. Key chains are made from magic.. I dont have a back up for this one so ill just have to make one. He studied the details on Chaos Rippers keychain. First came the actual chain part of the keychain. The glider was formed based on whatever ended the chain. He formed a blue jewel. the jewel was then pierced by the chain.
Vanitas: There should be fine now.
Shiki: Shouldn't you summon it before assuming its perfect?
Vanitas went outside and summoned his glider. he got on it and flew around. He shot a dark volley from the glider into the air.
Vanitas: Looks fine to me.
Shiki: So i assume we should head for the compound.
Vanitas: Alright
Vanitas flew on his newly fixed glider with shiki flying alongside it.
Once they reached the compound they saw a nearby truck with a turret attached to it..
Vanitas desummoned his glider when he was close to the ground and approached the truck.
Vanitas: They could use this to escape. He hid the truck.
Shiki: Alright so whats the plan.
Vanitas: Give me a second. He started to scan the base. Found them.. Kit and someone else are heading towards Tals location. Gosvik's also in the compound.
Shiki: Anything else.
Vanitas: The defense system outside the base is very strong but inside the base it gets progressively weaker.
Shiki: So if we survive outside we can survive inside.
Vanitas: Yea inside its basically guards. We gotta head for the laboratory.
Vanitas and Shiki quickly got inside the base.
Vanitas: It seems that Agna has been separated from tal.
Shiki: Wait... How?
Vanitas: I don't know but i think the answer is over in the lab. Which should be down the hall. My scan shows that Kit and another person are already there. We should hurry..
Vanitas and Shiki bolted down the hall towards the lab.

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Post by Youkoi on Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:39 pm

"Aw hell."

Today crashed through the concrete walls of the compound. Sirens went off everywhere, and I'm pretty sure that'd make some people unhappy. But who cares! Luckily, I didn't take too much damage from such weak defenses. Seriously, people here are slow on the tech. I'm sure if their defense systems were updated a few versions I'd be dead by now, but that's not the case.

That doesn't matter now, because I didn't come here just to crash into walls, I came here for a man. A man who deserves a well thought-out, sincere apology from yours truly. But from what I've heard, traveling all around this land, I don't think that's the case either. Those billboards weren't there just to show off his ugly face. They were there to show that he was in charge of every single inhabitant of this hideous place they call home. For some reason, that pissed me off. Maybe I should give him more than just an apology...

My thoughts were interrupted by a sound much too familiar to my audio receptors. Gunfire. Oh, how I loathe it. I swept a glance all around me and I could see that I was about to be surrounded by hundreds of guards, who appeared to be well-armed. Their weapons looked much more advanced than others that I have encountered in this area. In fact, they actually seemed quite dangerous to me. Dangerous enough to shut me down and blow me to bits!

I liked that.
<iframe width="361" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/jknyddScU_A" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
I charged at them as fast as they charged at me, except even faster. Bullets fly past me at an amazing speed, but with the damage potential of a fly. But if I took to much of them, I might be in trouble, so I have to dodge with precision. Extending my arm, I quickly knocked out the first guard in my reach, followed by a combo to knock out a few more. I figured I could use my bare robotic fists on a few of these guys. But even the metal that my hands are made out of wore out in a while, so I pulled out the big guns. Which were literally big guns. Guns that flipped out from my arms, and up from my shoulders. Being able to aim in all directions, I unloaded my own, more powerful and high-tech ammunition of pure and focused energy in the form of laser beams on the poor souls. Combining the fast movements of a high-powered automobile, the complex and flexing movements and stunts of an acrobatic, precision aim of a hired-gunman with a high dollar on the line, and the power of many men, I gracefully knocked the ever-living shit out of the anuses of every guard I spotted that got in the way of my current goal to find Randolph Gassy and apologize to him with an infinite amount of sincerity just so I can get those ungodly uniformed persons that the low-life scum of that town called "police officers" off my carefully constructed and well-armed robot ass.

By the time I finished my peaceful thoughts, I realized I was shooting at nothing but dead bodies by now. How embarrassing. I could still hear footsteps approaching, and the sirens still went off, so the trouble wasn't over yet. At first I was worried that the guards may have been a problem for me, but after this I gained a little more confidence, so I may as well take it slow for now, enjoy the architecture of this wretched place, and shoot down anyone that tries to stop me.

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Post by Shiki on Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:36 pm

"There must be a faster way" Shiki thought to himself while he ran. At that point he remembered the player pin, the pin he'd held all of these years. He focused his mind, and scanned peoples thoughts. Seeding through them all, he was able to deduce that the laboratory was below the ground almost 10 floors.

"Mr Mew!" Called the boy. The cat doll flew out in front of the two and shot a laser, which burned through the floors and Shiki and Vanitas jumped, and landed on his back. The two flew down, and hopped off.

At that point, Kit and some woman had entered the hallway they had landed in.

"Fancy meeting you here." Said Shiki "Who's your friend?"

"Chiyo." Responded the girl "Your dragon friend and I have met before"
"Nice to meet you, I'm Shiki" Said the boy delightfully, despite the circumstances. "Now" he said becoming serious. "I think we have a dragon to save, and a tyrant to remove from power.

"This way" Instructed Chiyo, who took the lead as the 4 people and bunny made there way to the laboratory to rescue their comrade

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Post by Tal on Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:21 pm

Tal was still restrained on the table. He hadn't bothered to move.
"Ha... haha... there's no point... I can't get out of this... not without Agna..."
He opened and closed his fist repeatedly, unsure of what to even do. His claw struck something hard on his wrist.
Looking over at his wrist, flinching when his jaw hit the table (which was now swollen from the hit). What he saw gave him a ray of hope.
"Izzat... they forgot to take my Angry Fist..?" Tal thought, not wanting them to overhear. He checked the shackles that held him to the table. They were past the bracelet of the Angry Fist. That meant...
He activated the Angry Fists. They phased out from the bracelets and under the shackles, straining the metal, then shattering it altogether. Tal sat up, rubbing his wrists where the shackles were. A few pieces of metal that shattered dug into his wrist, but he pulled them out delicately, trying not to hurt himself anymore.
Pulling on the shackles around his ankles, he broke those, freeing himself completely.
"Thank God they didn't know about these..."
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/GUI6feXmvMs?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/GUI6feXmvMs?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Soldier: "Now we do! What the hell are you doing?! We have a prison break! All personnel-" The soldier was cut short when the building's alarm sounded. "What the?"
Tal took the chance while the soldier wasn't paying attention and smashed open the window to the room holding Agna. Grabbing the shutter, he pulled it up and open, and jumped through.
Why was the alarm sounding? It couldn't have been the soldier who activated it; he was clueless. Then again, all of Gosvik's men are. The bastards. It also couldn't have been from him, since the soldier would have known that's why. Whatever. He needed to find Agna.

The room... had an eerie sort of presence to it. Then again, it was filled with a bunch of souls, separated from their bodies.
"Separated... yeah..." Tal mumbled. He felt like an empty shell without her. Agna had to be around somewhere. Tal searched. He checked labels, he peered inside canisters and phials, but he had no clue.
"Goddammit... how the hell are THEY even able to find what they're looking for?"
"Huh?!"" Tal spun around. Something definitely just called his name. "Wh- what was..."
Whatever was calling his name, he knew he had to follow it. He listened closely, waiting for it again.
"...lp... Tal... hel... me..."
"Agna!" Tal rushed to where he heard the voice. He stopped at a large glass cylinder in the middle of the room. It was marked "For Project Arc Angel Test Experiments."
"Project Arc Angel... That's... that's the project they tried on me! This... Agna? Are you there...?"
"...Tal! ...es! It... ...e!... You hav... ...elp me... ...ut!"
He felt it. A fierce presence radiating from the cylinder. It was definitely Agna. How had he missed the most obvious container in the room?
Soldier 3: "In here! I heard something! It's probably here!"
Tal looked over his shoulder at the door leading to the room. There were footsteps and voices. He had to act quickly. Just as he was about to shatter to cylinder, the door opened and bullets fired, nearly striking Tal.
Soldier 1: "We found it! You filthy, horrid little creature! Put your hands, claws, whatever they are up!"
Tal lowered his fist.
Soldier 1: "I said UP!" The soldier readied his gun, and the others followed suit behind him.
"Try and make me."
Soldier 2: "Sir! Your orders?"
Soldier 1: "Open fire! This monster gets no mercy! Gosvik doesn't need that failed shell!"
The soldiers opened fire and Tal shattered Agna's container. A tornado of fire engulfed the room, sending the soldiers back.


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Post by Grimblade on Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:32 pm

The group of them continued down the hall towards the lab, a horde of soldiers not too far behind. But just as they came upon the next turn in the hallway, they quickly returned around the corner. There was a massive blast of fire coming from the laboratory, and radiating quite far into the hall.

"Well, that's too much for my claws to hold. What happened to normal-sized fires? Or fireballs?" Kit said. "Well regardless, we have to get out of here. This much fire in a basement that's comprised mostly of metal won't turn out in our favor if we stay too much longer."

Just then, the rampant footsteps of the soldiers behind them became audible upon the steel flooring.

"What do we do noww?" Chiyo asked, a glimpse of fear in her eyes as she held BunBun close to her.

"Everyone, get inside this corridor! Hurry!" Kit said as he gestured towards a door off to the side. Everyone quickly hurried inside, except himself. "Find a way out, according to Pika's schematics there should be a secondary exit. This fire is unlike anything I've seen, and the whole building could be incinerated within minutes." He closed the door behind him.

"Now...the fun begins." Kit thought to himself as he assumed the form of a teenage boy. The guards were close at hand, and by the sound of it about to turn the corner into the hall that they had been only seconds before.

He acted quickly. He approached the fire and began to absorb copious amounts of it. Not enough to even so much as slow the mystic fire, but enough to be effective. He turned around just as the guards turned into the hall where he was standing. He was now between a giant mystic fire, and a horde of guards. He couldn't fail this time.

The guards began firing at him upon sight, but Kit didn't falter. He stood there, his hands glowing with flames, emanating heat as the fire continued to build up inside of his claws. All of a sudden, flames began erupting from them, and he dashed at the guards with an inhuman speed. Mystic fire lashed out from his claws like deadly whips, burning and severing the guards.

They continued to fall in front of him in his frenzy. Some turned to flee. They were unsuccessful. Some continued to fire at him. They too were killed. The scene before him began to look like some sort of deranged slaughterhouse, every bit of the floor littered with various human remains.

Before long, the entire group was dead. Kit surveyed the corridor. There were no longer any threats, but the fire was still making slow progression, and was past the door that the others had fled through and was beginning to consume the fallen corpses that he had left behind him.

He dashed down the corridor in the opposite direction of the fire. The entire level was becoming like an oven of sorts, the heat constantly building. He had to get out soon.

At last he made his way to the stairs, which he proceeded to climb upwards until he was at a ground level. The entire building seemed to be deserted, the remainder of the soldiers likely busy with tasks in the below levels.

"Tal, I hope you're okay in there..." Kit thought to himself as he sat there, staring at the inferno through the gaping hole that Mr. Mew had shot through the floor.

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Post by Youkoi on Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:40 pm

As I walked through the halls of the building, it began to become a bit hotter. Did someone turn up the heater? But you know, I've been hearing a bit of a ruckus in the lower levels of this establishment. Maybe I should head downstairs?
"Sure, why not?" I said to myself. I proceeded to drill a hole through the floor and fell through the hole onto the floor beneath him. I didn't even want to bother finding stairs in this complex building. The lower level seemed empty as well. Did I kill all the guards already? That wouldn't make sense, this place is huge, I'm sure they've got even more around here. Unless they really were that stupid, which wouldn't be surprising. But if they aren't here, then where are they?

I descended lower and lower onto more floors of empty hallways. I must be getting closer to something, because the ruckus I've been hearing is getting louder as I get lower. How many floors are in this place? I've also noticed that the heat's becoming even hotter as I descend. Something's definitely going on down there. Who knows, there might be a chance that he might be there?

Or dead bodies. Those too.
It appears that this floor's got its hallways filled with 'em, and the heat's cranked up a lot! I could hear yells, footsteps, and....a fire! I knew it! This isn't good, if the fire continues, then...then...it might cause Rudolph to flee the building! Oh god, if he finds out about whatever the hell's going on down here, he'll probably run away, causing me to have to look all over the place again. Hell naw, I ain't doin' that. I gotta stop this fire, but how?! He's probably up in the higher floors, so it might take some time before he notices what's going down in the lower levels, but I still have to act fast.

Running through the halls, I followed the heat. I dashed to whichever direction seemed the hottest, until I finally saw it. Huge flames blasted out of a room down the hall. I was built with many disasters and dangerous situations in mind, but could I take the heat of a fire? Guess I'll have to find out.

Today charged right into the fire.

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Post by Tal on Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:00 am

The fire dissipated, and Tal stood in the center of it. Somehow, he had new equipment?
Rain - Page 4 Agna__long_sword___gauntlets__by_talent412-d40mr60
Just showing it off there.
And also: Rain - Page 4 Anthro_dragon_warrior_2_by_talent412-d3nfnbq
His Angry Fist was gone, but replaced by new gauntlets. Ones burning with the power of fire. And they had matching leg guards to boot. Nifty. Tal also carried a sword. A LONG sword. It required two hands for him to hold, and the sheath was strapped to his back. It also burned with intense power. While he still had the holsters, no gun resided in either of them. How did he get this stuff? Wherever it came from, it sure was helpful. Tal unsheathed his long sword.
"It's payback time."
A robot stood in the middle of the room. It looked at Tal questioningly.
Robot: "What are you, some sort of ugly thing?"
"Watch your words, robot!" Tal growled. He gripped the hilt of his new sword tighter. He could feel the flames flowing through it, as though they danced, anxious to be set free.
Robot: "Were you the one that caused that huge fire that caused Rudolph Gatzik to run away?"
"Rudolph... what? Who... WHAT are you?" Tal was curious but still defensive.
Today: "I'm Today! And your ugliness is?"
"About to kick your ass if you don't shut up!"
Today: "Well About to kick your ass if you don't shut up, want to help me find Revkit Gadget? I need to apologize to him!"
"Apolo- For what?! He's the one that should apologize to all of us!"
Today: "But I didn't obey him like the big ugly posters said! And people shot at me for it!"
"I don't think that's why they shot at you, Today."
Today: "But it's the only reason!"
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/ebu5ClL3ODQ?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/ebu5ClL3ODQ?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Soldier XX: "This way! We can still get that thing if we hurry!" Voices from the hall.
Today: "See? They're still mad!"
"Alright, Today, I don't get you, and frankly, at this point, I don't like you. But if you want to live through this to see another day we need to work together. I'll explain anything you want to know AFTER we get out!"
Today: "Ok, About to kick your ass if you don't shut up!"
The soldiers burst into the room, guns blazing. Today used his drill to knock the bullets from the air. Tal rushed up from behind, his sword slicing the ground behind him. He swung it up and to the side, cutting a guard almost into four pieces. Today fired his drill off his hand and pierced a guard through the skull, sending a mess of blood and brain around the room. Tal spun around, bringing the blade with him into a spinning slash, cutting off the hands of two guards and slicing open one's stomach. Blood poured out like a waterfall. Today regained his drill-arm and suddenly opened his big guns. Literally, big guns. He fired lasers out of every cannon in his arms, shoulders, etc. He vaporized about five more guards. Sliding underneath the lasers, Tal threw his sword down the hall, where more soldiers were coming, spinning it as he threw it. He chased after it, gutting any guards who were able to avoid the deadly blade. His gauntlets (both arm and leg) were equipped with nail-like claws jutting from the end of any part where a finger or toe would be. He came up to one guard, punching him in the gut, lifting him up, and then kicking him off his claws. Today was walking out the room, still firing lasers. The lasers turned to bullets. He had used some sort of apparatus to gather up any bullet shells that had been discarded and were now firing them back at the guards. Three more down. Catching his sword, Tal swung it up over his head and then stabbed behind him, gruesomely ending two more guards' lives. Today launched his drill arm one more time, and seemed to control it as it went. He spun it into only two guards, but used the drill to spin the bodies off, knocking them into other guards. Tal quickly sheathed the sword and backflipped, distancing himself from a wall of soldiers that had just arrived.
Commander XY: "Soldiers! Open fire!"
Today used the halo he had above his head and threw it to Tal. It flew over Tal's head and struck the wall above the soldiers. It flickered, then exploded, sending the guards flying. The commander landed right in front of Tal's feet. Tal picked him up by the throat with one hand.
"You thought you could get away with this, think again!"
Tal dropped him, then roundhouse kicked him into the air, jumped up and spun kicked him in the stomach, and ended it with a flip kick to the head. The commander's skull was crushed, spattering the room with blood. (It kind of looked like: Rain - Page 4 30da44m only replace Regal with Agna)
When the massacre was done, a single drop of blood fell from the ceiling, landing on Tal's nose.
"Heh. The smell of blood... gotta love a good massacre of mindless soldiers."
Today: "Hey, you're pretty good, About to kick your ass if you don't shut up!"
"Alright, I can see we need to do some talking."
Today: "Sure thing, About to kick your ass if you don't shut up!"
Tal sighed. He left Rage Mode.
No response. Tal's face instantly fell to despair.
"Tal! I'm right here!" And just as quickly, his face turned to one of pure joy.

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Post by darthjawafett on Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:06 am

Vanitas Chiyo and Shiki crept around the facility..
Vanitas: Im guessing all the guards went down to the bottom floor but they don't show up on my bio-scan.. Tal and kit are still alive though so i guess thats good.
Vanitas: So wheres the nearest exit anyway.
Chiyo showed the Map to vanitas. They'd have to go through countless armed check points.
Shiki: Well.. no one said this is gonna be easy.
Vanitas: When is anything ever easy?
They continued to the first checkpoint.. 1 out of 13.

A bulky turret appeared from the ceiling 2 sides with 5 Holes on each side.
Vanitas quickly moved back and behind a corner. Chiyo and Shiki did the same with the other side of the Cross shaped hall way.
Shiki: What kind of gun is it?
Vanitas: Rocket turret its gonna fire soon. When it does its gonna have a cool down time before it fires again. 15 seconds. The turret fired 10 rockets.
Vanitas: Get back. The rockets flew past them and hit the wall at the end of the hallway.. not leaving a mark. Vanitas heard the turret reload and threw void gear. It cut off the left side before returning to vanitas. The right side of the turret fired. Once again leaving no mark on impact.
Vanitas then threw void gear at the Right side of the turret once again hitting its mark.
Vanitas alright lets continue.

They approached the second checkpoint later down the hall. These were set to keep gosvik safe from intruders.
The ground in front of them Sunk and up came two robots. They seemed to be powerful.
Shiki used his lightning rook pin and shocked on of the robots. Chiyo used a lightning spell on the other and the two seemed to falter and suddenly exploded. Soon they reached an armory. Ammo of all kind was stored here. Shiki and Chiyo stored up as much as they could.
Vanitas used a scan once again and detected guards at the next 3 checkpoints.
Vanitas: Its getting easier as we go through them.
They approached their 3rd checkpoint and guards were waiting there. They were heavily armed. Rocket launchers a laser and pipe bombs.
The first guard shot a rocket at vanitas who quickly used a barrier. The rocket impacted and did no damage. Vanitas used a Special fire spell. Its name was Crawling fire.

A slow ball of fire advanced towards the guards ripping through his armor and burning his heart it then attacked the one next to him before exploding burning all of the guards. Vanitas Chiyo and Shiki quickly advanced to the 4th checkpoint. The second they got there they were immediately pinned down. Mr bunbun jumped into the hall way and shot a lazer that caused the ceiling above the guards to crash down on them. It then went back into chiyos bag.
They climbed over the rubble and headed up the stairs.

Vanitas: 9 left to go
They approached the next check point... nothing was there.. or so it seems. Set up at this checkpoints were C4s and a Security Camera was set up to watch it.
Vanitas: Dont rush in its a trap theres explosives hidden. Vanitas used a barrier surge to set off the explosives and then ripped out the camera. He crushed it in his hands.
The 6th checkpoint was strangely destroyed... Had someone been here already?.

They approached the 7th checkpoint and discovered it to be a giant pit that seemed... endless.
Vanitas pointed to a button at the other side of the large gap.
Shiki floated over the pit and pressed the button and the pit was closed.
Chiyo: These are getting easier.

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Post by Frost on Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:38 am

BA looked up into the sky as explosions could be heard from far away.
BA: ' Another battle? what could be happening!?"
BA began to move forward but L somehow appeared next to him and grabbed his shoulder.
L":"No BA, We just escaped death ourselves, theres no need for us to get involved in whatever that may be and put ourselves in unnecesary danger."
BA looked at L and then sat back down.
BA:"Your right im sorry. We still have to get to that base, cmon"
The two men walked through the forest for a long time before reaching the camp, where BA was greeted with welcome backs from many of the higher staff. BA walks over to the medical tent with L slowly walking behind him, glancing back and fourth with the many people staring at him.
L*to himself* "This is why i prefer to stay indoors..."
The two walk in and are greated by a beautiful young woman with blond hair cleaning her glasses as she sat next to a resting patient.
BA:" Ms Camila "
Camila:" Mr BA welcome back, its good to see You in one piece, and I see You brought a friend*gesturing to L
L:"...hi "
BA:" I was wondering what ever happened to that young boy that i brought in the other day. "
Camila's expression changed as she remembered her chat with Kit and she stared at the window with a worried look.
BA:"um.. ma'am?"
Camila:"oh! yes um he turned out fine, his wounds were bad but it wasnt too difficult to help him. However i couldnt stop him from leaving the camp, he was too determined to keep going that he just left. Im worried about him and his injuries.
L:*from outside*"hey BA, this camp, its located right next to the city itself correct?"
BA:"Yes it is why?"
L:" i see.. well i'll wait for You"
Camila:"Your friend is rather quiet, i didnt even notice him slide out the door."
BA:"Ya thats how he is. Hes not too fond of... well..."
Camila:" well I have to get back to work, it was great seeing You again Mr.BA, i'll contact You if I ever get word from The Boy You Saved.
BA:"Thank You very much ma'am" ba said as he left the tent to find L in the corner hiding behind a tree.
BA:" Ryuzaki? "
L:" Lets go BA "

The two men walk from the camp into solaria city and stopped at a small food stand where BA bought some spicy curry.
BA:" oh man, i havent eaten any of this in a while. haha hope i dont hurt my stomach!" he said as he began to gobble down his meal. L watched as BA started freaking out and throwing his arms in every direction. L turned around and grabbed a glass of water and gave it to BA who guzzled it down in an instant, breathing heavily.
L:"Too hot?"
BA looked at L with a sarcastic look
L:"BA, i've decided to take You up on Your offer."
BA:"Really? so you thought about it after all huh?"
L:"Yes. Gosvik really is a pitiful man. But none the less he will be brought to justice and will pay for his crimes."
BA:" thank you Ryuzaki, I dont think i couldve done this alone."
L:" oh dont thank me yet my friend.... friend...*L looks ba in the eyes with a quick glance and then back at the sky* we have only just started."

Soon, a large black car drives up and stops in front of their eating spot and the car door opens to reveal a person dressed in a black uniform

L:"Im afraid this is my ride."
BA:"what!? Your leaving? already?"
L:"BA, You know i prefer not to have to do these sort of things myself. "
The person in uniform throws L a phone and L hands it to BA.

L:"keep this on You at all times BA."

BA looked at the phone and then back at L
BA:" is this what i can contact You with? "
L:" Its just a better cell phone than Your current one. Its nothing special, just thought You'd like it."

L stepped inside of the car and drove away with the uniformed escort.

L:" I hope Your ready "
???: "Im here arent I?"


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Post by Chu on Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:53 am

Chiyo, Vanitas, and Shiki left Kit to escape the burning hell of a base. Since apparently I had the base's schematics, I had to lead the way.

Chiyo: Okay we need to take a left at the next intersection..Vanitas What the Hell are you doing.

Vanitas: I was day-dreaming about ponies, and a game involving 13 checkpoints. Sowwies

Chiyo: ....

Shiki: CAN WE MOVE ON?!?!

Chiyo: Make a left here.

As we made the sharp turn we were greeted by armed soldiers.

Chiyo: Shit son, Shiki do something.

The soldiers began firing.


Rain - Page 4 Loliut

Shiki: DENIED!

Chiyo: Le woot

Chiyo got out her pistol, and loaded it. Vanitas keeps standing there for some reason, I don't know why.

Chiyo: Vanitas get your ass over here and help me.

Vanitas: 6 Checkpoints to go~~~~

Chiyo and Shiki began attacking the soldiers. Mr.Mew shot a laser out of his mouth scorching the Commander and two other nubs. Chiyo shot three soldiers in the head. The rest of the soldiers dodged and kept firing at us. Good thing Mr.Mew is a shield right now. Shiki shot a soldier in the ass, he ran off screaming. Once most of the soldiers were cleared they ran away. We progressed forward towards the exit. It keeps getting hotter and hotter in here.

Chiyo: Only a few more turns and we should be out of here.

Vanitas: 2 more checkpoints...mmmm

Shiki: When we get out of here we're ditching this fool.

Chiyo: Agreed.

Chiyo: Ugh this heat is unbearable....the exit!

They finally found the exit, but not just the exit. The exit along with about oh I'd say 300 soldiers waiting to kill us? Yep.

Chiyo: FFS

Shiki: Screw this

Vanitas: THE BOSS!!!!!!!!

Vanitas got out his sword thing and started to go towards the soldiers.

Chiyo: Shiki get a shield up

Shiki summoned Mr.Mew and Mew stretched into a shield once again. Really effective. Vanitas is killing all of the soldiers with his odd sword, but they seem to keep coming back. Goddammit

Chiyo: We need to get out of here. BunBun blow a hole through that wall

Mr.BunBun got out of Chiyo's bag, looking annoyed and sweaty. He reached into the back of his suit and pulled out a mini bomb. BunBun threw the mini bomb at the soldiers, along with Vanitas.

Chiyo: Uh, Vanitas is on our side I think..

The bomb exploded killing most of the soldiers and hitting Vanitas. It blew a hole through the door and part of the wall. We finally have an exit.

Chiyo: HURRY

Chiyo, Vanitas, and Shiki finally got out of the base, and started running for the hills.

Shiki: We have to find Kit and Tal.

Chiyo: I think Tal caused the heating dilemma in the base, so he should be fine.

Vanitas: We're out!!! GET IN MY GLIDER

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Post by Tal on Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:13 am

Tal and Today escaped out of the facility, alarms still blaring. Today had his drill arm at the ready, and Tal's Long Sword (due to the nature of its elemental stability and feel, he had given it the name of "Dancing Hellfire") was unsheathed and at the ready. They ran for what seemed like an hour, but in reality was only 10 minutes.
"Dammit, isn't there an exit anywhere?"
Today: "Look! A giant hole! Lolisaidgianthole."
Coming to a halt, Tal ignored Today's comment and saw the hole he had mentioned.
"Come on, let's go!"
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/GUI6feXmvMs?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/GUI6feXmvMs?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
More sirens. How many alarms did they have in this place?
"Attention. The second test subject has escaped. Repeat, the second test subject has escaped and is traveling through the air ducts. All available personnel search the air ducts and recover the subject."
"Second test subject...? Air ducts?" Tal mumbled to himself.
"What could he mean by that? We can't be the second since we aren't in the air ducts... but then... wait. Tal."
A glimmer in the corner of Tal's eye. "Agna. 'One is already in Gosvik's grasp.' It... it has to be."
Today: "Hey! Let's go About to kick your ass if you don't shut up!"
"Today, first off, my name is Tal, not whatever you keep saying. Second, I need to request your help, one more time."
Today: "Tal? Tal. That's not too ugly! It has the same first letter of my name!" Today described something without using ugly? This was a surprise. "I can help you, Tal!"
A smile formed on the right half of Tal's face. The broken part of his jaw was still unable to move properly, if at all. "Thank you, Today."

Tal explained the situation to Today, who seemed to get a full grasp of the situation.
Today: "So you need to find this dragon who's flying through those ugly air ducts? I can help!"
"Alright, we have limited time before they find us, or it. We need to act fast."
Today: "We'll need to get into the ugly ducts, right? Let's make another hole! Lolahole."
Tal sighed. "You've got an intriguing sense of humor. Anyway, would you please?"
Today aimed his drill up at the air ducts, and started spinning it. He slowly moved in, creating a hole that formed into an entry large enough for both of them to enter.
The ducts were completely cramped. Tal was hunched over, crawling.
"It's running around in HERE? How on Earth..."
Today: "It's probably a small dragon. They can be small too. Who said dragons have to be big? And ugly?"
"Today just shut up and go look for it befo-" Shuffling in the ducts from Tal's direction. Quick, low footsteps. Almost as if whatever was fleeing was slithering? "Today, I think it just came to us."
Today: "Oh! Can I capture it and be glorious?"
"Tal, we can't really trust him with something like-"
"Just be extremely careful, Today. I'm worried. If it can fit in these air ducts this easily... I wonder..."
Today: "All right!" Today crawled off towards the sound.
"Tal! Are you insane? How do we know we can trust him?!"
"Someone very important to me once told me this: 'I can tell by their eyes. I can tell that I can trust them.'"
Even though Agna wasn't in control, she still somehow forced a smile on the outside.
"I'm sure this someone would be very proud that you've come such a long way, Tal."
Today: "Hey! Is this it? Whoa! What are you... Hahaha! That tickles!"
"Today, are you alright? What's happening?"
Tal heard a crash and a thud, and Today's voice echoed from below: "Come on out! I can be glorious and get rewards now!"
Tal inched his way out of the vent and hopped down. Today could indeed be glorious. He got the dragon. And it was just as Tal suspected.
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/lr2b1817O64?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/lr2b1817O64?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
"It's a baby..."
The dragon had spines leading down its back starting from behind its head. The head was a bit odd. It seemed as if it had a beak made of bone. It had a large chest, curving into a thin waist, and then opening out again where the tail was. The tail thinned out into a long, crescent moon-shaped end.
Rain - Page 4 11113691_m_display :3
Today: "You should take it. You wanted it."
Tal hesitantly held out his arms. The baby dragon squirmed and cried in Today's grasp, desperately trying to escape. Today placed it in Tal's hands, and Tal immediately cradled it.
"It's... it's beautiful..."
Tal was never much of a fatherly figure, nor had he liked children before. But... the feeling of holding the baby dragon... It had calmed as soon as it entered Tal's hold. It seemed to huddle close to him, climbing up his chest to look him in the eye, giving a slightly frightened look with its large blue eyes. Tal looked down on it. He was wordless. He returned a look of love.
Today: "We should go before those soldiers come back."
Snapping out of his trance, Tal looked up.
"Y- yeah. Let's go."
Tal pulled up the baby dragon to his shoulder, cradling it in a new way that would be better suited to him running. Escaping through the hole Today had spotted earlier, Tal made his escape with Today and the baby dragon. A dragon that would change his life forever.

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Post by Frost on Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:43 am

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/QixiIEFMYZo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Gosvik: Men, prepare... The Weapon!
Commanding Officer:"But My Lord! We dont even know if its fully operational-"
Gosvik:"Do it now! or would You prefer I kill You and have the next person in line do it for me!?"
Officer:"ye-yes sir right away sir!"
Gosvik:"Its time I took things into My own hands!"
Gosvik walked into a large chamber and proceeded to use a lift which connected with another chamber. Gosvik took a seat in a chair where he strapped himself in and other officers began to move around him and began activating small screens everywhere in the room.
Gosvik put a mask over his mouth which started to blast hot air into his lungs.
Gosvik:"Its time to show these bugs who their dealing with!"
Activate NOW!
The men begin to type rigerously on the computers and begin to pull switches and turn on special looking lights. Gosvik opens a small container with a large blue strand of what appears to be a model of the human DNA structure and places it into a large tube next to him. The machine begins to surge with electricity and Gosvik begins to laugh.

Meanwhile, Vanitas activates his glider and motions for shiki and chiyo to get on.
Vanitas:" cmon guys we need to leave now! "
Chiyo: "Ya, if You really think im getting on that thing Your out of Your F%@# mind."
Shiki:"Ya idk man it wasnt a swel ride over here, i'd rather stick to the ground then ride that thing.
Vanitas:" look, this place is on fire and stuff, i mean really-

Before either of them could react, a being materialized right behind fett and kicked him off his glider. Fett skid too the ground in front of Chiyo and Shiki who stepped back.
Shiki:"What the hell!?
Chiyo:"Where the F%@# did he come from!?"
Rain - Page 4 REORC_Vector--article_image
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/laOEfVmOIHE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Without a second thought, the soldier charged at them and then disappeared.
Chiyo pulled out her guns and looked and shiki summoned Mr.Mew
The soldier reappeared and kicked chiyo in the face, throwing her back a few feet. He disappeared again and appeared infront of shiki who threw a punch but missed only to be punched in the stomach. Vanitas got back up and charged at him with his sword.
The soldier spun shiki around, throwing him at Vanitas and disappeared again, reappearing behind vanitas whom he again slammed to the ground.
Chiyo began shooting at the man who ran at her, dodging every bullet without moving from his direct path.
Chiyo:"What are You!?"
The Soldier slices chiyo's arm with a blade and kicks her to the ground. He spins around and begins running at shiki. Shiki summons Mr.Mew in front of him and the doll proceeds to swing at the soldier. The soldier jumps and disappears and reappears, ripping straight through Mr.Mew and stabbing straight through shiki's arm. shiki cried in pain, looking at his arm in disbelief.
Vanitas began slashing at the man who dodged his swings and proceeded to slash back.
Vanitas used a barrier and knocked the soldiers blade right out of his hand.
The soldier then took out a different looking blade which began to glow with a greenish spark of electricity.
Vanits took out his sword and blocked as the man slashed but it was of no use, The blade broke straight through Vanitas's barrier and split his sword in two, stabbing straight through Vanitas's chest, releasing a dark plume of blood. Shiki watched, clutching his arm as Vanitas dropped to the floor and the man began to walk towards chiyo.
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/PORJ5Np_OQA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
The fear in her eyes grew and grew as he disappeared and re appeared right infront of her, knocking her on her back. The man began to walk up to her...slowly, holding his blade outward to her. The man stopped and stared down at chiyo, his head tilted to the side.
Shiki:"NOOOOOOOO!" shiki screamed as he charged at the man and shot a large bolt of lightning at him. The man disappeared and rematerialized behind shiki. He kicked shiki in the back of his knee and shiki fell down in pain. the man caught his arm as he fell and bent it backwards, nearly snapping it in two. A large crack could be heard as shiki screamed at the top of his lungs and was flung back.
The man then redirected his attention to Chiyo.
She stared at the mask as tears began to build in her eyes as the man raised his blade aimed directly at her heart.
Chiyo:"No!" she said crying "please dont!"
The man stood there, watching her beg for her life. He put the blade directly on her throat and let it rest there, pushing a little as blood began to drip. The man lifted his blade up as chiyo's eyes became blinded by tears as her heart began to beat faster and faster.
She quickly closed her eyes as the man swung....


she opened her eyes to watch the man slowly back away from them with his blade gone, and slowly dematerializing.
Chiyo scrambled to her feet and ran to shiki who was on the floor, crying from the immense pain he was feeling, a pain he had thought hed never feel again. They looked back as Rebel Military forces began to invade the compound. A small unit stopped infront of them.
Rebel:"Dont worry we're going to get You out of here!"
Chiyo:"Thank you-

The rescue was interupted as the ground started to shake. The entire base started to move and shift. The main building split apart, changing shapes and attaching to one another. Soon the entire base had become one giant weapon of mass destruction. a giant machine, guns and missles and laser targeting systems everywhere, and at the center was none other than gosvik himself.

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0zWNJNnzvtg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
At that instant gosvik began to rain bullets from the sky. Rebel soldiers began dropping in every direction. Screams of pain and cries of agony could be heard all over the compound. Tanks and cars exploded as missles dropped down on them, left and right, people desintigrated as they were shot with powerful laser beams. Fires started, explosions, utter destruction of the entire city of Solaria. Citizens in the city began screaming as missles rained down and buildings collapsed ontop of them. Car alarms wailing ,streets opening from earthquakes. People ran and screamed as they watched people get crushed by falling debree. Glass from the taller buildings fell down, impailing anyone in its path. Craters formed from bombs, and fires erupted all over as more and more people died. Gosvik laughed and laughed and laughed. Truly the destruction of his own people wasnt anything he cared about. The men quickly carried shiki and chiyo into their truck and began to take off. Chiyo:"wait a second Your forgetting someone!"
Rebel:"No time! Hes not responding and we need to get out of here or we're going to die!"
The rebels loaded up the truck and drove off with amazing speed. The car swerved and shook as they raced through the roads which were cracking open and covered with collapsed trees.
Gosvik destroyed everything in his path. Every rebel vehicle, every unit, completely wiped out. Gosvik:" I WILL NOT BE BEATEN BY SUCH WORMS! "
The rebels began to retreat, but very few units were able to make it out before getting shot by Gosvik's device. The Rebels retreated out of the city which now belonged to gosvik.

Chiyo and Shiki watched as they were driven away from it all. They understood only now what gosvik was truly capable of. This man, this monster... had a grip on the world that no one that survived could ever believe it themselves.

This was the beginning of something unimaginable. Something that could spell doom for the entire world and its inhabitants.

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/CpTAN5yEmPY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
The city lay in ruins. Completely wiped off the map and not a single living soul walked its streets. Gosvik slowly shut down the machine and left with his men.
Gosvik:"Project Rosetta was successful."
Officers:"Yes Lord Gosvik"
Gosvik had his men take down their base of operations and soon, nothing was left but an empty building and a destroyed city. The pain and suffering, the death and destruction.

Gosvik Looked back at the remnants of Solaria City, the capital of the world, now reduced to rubble

With a smile.

Rain - Page 4 Qn8gnb

Meanwhile in the evac car.
Rebel on a phone:"Yes C, of course, We have them safe and sound."


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Post by darthjawafett on Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:05 am

A shadow appeared and stood over Vanitas body. This was the same one that faught him outside the capital.
???: Hmm.. Still alive. well thats good. I need to get you somewhere safe.. Vanitas.
The shadows noticed Chaos Ripper broken in half.
???: How... Something must have been incredibly strong to break my keyblade.. He Picked up the pieces of Chaos ripper and Took vanitas into the forest.
Using an unknown magic he healed vanitas wound.
???: Your memories they aren't returning fast enough.. you need to know all your powers.

Vanitas awakened wondering where he was.. seeing the mysterious person he summoned void gear and went into a combat stance.
???: No need to fight me, After all i did save you.
Vanitas: What happened?
???: How should i know.. all i know is that you broke my keyblade.
Vanitas: Right... that person he was able to pierce through my barrier and break chaos ripper. So now what?
???: Well when i leave im going to bring this to the keyblade graveyard.. Also i realize you need your memories back... I know you lost them when you were brought to this world. So here..
The person summoned a keyblade.. Vanitas instantly recognized it. Rain - Page 4 Lost_Memory_KHBBS
Vanitas: Lost memory... where did you get that.
???: Doesn't matter the point is it was named lost memory because it will make anyone recall anything upon equipping it. So here he smashed the blade into the ground. I figure its bound to give you most of your powers back if not all.
Vanitas: Thanks i guess..
???: Dont pick up the blade yet wait till i return to the spirit realm.
Vanitas: So you are dead....
???: Of course you saw me die.
The person started to fade away... Rain - Page 4 64px-Xemnas_%28Final%29
Vanitas: Good bye... Xemnas.
Xemnas disappeared... The blade remained there. Vanitas picked it up.. Vanitas felt a huge electric shock. Memories flashed in his mind.. he remembered countless powers he had before he was forced into this world. Lost memory underwent a transformation.. Becoming longer than it was before. Its entire appearance changed stopping as it became Rain - Page 4 No_Name_%28Terra%29_KHBBS
Vanitas: No Name... i remember... everything.. Vanitas stood up and looked around..
He decided it was best to head back to the rebel camp than stay so close to gosvik's compound.

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Post by Tal on Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:06 am

Tal awoke with a start. Everything around him, gone. Not a single person remained around him. Not even a tree. Everything was gone. The baby Agnaktor... (before the complete obliteration of everything around him, he had been talking with Today, who had apparently done background checks on the baby dragon. He figured out it was called an Agnaktor).
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/4ZQ04QzaDMA?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/4ZQ04QzaDMA?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>.
He couldn't get up. Tal struggled even only to his knees, but quickly collapsed again. He looked around, and saw the baby, lying in a small pool of blood.
"N- no...! It... can't be... We just..."
Tal crawled over to the baby, riddled with bullet holes and quickly losing blood. Whatever happened, it was terrible. The baby had a single bullet hole, straight through its chest. Tal outstretched his hand and placed it on its heart. A faint pulse.
"Tal... it's still..."
"Alive... but if we don't..." Tal coughed up a spatter of blood. "We need to heal it... but if I..."
"This... this is our choice. We can only get one Resta out... We heal it, or we heal ourselves... Whatever our actions..."
"...The other dies..."
Tal and Agna stared at the baby, quickly fading from life's warm touch and into death's cold embrace. Tal couldn't help a tear from falling from his eye.
"You... you have so much ahead of you... take it... I'm not... not needed here anymore..."
Tal strained to lift his arm up off the ground and on the baby's side. He mustered up all the energy he could, and forced it through the baby's system.
"R- Resta..."
He could feel the warmth of the baby's body coming back quickly. Its heart gained a strong, quick pulse. its legs twitched, acknowledging the health that was just given to it.
Its bright blue eyes slowly opened, and gave a quick confused glance around it. Its eyes caught Tal, who was smiling faintly at it.
"You know... we never named it..."
"'It...' It's pathetic how we don't even know if it's a boy or a girl... But you know..."
"How about... Agna Jr.?" Another smile formed at Tal's mouth.
Agna was quiet, but he knew she appreciated it. After a moment of silence, Agna spoke up.
"Haha... yes... Agna Jr... We... can't finish this journey... but if someone, ANYONE, with a good heart finds him... he can continue our legacy..."
"Him... huh?" Tal gave one last cough of blood, before his consciousness finally slipped away into the depths of darkness.

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/_KLAdCC3TmI?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/_KLAdCC3TmI?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
A faint light down a large tunnel. Does he approach it? Or stay back?
He decides to approach it, cautious of what may be lurking ahead.
Inside is a large room. It contains many doors, each marked with a different word above them. A sign in the middle of the room read: "Approach the door you feel describes your existence."
"Popular." "Meaningful." "Disgusting." "Threatening." "Devious." "Painful." "Joyful."
He looked at each door carefully, before deciding a path.
"Painful." His life had been filled with pain. The fear of others. And others' fear of him... He decided that was the best word.
The door opened, and led to another room. Inside, resided a gate. He could not read what was written on it. A lone figure sat on its arch, watching the door endlessly. He approached the figure, unsure of what to expect...
"Where am I?"
The figure looked down. Where the face should have been was completely dark, as if it wore a mask made of only black material.
"Where you lie matters not to thy intelligence." The figure returned its gaze to the door. "However, what I may telleth thee, shall give thee a chance of renewal."
"Renewal?" What had the figure meant? Renewal at what?
He approached slowly, stopping at the gate.
"What is it thou desires? Dost thou crave another chance? To meet thine goals? To finish what thou hath started?"
He thought for a moment.
"Yes. I do. If I am where I believe to be, my goals were not accomplished. I have too much to do."
"Then tell me, fair child, what is it thou must do?"
He thought for a moment. His memory had been fuzzy, as if a test had been placed upon him to allow this "second chance."
Trying to bring up the memories, he focused long and hard on the events that occurred before. He brought only one up. One of a baby. Destruction rained from the skies. Nothing could have escaped it. The baby was being shielded. By a body. HIS body.
The baby again. Hurt. In pain. Crying. Although, for a memory, it seemed more... current.
"Hath thou been given a vision?"
A vision! So what he saw was in current time? Should he tell the figure?
He decided it was his only way.
"I saw a baby. It was in pain. Crying. It was my job to oversee that baby. To make sure it matures and grows into a powerful being, capable of rescuing the world from its tyrant's grasp. The tyrant... must be eliminated." Where had the bit about the tyrant come from? He didn't remember that much...
"Ah... so thou art from that world... the world where death leads only to the beginning of freedom... If it is what thou requires, I shall give thee your wish. One to rescue the baby. And in the end, stopeth that horrid tyrant. Rescue that world from its horrible reality. And when thou art done, thou shalt be renewed."
The figure raised its hand. It snapped its fingers, and all started to fade around him. The gate was swirling now, and the passage behind him gone. He felt sick. He blacked out.

Tal slowly awoke on his back, still on the forest floor. Today was sitting by an open fire, mumbling something about how outdated fires were and why people still made them. The baby dragon was huddled next to Tal, crying. Its gaze remained affixed on him. Tal slowly raised an arm and pave the dragon a pat on the back. The dragon's cries ceased and it crawled up to Tal's face, giving him a lick or two on his broken jaw.
"Agna... Jr., huh? Yeah... that can work..."
Today glanced over at Tal.
Today: "Hey! You finally woke up! Welcome back Mr. Sleepy Head!"

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Post by Grimblade on Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:23 pm

Darkness. He awoke, but he could see nothing. He squirmed a bit, unable to move, as something was holding him down. He sat there a moment, the memories of what had happened previously rushing back into his mind.

He was lying there at the ground level of the compound, staring down the gaping hole in the floor at the inferno below. All of a sudden, the fire dissipated. Did that mean it was safe? He didn't want to go down to find out. For all he knew, Gosvik's men could have put a stop to it. He decided it would be best to wait it out.

He left the compound and lay down in the tall grass, his fox body being hidden easily as he kept his senses fully aware to his surroundings as he awaited an opportunity to make a move back into the facility to rescue Tal. If he were even still alive.

The sirens were blaring. The building seemed to undergo a change, turning into a gigantic weapon of destruction. Rebels were there now, attacking, being mowed down like insects. Kit could only stare in horror at the sight before him, paralyzed in sheer terror. He wasn't fearful for himself though, but for those precious few that he had really cared about. Tal.......Camila. Would either of them survive this? The entire area was being decimated, reduced to rubble. And he could only watch.

<object width="25" height="250"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/Me1_u_OFgw4?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/Me1_u_OFgw4?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

He thought to himself, his emotions swirling around inside of him, a storm of their own. "This is why I never want to get close to anyone...they always die...but this is also why Gosvik must be stopped."

The last thing he heard was an explosion. And a crash. And then nothing.


What had happened to him? Where was he now? His mind began to clear, and he felt something familiar underneath him. "Grass? So I haven't gone anywhere, it seems. Something must have fallen..." He took the form of a child to give himself a bit more space to maneuver. "This is...wood?" He realized that the tree outside of the compound must have fallen on him, its upper brambles trapping him as though it were a cage. He stood up, feeling a moment of intense pain in his arm. He couldn't move it.

After several minutes of fumbling around, he made his way out of the grasp of the tree. The scene before him shocked him, and he fell to his knees in terror.

The entire area was decimated. Bodies everywhere. Trees fallen. The city destroyed. Not so much as a glimpse of life anywhere.

Calming himself as much as possible, he shifted back into his fox form. "The rebel camp...I have to...Camila..." He took a step, but then fell again, his right foreleg failing beneath him. "Shit..."

He took the form of a human teenager and began to dash off in the direction of the camp, cradling his injured left arm with the other.


He finally arrived at the camp, his heart sinking. The camp was also destroyed, some small fires still smoldering from where the missiles had struck.

He made his way to the infirmary, afraid of what he might see inside. He walked in. More destruction. Most of the tent was still standing, but a section of it had been destroyed. Several bodies of patients that had been in the beds there were lying sprawled out on the floor: dead, blackened by the explosion.

He looked for any traces of Camila, fearing every moment that he might come upon her beautiful self in the rubble. Dead.

However, he did not see her. There seemed to be no trace of her whatsoever, which gave him some amount of hope, but he was still in despair. What if she had gone back with the rebels to the compound? He shrugged off the thought, not wanting to sadden himself further. But worries were in his mind. Everywhere. He paced the empty infirmary, until his feet had kicked something below, sending it skittering along the floor a few feet.

He reached down and picked it up, his heart feeling as though it was being torn in two. Camila's glasses. He frantically dug around in the rubble, but did not find any trace of her. He sat down on a piece of rubble and looked at the glasses longingly. They weren't scratched in the slightest, as she had always been careful with them. And his accidentally kicking them didn't seem to harm them either. But then he saw something peculiar...a rolled piece of paper stuck carefully inside of the frame. It was small, but he unrolled it, a message written on it.

<object width="250" height="15"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/q-O0QDsgoNE?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/q-O0QDsgoNE?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

I hope that you get this message, if you're even alive after that onslaught...I know you were at that compound, but I hope in my heart that you've made it out in one piece. The few remaining rebels, myself included, have fled to make a camp elsewhere where we will be safe. I hope our paths cross again...so much as hearing from you would put me at ease once more.

Amor vincit omnia,

60059N 24413E

After reading this, Kit shed a single tear. Not a tear of sadness, but one of hope. Now he was somehow assured that things would turn out alright. He knew in his heart that their paths would cross once more, and that he would again meet those that he had been with before.

He found some nearby wrapping and used it to make a sling for his arm, which pained at so much as a touch. After doing this, he carefully wrapped Camila's glasses with the remainder of the wrapping, which he then put into his pocket, and set out into the wreckage of the camp and found a fragment of a map that would suffice in finding the coordinates given to him in the letter.

He left, leaving the wreckage behind him, running through the forest, not a single sign of life anywhere to be seen. The fallen trees were less and less as he got further from the city, being replaced by normal forestland.

Tal, Shiki, Chiyo...he hadn't seen any sign of them dead, so why worry? The best thing he could do is to continue, to move forward, and to do whatever he could to help bring this godforsaken world back to a time where people didn't need to live side-by-side with death.


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Post by BA on Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:33 pm

BA could be found a little ways from the rebel camp where he had been left by L. He was hunched over a body on the ground, the body was the remains of the rebel leader Arn. "My god, I barely came out of that cataclysm alive." BA whispered as he prepared to bury the dead leader. BA continued, "We had much to talk about, but it looks like that conversation is lost forever."

BA shoveled the rest of the dirt into the makeshift grave. "Time to get going." BA said as he began to wander into the distance, back to where he thought he left his car at. It was certainly difficult to tell, seeing that the land was almost completely mutilated, with craters scattered everywhere. BA nonetheless continued his search.

Within a couple of hours, he managed to locate his vehicle. "Well I'll be damned, it's still in one piece..." Shockingly exclaimed BA with a bewildered look on his face. The car had moved a little, but it was apparently in working order. BA started the engine and began to drive. In BA's mind a destination was determined, "To the coast, to my family." The car drove into the distance leaving a bellowing cloud of dust behind.

A few more hours of driving, BA's mind began to consider the events that had transpired. His mind was still a bit nub to it all, after all, he had just barely survived what seemed to be the end of the world. "What was that extraordinary power?" BA thought, his eyes set upon the path in front of him. he let out a sigh, "Gosvik is a mad man, he must be stopped." BA could almost see the ocean. "I'll consider what my next course of action is after I see my family, my wife won't be particularly happy to see me though. Them's the breaks I guess, I have to see my children, I might not ever get another chance to see them after this."

The car had made it to its destination. The house was situated on a small peninsula, a little ways from the building was a lighthouse. In the front of the house, BA spotted his daughter playing by herself in the yard. The car pulled up to the house, the door slowly came open, and BA came out. His daughter was only 8 years old. Not having seen BA in years, she had failed to recognize her own father and thus remained standing there, staring at the apparent stranger.

BA began scratching the back of his head, "Well, is that a proper way to say hello to your father?" he said in disappointment. The girl began running inside, but as she was about to make her way to the door, another older woman came outside. She stood in the doorway, with a look of shock upon her face...
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Post by Youkoi on Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:51 pm

"...and once he gets to the time period, it'll be smooth sailing from there."
"A-a-are you sure? I-it's just a robot, and--!"
"Ahahaha! You were always a nervous one. Of course I'm sure! This robot has been built and designed by me! And this robot...it's...more than any other. I have a feeling that this one's going to go far."
"Y-y-y-you think so?"
"I know so!"
"W-well, alright then! Let's send 'em back!"
"Hey, not so fast! The preparations aren't quite done yet! And besides, it'd be much better if we let him roam around a bit on his own time, get an understanding of this world, and of his own mechanics."
"Ah, I understand, Professor."
"Professor, Professor! He's just about ready to be released! All his armory and functions are working perfectly!"
"Ah, finally! Now we can-!"
"But, the circuitry that work his memory banks are little bit wonky, so we may have to hold on that for now."
"....His memory, eh?...Well, that won't matter for him, we'll fix it when he gets back. As long as the programming's still there, he'll probably know what to do once the destination is reached.
And besides, I don't think he'll want to remember this place in such a dire time as this..."
"Understood, sir..."
"Oh! Uh, Professor, I think h-h-he's waking up!"
"Fantastic! Now, let's get him out of here, and into the world!...."

"Woah, man, that explosion was huge! It even knocked me out for a second!"
Today sat up. He looked around at all the dead bodies, and remembered what that building had once become. That thing was quite a scare! Why, just looking at the thing caused Tal to stop dead in his tracks and faint!
Or was that the lasers? Eh, well.
Today scanned Tal's dragon body to make sure he was still alive. Indeed he was, but he was in a struggle. I wasn't built for healing, so I can't do anything but sit here and see if he comes through. The little dragon thing he brought along looked fine, as it was already standing and walking around. But once it saw Tal, it froze in it's spot. I can't really read the faces of creatures such as that, but I could guess that the sight of him was a real downer for the thing. In fact, looking at it stare at him for a while kinda made me feel sorry for the poor thing.
It still creeped me out a little.
The giant building-monster-robot-thing left the whole area freezing cold for some reason. I don't think it would help Tal live if his body was frozen. I couldn't find any materials to build a heating pad or a make-shift radiator, so a fire was the best I could do.
"Man, fires, huh? Haven't seen one in a while. Do people even use fires for heat anymore? Even such a thing that has kept humans alive for years and years has become outdated due to the evolving technology from where I came from!"
...Where I came from?...
Suddenly, Tal started shifting and moving a bit. Looks like he made it through. The little dragon baby seemed happy about this, so I guess I should be too.

"Hey, you finally woke up! Welcome back Mr. Sleepy Head!"

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Post by Tal on Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:00 pm

Tal's head throbbed. He struggled to get up, eventually able to go into a sitting stance.
His breathing was erratic. Then again, most people don't live through a shower of bullets. Just what on Earth happened? How was HE even still alive?
"Today... Yeah, thanks. Nice fire you've got going..." Tal had to pause randomly in his sentences to try and get a good breath.
Agna Jr. seemed overjoyed with Tal's (partial) recovery. It climbed up onto his lap and curled up, falling asleep.
"It's grown on us so quickly... I wonder why?" Agna questioned.
Tal examined Agna Jr. a bit more. His figure was... familiar. It felt like he'd seen it before. He went to scratch Agna Jr. behind the head, then noticed his gauntlet. He looked at it, and back to Agna Jr.
"They're... huh? Agna... are you getting this? Tal said aloud.
Today: "You named it already? That's cool. Agna, huh?"
"What? Oh, no. Agna is..."
Tal explained everything in detail about what had happened to him before their crossing of paths. Today seemed interested, but at the same time was daydreaming about something else.
Today: "Oh I get it. So Rudolph Gausvich made you two one. That seems pretty chill."
"Not all it's cracked up to be..." Tal murmured.
Tal examined the sleeping dragon more. How was it that the gauntlets resembled it so much? And his long sword... it was of the same design. There had to be some connection.
"Agna... you told me you didn't remember your origin, right?"
"That's right."
"So then maybe... this is just a guess, but suppose you, somewhere down the line, have an Agnaktor in the family tree. I mean, even the names are similar. You came with your name. Agna, Agnaktor, there's too many similarities."
"I wouldn't doubt it. It would explain why we got the equipment we did. Which I still wonder how we did..."
"Well here's my hypothesis. Remember when we were merged back into one? That raging inferno that happened? That was no ordinary fire. It had a... mystical sense to it. I don't know how to explain it. But it didn't have the feel of ordinary fire. The fire felt... rejuvenative to the touch. At least, to us it did."
"All the guards, Today, they all were affected to some degree."
"So suppose this; the fire was in fact some sort of mystic fire, this much we know. Perhaps it was reacting with your soul, with the ancestry of an Agnaktor, to forge the weapons?"
"That, and also remember the baby was running around at that point most likely. It might have reacted with him to some degree."
"Maybe... By the way, how did you all of a sudden decide Agna Jr. was a 'he?'"
"Oh, Tal, you still haven't gotten completely in touch with your dragon senses. Dragons can tell these sorts of things. We need to survive, too. It's just like how you humans are able to tell each other apart."
"Erm, not all the time."
Agna Jr. stirred in his sleep. Tal looked down upon him.
"Agna Jr... You're going to have one long journey ahead of you... I just hope you mature faster than humans. Otherwise, I'll be in some deep trouble lugging you around everywhere..."


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Post by darthjawafett on Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:27 pm

Vanitas reached the rebel base to find everything gone.
Vanitas: huh.. what happened here...
Dead bodies lay everwhere around the camp.
Its amazing some of the buildings were still standing. Notably the Infirmary.
Vanitas: So much destruction... im guessing this all happened in the time i was passed out. he did a large range bio-scan and found no life in the Capital either...
Vanitas: So... Gosvik did this, why would he destroy the capital though. It just doesn't make sense.

Vanitas left the rebel camp.. There was nothing there that survived.
Vanitas still wondered why Gosvik destroyed his own town.. it didn't seem to make sense was it just to prove a point? It was obvious he didn't care for the population under his control but to destroy people who obey him seemed to be harsh. A barrage of fragment grenades fell in front of vanitas.
Quickly acting he used his barrier but... it was extremely different. it was Green instead of clear and much larger covering 5 miles.
Vanitas: When did my barrier become like this.. Did lost memory really give me some powers back. This barrier was known as Will's Cage.
The cage vanished once it detected no threat.
Vanitas: Why did it use Will's Cage instead of a barrier i thought it was just to trap enemies.
Attempting to flee the area that possibly became a target vanitas fled
Vanitas needed to figure out a place to go.. and he needed to find it fast. it seems many people are Defensive against everyone...
There were a large group of people northwest to where he was.
He could tell see that the elder from the rebel base was there so i guess its a good thing that he was still alive. I guess. He decided that it would be best to link up with them. And journeyed in that direction.

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Post by Panther on Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:29 am

Panther had wandered the city in hopes to find life, maybe some ways to get out of there, but he found neither. "God, what has happened while I was....away." Panther spoke to himself. He had still not gotten over the fact that he had died and come back from death. He also wondered who it was that resurrected him. As he turned the corner he saw a figure in robes on all fours in an alley. He realized this was the same figure who helped him. He ran over and kneeled down beside the figure. "Now we see who you are, friend." Panther spoke softly. Removing the hood, pnather saw the face of...
"Yes, comrade." Viktor reznov, Panther's Russian teacher, coughed. "It has been a long time since I last saw you. You've changed." He coughed again. "So have you, Reznov. Since when could you bringback the dead?" Panther asked. "Simple," Reznov said. "Since I realized I was a Shaman." Panther was surprised. Reznov had never had these powers when he was still his teacher. When did he get them? And how? "Do not bother yourself with questions, Panther." Reznov spoke up, as if reading panther's mind. "You are needed somewhere. I can send you, but we must hurry." Reznov began muttering a strange language. Before Panther could object, he began to float. "Reznov, what am I supposed to do? I don't even have my equipment!" he shouted, for there was now a strong wind swirling around him. "Do not worry, comrade!" Rznov replied. "I have you will find what you need there!" And with that, Panther was launched through some kind of portal. He hit the ground face first. Looking up he saw....nothing. It was as if someone had bulldozed the whole area. Panther stood up, with another headache. "Why does magic always gotta hurt?" Panther grumbled. It was dark, so he turned on his night vision goggles. Off in the distance he saw a group of people. He had to get to them, but walking would take too long. Panther looked around again and noticed something on the ground some feet away. Upon inspection he found it was a very large trap door. After finally pulling it off, he looked inside. In the dark he saw what he was looking for. "Perfect timing." Panther chuckled. He went in, the came bursting out on a motorcycle. "Why they someone would be hiding this, I have no idea." Panther thought. He revved the engine, then tore off towards the people. As he got closer he recognized one of them. He could see somebidy carrying the boy he had met at the Burger Town...was it Shiki? "That's what Reznov meant. That kid must still have my stuff."
Panther spoke to himself. "It doesn't look like he's doing too well. Better hurry." he said again as he put the cycle to 40 mph.

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