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Post by Frost on Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:59 pm

The destination had finally been reached. The Castle was in sight and all battle preparations had been made. It didnt take long for each battle ship to get into position. Camila had been put in charge along with Tal for the time being as the battle began. Mortar fire bombarded around the ships and fighter plans and stingers began flying around and shooting at the rebel fleet.
Tal:"Deploy all fighters! GO GO GO!"

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/fxa0BneKsF4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
The sky was littered in fighter planes and mechanical suits, with explosions everywhere.
Tal:"Squad 1 GO!"
Without hesitation, Shiki summoned Bahamut and took off from the platform, closely followed by Today and Vanitas. With extreme speed the three split into a triangular formation and dove directly into the large black fog of explosions. Plane after plane went down, either shot down by another or sliced in half by a Stinger. Shiki flew higher and higher until finally dropping down into a field of gunfire. Bahamut stopped and roared, floating in the air, turning as planes dove and shot passed them.
Shiki:"Lets get this started shall we!?"
Shiki flew Bahamut around in a circle, creating a small wind tunnel. Quickly slipping on his Pyrokenisis pin, he cupped his hands together, which began to glow a bright red. Opening his hands he clapped a large string of fire into the air pocket, causing a large explosion of fire which engulfed a small squadron of planes. He repeated the process on another group but this time the pilots spun themselves around, causing the wind to spiral around them and opened fire. Bahamut spun around and shot a large beam of light from its mouth, completely obliterating the attacking jets.
Shiki:"Good idea!" he said pulling out his water round and ice pillar pins.
"Heres a new trick i've learned!"
Shiki flew up higher and spun his hands around in an odd motion. Slowly the clouds began to move towards him, as if reacting to his movements and spun in a vortex above him. Throwing his hands downward, water gushed down from the vortex in arrows of rain and hit its targets. In one swift motion, Shiki spun around with his arms outstretched and closed his palms and one by one the jets and mechs drenched in the water instantly grew huge shards of ice which acted like knives stabbing through them, causing them to explode.
Out of the explosion flew Today who shot himself straight through 3 armor suits. He activated his jets and with a burst of sound he flew in the middle of a dog fight. Dodging a plane, he grabbed a mech by its head and with the other hand drilled straight through it and tossed the remains into a passing by jet. 3 Mechs surrounded Today and began shooting at him, causing him to fly backwards and lead into a chase. Meanwhile, Vanitas flew around observing the fight, taking time to jump off his glider and slice enemy jet wings as they screamed by him with machine gun fire. Vanitas looked through the mess of a firefight and activated the coms device in his helmet.
Vanitas:"Every time we take out 1, another 6 replace them, how the hell are we supposed to clear a path in all this!?"
Today:"When ours fly towards the castle they are shot down. The others wont get through with that happening."
Shiki:"They have a tight defense around the outside of this ring we're in..... Wait! I've got it!"

Shiki jumped off Bahamut and tapped his coms device.

Shiki:"Tal! Get ready to go! We're gonna clear the path!"
Tal:"Roger that! Everyone get ready!"
Everyone boarded a very small, cramped shuttle like jet and prepped for take off.
Camila:"Everyone hold on tightly during Your trip! Its going to be instant, almost an eye blink!" she said typing quickly on a small computer that connected to the jet's A.I.

Shiki, still falling, pulled out his lightning rook pin and blasted his feet, creating a reverse magnetism which allowed him to walk on air.
Shiki:"Today! On Me! We're going to pull what we did back at the airfield!" he said sprinting towards the opposite end of the battle.
Today:"But that was sheer luck! I'm not sure if we can pull it off again."
Shiki:"Dont have any doubts we have to do this now! Vanitas keep these bastards off of us!"
Vanitas:"Dont need to tell me twice!"

Shiki and Today both met up and turned in the direction of the castle and stretched out their hands in its direction. Vanitas rushed in their direction, slicing in a circular path, ripping through and deflecting oncoming missles. Their hands began to glow and spark with electiricty and then it happened. A Large shockwave burst through the fight, dividing it in two, short circuiting anything in its path.
Today:"We did it!"
Shiki:"Theres the gap! Now!"


Camila slapped the button on the desk in front of her and the jet burst out with a gunshot. bursting through the bullets and explosions, nearly getting crushed by a flying robot arm ripped off by a large blast from Bahamut. The castle was in front of them in mere seconds and as fast as it began it ended with a crash landing in the boundaries of the castle walls.
The team jumped out and without a second thought, took off straight for the castle.

Camila:"Tal! A recent analysis of the castle shows that it has a large protective barrier covering the whole castle from wall to wall. You wont be able to fly directly up, You'll need to find a way inside the palace itself and then find your way up to the top to reach the throne room!"
Tal:" Thats alright! I was hoping for a little warm introduction myself!"
Kit:"So we're going in?"
Chiyo:"It would appear so!"

The team ran inside to be greeted by walls of palace guards and machines. As they sprinted through, bursting through door after door, they reached an extremely large palace door with gosvik's symbol on it.
Tal:"Alright everyone, we need to-"
Without a second to stop and think, Panther burst through the doors guns blazing.
Tal:"Dammit panther!"

The team ran into the room and stopped running and looked around. The room was large, large enough to hold a professional football game. The team eyed their surroundings before making their way to the end of the long hallway which had another set of doors, which indicated an advancement further into the palace. Tal rushed for the door but was pushed backwards by Veil's force as the sound of boots striking the floor were heard infront of them.
Tal:"What the?"

Slowly A Soldier Materialized in front of them. The team moved back a bit, preparing for an attack but the soldier just stood there.
Kit:"You know who this is?"
Chiyo:"Hes the one who attacked Shiki, Vanitas and I back when we went in to save Tal!"
Kit:"Chiyo! Are You sure!?"
Chiyo:"I'd recognize that stance and those eyes anywhere. Its him alright...." she said shakily.
Panther:"And I'll tear through him just the same!"

Panther made a dive for the soldier, pulling out his gun and preparing to fire. However this was anticipated and the soldier disappeared and re appeared behind panther, knocking the gun out of his hand and pushing him away, this time aiming it back at panther. Chiyo pulled out her own gun and fired, knocking the gun out of the man's hand but failing to injure him, making him disappear again.
Kit:"So its as I thought. Tal! You go on ahead! We'll take care of this clown!"
Tal ignored the thought of reasoning and nodded his head and made his way for the doors. Kit made a dash for him and pushed him forwards as he turned around and blocked the soldiers blade.
Kit:"Your fight is with Me" he said laughing and transforming into a young man.

Tal made his way through the doors and continued on his own.

Tal:" Where the hell is The End? Hes supposed to be backing Me up on this one! Dammit! I knew I couldnt trust that freak!" he said as he came up to another large set of doors, very similar to the ones that contained the mystery soldier.

He stopped for a moment, then proceeded to open the doors which closed slowly as he walked in. As Tal continued onward he stopped at the sound of laughter. He unsheathed his sword and turned in the direction of the laughing and out stepped a young boy with bandages wrapped around his hands however failing to cover the upper halves of his fingers, showing flexibility. The boy continued to laugh until he stopped to look at Tal.

boy:"I'm very impressed that You've made it this far...*laughter* *sigh* I must say its nice to finally meet You.... Tal.. was it?"
Tal:"Who are you!?"
boy:"Oh excuse me, allow me to introduce myself, My name is Beyond Birthday." he said with a freakish grin.

BB! So this was the psychopath whom L and Izu had the displeasure of having introduced into their lives! He had to be stopped!

Tal:"So Your BB!"
BB:"Ahhhhh! it seems you have heard of Me! is it from My wanted status? or My kill count? Oooo! Perhaps L Lawliet or the lovely Izuki mentioned me? By the way, how is my teacher? I hear hes feeling ill!" he said with a chuckle.
With every word, Tal got angrier and angrier, clenching his sword tighter and tighter.
BB:"What a small world huh!? By the way, where is K? I wouldve expected her to be here along side you! I must say shes an odd individual, and.... ahhhh it appears you are too! I can see the names of anyone I just so happen to gaze upon yet... You and Her both share this odd ability to block me! I must say You are impressive!"

Veil:"Tal, listen to Me. The reason he cant see Your full name is because I'm keeping him out. So long as He cant see Me, you'll be safe from his supernatural vision. Please be careful."
Tal:"Thank You Veil, I will."

BB:"Talking to Yourself? HA! And people tell Me I'M CRAZY! but enough chit chat, lets begin!"

The fight began, BB pulled out a sword and lunged for Tal who side stepped and avoided his strike. As they prepared to strike each other, a ninja star flew in between them and stabbed through the floor tile. Both of them look up to see a silhouette come into light.

BB:"I KNEW YOU WERE HERE!!!!!" he said laughing maniacally
Tal:" I-Izu....."

Izu Jumped down off the pillar and pulled out her sword, slashing at both Tal and BB who barely managed to escape in time. She stopped in place, staring at them both in anger.

Tal:" Izu! Whats the matter with You!?"




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Post by Tal on Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:10 pm

Repede and Junior weren't given any specific task (being the animals that they are, it'd seem weird to give them orders), so they found their own way to cause trouble.

Repede knew several secret entrances into Gosvik's castle, so he managed to get the two of them into one that he knew was rigged with no traps. He knew because it was the one Gosvik always used.

Rain - Page 11 Repede3: "Oh, Gosvik. It's funny how you think I can't find ways to get to you. But you forget. Dogs are always more cunning than people. Just like foxes."

"So where exactly are we going?" Junior asked.

Rain - Page 11 Repede9: "Well if I remember correctly, this leads into a corridor not three doors away from Gosvik's throne."

Junior nodded. Wouldn't that be great? Junior and Doggy take down the big mean guy before Daddy gets there! He'd be so proud!

They traveled through the dark hallway for a while. It was dank and wet because they had to travel through a wet area to enter it. Why would Gosvik use a passage like this to get into his castle? Something didn't make sense to Repede.

Rain - Page 11 Repede15: "This just doesn't feel right. I've seen him go through this passage a lot, but this isn't the kind of entrance I'd see a self-absorbed king enter. It's too... gross."

"Maybe he's trying to trick us?"

Rain - Page 11 Repede17: "That does seem like him, but... it just..." Repede suddenly stopped.

"What? Why did we stop?"

Rain - Page 11 Repede13: "..."


Rain - Page 11 Repede18: "MOVE!" Repede barked. He jumped from his spot further into the hallway as two large logs attached to ropes swung out from the wall where he just stood. They crashed against it and splintered, sending shards every which way.
Junior was a bit slow to react on his part, and instead of moving stood still as two logs (one above the other) swung out and slammed him into the wall, shattering two of the spines on his back and dislocating 3 juxtaposing ones.

Rain - Page 11 Repede6: "Junior!!"
Repede leaped from his new spot onto the logs that were pulling back into the wall to crush Junior again, and severed the ropes with his dagger. The logs crashed to the ground with a resounding "thud" and rolled down the hall a few feet.
Repede repeated the process with the next two sets of logs to completely make the hallway safe for Junior.

"Ow... ow... ow..." Junior whimpered next to the wall. He hadn't moved since being hit. Blood seeped from the roots of the five spines, and the webbing between the two broken ones was completely torn through and ripped. The spines all pointed in any which direction.

Rain - Page 11 Repede14: "That's a nasty wound... I'm sorry. I wish I caught wind of those sooner to warn you earlier."

"D- Daddy... it hurts... Ow..." Junior's eyes were clamped shut simply from the pain of the impact, and his teeth were seethed. If he wasn't the size he was, those logs would have killed him.

Rain - Page 11 Repede13: "Hey now, you're fine. Come on. We need to go find Gosvik and your dad. He'll take care of you as soon as we're out of this mess."

"But... but I don't want to... I want Daddy... It hurts..." Junior slowly opened one eye.

Rain - Page 11 Repede6: "Junior! Come on! Your dad's waiting for us just down that way. If you want to see him again, we've got to move before any other traps trigger. I promise, you'll be fine the rest of the way."

Junior opened his other eye and stared sadly into Repede's hardened gaze. Pushing himself up and off the wall, he nodded, and the two walked further into Gosvik's false secret.


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Post by darthjawafett on Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:32 pm

The war in the sky was hectic. Gosvik's troops had shown no signs of retreating. Eventually all their soldiers had fallen. Then came out the second group of imperialist. They looked stronger and there were many more of them. Among them was their commander..Nerol. The soldiers shot at whatever Nerol told them to.
Then it became worse, a quick green burst of light had taken out a large group of jets.
Ω: That didn't sound too good.
Vanitas: And just what the hell was that.
Ω: MAC aerial defense basically a large cannon somewhere in the distance that can see us..
Vanitas: Who's controlling it?
Ω: Actually its controlled by a computer in that tower.
The cannon had finished charging and shot at another group of 5 completely incinerating them.
Vanitas: Alright i found a way to get those blasts on our side.
Shiki: And that is?
Vanitas: Clear a way so that i can get to that tower.
Shiki and today seperated attacking anyone between Vanitas and the tower

Before the next burst vanitas was on the tower. 3 guards clouded in black got up to their feet.
Guard 1: And just who are y- he suddenly fell dead.
The other 2 guards grabbed their weapons but one faced death as he was thrown off and the other was shot.

Vanitas opened a hatch that led to the control room of the tower.
A person turned around from the many computers set up in this room.

Vanitas grabbed him and smashed his head into the panel that held the door open.
The door immediately slammed shut. The person was dead.

Vanitas removed Omega from his suit and placed omega into the Controls.

Omega took control of the MAC cannon

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Post by Frost on Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:17 pm

BB:"So how does it feel knowing your going to die here?" he said swinging his sword at Izu.
Izuki:"I'm going to eat your heart!" she replied breaking his swing and kicking him in the ribs, sending him flying backwards.
Tal turned to face BB but immediately switched his attention to Izu who dove at him, swiping her sword upwards. She continued swinging at him until B re-joined the fight.
Izu attacked B, throwing him back and forth like a rag doll with every swing of her sword. Suddenly BB slowed down and at that very moment Izu broke his stance and jumped up, kicking him in the face with both of her feet, landing gracefully afterwards. B hit the wall with a loud thud and grunted in anger.
Izuki:"Must be a real pain in the ass not knowing My real name huh?" she yelled at him as she walked his way.
BB:"You got lucky years ago sweetheart. But Luck! Doesnt last forever!"
Izuki turned to tal who stood there in a readied stance.
Izuki:"Why wont you attack me!? HUH!? Are you afraid of me!?"
B chuckled.
Tal:"Izu I'm not going to fight with you-
Izuki:"Why? Because your afraid to kill me!? Well cmon then! Kill Me! Accomplish what Rue couldnt do!"
B stopped giggling.
B:"I've only yet to accomplish that pitiful task." he said standing back up and licking the blood from his hand.
Izuki:"now that break times over, its time i resumed ripping both of you in half!"
Izu ran towards tal and threw her sword at him. With quick movements he deflected the sword but couldnt avoid her incoming punch. She threw several punches and kicks, half of which were meant to be distractions for the incoming hits afterwards. With Tal off balance Izu spun on her hands and kicked upwards, hitting his chin and knocking him backwards into a pillar. She spun around and reached for her sword but was interrupted by B's knee making contact with her face. After seeing this, Tal rushed at B, who quickly picked up Izu's sword.
Using both blades, B managed to catch every one of Tal's swings and turn them all around.
Tal jumped away from the fight and stopped to catch his breath.

Agna:"Tal! Stop messing around and finish him! Your only wasting time listening to the both of them talk!"
Tal:"Agna... I dont know what to do. I want to win this but.. not at the expense of losing Izu."
Veil:"Tal, listen to what Agna is telling you. You have the capabilities to win hundreds of battles like this one, the only thing thats standing in your way are your personal feelings which you need to let go of. It isnt Beyond Birthday whos making you feel this way, its the girl."
Tal:"Let go!?"
Agna:"Tal. Dont doubt yourself because of what happened to Izu. Shes had a change of heart, and you need to see that."
Tal:"No no, it was that green haired b!tch from that day at the pool! Shes the one who took Izu, shes controlling her!"
Veil:"No Tal your wrong. Look at her eyes. They're bright and full of life. The certainty in them is almost baffling. Avert your eyes from the illusion they're setting for you, if you dont, one of them will find a way to kill you, and we both know she wont hold back."

Tal paused for a moment and closed his eyes.

Izuki: "I could kill him right now." she said staring at Tal.
BB:"Allow me to do the honors!"
Izuki ran at BB who swung at Tal and grabbed the blade of the sword with her hands.
BB yanked the sword out, cutting open Izu's palms which began to bleed.
Izuki:"Calm down Rue, its only a small cut."
BB:"Izu, baby, it isnt any fun if its just my blood on the floor now is it?"
Izuki:"I bet you get dripping wet just thinking about it dont you?"
BB:"I only wonder how sweet your blood must taste."

The fight continued between them.

Meanwhile, Tal finally opened his eyes.

He adjusted himself and breathed in and out slowly, allowing his armor to feel like his own skin. He focused on BB and Izu who were clashing blades and spilling blood every which way.
Tal:"Lets go!"
With great speed, Tal appeared kicked them both apart and charged for BB. Bringing his blade downward on top of B, they became stuck in a draw. Izu jumped above them both but Tal pushed B an inch back and caught izu by the leg and tossed her away as well. Than it was as if Tal switched places with Izu and began to face off against B who laughed and laughed and laughed. Then it happened. Tal stepped back and charged up a swing, B saw this coming and prepared to counter attack. Suddenly a small throwing knife pierces BB's shoulder, causing him to flinch, and then-
BB flew across the room and hit the wall with a loud thud as Tal retracted his kick.
He screamed at the top of his lungs as he gripped his left shoulder that was minus an arm. Tal jumped back and wiped the blood off of his sword, eying the severed limb. Izuki took control of the confusion. She slid in front of tal and knocked his sword from his hands with her own. Tal panicked and spread his wings to leap backwards but Izu was a step ahead and hopped up, cupping her fists together and beat Tal to the ground. She stepped forward and grabbed the sword B had dropped and placed it in front of Tal's face.

Suddenly clapping was heard.
Out of the darkness, the now infamous, green haired woman revealed herself and walked towards Izu and Tal. The hate within Tal began to stir and stir as she got closer.
C:"What a magnificent turn of events. I never wouldve thought to meet you here of all places Tal."
Izuki:"What are you doing here? You told me you werent going to get involved."
C:"Dont take that tone with me. Besides, Its something i've been looking forward to for a long while now."
Tal lay there on his back silent. His eyes moving back and forth from Izuki and C.
C:"You shouldve pulled the trigger back at the camp. You wouldve saved everyone alot of trouble!" she said as she stepped in front of Tal.
It was silent all around. Tal turned and looked at Izu.
C:"Give me the sword."
Izuki stood there looking into tals eyes.
C:"Konata! Give Me The Sword!" she barked.
BB's eyes widened.
Izuki remained still for another minute, locked in Tal's gaze. Slowly she extended her hand and gave the sword to C who snatched it with an annoyed look. She turned the blade around and positioned it around the area if Tal's heart.
C:"I'd feel horrible if i didnt ask if you had any last words." she chuckled.


BB:"It was a pleasure making your acquaintance Cecil!"

C stopped. Slowly she pulled the sword back and turned it around with the blade facing herself and place her other hand on it.
C:"no... No... NO! NO! NO! NO-
With one swift motion she forced the blade straight through her chest. Blood erupted from her mouth and from the wound as she fell to the ground.
BB began laughing hysterically and echoed all around the room.

Tal blinked. She was gone. Just like that.... but... how-

Izuki:"One arm left and you still manage to amaze people rue." she said as she pulled the sword out of C's lifeless body.
BB:"Mock me all you want, You'll get yours!*cough* BUT! C had to die first!" he giggled as he rose to his feet, revealing a notebook in his hand.
"wrote her name neatly, right next to Ryuzaki's! *sigh* its always more exciting to write names in blood... it feels more... satisfying."


15 minutes ago -
The sky was bright with light from explosions. Nerol was giving it his all to defend the rebels assault on the palace. Plane after plane, rebel pilots were incinerated by advanced imperial machines and armors that zoomed through the sky at sonic speeds. Shiki managed to destroy a small fleet with the help of bahamut, but the end results were costly.
Today zoomed past shiki at lightning speed and engaged 4 Imperial classed armors. He shot short magnetic pulses at them and drilled through their shields causing them to burst from pressure exposure to their cores. Then it happened.
A small bolt flew directly passed shiki's face and hit Today as if it were point blank. Today spiraled to the ocean below, unresponsive.
Shiki:"Today!!! NO-"
Suddenly a large beam of energy hit bahamut, blowing a hole in its chest. The large dragon tilted to its side and began to drop from the sky, roaring in pain.
Shiki jumped off of Bahamut, magnetizing the souls of his feet again and began sprinting away as he was shot at by incoming mechs. Shiki tapped his coms link as fast as he could.
Shiki:"Vanitas! That shot came from the tower! Whats going on over there!?"

meanwhile, inside the arc canon's control room, vanitas lay there motionless on the ground in front of the guidance system in a pool of blood next to a large static emitting circuit.
Scratchy transmission from shiki (gunfire and explosions can be heard in the background): "Vanitas! Answer Me! Vanitas! *gunfire* Shit! Take this!!!!!! *a large explosion is heard* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! What the F%@#!? Vanitas!"
Suddenly the transmission is stopped as the coms device is stepped on and crushed. Slowly the door to the room opens and a masked figure with long green hair walks out of the room wiping blood from their hands.

Chiyo gripped Panther's unconscious body as she tried to patch up a stab wound in his knee and stop the bleeding.
Kit raced up and down with the soldier, neither letting up. Finally Kit gained the upper hand. His claws began to glow red and he slashed outward, emitting flames from his hands and struck the soldier as he rematerialized. The soldier rolled over and pulled out his blade which began surging with electricity.
Soldier *in a muffled electronic sounding voice:"Now it begins."
Kit:"So you can speak! Looks like I'm getting somewhere!"
Without a second thought, both of them raced towards each other and struck

15 minutes Later -

Tal backed up and rose to his feet and quickly picked up his sword. Izu turned to him with a bored look.
Izu:"I'm disappointed in you."


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Post by Grimblade on Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:21 am

"Kit! Look out!" Chiyo yelled as she saw the soldier vanish and appear again overhead. She was still tending to Panther's wounds, but was giving as much attention she could to the fight at hand.

Kit reacted quickly, parrying the sword with his outstretched claws. "Is that the best you got?!" he challenged as he lunged towards the soldier, attempting a slash that was parried quickly by the strange enemy.

The soldier vanished again, and Kit quickly opened his soul-perception to try and trace the soul of his enemy in an attempt to locate him. He barely had time to react when he heard Chiyo yell, quickly shifting forms to dodge the attack that was coming from behind.

What?! He has no soul...this person isn't human...

The soldier slashed at him again; his blade brimming with electricity. The sword came towards him in a neat, spiral arc, and instead of parrying the blow, this time he used both paws worth of claws to grasp the blade and attempt to snatch it out of the enemy's clutches. His plan failed as he tried to wrench the blade away, quickly realizing that the sword was kept in his enemy's hand in a vicelike grip. A metallic laugh emanated from the soldier as the sparks on his sword began increasing in amplitude.

"That won't work on---" Kit began to say, his speech cut off as his potential for containing elements was quickly spent, and he was nearly blasted into the wall behind him as the electrical energy poured loose in one explosive charge of lightning. He let out a yell as he slumped over on the ground, the charge tracing an unbearable line of sheer pain where the bolt had traveled through him, the smell of burnt fur emanating from where it had exited.

"I see...you have some tricks up your sleeve." Kit said through clenched teeth as he stiffly regained his footing. His adversary merely stared at him with soulless eyes, brandishing his blade once more and rushing at him.

Kit quickly dodged, resuming the battle, and being careful not to absorb too much of a charge from his enemy's electric blade or allow his exposed skin to come in contact with it, which would surely mean a quick death. Though the soldier teleported repeatedly, Kit was able to counter such maneuvers thanks to his acute hearing.

Surely this guy has to have a weakness somewhere... he thought to himself as his movement wasn't dissimilar a dance following the rhythm of battle.

Then he had an idea. Forming a glyph, he pulled forth the water from the pool of blood that formed where Panther had lain before being dragged away by Chiyo and thrust it at the soldier's sword. The water was quickly evaporated by the intensity of the charge, but that was when he noticed it: the soldier's hand, the one in which the sword was held, had glowed and sparked when it came in contact with the water.

Kit rushed at his foe and resumed the fighting, straining to try and observe what on his foe's hand in case it could gain him an advantage. It was as he was blocking a swordstroke that he noticed a scale in the shape of a pentagon embedded in his adversary's hand; one with runes on it that were similar to those from Kit's homeland.

I see now...

"Chiyo, throw me a bullet!" Kit yelled.

"What? Why?" Chiyo called back as Kit still battled on with his enemy.

"Just do it!"

Chiyo pulled a bullet out of her pistol and threw it to Kit, who grabbed it out of the air in-between parries.

Kit flipped backwards into a roll to dodge the latest oncoming sword-stroke and, using a wind glyph, he forced himself up into the air. Using the charge he had accumulated from his foe's attacks, he quickly began spinning the bullet in his palm at exponentially-increasing speeds until it was a mere blur of existence, and then fired it at the soldier who had teleported onto a nearby balcony to get at him.

The bullet struck home. Hitting the enemy's arm with a force that only a railgun would allow, an entire arm was broken off halfway, falling to the ground with a metallic thud, followed by stranger sounds as the mysterious foe's body seemed to dissolve and melt into a silvery puddle on the ground, at the center of which was the scale that Kit had seen earlier. The puddle began to morph and move as the creature tried to regenerate, but Kit quickly ran over and snatched the scale before his enemy had the chance to revive himself. Upon doing so, the puddle turned to a round, black stone with Gosvik's symbol etched into it.

"Clever, Gosvik." Kit said aloud as he held up the scale and observed the runes etched into it. "Using Kitsune artifacts to fuel your twisted experiments. But it's too bad..." a bolt of lightning shot from his hand and shattered the stone "...that you've just given me a new toy."

"Chiyo, get Panther to a safe place, and catch up with me! I'm going to go on ahead!" Kit called back as he ran towards the large door ahead of him.


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Post by Tal on Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:44 pm

Izu walked towards Tal slowly. He breathed in and out; hard, nervous, scared.
He backed up at the same pace. He didn't know what to do. He couldn't- WOULDN'T- believe this was Izu. Or at least, a perfectly sane Izu.

Then he hit a wall.
But, was the wall really this close...?

Taking a huge chance to avert his gaze from Izu for a second to see where he was, he wasn't on anything.
The wall was... invisible?

"The hell...?" Tal mumbled, then his eyes jumped back to Izu and he rolled just before she struck. If he hesitated a moment longer she would have decapitated him.

"Gosvik's got a fancy new toy," Izu said.

Then more clapping. Both of them looked over, but saw nothing. BB couldn't have been clapping since he only had one arm. Where was it coming from?

Then a voice from seemingly nowhere.

"This has gone on long enough. I thought a little arena might suit you two, like the magical one surrounding you. Ah, and you'll both find that it prevents any outside magical protections you two may have had surrounding you," the voice said.
"Gosvik!" Tal seethed.

Returning his gaze back to Izu, she was staring at him again, and began another brisk pace toward him.

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/g_PYJzBrtR0?version=3&amp;hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/g_PYJzBrtR0?version=3&amp;hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
"Goddammit Izu... The hell is wrong with you!?" Tal yelled at her. "Why are you acting like this still?! C is dead! No one should be controlling you! WHY?!"

Izu didn't respond. She only stepped in front of Tal and looked him in the eyes.

"Because, Tal. I hate you. I always did. I don't know what caused you to think anything was happening between us. You naive fool," she whispered in his ear.
Izu punched Tal in the stomach and caused him to recoil a bit, but he immediately rolled to the side as she swung her sword at him.

He stared at her. Impossible. Something still had a control over her mind. But what? What did Cecil do to her?!
He noticed something on her forehead. A faint glowing mark that disappeared almost immediately. Only one person shared that mark. C. But... she was dead on the floor only feet away from them. Unless...

"Tal, she's not dead."
"Shut up! Don't even try to get involved in this! You... both you and Veil! I know that b!tch isn't dead! Just shut your mouth!" Tal snapped.
"T-Tal! What are you even saying?!"
"You heard me! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Ignoring the rest of Agna's comments, Tal had to fight back, or else he would die. He knew they were right about his feelings, but that didn't mean he had to stop caring for her. He knew Cecil was still alive. Somehow.

Tal clenched his sword and swung sideways at Izu. She hopped backwards to avoid the slash and parried with a forward stab. Tal let go of the sword with one hand and deflected the blow with the plates of his gauntlets.

Izu's one-handed sword let her have a faster speed for attacking Tal with, but that didn't mean he was slow. He knew how to swing his sword, how much force to exert it for the different swings and slashes he performed, and when and where to strike. In fact, his speed almost surprised himself when he deflected almost all of Izu's blows.
They both exchanged blows back and forth for the longest 3 minutes Tal had ever experienced. They each got a few hits on each other, but nothing more than stabs or cuts. The worst injury was a deep gash on Izu's leg that hardly bothered her steps.

After those few minutes, Tal suddenly dropped his sword and, evading a stab from Izu, pounced on her. He pinned her to the ground and punched her in the face with the claws in his gauntlet retracted.
"Is this what you really want, Izu?! IS IT!?" He hit her again, this time with his other paw. "WE DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS!!"

Izu's face bled and she didn't respond, but she didn't cry. She didn't scream or yell. She laid there silently, with a look of pure indignation upon her face.

Just as suddenly, Tal clutched the middle of his chest and fell over, screaming in pain. Izu kicked him off and he rolled onto his back. This time, Izu jumped on him, ripped off his helmet, and threw it. She began her relentless assault on Tal without a moment to rest. She punched, alternating fists nonstop until they bled.
She lifted Tal up by the throat and picked up her sword. Sitting him up, she stood behind him.
"I'm going to enjoy this. So much. You deserve this."
"I- Izu..." Tal said, sobbing. He could barely get an eye open before she slashed with her sword, and cut off one of his wings. Tal's scream could have been heard throughout the whole castle.

BB laughed maniacally outside the barrier. He was sitting on the ground with his notebook on his lap, and his pen in his one free hand.
"Guess Gosvik's barrier had one teensy little flaw in it that let me in. How upsetting that must be for you to suddenly, 'have a stabbing pain in the middle of your chest,' eh Tal? Or wait, should I say the real name I discovered off you? Jeff?"

"What a shame that the last dragon in existence has to be, 'brutally dismembered by the one he loves.' BUT FOR ME, THAT'S SUCH A LAUGH!!" BB laughed even harder.

Last...? Junior... and Bahamut... but...
No Bahamut meant... no Shiki. And if he's... what about Today and Vanitas...? What about the others?

And... Junior... What... what happened to Junior? He... he couldn't be dead. No... Not Junior...
"Just this little period is left. And you'll be gone. FOREVER!!!"

BB dotted the last period in his notebook.
Tal's eyes closed as he waited for the end. He'd come so far. Everything he'd- they'd worked for. And he didn't even make it to Gosvik.
Izu didn't move, but mumbled, "the one he loves..."

And BB's notebook burst into flames.

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Post by Grimblade on Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:45 pm

"Tal, I hope everything's going alright in there..." Kit thought to himself as he ran up to the door that his friend had gone through previously. With a solid push, he tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. He pushed harder and harder against the cold iron bar, but it wasn't showing even a single inch of movement. "But Tal pushed it open so easily earlier..."

He stepped back to observe the door in an attempt to find out what exactly was going on. Perhaps it's ba--"

His thought was cut short as he watched the door slowly shift form, creating a seamless wall, as though the door were never there to begin with.

"We can't have you barging in now, can we?" a booming voice rang out through the room.

"Gosvik?! What kind of game are you playing here?!" Kit yelled into the air, unaware as to where the voice had come from.

"You're but a mere pawn, and your purpose is fulfilled. It's actually a shame that my minion didn't kill you off...but no matter; your journey ends here." the voice replied, followed by a mocking laugh.

Kit's fur bristled with rage, followed by a verbal string of curses as he saw all the doors around him change form into seamless walls as well, leaving him trapped in the silence of the chamber.

"It won't end like this!!!" he yelled, but there was no response this time. Only silence.

In his rage, he ran at the wall where the door had been and began slashing his claws at it, only to have them glance off of the hard, polished stone without so much as a scratch.

Letting out a ferocious howl he jumped back and ran straight at the wall, letting his energies flow outward...he wasn't going to let it all end like this, with his best friend in the room beyond him against such formidable forces...The room is only mere paces away, and yet he can't even get in...so he was going to force his way through, no matter the cost.

It was then that it happened. He was about to make impact with the wall, his energies a flurry of assorted power, glyphs glowing in the air around him...when all of a sudden it all stopped. His power was being...rechanneled? There was a blinding flash, and then he made impact with the wall. But it wasn't the same wall...he felt water on the floor as he slumped to the ground in a heap, dazed from the collision.

"Kit! Are you alright?!" he heard a familiar voice say to him, followed by a nearby, familiar whimper of worry from a different source.

He opened his eyes only to see the room spinning and lit up so bright that he couldn't discern even the slightest detail, and allowed them to slowly refocus. When he came to, he sat up and looked at the two familiar faces standing over him: Junior and Repede.

But what happened...? Looking down, he noticed the scale from before sitting next to him, its electric glow temporarily exhausted. I must have teleported!

"There's not enough time to go into details...Gosvik cut me off from Tal, and we need to get moving." Kit said. "Now where are we?"

"We took a secret side entrance that I believed would get us to the throne room fairly easily, but I may be wrong...we entered this chamber only to find it trapped and...rank." Repede replied.

"We have to save daddy!" Junior said loudly to the other two, who could easily understand him through their understanding of common animal language. He seemed antsy and ready to move on, facing in the opposite direction from where they were heading. "LET'S GO! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? DADDY COULD BE IN TROUBLE!"

Kit walked over and put a hand on Junior's shoulder and looked him in the eyes. "Junior, I know your daddy, and trust me...he can deal with whatever Gosvik throws at him. If we come across where he is, we can meet up with him, but for now we have to keep moving and listen to Repede; he knows these tunnels better than us. If everything goes well, we'll see your daddy again soon...and we can bring down that bastard Gosvik once and for all."

Junior lowered his head sadly for a moment, and then a new fire gleamed in his eyes. "Then let's go help daddy."


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Post by Frost on Wed Jan 18, 2012 9:50 pm

BB began to go ballistic as the flames engulfed the notebook. Meanwhile, Izu remained calm, still gripping Tal by the throat.
Konata:"the one he loves..."
She looked at Tal who still had his eyes closed.
Konata:"Tal. Is what he said true?" she said with a serious face.
Konata:"Am I, The One You Love?"
Konata:"GOD DAMMIT TAL STOP CALLING ME THAT! MY NAME IS KONATA!" she said as tears formed in her eyes.
Tal paused for a long time. He had a sad expression on his face.
Konata:"Tal! Answer Me!" she said, pressing the edge of her blade on his cheek.
Tal:"Yes... I'm in love with you..."
Konata stood there silent. Her grip on her sword shaking as tears fell down her face.
Konata:"Why!? How could you love me!? You dont even know me!" she screamed tightening her grip on both her sword and his throat.
Tal:"Because your the only person who made me really feel like i belonged. The only person I felt i could spill my heart to.. the only one i'd share my heart with."
Konata:"You. Dont. Know Me!" she repeated.
Tal:"But I do know-"
Tal:"Listen to me-"
Konata:"How could you possibly love someone whos trying to kill you!?"
Tal:"That has nothing to do with you, that was all C-"
Konata:"SEE!? YOU DONT KNOW ME TAL! I. LET! C TAKE CONTROL! I didnt want to be apart of you or the team any longer, and she helped me open my eyes to the bigger picture. Thanks to her I have the power of Geass which lets me move faster than time will allow a regular human being. Thanks to her, I'm no longer afraid to rid myself of my obstacles! "Thanks to her" Tal! What good did any of you ever do for me!? L kept my leash nice and tight to prevent me from understanding the world as a whole! Each one of my friends were brutally murdered, most of them right in front of me! THE PAIN, TAL! THE PAIN THAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH IS FAR BEYOND THE UNDERSTANDING OF ANYONE IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN WORLD! *pointing to the swan mark on her forehead* The Mark On My Forehead Is The Symbol Of My Freedom! YOU AND YOUR PATHETIC EMOTIONS WILL NOT STAND IN THE WAY! DO YOU HEAR ME!?"
She looked into Tal's eyes and swung her sword.
Suddenly a strange force ignited in between them and threw Konata off of him, leaving tal to fall to his knees, gripping his wound. To his surprise, he saw Veil, standing directly in front of him with her arms in an X.

Konata:"What the?"
Veil:"You've done enough! Sense Tal wont finish you I will!"
Without another word, Veil dashed at Konata, fingers extended and jabbed at her heart. Konata deflected the hands and struck back with an angled cut.
Veil remained still, allowing the blade to cut directly through her, but it did nothing. Instead, Veil transformed into a swarm of bats and reformed behind Konata with lightning speed. The fight stopped as Konata screamed at the top of her lungs, with Veil's teeth piercing her neck.
Konata broke out of Veil's hold and gripped her neck, feeling the two holes and Veil simply wiped her lips.
Konata:"No More Games!"
She charged at Veil who placed her arms once again in an X shape, then it happened. Konata's eyes sparkled and the symbol on her forehead glew, and in that split second of reality she seemed to have remained in the same spot and then somehow appear behind the vampire. Veil's eyes were wide open. She wouldnt move. Tal stared in shock as his guardian angel suddenly gushed out blood from every end of her body and fell to the ground.
Konata walked over to Veil's body, the mark on her head still glowing brightly and stabbed straight through the vampires chest. The body reacted with a large twitch and a high pitched shriek. It was as if the world was going in slow motion. She turned her head and looked into tal's eyes and burst into ashes.
Tal:"Veil..... No..."


Kit lead Junior and Repede through the underground, bursting through gate after gate until they finally reached an exit.
Repede: "We're at the very bottom of the castle it seems."
Kit:"I guess your entrance wasnt as full-proof as you thought."
Junior:"So where's daddy?"
Kit:"Relax Junior, we'll get to him real soon, you'll see."
Kit looked around, scanning the environment for a way back up. Then he spotted a staircase littered with bodies.
Repede:"Dear god..."
Kit:"Thats where we're headed."
Kit:"Makes sense." he said with an assured look.
Junior:"What happened to them?" the dragon whispered nervously
Repede:"Gosvik's doing?" he said looking at Kit.
Kit:"Normally i wouldn't doubt he'd slaughter his own men however, considering the day? No. It wasnt him."
The three of them ran up the stairs as fast as they could, climbing 5 whole flights, following a large trail of the dead until they reached a hallway where the trail ended. They continued forward cautiously as they made their way into another hallway, this time with a large door similar to the ones they entered when they first arrived at the end of it. Junior, out of the sheer thought of Tal, charged at the door and hit it with a powerful tackle. The door merely budged an inch after such a hit, leaving the 3 of them completely thrown off. After managing to open the door, they each entered another room that was alot bigger than the other ones but not big like the room Kit had fought The Soldier in. It had a large staircase with a stone railing on the top that formed a balcony.
Kit:"Is this... Gosvik's..." his eyes focused on the large symbol on the door."
Repede:"It has to be!"
The group rushed up the stairs and stopped at the door. Kit paused for a long moment and places his hand on the door to push it. Suddenly a burst of flames erupted from the spot where he touched and pulled his hand away, making the fire stop.
Kit:"What the hell is this!?"
"Its a firewall."
Kit turned around and a bolt of lightning came out of the ceiling and The End appeared and walked towards him.
Frost:"Similar to a computer's programing to keep viruses out of its owners private computer, this door follows the same concept for keeping Us out."
Kit:"Not a problem, i'll blow the door down easy."
Frost:"You'll only drain yourself and look like a fool." he said looking up at the giant insignia.
Kit:"What do you mean?"
Frost:"The door is protected by My Sister's magic. Your attempts at opening the door are equal to a mosquito bite compared to her power."
Repede:"Couldnt he open it?"
Frost:"I could open it, but I will not."
Repede:"You can understand me!?"
Frost:"I'm not of this world dog."
Kit:"Why wont you open it?"
Frost:"Because. The door is sealed for a specific reason. Whatever it is thats happening on the inside needs to come to an end, after which it will open."
Kit:"But we need to get in there and stop gosvik!"
Frost:"Gosvik? No kitzune. Gosvik's throne room is directly above this one. However, theres a battle that must take place inside this room in order for us to proceed."
Kit:"Wait! Tals in there!?"
The mere mention of Tal's name caught Junior's attention and he rushed towards the door.
Frost held his hand out and caught grip of juniors snout, bring the charge to a complete stop.
Junior:"Ow! Help that hurt" junior shouted towards Kit and Repede.
Frost:"Calm down little dragon. Nothings going to get you into that room. The one you call your father must finish "this" conflict on his own."
Kit:"Wait just a minute. Shouldnt you be in there with him? Why the hell are you out here?" kit demanded.
Frost:"My orders were to escort "The Hybrid" to Gosvik: our primary objective. That however does not imply that I am required to assist him in battle. While that may seem cruel, its the truth. Besides, I've already lent him a hand once inside although he may not even know it."

Kit sat down began to think about what The End had told him. The End pulled Lamentation around him and rose a few inches in the air.
Frost:"While we wait, I want you to concentrate on this melody. The Tones of The End may be tools of war, but they're also beneficial. I can repair your body and restore you to 100%. But only if you wish."
Kit:"Please, I'm exhausted."

The End began to play his song. To Kit's surprise, it was very peaceful, a shocking turn out from "The messenger from Hell". Kit watched as a large cut he had received from earlier slowly put itself back together as fresh untouched skin and fur.
Frost:"This one is slower than normal but its the most effective" he said, his one eyeball fixated on the closing wound that kit was not touching.
Tal:"Veil!" tal cried.
Konata:"My power is far beyond that of a lowly Vampire. Your going to have to do better than that!"
BB:"I dont know what the hell is going on! I wrote your name down clear as day! Yet for some reason the page has been completely eradicated! THIS DEFIES THE RULES OF THE DEATH NOTE! IT CANT POSSIBLY BE REAL!"
BB rose to his feet and staggered his way towards the two of them, holding onto the death note and pulled out his box cutter.
BB:"I'm going to gut you like a fish!"
Konata turned around and walked towards BB and stopped him, casually grabbing the box cutter and dropping it to the floor. She hugged BB who began to scream with anger.
Konata:"Its gonna be ok Rue." she said in a soft loving voice.
BB:"I'll murder you! I'll murder all of you!"
Konata:"You've lost, its alright. Its time to stop."
She stopped hugging him and BB fell to his knees, tears of blood trailing down his face. She recollected her sword from Veil's ashes and returned to BB. He looked at her and smiled. She smiled back, and with one swift motion, sliced BB's head clean off. His head rolled near Tal and his body collapsed. Konata knelt down and picked up the death note, showing it to Tal.
Konata:"The deadliest weapon in all of humanity. Simply write a person's name in it with their face in mind and they die of a heart attack a minute after. Write details of the death within that minute and you've got yourself a human puppet that you can control."
She opened the book and turned to the burnt page remnants. She examined the page and than the previous page before it.
Konata:"Konata Izumi" she read aloud.
"Will die of a heart attack today at 3:59.99."
Tal's eyes widened.
Konata:"So lets see.... thats 35 minutes from now. Tal, lets make the best of it." she said kicking his sword to him.
With the help of Agna tal managed to suppress the pain and stood up with his sword as if nothing had happened.
Tal:"I dont want to fight you! Dammit why wont you listen to me!?"
Konata:"Tal, My fate has been sealed, and I cant escape it. Our battle WILL continue, whether you like it or not. "To Victory, or Death" ."

She set herself in a readied stance and breathed out slowly.

Konata:"Your move."



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Post by Tal on Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:02 pm

If need be, repeat the song.
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/LQIXM6gUh7c?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/LQIXM6gUh7c?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

Tal never even readied his sword. He stood there and stared at Izu as she stared right back.
"Why...?" he asked.
"I told you exactly why. And I'm not repeating myself," Izu responded.
"I... I could have showed you the world, Iz- Konata. I could have taken you anywhere you wanted. I could have DONE anything you wanted..."
"You couldn't do anything for me. You couldn't even 'save' me from C."
"What about everything we've been through, goddammit?! Did you forget all that?! Or was that all part of the web of lies you spun me into?! WHAT WAS I TO YOU, THEN?!"
Konata said nothing. She didn't want to say anything, either. Instead she threw her sword at Tal, who turned to avoid it.
Konata rushed at Tal and punched him in the chest, but he didn't budge. He swatted his paw and flung her away easily. She slid back on her feet for a little, then charged him again and tackled him.

Again, Tal didn't budge. He pushed her off again and dropped his sword, tossing it to the other side of the room.
"I don't need it," he said.
"Hand-to-hand, huh? Not like you ever could have beaten me with a sword," Konata taunted.

In a flash, Tal sweep kicked Konata, making her fall. He rolled for his helmet and slipped it on as he landed back on his feet. He spun around and leaned back just as Konata went in for a kick to his face. For the first time in a long while, he let the claws on his gauntlets out and stabbed Konata in her right thigh with a swift jab. She doubled over, gripping her wound while Tal kicked her away onto her stomach.

"You've proven something to me, Konata. If you've done anything by letting C take control, know that."
"Really, and what's that?" Konata asked, stumbling into her fighting stance again.
"Remember way back when you were mad at me, and we had that talk about trust?"
"How could I forget? When you wanted to kill yourself." Konata went in for another punch, that Tal dodged and retaliated with one of his own, this time grazing her left cheek.
"That's all you need to know."

Their hits increased in power, speed, and ferocity as the minutes rolled by. Konata kept managing hits on Tal, but he brushed them off with hardly a stagger. Every hit on her felt as if he was feeling them in the same spot, with the same power. He still couldn't let her go, though he knew he had to.

But he just couldn't.

I misplacement of Tal's foot let a kick from Konata connect with his jaw. He grunted in pain and staggered back, which let Konata in for a right hook to the side of his face. Tal rolled along the ground a few feet, then got back up by rolling backwards on his hands.
"Lucky shot."

"Who would have thought it'd come down to this? Fighting to the death with me. The only person you thought ever would have loved you. You really must be one despised dragon," Konata mocked, dodging a left hook from Tal.
"Maybe I am. I don't know. And for the record, it's not over for me. After I'm done with you, I still have a king to take care of," Tal answered, blocking Konata's fist with the plate of his gauntlet.
"Oh yeah, him. There's always other people for him to murder, you know. Your whole plan was a total waste. No one can stop him." Another kick dodged.
"I didn't come this far to die. If I'm dying, it can wait till after Gosvik is dead. Too many people have already died because of him. And goddammit, I'm avenging every single last one of my friends who died because of this twisted bastard." His fist flew through the air.
"Hah. Says the one who is what he is because of the man he's trying to kill." Throwing back an attempted kick.
"And he's going to pay for it. Ever since that day, my life went to hell. The only reasons I didn't pull the trigger that day were because of revenge... and you." Stepping back to catch a breath.

Konata hopped back a few steps and noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Something black and sand-colored.
"Then maybe I shouldn't have stopped you. You'd have saved both C and myself lots of trouble. And everyone you call your 'friends.'"
Tal's expression immediately hardened. "Shut your goddamn mouth." Tal growled.
"Hit a soft spot, did I?" Konata smirked. "Want me to say it again?"
Tal's eyes closed and he bared his teeth.
Konata jumped for what she saw.

"SHUT UP!!" Tal launched a fireball at where Konata just was. But now she had his severed wing and stood in front of him.
"This hand-to-hand stuff is boring now. Time to step it up," she whispered. Konata swung with the wing, and the spikes along the ridge cut through the netting on Tal's chestpiece and cut through his underbelly. Tal immediately grabbed the wing as she went to swing again, and stabbed it through her left gut.
"I'm done with you."

Izu dropped to her knees and held her side, breathing heavily as Tal turned around and picked up his sword.
"I trusted you. I trusted everyone. But you made me realize that trust doesn't matter. I can't trust anyone. Every time I've trusted anyone it's ended up with me being the victim. There's no point in me even being associated with people anymore."
"Y- you aren't the only victim... y'know..." Konata panted.
"I never said I was. I know I'm not. But that doesn't change what I've said. The truth is the truth."

Tal's eyes jolted open in complete fear. He spun around and dashed for Konata as fast as he could. She was clutching her chest. She wore a watch that he checked immediately.



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Post by Frost on Sun Jan 22, 2012 5:50 pm

Frost:"The door has opened."
Frost:"Yes. Look."
Kit places his hands on the door and nothing happened. The magic placed on it by The Beginning had truly vanished. Kit quickly began to push the door open but The End pulled him back.
Frost:"Stand back."
Kit watched as The End leaned backwards and stretched his arms out behind him. With one swift motion he threw his hands forward and a pulse emitted and the door flew open, afterwards falling off their hinges. The group stepped inside the room to find Tal on the ground holding Izu in a large puddle of blood surrounded by smaller ones scattered around the area and the pillars next to BB's corpse. Without stopping to call his name, Kit ran up to Tal and knelt down next to him. Not a single word was exchanged between them as Kit looked into Tal's eyes. His expression explained it all if not a good idea of it. Junior charged at Tal but was stopped by Repede who by that point had realized Tal was missing a wing. The End had remained at the entrance to the room, his single eye, fixed on Konata. Slowly he walked up to Tal, walking on top of the blood as if it were non existent and stood in front of him. Konata's body was covered in blood, most of her fatal wounds visible, along with her more minor injuries, her eyes were dim, a dull green, sad and lifeless. Frost knelt down and removed her from Tal's arms with a bit of refusal, and lifted her into his arms. He focused his eye on her and walked away from the blood.
Frost:"Shes a conduit. How intriguing."
Repede:"A conduit!? They still exist!?" he said with a worried look.
Kit:"Whats are you talking about?" he said looking from Repede to The End.
Frost:"A Conduit- Kitsune, is a being, or in this case a person, who's genetic code and natural energies are unbalanced beyond natural occurrence and have the ability to change that person and mold them into a completely different and more powerful entity when acted upon. In other words, she could've been what people on this earth would call "Superhuman"."
Frost:"The mark on her head indicates that her power of Gease was awakened, presumably by that woman over there" he said acknowledging C's corpse.
"That woman, not only awakened a dormant energy that exists in all human beings, but she may have unintentionally went as far as sparking the coding in her genes. For example. Her Gease has the ability to slow down time, almost at freezing point. The awakening of her conduit genes not only accelerated that power, but turned it into a sort of back up generator. To summarize: She could've died and lived twice."
The End placed Konata down on the floor and folded her arms and fixed her hair, moving it out of her face.
"That notebook over there by the headless body. That contains a limitless amount of power, a power that exist far beyond Gease or Conduits in ranking. The power of that book essentially canceled out her power and truly killed her."
Kit:"Can you use her powers to bring her back to life?"
Kit and repede flinched at Tal's angry response.
Frost:"My healing abilities, although powerful, cannot reverse death, only prevent. Speaking of wounds, I'm going to heal you back to 100% before we continue forward." he said returning to Tal.
Junior:"Daddys hurt!"
Tal:"I'll be fine." he said quietly.
Junior looked at him worriedly as The End inspected the wound.
Frost:"The cut that severed Your wing from you was real clean and precise. The direction in which the strike came from was meant to wound but not to kill. Whoever did so, without any doubt knew what they were doing."
As The End finished speaking, Tal looked at Konata.
Frost:"I can reattach the wing, the instant it grabs hold will hurt but the rest will be absolutely painless. However I will only do so if that is what you wish. My orders are to follow your every command, I shall not act without first consulting you for a decision." he said turning Lamentation around.
Tal was silent for a long time. He wouldnt take his eyes off Konata's corpse.
Tal:"How long will it take?" he said in a stern voice.
Frost:"Roughly 2 minutes."
Tal:"Thats too long." he said gripping his sword tightly."
Frost:"I can make it 1 if you'd like. It'll re attach your wing and tissue but it wont fully heal you."
Tal:"Perfect. We have too much work, too little time."

The End began.

A minute passed and The group had gotten together and raced through the door and up the stairs to the Throne room.
Tal:"Repede. I want you to stay out here and watch Junior while we go in. Its far too dangerous for him to be in there."
Repede:"I'm not staying out here Tal, I'm going in with you."
Kit:"Would it really hurt if they both came Tal? Hes right, we could use all the help we can get."
Tal:"No. I'm not letting anything happen to Junior."
Frost:"Tal is correct. If the both of You go inside Your chances of dying are tripled compared to Theirs." he said acknowledging Kit and Tal.
"It is best if you stay outside."
Junior:" help daddy"
Tal:"I said no junior! Its too dangerous! Why are you even here in the first place!? You should've stayed back at the ship with Camila!"
Kit:"Tal dont yell at him man, its not going to do any good. Hes here, ok, thats it, he might as well be put to use. If we're all gong to die, he should be in there watching his dad prevent that from happening. But thats just me."
Tal thought about it for a very long time. But he didnt have time to stop and think.
Repede:"He'll be with me the whole time Tal. I'll keep him safe."

The End stepped in front of the door and looked at Tal.
Frost:"Listen to Me. Throughout this fight, I wont be able to help you. Are You prepared for whats ahead of you?"
Tal:"Open the Door."
Frost:"Very well."
The End swept his arms back and forward as he did before and the doors opened right up.
The group ran in and stopped at the throne itself where Gosvik sat sipping a cup of wine.
Tal stepped forward.

Gosvik:"I dont like late guests. What nerve you must have for arriving so late."
Tal:"My apologies, we were taking our time killing off every one of your defenses."
Gosvik:"Ah yes, I believe Your friend was explaining that to Me while we shared some wine"
Gosvik pushed a button on his chair and a slamming sound was made. Suddenly, Chiyo fell from the ceiling screaming, the moment lasted about 4 seconds and then was suddenly silenced. Tal and Kit stood there in shock as Chiyo hung in the air, lifeless.
Gosvik:"You know it took me 3 tries to tie that noose, perhaps i'll take lessons."
Tal became furious and ran towards gosvik with his sword at the ready.
Flair appeared in a burst of fire and stepped in front of Tal who skidded to a hault.

Flair: (her french accent strong) "If You go any closer, I'll incinerate you" she said in the most happiest tone Tal had ever heard.
Flair:"Brother! Oh I've missed you!"
Gosvik:"I've missed your company as well Frost. Are you prepared to be on the losing side this time?"
Frost:"Oh I have a good feeling with them Emperor."
Gosvik:"Very well."

Gosvik snapped his fingers and 10 Soldiers materialized around Flair.
Gosvik:"You see Fox! The Soldier you fought was merely testing you. The artifact was used to generate power not generate life. Now that i've gathered the much needed data from you I was able to take that indestructible power and make more!"

Kit took a step back when he noticed the soldier in the very front acknowledge him.
Kit:"I'll hand it to you. The masks have to be the creepiest things to look at."

Suddenly Gosvik's chair retracted into the wall and disappeared. In a matter of minutes the walls shook and were soon destroyed by Gosvik himself who returned in a giant monster machine that floated in the air and descended down to the ground, causing a loud rumble.
Rain - Page 11 1244755120-tsharvester
Gosvik:"Behold! The Rosetta in its final state! The one thing that will truly finalize my victory!"
Repede:"That thing is bigger than this entire castle!"
Kit:"Looks like we're fighting outside now." he said as the sun brightened up the surroundings.

The battlefield was huge, the castle garden, the courtyard, the training grounds, Gosvik's private quarters and the now demolished courtroom.

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/zr9uWRGNqpA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Post by Frost on Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:53 am

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/M3-Da5Yn1Xs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Frost:"This is the Final Mission intrusted to us from L. We Must Not Fail Our Mission." he said walking in front of Tal and stopping directly in front of his sister.
Tal:"I'll never get used to Your seriousness, I really wont, but your right, We WILL win this no matter what."
Kit:"Tal, dont let gosvik get away with what hes done. Do it for Izu and everyone else hes killed."
Tal:"Actually her name is Konata."
Kit:"No shit? huh, well after this is over you'll have to tell me more."

Flair:"Brother are You Ready?" she said waving her finger above her head, creating sparks of electricity.
Frost:"Of course." he replied stretching his hands and flexing his fingers with the same spark.
Flair:"We both know how this is going to end."
Frost:"It is a day neither of us shall forget."
Flair:"Indeed" she giggled.
Frost's eye patch began to leak a small drip of blood. Flair noticed this and her smile turned into a frown.
Flair:"It tears us apart..."

(^ go ahead and let the song finish ;))
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ctmctUpUwXo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Frost and Flair burst into the air, creating an earthquake that for an instant startled everyone.
Flair connected her fingers together and pulled them apart creating whips of lightning.
She leaned forward and swung them in a graceful rhythm, creating loud splashes of bolts as they clashed against Frost's hands as he slid through them, breaking the chains as they came closer and closer to him. As they fell back down to the ground, Frost spun around and shot a large wave of electricity they knocked the chains loose from his sisters control. He hit the ground with a loud thud but landed on all fours, using his knuckles to dig into the earth when he landed. He forced his hands out and shot small lightning bolts that fired like a machine gun. Flair didn't show any sign of worry as she stuck both hands out in front of her, creating a polarity wall that absorbed all of the shots fired. She landed on the ground and dashed straight through a soldier's attack, preventing it from landing on Kit as he fought off 3 others. She spun in a circle, her dress flowing in the wind, clapped her hands, causing a wave of fire to spiral outward. Frost jumped through it, opening it from the center like a pair of curtains and jumped through it. He rolled on the ground and grabbed hold of her and sent a current from his body into her own. She shrugged him off and grabbed his face and slammed him to the ground using a small burst of flames. She turned around and jumped into the air using a jet like flame and landed on the roof and began preparing a small fireball that began to grow larger and larger. Frost sprinted at her and in the blink of an eye, an icicle grew from the ground and launched him into the air. She shot the now over sized fireball at him but it was extinguished with 3 ice grenades that were flung inside it. He landed right next to her on the roof and the electricity continued.
Kit ran into the garden, his body in the form of a young man, his claws out stretched and radiating with energy and a sense of urgency. A soldier rematerialized behind him and he turned around and swiped but just as fast the soldier was gone. 2 soldiers appeared in front of him and openly engaged in combat while the others sneaked around the garden. Kit found a loop hole. He jumped above one of the soldiers who managed to grab his foot and pull him in for a direct hit. Kit morphed back into a fox, sliding right through the soldier's grip and than morphed back and ripped the soldier in half, causing black fluid to fly everywhere. A drip of the fluid landed in the air and moved an inch away before disappearing. Kit swiped in that direction and landed another hit, this time however not as damaging and the soldier disappeared from Kit's view.
Kit:"Nature why must you do me so wrong?" he asked looking around at the different plants and structures inside the garden. He was right. With hardly any daylight shining in the area he was in and the vast amount of nature around, the soldiers had no problem cloaking themselves or moving around the field. He was out numbered, and he couldn't sense their souls. The term "Soulless Monsters" would've been an understatement.
Tal dashed around the courtyard, swiftly dodging small missiles Gosvik fired at him. He ducked underneath a balcony and slid into Gosvik's private sector. He stopped and listened to the fight outside. The booming coming from The Beginning and End, the short bursts of gunfire, and the roar of The Rosetta. Meanwhile, Gosvik had grown tired of searching for Tal and began shooting at the closest things to him. Destroying smaller sections of the castle and actually aiming shots at some of the rebels ships in the distance, blowing up two of the battleships in the process. It was only a matter of time before Gosvik's attention switched to something he had failed to notice before.
Junior and Repede who were busy fighting off 2 super soldiers who had steered their attention away from Kit.

Tal knew what Gosvik was doing and he had to act fast -

holy shit this one was short lol Its the result of feeling and or being rushed.


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Post by Tal on Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:45 pm

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtuberepeat.com/v/invsEETiitg?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/invsEETiitg?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Tal dashed out from his cover towards Junior and Repede as fast as he could. Gosvik could and would kill them.

Tal wasn't letting that happen.
Two of the nine soldiers materialized in his way and in a blind rage cut them down with a single swing of his sword. He was quick, but Gosvik's machine brought him closer to the two in a shorter time.

Another soldier appeared in front of Tal and managed to cut his left arm, but did nothing else as Tal backstepped and flared his nostrils.
"Get out of my damn way!" he yelled.
The soldier rushed him, but Tal countered with a downward stroke of his sword, followed by a roundhouse kick. He repeated the action three times without a break. Flames erupted from the blade of his sword and claws of his gauntlets and left a brilliant orange trail that dissipated into smoke. It was a technique he'd been practicing before their leave for the castle, and named it Dragon Swarm (due to the flurry of attacks and, well, being a dragon). The soldier was nailed by every one of the hits, but still stood until Tal executed it with an extended Spirit Combo. The faint light on his sword now glowed yellow instead of white.

He sheathed his sword faster than normal and immediately took back off after Junior and Repede. But he was too late.
Gosvik was already upon them in the Rosetta, and with a swift motion snatched the two off the ground in a large claw apparatus. Tal leaped from his spot in an attempt to catch anything to let him on, but missed Junior's tail by only a few inches.

He immediately took flight, something he hadn't done in ages. He flew straight for the claw that was now squeezing the life out of the dragon and dog until Frost's body came flying through the air and crashed into Tal, knocking him back down to Earth.
"Goddammit!!" Tal yelled as he skidded to a stop on all fours and started to dash towards the "feet" of Rosetta. A wall of flame and Kit's screams stopped him dead in his tracks. He stood back up and hopped back as Flair suddenly started playing her violin violently, creating the wall of fire that now stood in his way.
Kit, Frost, and Tal were trapped by the wall. Tal could easily go unscathed by the fire, but Kit couldn't, and he wasn't sure about Frost.

"Wh- what do we do?!" Kit yelled.
Tal didn't know. He started to panic. Everything was happening at once. Junior and Repede, Kit and Frost, Flair and Gosvik. Too much was going on. He didn't have the time for everything.


He needed more time.

And time seemed to come to him as images of time jumped into his head, and an unknown language came to him with words that meant time.




"Tiid klo ul!!!"

Time around Tal slowed down.
His speed remained normal, but everything slowed. The wall came closer at an almost immobile speed. Kit's face was almost frozen in an expression of fear. Frost's reach for his guitar was the only thing that appeared to move slightly faster. Flair's hands were almost still. And Gosvik...
Junior and Repede were still being crushed, but Tal could see their expressions barely changing.

He had time.

The fire had to go first. Images of frost and ice came to mind, and then more words in the language.




"Fo... krah diin!"

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/hlsGIbMQP_M?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/hlsGIbMQP_M?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Time around Tal jumped back to normal as his breath came out not fire, but ice. It extinguished the fire in an instant as everyone around him hesitated in shock. Flair's violin stopped as Gosvik's grip lightened for an instant. Kit and Frost tried to figure out what happened, but took advantage of the confusion by returning to their fighting. Kit decapitated a soldier with a swipe his claws and Frost lunged at Flair.
With hardly a thought Tal flew straight towards the claw on Rosetta and latched onto the hinge connecting it to the claw. Lifting his sword with his one free paw, he slashed straight through the metal with the blade trailing searing fire behind it. The flames allowed the blade to cut through with no trouble at all as Junior, Repede, and the claw all fell back down to the ground.

The claw lessened the impact of the fall for Junior and Repede, and Tal pried it open with his bare paws. As soon as they slid out of the claw's grip, Tal let go and jumped just as Rosetta fire a missile at it. The claw exploded, sending shrapnel everywhere, but Tal's odd ability kicked in again.




He reached for Junior and Repede and shouted, "Feim zii gron!" as they became completely ethereal, avoiding harm from the shrapnel. It wore off, and Gosvik's expression had to be priceless. At least for Tal.

"How!? How did you learn the language of the dragons!?" Gosvik screamed, his face red with rage.
"Language of the dragons? I had no clue they had their own language, but I can give a damn good explanation why I'd know it without really trying."

Gosvik sent more missiles at the three, but this time Junior burrowed underground, Repede leaped from his spot onto a wall, then kicked off towards Kit to help him, and Tal flew off to Gosvik's level.

"Let me tell you something, Gosvik. your reign is over. I don't care who you have helping you, or what they're capable of. You're using their power to keep your own rule. You're powerless without your words to persuade people. Your machines, your soldiers, Flair, BB... why don't you do something yourself?!" Tal taunted.

Tal shot a jet of fire straight into the cockpit of Rosetta, but it oddly bounced off an invisible wall and went straight back at Tal. Obviously part of Flair's power.

Tal stopped his wings and dropped to the ground as Gosvik stabbed at where Tal just was with a large... stabby tool? Tal couldn't really find a name for it, but spread his wings open and sped off under Rosetta as Gosvik fired more missiles. Junior was still underground, and Repede and Kit were fending off the soldiers rather well. Frost and Flair were still exchanging blows violently.

Tal latched onto another of Rosetta's apparati and instead of tearing it off with his sword, kept his claws in the metal and hung on.

"Get off! I'll crush you like the bug you are!" Gosvik yelled.
He brought the stabby tool towards Tal again, and before being struck, Tal let go and dropped toward the ground again as Gosvik tore the missile silo off of his own machine. Tal Spread his wings again and attempted to take off, but one of Rosetta's "feet" slammed him to the ground and began to crush him.

"How does it feel, Tal?! Knowing that I killed off not only all your brethren, but you and your pet too!? I WIPED OUT THE WHOLE POPULATION, AND I'LL DAMN WELL DO IT AGAIN!!"
"Wh- what?! AAAAAAGHHHH!!"

Why Tal wasn't instantly killed right there, he'll never know, but Gosvik kept talking.
"That's right, the whole damn dragon species! I ended them all!! Until you came around with that beast of yours, I thought I was done! But instead of just killing you, I had to try those damned experiments! If I'd known this shit would happen, I would have killed both you, Agna, and Junior too!!"

Tal's rage instantaneously peaked. The reason there were no other dragons besides him and Junior now was Gosvik. He exterminated all of them. And because of that, there'd never be any more.


Rumbling beneath Tal. He felt something hard but curved poke his back, then needles, and he was pulled through a rather large hole in the ground.

Rosetta's "foot" smashed the ground hard and sealed the hole, but Gosvik knew Tal wasn't dead. He was under Rosetta, but not under its mechanisms. Junior pulled him underground with him, and they dug to the side of it, then Junior resurfaced half of his body with Tal on his back.
Junior started clacking his jaws together and increased in speed until his fire beam shot out of his beak and severed Rosetta's "foot." Junior pulled his body out of the ground and dashed away from Rosetta with Tal still on his back. Tal hopped off as Junior burrowed underground again.


Gosvik went to stab Tal again, but a laser shot out from a doorway to their left and struck the stabby tool. It didn't break, but pushed it away from Tal.
"But the only one I can think of with lasers..."
Tal and Gosvik both looked over to where the laser came from and saw simply a little bunny.

Well, a bunny wearing armor and was armed almost as heavily as Rosetta. You know, minor details and all that.

Bunbun's nose twitched.
"The F%@# you do to my master"


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Post by Grimblade on Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:33 pm

<iframe width="250" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ul-HFQTvdYM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The diversion Tal created didn't last long. Actually, it didn't last any length, as Gosvik's soldiers seemed to be completely unfazed and quickly resumed rushing at Kit, teleporting themselves all the while.

"Well now, this is annoying." Kit said with a groan as he danced to the rhythm of battle, narrowly dodging attacks with nimble grace. He managed to dispatch one by swinging his claws, slightly extended with shards of ice, as it ran at him from behind, though he didn't have time to react to the one that was quickly coming up behind him---but before the soldier even got to him it fell to the ground after an audible *zap* with a lazer-hold smoldering on the back of its neck.

Kit quickly pinpointed the source of the lazer, seeing Bunbun's small form a ways away, facing the Rosetta and speaking, though he couldn't quite make out what the bunny was saying.

"Looks like I owe you one." Kit thought to himself.

Taking advantage of the momentary lapse in his battle with the soldiers, he quickly resumed the form of a fox and dashed over to where Tal, Bunbun, and Junior were all fighting against Gosvik's Rosetta. The scene looked somewhat akin to a man swatting at flies, as Bunbun's nimbleness, Junior's digging, and Tal's wings kept the three of them from harm whenever the colossal being assaulted them with its mechanically-weaponized arms. The worrisome part, however, is that the robot seemed to be completely unfazed by the trio's attacks, aside from the one foot that had been severed. Everything launched at it seemed to simply bounce off harmlessly.

Then an idea formed in Kit's crafty brain. An idea most mischievous and clever. Running over to the gigantic being, he began darting around its legs, slashing at them with his claws, doing little more than scratching them. Gosvik decided to try and attack the speedy fox, and began firing missiles at him, all of which were either avoided or destroyed before reaching anything due to attacks from the other three.

But then, his paw getting caught in a root stretching out from the earth---Kit tripped. He tumbled across the ground before landing in a heap several feet away.

"I'VE GOT YOU NOW, RAT!" Gosvik yelled triumphantly before he quickly began to quickly slam the nearest leg of the Rosetta towards the ground where Kit was lying immobile. The others tried to stop or divert it before it reached the ground, but they were too late---the leg struck the ground, causing the earth around the impact to crack apart in a ripple. No living creature could have survived such force.

When the monstrous form moved its leg once more, not even a trace of Kit's body remained.

"I've got you now."


On the other end, the battle continued to be hectic. The many rebels soldiers were locked in a stalemate with the enemy soldiers, each's numbers decreasing steadily as the bloody effects of war took their toll.

Camila was, much like the entirety of the medical staff, straining herself to tending to the vast numbers of rebels soldiers that were brought back in on stretchers. There were so many wounded soldiers being brought in that the infirmary was quickly filled, and extra tents had to be put up to accommodate the waves of patients.

It pained her to see so many people suffering, but she had to remain calm and perform her duties and help everyone that she could. While she was happy when she effectively extracted a bullet, patched a wound, and invariably saved life after life, she was brought down even more by those that were beyond help, and could only watch as she witnessed them pass into the void. Trying to suppress tears, she continued working.

After a while, commotion was raised in the camp. Several of the rebel ships had been shot down out of nowhere, and the enemy soldiers were taking advantage of the situation to advance closer to the camp. Commanders struggled to regain their formations as the enemies pushed forward, barely keeping their lines from breaking.

Camila was putting stitches into a man's wounded knee, which had been shot clean through, when suddenly the man's eyes locked up in terror.

"What is i---"

She couldn't even finish her question as she felt a cloth clamp itself over her mouth. The last thing she remembered before passing out was the black-gloved hand that was forcing her to breathe the noxious fumes, and the eyes of the man she had previously been treating, wide with terror at what he was seeing.


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Post by Tal on Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:42 pm

"KIT!!! KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!" Tal screamed.
But he was gone. Kit wouldn't respond because he was gone. Gosvik had just murdered his best friend.

His only friend that he had left. Gone.

Tal clenched his fists so hard that he bled. His talons cut into his palms.
Everybody Tal had ever known was now dead except for Junior and Repede, thanks to Gosvik. Gosvik was the source of every ounce of depression and misery in his life. Tal was sick of it. He was sick of it all.


"Now that that annoying pest is out of my way..." Gosvik turned his attention to Junior and Repede.

"GOSVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIK!!!!" Fire erupted out of the ground within a 15-foot radius of Tal. "YOU F%@# RUINED MY LIFE!!! YOU'VE MANAGED TO F%@# TAKE EVERYTHING I KNOW AND TURN IT TO SHIT!!! WHY!? WHY THE F%@# ARE YOU SO OBSESSED WITH RUINING MY GODDAMN LIFE?! WHAT THE F%@# IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO LEAVE ME ALONE?!" Tal's roars should have easily been heard across the ocean. He'd never been so loud in his life.

"You blame ME for your miserable life?" Gosvik scoffed. "You brought this upon yourself, you worm!"


Another of Rosetta's apparati attacked Tal, but before it even reached him it was severed and on the ground in a sparking heap. Tal sheathed his sword before anyone even knew he'd moved.

Daddy was... mad. Real mad. And what about Fox-guy? Where was he? Did... did he go away, too?

Was another of Junior's friends going to leave him? How come all Junior's friends were going away now...?
Nice-Lady-Chiyo, Shiny-Man-Today, Food-Giver-Panther...


Junior looked over to Bunbun. He was still here!
Bunbun hopped over while Daddy was still yelling at Mean-Man-Gosvik, and started talking.

"We need to get Gosvik's attention, and keep it on us until Tal can find a way to break that thing. Here's the plan; I'll fly around and shoot it with stuff, and you stay down here and fire lasers and junk. Once he's pissed off and attacking us then Tal can go in and break it. And then we win."

Junior's expression was one of confusion.
Bunbun stared back blankly.

"Just stay down here, avoid getting hit, and shoot lasers at the big machine."
So Bunbun flew into the air on his jetpack.

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/CqIaJXO-CIU?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/CqIaJXO-CIU?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Bunbun flew circles around Gosvik's big machine as Daddy stopped yelling and stared at Bunbun, wondering what was going on.

Junior wanted to help, like Bunbun told him too, so he fired a big fire laser at the machine and blasted a hole through its foot. Woohoo!

But then the big machine got angry at Junior. So it turned to him. Uh...

"You little...!" The machine's foot went up. Up and over Junior. So he dug.
He dug as the foot came down over where Junior was, not even hurting him, but shook the ground where he was hiding.

Bunbun continued to fire lasers and stuff. At least he was doing something while Junior had to hide!
Keep playing that 90's music
"This is for my master, you b!tch."
Lasers everywhere. Lasers and missiles and fire and dragons. Don't forget the dragons.

Bunbun's jetpack carried him through the air as he shot lasers all up in Gosvik's face. The cockpit was protected by a weird power, probably from that girl.

Speaking of that girl, that other guy was still fighting with her. She seemed preoccupied, so Bunbun kept firing lasers and dodging missiles. Tal came up, too. He shot fire and stuff at Gosvik.
All in all, Gosvik's machine was getting pwned.

Fk yeah.

Junior had to avoid getting stepped on, so he burrowed. He was safe. Sweet. Once Gosvik stopped paying attention to him again, Junior came back up and fired another laser, then burrowed again. He was getting good at this.

Bunbun continued to fly circles around Gosvik. Nothing changed except for more of Gosvik's machine getting blown up.

Well, and Repede randomly coming in out of nowhere. He had been there, but Bunbun forgot to notice him. So then there was a dog attacking Gosvik too. He couldn't focus. This was funny.

Tal had kept aiming at the cockpit, waiting for just one chance to get at Gosvik, but that girl's power didn't falter. It stayed up and kept protecting Gosvik. Dayum.
We need to try harder.
Flair finally realized what the group was up to, and sent Frost away with a fireball, then played a chord as Tal's body shot up in flames.
He dive-bombed the ground and rolled, landing back on his feet and spinning around, putting out the fire as he swatted his paw to his side.

"Going to have to do better than that," Tal growled.

"Hm... then how about zis?" Flair played another chord, and the ground around where Repede was standing burst into flames as a wall of fire surrounded him.
Repede whined loudly as his tail whipped into the fire and jerked back out.

Ok now stop it if it didn't already

Flair began playing, now. Bunbun's jetpack exploded as the bunny fell down to Earth, managing one more laser before Junior surfaced and caught the bunny on the soft underside of his paws.

Tal leapt over Junior and grabbed Repede from the now-closing wall of fire. He hugged the dog tight and pulled him out of the fire before it incinerated Repede. Dropping him down next to Junior, Tal looked at Flair viciously.

Frost, now standing, took up a spot next to Tal and whispered in his ear, "We may need to take things a little more carefully now."

"Now that we're back to some order," Gosvik yelled, recomposing himself, "let's end this madness, shall we?

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Post by Grimblade on Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:13 pm

<iframe width="250" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cneMP38E-Vg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

..."Gotcha" Kit said quietly to himself as he climbed up what narrow space he had to do so. He was inside of Rosetta's left leg, having used the hole that Junior had blown through it as a means of entrance at the last second. All a part of his clever, mischievous plan, of course.

There was just enough room for him to be able to ascend; the bulk of the interior being made up of armor plating and massive, thickly-coated wires. He used his claws to latch onto the coating of the wires to avoid getting thrown off by the machine's movements, and slowly scaled the inside.

He could hear a commotion outside as the hits that Rosetta was taking were picking up, as well as its own movements, though he couldn't hear much through the thick plating save the sounds of his own excited breathing.

After a while of slow progress climbing, he reached what seemed like a viable point for what he was going to do: a place where hundreds, if not thousands, of the thick-coated wires converged and coiled; likely around what was a gigantic core of the Rosetta. There appeared the be no way to get to the center through the many jumbles of cords without jeopardizing his operation, and he had to find some way to stop---or at least hinder---it before it could harm his friends or cause further devastation.

Coming up with an idea, Kit pulled out the scale that he had gained from his earlier fight with the soldier and began channeling his aura. Rather than activating it, however, he began to alter it. As he channeled into its energy he felt his fur stand on end, but by the time he did what he needed to, it was as flat as can be. The scale was reversed; rather than creating a large output towards the outside of the scale, it now pulled in electric currents.

"This should do the trick." Kit said with a mischievous grin on his face. He then grabbed a large cable, used a small amount of fire to melt the coating, and lodged the scale inside; straight against the wire. The instant he did so, he observed that the scale started to glow as it began funneling electric current into itself.

Hoping that his little trick would do something in the meantime, he began to scale the jungle of machinery once more---this time heading towards a new objective: the cockpit.


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Post by Frost on Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:31 pm

Frost re-engaged Flair and they moved up and down the battlefield playing their instruments, trapped in an inescapable dance of their tones. Flair twirled as she played, enjoying every moment of it and swaying to the melody, Frost's eye moved up and down the neck of Lamentation as he followed his sister. Flair spun around and swung Sentiment at Frost, blasting fire at him. He removed his guitar and used the body to catch the blasts which turned into snow flakes when they hit. He flipped Lamentation in the air , ducted underneath and flung his hands in and out as it repositioned itself over his back. In both hands he possessed 3 strings which he swiped into the air, making them straighten and harden into blades. Frost disappeared and reappeared in front of Flair and swiped the blades across her. She jumped backward catching the needle like blades with her bow which now appeared a bit more jagged edge and struck back while defending Sentiment. The two gods struck blades, crossing the radiant energy of Fire and Ice, creating pools of frequencies that rattled the earth. Gosvik was already attacking Tal in a blind rage, unleashing everything he could until all the attacks stopped and the large chest area of the monster began to glow a pearly white. Frost and Flair suddenly stop fighting. Frost looked into his sisters eyes and she nodded. In a bolt of lightning, he zoomed in as the machine fired an ion cannon from its chest. Junior dug back up to the surface to stop right in front of the blast. Tal jumped forward and pushed his sword forward hoping to deflect the shot when Frost appeared in between him and the blast and created a polarity wall similar to Flair's with his hands, completely absorbing it. Frost stepped back and shook his hands as if it had stung, and jumped backwards and shot a fat ball of surging electricity at the rosetta which knocked it backwards and brought it to a "knee".
Gosvik:"How dare you! Your not supposed to interfere! its against the rules!"
Frost:"He must live."
Gosvik:(Within the cockpit)"Why isnt the re-ignition system working!? Fine! Plan B!
Gosvik:"I hope your ready to be exterminated like the pests you are! Lunar gate activate!"

The Rosetta began to shake violently as large metal polls burst out of its body and linked together to create giant ring the size of the robot. The ring began to glow a bright purple and started spinning around the machine which stopped shaking and began glowing bright red and started to buzz with a high pitched shriek.
Frost's eye widened at the sight of it all. He turned around quickly and ran for Tal. Catching him off guard, he tackled Tal and in mid air, teleported them both out of the area as Tal's cry for junior was cut off.
The Rosetta created a large burst of light that obliterated the entire upper half of the castle that the battle took place on, causing the castle to sink slightly. The light lasted mearly a second and then stopped . The ring had disappeared and the machine had changed.
Rain - Page 11 TS2
Growing in both size and strength, the machine took a step onto the land below it and turned towards flair who smiled happily at it.
Gosvik:"Why did you let them get away?"
Flair:"You know I cannot get involved in combat with anyone other zen my brother." she said, trying to pick out the words from her own accent.
Gosvik:"Your brother broke the rules! You know that!"
Flair:"What my brother does is of no concern to me on the battlefield. My duty is to aid your fight by combating against him. Zat was all his choice."
Gosvik:"I'm beginning to doubt your usefulness Beginning!"
Flair:"With all do respect monsieur gosvik, I dont very much like you eazer, but i'm not walking around announcing it to ze world now am I?" she said in an annoyed tone, yet somehow maintaining a perfect smile.
Gosvik:"No matter! I am all powerful now with the Rosetta in its lunar form! NOTHING WILL STAND IN MY WAY! I WILL TRACK THE BOTH OF THEM DOWN AND DESTROY THEM!"
Flair:"Well if your interested, zey went that way." she replied pointing towards inland.

Several Miles away on the shores of the continent, a bolt of lightning hit the ground and Frost and Tal flew out of it, hitting the sandy earth head on.
Tal:"Frost! What the hell did you do!?"
Frost:"It was imperative that we retreat."
Tal:"And just leave Junior and Repede there on their own!?"
Frost:"You had to live."
Tal:"Why didnt you save them!?"
Frost:"YOU HAD TO LIVE!" he said grabbing Talent by his shoulders.
Tal took a step back. This was the first time he had seen Frost lose his cool. He was always emotionless and spoke in a serious tone that never seemed natural. Blood trickled down from the bottom of Frost's eye patch which caused him to let go of Tal to attend to.
Frost:"Prepare Yourself. Gather all of Your strength. This is our last chance."
Tal:"Why are you so shaky End?"
Frost:"I'd say Gosvik was The Devil if i hadnt already met Satan myself."
Tal:"Is that what I'm up against!?"
Frost:"We're" Up against, and Yes, but as of now only a fraction of it. Theres more to come."
Tal:"I thought You couldnt help me"
Frost:""Wouldn't" is the correct term. And I apologize for that. I'm no longer going to follow the rules that were established between my sister and I. I'm fighting along side you this time...

and my sister agrees with my decision."

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<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/VDbfOdvFBrA?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/VDbfOdvFBrA?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Tal stared silently out over the horizon towards where Gosvik's castle once was.
Everybody he knew that he could consider his friend was now gone.

He was all alone. Again.

It always seemed like he was alone. Besides Agna, that is. No matter where he went, it was only him and Agna. No one else understood. They saw the outside, and immediately took him as a monster.
They feared him. Others were angered. Some even attacked. There was always one thing in common, though.

They hated him.
He was a dragon. A fairy tale come to life. He wasn't supposed to exist.
Maybe that was why he was always alone. Because he shouldn't be there in the first place.

But then why? Why was he even there? If he shouldn't exist, then why did he? What sort of screwed up place was the world where it could manage to bring what shouldn't be to life, then expect it to fit in naturally?
How come he couldn't just live normally, like anyone else?
All he'd wanted ever since he'd left his house was a friend; someone to rely on, someone to be there to watch his back, to keep him out of trouble.

He had that in Agna, but Gosvik took that away when they were fused. Agna was still with him, but she couldn't do what he'd wanted. Not with them like this.

But even so, Tal felt closer to Agna than anyone else. He...

Ah, he's been over this enough. How he feels towards Agna, and all that.

But his other friends... every one of them was gone. Gosvik was the reason for that.
Everyone who hadn't screamed, or ran, or attacked him. They were who Tal could count on and trust. They were who Tal really felt connected to.

But they were gone.

He was back to himself. Maybe that's the way it was meant to be, then...


Tal's gaze remains affixed on the horizon.

"...Junior... Repede... Kit... Chiyo, Panth, Shiki, Today, Vanitas, L... and..." he mumbled.


"...and Konata..." Tal rubbed his eye with his paw and stifled a sob. "...I promise I'll end this. You're all going to be avenged."

"What do you think ignoring me is going to do?" Frost asked, irritated.

"I'm not ignoring you. I'm taking time to respond. In case you couldn't tell, I just lost every single one of my friends. Not sure if you can feel emotion at all, but I sure can."

"There is something you need to know."

"Nothing's going to surprise me at this point. Go for it. Probably nothing I haven't heard before, anyway."

"The demons that had been harassing you... I know why they were there."

"Because they needed a pure soul for their gate, blah blah all that shit. I know."

"But it was who summoned them that you don't know about."

Tal stayed silent. He stared at the horizon for a little longer, then turned around.

"Gosvik. The reason he is so powerful, and why no one has ever stepped up to him, or why he's never died. Gosvik sold his soul to the demons in exchange for power. He promised them a gate to this world, and that led him to you. His original plan was only to allow the demons to use your soul to open the gate, and that was that. And then you found Agna. Everything changed right there," Frost explained.

"Then he decided instead of exterminating the last two surviving dragons in the world he'd try to multiply them in inhumane ways. And so he started with Agna and me."


Tal stared at Frost for a few seconds, examining his facial features. His eyes darted back and forth across the End's face, from the eyepatch covering his eye to his messy hair, to his scar.
After a moment, Tal spoke up.

"Why? Why didn't he just kill Agna and Junior and hand me over? Why?!" Tal began to lose his calm. "And more importantly, why was he even out to murder them all in the first place?! Does he... does he hate and fear us, too?!"

"Gosvik is not a man of his word, you should know. He attempted to cheat the demons by using you for his own good. They never found out, however, and that is why he remains in his throne today. With your extermination of the one, you've proved more than a match for them. They have left you alone ever since then. Whether or not they'll be returning, I cannot say for sure." Frost blinked and pulled out his guitar. "As for your second question, yes. Gosvik hated and feared the dragons. When he made this world as it was, dragons nearly killed him, for he didn't know to expect them. Dragons should not exist. They do not belong."

Tal clenched his fist, hard. It was just a repeat of what he was telling himself moments ago.

"So the way to get rid of something you hate is to murder. You kill and slaughter until none are left. They didn't belong in this world, so he felt the need to get rid of them himself." Tal couldn't help a tear from falling down his face this time. "Then everything in my life really is a hell all because of Gosvik. It's all because of him. Everything."

Frost sat down and strummed a chord, checking to see if Lamentation was in tune.
"Come, have a seat. We don't have long before he comes."

Tal turned and stared at the sea once more, then walked over and sat next to Frost, removing his helmet and scratching behind his right ear.

"Can you sing?"

"Never tried."

"Would you care to?"

Tal shrugged. It was never something he'd cared about.

"Well, then how about a song about music itself? Just fill in the lyrics with whatever you feel will be effective with the tune."

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/VZTE4jIxERU?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/VZTE4jIxERU?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Frost began to play, and the strumming appeared as a mystery to Tal at first, but soon began to flow as words came out of Tal's mouth without him even noticing.

It was the last moment of calm he would have.


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<iframe width="250" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/FEuJeNMDcQo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

As Kit continued to climb the jungle of machinery that made up the Rosetta, he suddenly noticed a slight change. The machinery was....moving?

"Oh, shi--" The rest of his exclamation was drowned in a sea of noise that suddenly sprang up from all around as he struggled to find a place to take cover in. If he were to stay where he was, he would surely be crushed by the metal plates and thick cables that surrounded him.

Jumping from point to point, latching onto the cables with his claws when he needed footholds, he continued to scale the interior, desperately looking for a safe spot as his slender fox-body, many times narrowly avoided becoming a flattened corpse.

Finally, the moving stopped.

"Thank God...what the hell is going on?" Kit muttered to himself through his rapid, heavy breathing. "I guess I'd better keep moving, then." He began to move, but was unable to do so, instead feeling an intense pain from one of the worst imaginable spots for a fox...his tail. Carefully looking behind him, he realized that his tail was caught between two large cables.

He tried to turn around to get at the cables with his claws, but couldn't even so much as that. And he didn't want to risk trying to transform in such a state, either.



When Camila woke up, she couldn't see anything, but what had happened before she blacked out quickly came back to her. She was drugged...but how was she captured without anyone doing anything? Why had no one noticed that enemies were there? Did...did they lose? Surely they...

Her fears were replaced by new ones as a voice spoke to her. A menacing, dangerous voice.

"Well well, I see you're now awake. Good. Unconscious captives are...boring, at most." the voice said, followed by an evil chuckle.

"Gosvik." Camila said with disgust. "What the hell do you want with me?"

"My my, how unrefined your manners are. I'd end you right now if you weren't of any use to me." Gosvik replied smugly, grabbing her head and pushing it against the cold metal bar that she was tied to. "If you must know, I was going to use you to get at Kit, buuut...he's no longer a problem to me. One might say he "bit the dust", and quite literally. But perhaps you can still be of use to me in getting rid of the remaining pest."

Camila's heart started pounding in her chest. "No...he couldn't have...YOU'RE LYING!" she screamed.

Gosvik began laughing cynically. "I can honestly say that I'm not lying. I smashed him into the ground myself. There was nothing left but some fur sticking to the heel of the Rosetta!" he continued laughing.

"No...you're lying...no......no....." Camila muttered as she slumped over even further, her tears quickly soiling the blindfold that kept her from seeing the twisted, amused look of her captor.

Surely this was the end...here she was, weak and captured by their greatest enemy. And alone. And Kit...could he really be...?

She sobbed quietly as Gosvik returned to his controls, the monstrosity known as the Rosetta beginning to move once more.


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Post by Frost on Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:05 am

The Rosetta grew closer. It would reach the two of them in a matter of minutes. Frost was acting strange, and Tal had noticed it. From Tal's perspective he only looked nervous, maybe a bit shaken up at the events that took place here. But that didnt seem right. And it wasnt, in fact that was exactly the case. Frost was losing his mind every second he stood there, he shook and shuddered as his eye moved back and forth with increasing speeds. Blood began to drip from the bottom of his eye patch again only this time, more blood was present, but for some reason he continued to shake instead of attending to it which peaked Tal's interest, or concern, he couldnt pin point which one it was.

Tal:"End. Are you alright?"

Frost couldnt respond. Tal took a step forward as Frost fell backwards and burst into an odd seizure like movement, causing the blood to drip out faster and create a small pool around the right side of his face. Lamentation began to screech suddenly from its resting place on a rock next to Tal which threw him off guard. Frost continued to shake as the rosetta arrived with flair riding on top of its shoulder.

Gosvik:"Well what do we have here!? It looks as if your only hope has been incapacitated! This is marvelous! Now I wont have to worry about that traitor-some cyclops any longer!"
Flair:"Oh no...." she said looking down at her brother who was now was shaking vigorously on his back in a pool of blood that now covered 3/4's of his face.
Gosvik:"Beginning! Attack!"
Flair:"How dare you command me like some animal!" she said moving her hand from her mouth.
Gosvik:"Kill him! Kill the dragon! THAT is an order!"
Flair:"He eez note my fight. I shall not do so."
Gosvik:"How dare you! Your brother broke the rules of engagement! Therefore You are to do the same!"
Flair paused for a long moment, looking at her brother with a large frown on her face. She teleported in a ball of flame and reappeared next to Tal who unsheathed his sword with lightning speed.
Flair:"Lee-sen to me." she said with a sob.
Tal took a step back.
Flair:"I'm not going to harm you. Its not right. I'm going to launch large fireballs at you every now and then, either dodge them any way you can. They wont be powerful enough to kill you but if they touch you, your going to definitely feel it. I have to look like i'm trying."
Tal looked at her in disbelief. Was she being serious with him? Or was she luring him into some sort of trap. Either way he needed to respond.
Flair:"Dodge this attack." she said spinning around and shooting a spiraling wave of fire at him. Tal flew up into the air, successfully avoiding the flame and charged for gosvik who also struck at Tal. The machine was fast, and it released similar fire type abilities that The Beginning used only much more sloppier. Flair dashed forward and began playing Sentiment, thus creating the 2vs1 final fight to the death. Flair launched a fireball from the ground at Tal who escaped its blast radius and continued for Gosvik who was breaking down every attack Tal threw at the newly transformed Rosetta.
Flair:"I wish I could fly, zis would be so much easier." she moaned as she knelt down next to her brother.
"If I'm right... Gosvik is in for it." she said as she watched her brother stop twitching and lay motionless.

Frost's world began to spin. Slowly it recreated a beautiful garden and meadow, filled with beautiful flowers and trees and an abundance of animals, and in the back- a castle. Frost opened his eye as his face was licked by a small kitten. He rose to his feet and looked around him. His eye widened with shock. He remained their, speechless for a moment when suddenly in the distance a voice grew louder. He turned to his right and watched a beautiful young girl who looked about his age with long, vibrant, red hair and a very formal dress ran up to him and jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly. His eye widened even more at the sight of this person, not to mention the fact that he was being embraced.

Girl:"Frost... I've been looking for you everywhere." she said lovingly.
Frost:"..... June."

The girl took a step back and smiled at him and examined his face.

June:"Why do you have your scarf on, silly?" she said as she began to unbuckle the straps that held the odd bandaging over his mouth and neck.
Frost:"It's my clothes...." he said grabbing her hands gently.
June:"I think you look better without it" she replied pulling the scarf down to reveal his whole face. She placed her hands on his face and slowly pulled him down towards her. Gently their lips met, and they remained still for a long moment. In the distance, a call could be heard and she stopped kissing him to listen.
June:"It's mother. I have to go now" she giggled.
Frost:"Please be safe." he replied, covering up his face again.
June:"Leave it there." she said pulling it back down.
She smiled and kissed him again and ran off towards the calls.
Frost paused for a long time, watching her slowly fade away into the distance.... and smiled.
Suddenly the world began to spin again and he clutched his head with both of his hands. When he finally let go, he looked up into the sky and it was dark and cloudy all around, the smell of smoke and fire polluted the air and he was no longer in the garden but this time in a demolished city. He looked around frantically and ran forward, coming across corpses that littered the streets and people weeping over them who looked almost as bad. Suddenly a radio transmission over a television broadcast went on air, and everyone turned to view it. Frost stepped up and waited for it to begin.
A woman's voice appeared in the transmission. The audio was a bit shaky and she seemed to be crying and trying to fight back her sobs. The woman took a deep breath and spoke.
[News reporter announces]
This morning, Princess June was declared
Dead outside her hotel in Deralia. Reason of death? [pause]
Hold on everyone, this is hard, give me a second [pause]
Reason of death?-"

Frost was gone. He launched himself into the air, landing on the power lines and began to grind on them using his powers. He zoomed through the now destroyed city until the power lines eventually ran out. He leaped off and continued running. His eye moved back and forth examining the destruction of the city. There were craters everywhere, destroyed buildings, remains of bodies that were blown apart or incinerated in the blasts; and the white house, in ruin and on fire. Then he made it. There was a large crowd of royal guards and people moaning and crying, all covered in smut and ash. Frost ran through them and found her. She was laying in a closed casket that was decorated in royal markings, customary to have the royal's body placed in the casket first upon death for transportation. Frost removed the casket and carried it away from the attention and ripped open the casket his eye widening again. The blood. The various cuts and stab wounds. And the bullet hole in between her eyes. Frost places his hands on her chest and released electricity into her. The body gave a quick jerk but remained motion less. He tried again and again, but still the same response. Frost began to scream.
Frost:"June! June!! JUNE! JUNE!!!!!" he screamed as he shocked her again and again, trying to bring the life back into her. The wounds were too fatal even for a shock. He knew it but tried anyways. He leaned over her body. "I HAVE TO DO IT!" He screamed as he placed his fingers around his eye patch. He jerked his hand and the threads tore right out of his skin.

Frost:"I'm The End. My soul purpose is to be the deciding factor."
June:"And who says you have to listen to what everyone else tells you? You should decide for yourself and fight for whats right."
Frost:"I cannot, it is similar to a contract, I cannot break it."
June:"Please you have to try."
Frost:"For what would I try for?"
June:"Try for Me."
Frost:"I'm trying to protect you. Thats all I can do."
June:"Then try for your child!"
June:"Thats right Frost... Your child." she smiled rubbing her stomach.
June:"It's going to be a boy they said."
She hugged him and they kissed, interrupting his sentence.


Frost's vision spun again and he reappeared on a bridge, looking off into the distance.
He heard footsteps and turned around as Gosvik approached him with another hooded figure.
Gosvik:"Emperor Gosvik, End."
Frost:"The war is over."
Gosvik:"Dont think I dont know what you did!"
Frost:"I dont recall."
Gosvik:"B! Calm yourself."
B:"Very well."
Gosvik:"End, You were assigned to aid me in my mission to eradicate the royal family and start a new era. AND CHANGING SIDES IS BREAKING THE RULES! YOU WILL BE SEVERELY PUNISHED FOR THIS UPON YOUR RETURN I CAN ASSURE YOU!"
Frost:"If only You knew."
Gosvik:"Maybe I do know."
Frost:"No. You dont know. And I know for a fact that You dont."
Gosvik:"Your job here is done. Now get out of My face!"
With that, a bolt of lightning hit Frost and he disappeared.

Frost could hear himself screaming in pain as demonic laughter and barking could be heard all around him. Visions of being burned and crucified for his actions brought him back into his traumatic screaming and his vision went white, a blank canvas, and then black.

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/BWP-01DZxKo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>



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Post by Tal on Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:19 pm

Tal continued his fight. He couldn't stop. If he stopped, he died.
The nonstop barrage from Gosvik and Flair left him tired quickly, but he danced around he attacks as though he were dancing to Flair's tune.

He avoided swings and pillars of fire, missiles and fireballs, lasers and walls of fire. His feet moved to the nonstop rhythm of danger, carrying him from one spot to another.

The ocean lay behind Tal, a never-ending symbol of his worst nightmare. Water had been a problem ever since he had merged with Agna. Fire dragons couldn't swim, that was a known fact, and had happened to Tal more than once. One wrong move by him could allow Gosvik a chance to send Tal into the ocean, left to disappear beneath the ocean's waves.

Frost was still out. Whatever was going on, it needed to stop. Tal couldn't do it himself. He couldn't hold off both Gosvik and Flair, even if Flair wasn't trying to kill him. Eventually his adrenaline would wear out, and his feet would carry him no more. Then, and only then, is when Gosvik would slaughter him.

If this was any other fight, Tal's feet probably would have slipped beneath him, or Gosvik would have caught him off-guard and pinned him with something, but this time Tal never faltered, and read each of Gosvik's moves. He saw every attack coming before Gosvik even moved. Despite its new form and new powers, Tal didn't underestimate anything, and looked for any sign of movement.
The only time Tal tripped was when his foot caught a rock underneath the sand, but he used the opportunity to roll forward underneath one of Rosetta's blades and slash the inside of one of the legs.

Frost almost seemed as if he would wake up at one point, but returned to his motionless slumber. How much longer was he going to be out? Tal couldn't hold out for very long.

Tal avoided a fireball from Flair, and used the opportunity while Gosvik was turning to launch one of his own. Words came to his mind for fire in that ancient language, but he needn't use them. Being a fire dragon meant he could use it at will. Without a pause to inhale Tal blasted a massive burst of flame at Rosetta, searing a hole clean through the left part of the chest and revealing parts of the inside mechanisms.

Then came the inevitable end. Tal's adrenaline finally gave out, and he became exhausted. He couldn't move anymore. He collapsed almost directly in front of Rosetta, and threw his hands out in front of him to stop his face from hitting the sand as he inhaled deeply and hardly, and exhaled just as such.

Gosvik wasted not even a second. He grabbed Tal with one of Rosetta's massive hands and lifted him to the cockpit as it opened and Gosvik revealed his pig-like face.

"You've lasted this long, and I commend you for that. BUT! Not anymore. You're dying. Right now. By my hand. you thought I was weak? That I couldn't do it myself? Guess what? YOU'RE WRONG!!!"
Gosvik pulled out a long, thin sword from next to him and set the point on Tal's chest. From behind Gosvik, Tal noticed something moving and heard weeping. He'd recognized that color dress he saw, and knew that voice...

"Camila!! How did you-?!" Tal panted.

"You naive little monstrosity. I have people everywhere. I know exactly how to get to you, or any one else that was on that insufferable team of yours. Too bad you and her are the only ones left. And even now, not for long."

"Let her go, you bastard! You only want me! She doesn;t have to suffer like this anymore! You already killed Kit, too!!"

"And now I'm granting you both the favor of meeting your whole team in the afterlife," Gosvik spat. "I'll make sure I let it be known throughout the land that it was I, King Gosvik, that is unstoppable! It was I who single-handedly brought down an entire rebel force brought up against me! AND IT WAS I WHO SLAUGHTERED THE ENTIRE DRAGON RACE!!!"

And with that, Gosvik thrust the sword straight through the middle of Tal's chest. It pierced his vest, his scales, and drove through to the other side.

Tal's vision started flickering. He faded in and out as he heard a mix of Gosvik's laughs, Camila screaming, and his and Agna's conscious in a cacophony of horrendous sounds. Gosvik closed the cockpit and released Rosetta's grip on Tal, and allowed him to plummet to the ground.

Everything went slow motion for Tal. The world spun. Rosetta seemed to pulsate. This was the worst he'd ever been injured. Stabbed through the...


He's had worse. He knows he's had worse. The middle of his chest...? That's not....

Flair shot a fireball at Tal. She knew. She knew he was hurt, and she knew hitting him would look like she was helping Gosvik. But she also knew fire healed Tal. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Tal landed face first onto the sand below and didn't move an inch. He had to make Gosvik believe he was dead. It was the only way to make this work.

Gosvik turned his attention to Frost, still unconscious on the ground. It was that moment, when his back was turned, that more words jumped into Tal's head. Those to call upon the beasts of the world to fight by his side. To make an animal allegiance.




Tal jumped up from his spot and in an instant, before Gosvik even knew he was up, shouted three words in that dragon tongue.

"Raan mir tah!!!"

"How?! How are you still alive?!" Gosvik shouted, as silence pervaded throughout the beach.

Tal tapped the left side of his chest, breathing a bit heavily. "You missed."

"Goddammit! I forgot the single most important thing about you... you beasts!!!"

"Our hearts aren't like yours. They're proud, valiant, and strong. And they lie to the left of our chests."

"No matter! whatever you did, it didn't work. And now, I'll make sure you get what you deserve! NO MERCY!!!"

Gosvik raised one of Rosetta's guns and aimed straight at Tal, who didn't move.

A roar echoed in the distance. A roar similar to Tal's. A roar that caused even Gosvik to stop in fear. One that echoed far across the land.


"I know, Agna."

The roar grew closer, and began to be accompanied by a set of wings. Heavy-set wings carrying a large body.

"...We're not alone."

A dragon flew into view faster than Gosvik or Flair or Camila even saw coming. It flew with its wings proudly open and soared through the air majestically, its magenta scales glistening brightly under the setting sun, christening them with a soft orange.
Its two sharp horns pointed down, a known sign among dragonkind of a female dragon. Its wings were not separate from the arms, meaning it could easily attack and take off in one fell swoop. The tail trailed behind, following the dragon's every movement in a stunning light.

"Wha- what?! What's going on?! HOW?!" Gosvik yelled.

"Looks like you were wrong, Gosvik. You left one more out. A call of allegiance for a strong beast of the world to come," Tal said. "And it looks like it showed up."

The dragon landed next to Tal; it towered at least 3 feet above him. It sniffed him, then lowered its snout to allow Tal to touch it. He rested his hand on it for a brief second, then pulled it off and turned to Gosvik. The dragon followed.

"Now," Tal said, unsheathing Dancing Hellfire and activating the claws on his gauntlets, "where were we?"


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Post by Grimblade on Sat Feb 18, 2012 12:52 am

<iframe width="250" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/FEuJeNMDcQo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

As Kit was stuck within the inner workings of the Rosetta he began to slightly hear a commotion going on outside of the machine, but it was faint, as the majority of the sound was overwhelmed by that of the machine itself.

Suddenly, he froze in shock as a large chunk of the hull was broken apart, shrapnel and flames ravaging the air around him. While he used his claws to absorb the majority of the fire, the shrapnel still left him with numerous small scrapes and cuts.

"What the hell is going on? Well, I guess I should be happy if this monstrosity is taking damage..." he thought to himself. Suddenly, the familiar sight of a half-dragon flying and dodging about outside caught his attention. "Well, I'm glad he's alright, but my predicament isn't being helped much here."

Having given up on trying to free himself, his tail being firmly pinned in place, he instead lay there watching what he could of the battle, which consisted of mostly glances of evasion and fire.

But then all went quiet. The Rosetta tilted as though reaching down, before rising back up, and then he heard a faint laugh. Gosvik. What was happening now? A moment later his question was answered as he saw Tal's lifeless form plummet towards the ground. This was accompanied by a scream from above interspersed with Gosvik's enraging laughter...but who was the scream from? It sounded...no...CAMILA!

There was a loud noise outside suddenly and Gosvik had stopped laughing, but all Kit knew was that his best friend might be dead, and Camila---that scream---he didn't even think. He had to act.

He felt a power coursing through him as though he were being pulled by some force. Grasping the power, he combined it with the power of the fire that he had absorbed earlier as his blood ran hot with rage, and his fur bristled with an even more fiery heat as it began to physically shift, his outer coat becoming a sleek sheet of flames and his tail becoming a stream of pure fire, easily slipping through the cords that were previously holding it in place.

Rain - Page 11 Firewolf

With a loud roar, much louder than a typical fox-call, Kit bolted out of the opening and quickly scaled the Rosetta, his claws melting into the hull and allowing him the grip to ascend.

Heading straight to the cockpit, a blur of fire racing across the hull of the Rosetta. Flair launched a fireball at the bizarre figure, but it had no impact on the blood-crazed, fire-hearted fox.

Barreling into the cockpit, Kit transformed into a human mid-leap, flames still bristling from his figure, and tackled Gosvik, grabbing him by the throat and pinning him down.

"YOU BASTARD! IT'S ABOUT TIME FOR YOU TO F%@#!NG DIE!" Kit yelled into Gosvik's face, which was stricken with a look of panic and malice.

"De...mon...!" Gosvik gasped. "...Fl...air!"

"Already ahead of you." a feminine voice coming from off to the side said.

Looking over, Kit saw that Flair was standing there, holding her sharply-stringed bow to Camila's throat.

"This is good for more than just playing music, you should know. It can cleanly cut through a lot of things very easily." she said with a twisted smile on her face, though her eyes for a second betrayed a hint of sorrow. Camila was sobbing, her tears dripping down her face and forming a puddle on the floor. "Oh, and she can't see or hear you. Or any sense, for that matter. She thinks you're dead, and that's how she'll die---unless she lives to see your own corpse, instead."

Kit froze momentarily in his fiery rage, his eyes glaring at Flair with the intensity of the purest hatred. He let go of Gosvik, who began gasping for air, and stood up. His flames dimmed out. He heard a roar behind him, but he didn't pay it any mind.

"You let her go. Now."

"Oh my, frisky are we? In due time; maybe. But probably not." Flair responded nonchalantly.

Kit ran at her with his claws outstretched but was instead backwards by a gale of wind as Flair struck a chord on her violin.

"Kill him!" Gosvik yelled as he was once again manning the controls of the Rosetta against an onslaught of fire from outside, obviously struggling to fight off whatever it was that was attacking. Kit didn't look out though. He had more important matters at hand.

"So it's a faceoff, then?" Kit said coolly. "Sounds good. I'll be the end of you."

With that, Kit bolted at Flair as quick as he could, his flaws on one hand pointed straight out and seeking to pierce through Flair. She quickly jumped out of the way, however, and his claws jammed into the metal walls of the interior. Camila was next to him, apparently oblivious to what was going on. His claws were stuck.

"Haha! I expected more from you." Flair said mockingly as she prepared to draw her bow across the strings of her instrument of destruction.

<iframe width="250" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/VNSq1qf5ZFk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Kit smirked. "I knew I wasn't going to win here."

Flair hesitated in her attack. "What do you mean? Surely you didn't just run in here knowing you were going to die?"

"I didn't know if I would or not. I just knew it was likely. But the one thing that matters..."

Kit's fur began to bristle as he pushed his claws further into the wall and penetrated several of the interior wires, quickly absorbing electricity. Before Flair could react, there was a blinding flash. When she could see again, Kit was still standing at the wall, his energy spent. But Camila was gone.

"But...you...YOU COULD HAVE SAVED YOURSELF!" Flair yelled out in a flurry of mixed emotions. "Then maybe...I..."

Flair's eyes began to shed gentle tears.

"FINISH HIM!" Gosvik yelled, still preoccupied with warding off the attackers, though he was losing ground.

Kit closed his eyes; a gentle smile on his face. "Go ahead. Don't worry about it."

With a look of pure sorrow on her face, Flair picked up the sword that Gosvik had been using earlier. She walked over to where Kit was standing with the resigned but content look on his face. She faltered for a moment, but then brought the sword point-first through Kit's collar-bone, the entire length of the sword sinking downwards into his torso.

Kit's vision began to flicker and fade as he felt the life quickly draining from him. But he was ready for this. Camila was safe, and that's all that mattered. And he had faith that Tal could finish the rest off.

He'd come so far...but his life wasn't wasted. A loner in this world, a stranger, an outcast...those were what he used to be. But he had changed. He knew his life had been truly blessed by the people around him: his friends, and Camila...she meant the world to him. And now he was making a difference, aiding the return of a brighter world, even if it meant he wouldn't be able to live in it. But maybe there was a world better for him beyond death...he didn't know, but neither did he care at the moment.

With one final gasp of air, Kit died, a contented smile still on his face.

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Post by Frost on Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:41 pm

Flair knelt down and clutched Kit's lifeless body, silently weeping.
Flair:"I'll see You again... and when i do, I hope you'll accept my apology."
Gosvik:"Toss the body out!" he yelled as he continued to fend off Tal's attacks.
Flair:"Toss him out!?"
Gosvik:"Yes! Get rid of it!"
Flair:(her accent getting stronger)"I veel du no sush theeng!"
Gosvik:"Just get rid of it, You useless waste of space!"he barked back in anger."
Flair looked at him and teleported in a wisp of fire.

Outside, Tal was blown back down to the ground from an attack gosvik managed to land. Flair appeared a few feet away carrying Kit's corpse. Tal looked in shock as she placed him down gently and caressed his face. She turned to Tal and made eye contact with him, and Tal saw the tears.
Flair:"I'm sorry..." she said wiping her tears.
Tal:"Kit... NO!"
Gosvik:"Thats right! That wretched piece of filth is a burden to this world no longer!"
Tal:"Wretched Piece of Filth!?-"
Flair:"Gosvik, You have to stop this. Your method of combat is disgusting and barbaric!" she cried, still holding onto Kit's body.
Gosvik:"I'll do as I please! Besides, I have to work extra hard considering what little help you've been to me! Your just as worthless as the rest of these pathetic worms. And if Your not with me than your against me!" he said aiming his canons at them.
Flair let go of Kit and walked forward and stood beside Tal.
Flair:"I will do what I must." she said revealing Sentiment.
Tal:"GOD DAMN YOU!" he roared.
Flair:"F sharp." she replied, pulling her bow up.
Tal flew at gosvik in a burst of speed and as flair began to play his movements got faster and faster. Every swing he made with his sword caused fire to erupt from the rips of air they caused. Gosvik swung and swung, firing missile after missile landing a few blows that barely even touched Tal, let alone hurt him. Flair was making him stronger and stronger. He could feel the god's power surging through him as he attacked with everything he had. Gosvik shot Tal away with ahis ion canon but it failed to land a hit. Tal turned around and launched a fireball at gosvik the size of a house, creating a big explosion that shook the earth itself. Tal continued firing at gosvik until the monster was completely covered in the explosion.
Tal landed next to Flair, breathing heavily as the explosion brightened and slowly died down.
Tal:"Its done." he said in between breaths.
Flair:"it would appear so." she replied as she pulled sentiment from her shoulder.
Tal returned to the dragon that was pulling itself back up from the impact of Gosvik's attack.
Tal:"Take My friend somewhere safe and away from here, please." he requested. The dragon snorted loudly and walked over to Kit's body and grabbed onto him and immediately took off with a large gust of wind.
They began to turn around when suddenly a large gust of wind erupted from where the rosetta once stood. The two turned back to find the rosetta completely rebuilt and changed in form once more, this time even more evil, more menacing and destructive than before.
Rain - Page 11 Turneresque
Gosvik:"You fools! Did you think that was enough to defeat me!? I AM GOD OF THE NEW WORLD! And Now that the rosetta has obtained the power of a god, I can prove it to you!"
Flair:"Gosvik! You didnt-"
Gosvik:"OH I DID! You didnt count on me having a back up plan in case you betrayed me did you? I knew you would change sides and I also knew you would give the dragon your powers! It was the perfect opportunity to test my energy absorption device i developed. Thanks to You Beginning, I now possess the power to win 20 great wars!" he said in a mocking laughter.
Tal didnt waste a moment. He launched himself back into the air and re-engaged the rosetta.
Flair continued to transfer her power into him with her music, but it was of no effect. Gosvik was now faster than ever and every attack Tal performed was countered almost instantly. He couldnt do it anymore. He had tired himself out from the first attack he did after kit died and he couldnt keep up anymore. Gosvik charged a large blast and blew Tal out of the sky. Tal landed with a thud next to Flair who stopped playing to go attend to him.

Flair:"Tal! Ce n'est pas bon, vous doit se lever, nous doit sortir d'ici rapidement!" she said tugging on his arm.
Tal:"What the- w-what the hell are you saying to me?-"
Gosvik:"NOW DIE!"


Tal's eyes were closed. A loud metallic bang had been heard as the the Rosetta's fist came down upon them.... but for some reason Tal could still feel himself. his eyes werent open but he was still aware. Flair was gripping him tightly, a sort of hug he would've expected from Konata. It was loving and he could feel the warmth of her grasp through his scales. It was an odd, distracting feeling. But suddenly, he felt something strange. His eyes slowly opened and he couldnt believe what he was looking at. The large fist of the Rosetta was stopped in the air directly above them; And underneath it was Frost, holding it in place with his hands. But he was completely different. He was no longer wearing his torn up, chained clothing, but was wearing a a white suit with a solid black undershirt with pants that matched the design of his original jeans. His scarf was no longer there, revealing his entire face. Tal squinted for a moment and noticed his eye patch was gone as well. His left eye was a pure white and his right turned out bright red.

Gosvik:"WHAT!? YOU!?"
Frost:"Thats enough."

Without another word, Frost threw the rosetta backwards, causing it to fly back towards the shore. He exhaled slowly and extended his hand to Tal.
Frost:"I'm sorry I took so long. I promise I'll do what i can to help you."
Tal:"Lets bring this mother-F%@# down."
Flair:"Frost... You... Your... "
Frost:"It finally happened."
With a nod, the two charged at the Rosetta which was now recovering from the push.
Gosvik:"You think a little wardrobe change will effect the outcome of this battle!? THINK AGAIN!"
They continued running and spontaneously a large ice pillar shot out of the ground, launching Frost straight into the air. He spun around, dodging machine gun fire and tossed small grenade like blasts that exploded on impact into ice spots. Talent took off into the air and engaged the Rosetta head on. He sliced every rocket launched into pieces and struck the machine as many times as he could with every sweep. Every now and then he would glance down at his Dancing Hellfire, feeling it pulsate with power after every strike. Gosvik charged his ion laser and shot it through both arms, spinning around to hit his evasive targets. Frost zoomed around the monster's feet, shooting rockets of electricity that exploded into ice that covered the rosetta's feet. The rosetta began releasing fire from all over its body in an attempt to blast the two warriors. Tal dove inward into the flame and his power increased further as he held on tighter to Dancing Hellfire. Frost tucked and rolled on the ground and ice burst from his hands which he wrapped around him creating an ice shield which blocked the flames. Gosvik flung its foot forward and kicked Frost halfway across the shore. He landed with a loud thud next to Flair who ran up to him with sentiment in her hands.
Flair:"Brother here.... use Sentiment."
Frost:"I cant."
Flair:"Yes you can! You managed to fuse together with Lamentation, you can do the same."
Frost:"If I do you'll be vulnerable to his powers."
Flair:"I'll be fine, I'll shot him from below to get his attention for you and tal."
Frost:"very well."
Frost gripped Sentiment and the instrument began to glow, and after a short bit, it disappeared and Frost's Hair turned pure white and his white eye turned blue.
Running back up to the Rosetta, He burst into the air with an ice pillar and spread his arms out. His body became surrounded by fire that took the shape of a falcon and blasted himself right into the robot's chest. He spun out and blasted its arm with ice, creating a pillar and attaching himself to the limb. Jumping through the robots flaming body he grabbed the robot and picked it up. Tal stopped attacking and watched as Frost launched the robot into the air with fire and sent it flying. Tal took off flying after it with his sword at the ready. Without Tal's knowledge, his body began to radiate fire aswell and in the blink of an eye, he sliced the rosetta into pieces. It fell back down to earth as a giant upper body capsule that still radiated fire. Frost jumped on top of the robots chest and dug huge icicles into it, ripping it open. The cockpit burst open and gosvik sat there, bleeding from his head, trying to get out of his safety lock. Frost grabbed Gosvik by his neck and tugged him out of the robot. He held him up in the sunlight as Tal landed on the ground. Frost tossed Gosvik in front of Tal.

Gosvik:"You think you've won!? You really think this is the end of me? You've only begun to see what i can do!"
Frost:"Stop talking or i'll remove your brain from your nostril."
Gosvik shut up for a moment as Tal walked up to him.
Gosvik:"Scum!" he said spitting at Tal's face.
Tal lifted up Gosvik by his neck and pulled him toward his face.
Tal:"Lets chat."

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Post by Tal on Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:53 pm

"Why?" Tal asked, growling.
Gosvik spat in his face. Tal wiped it off with his free arm and punched Gosvik in the mouth.

A breeze swept across the beach. All was silent except for the sounds of flapping wings from the dragon, returning to be by Tal's side after doing what it was told.
She took her spot next to Tal and snarled violently at Gosvik.
"You murdered all of them. You killed all my friends, and you tried to kill off all the dragons. WHY?! ANSWER MY DAMN QUESTION!!!"
Gosvik remained silent but returned Tal's look of hatred.
"I'm giving you to the count of five, before I rip your F%@# head off," Tal snarled.






"BECAUSE THEY DESERVED IT!!!" Gosvik yelled.
"...What? They... deserved it?"
"They tried to usurp my power, and to take control! I defended myself, I defended EVERYTHING!!!"
"You're telling me, they tried to take your throne to take control of mankind?"
"At least you're intelligible," Gosvik choked.

"...Tal, I'm sorry. It's the truth."
Tal remaind silent.
"It's fine... to hate me. I understand that-"
"I don't hate you."

"...You... you don't?"
"No. I can't blame you for your inctincts. I can't hate you Agna, I won't hate you. Even though you came here for that, look where we ended up. You were growling and roaring at me when I first found you, but that didn't stop me from helping."
"And it was because you helped me that I realized humans aren't just inferior beings. We distrusted you because you distrusted us. You trusted in me, so I trusted in you."
"And it's because of that trust that we ended up together like this. It's because of that trust that we finally ended this war. It's because of this trust that I can finally understand everything now."
"Trust is not an easy thing to win over. The fact that you two were able to bond as such and earn it so quickly is quite astonishing, especially considering the difference is species."
The voice was new to Tal or Agna, but both of them could tell it was from the female dragon next to them. No one else besides Repede was able to communicaye with them like that.

...Repede. That reminded Tal of something he'd promised the dog. Something he couldn't deny his lost friend.
"You managed to take everything from me. My friends, my family... Especially my friends. I had to watch three of them die right in front of my eyes because of you, and another two that I don't even know if they're still alive or not. Tell me Gosvik, do you remember that dog? The one I was with?"
Gosvik bared his teeth at Tal and scowled hard, but nodded nonetheless.
"I owe him a favor." Tal raised his free arm and extended the claws on his gauntlet. "You might remember that Repede had one eye. Do you know why? Tell me. Entertain me with the story."
Gosvik didn't respond, but the look of anger and hatred in his eyes intensified as Tal lifted his arm higher.
"You took it. Your traps cost him an eye. I promised him I'd take yours. I'm not going back on my promise."
Tal punched Gosvik in the face, this time impaling his left eye with one of the claws on his gauntlet.
Gosvik's scream seemed almost inhuman from the pain of the impact.
"For Repede, you bastard!"

Tal drew back his hand again, but this time with the claws retracted, threw four more punches.
"For Today, Shiki, Panth, and Vanitas!"
This time he chokeslammed Gosvik and used both hands, alternating as he said a new name for whom he'd avenged.
Tal backed up off of Gosvik, who was hanging onto life by a thread. Tal had beaten him that hard. Tal turned and walked away a few steps, seemingly leaving the tyrant, until suddenly he turned around with his sword drawn, and with a swift downward slash decapitated Gosvik.

Thus ended the tyrant, Gosvik's life. Tal had done it. He'd avenged everyone. Everyone that died protecting him or leading him. Everyone that had betrayed him, or never left his side. All of his friends were now avenged.
And he was tired. All of Tal's energy left him at once. The fight... exhausted him. All he wanted to do was sleep. Sleep for a very long time. Whether or not he'd wake up was difficult to say, but it was all he wanted.
And so Tal blacked out, as the dragon caught him in her wing and cradled him gently.
Tal woke up in a grassy plain. His vision was blurred, but he could tell it was light out. He scratched the back of his head.

...Hair? Did... did he just feel hair...? And his fingers... they were... fingers? He sat up, looking at his hands now that his vision was a little better. These were definitely hands. He scrambled to his feet and ran to a conveniently placed puddle. He stared at his face.
His human face.
"What the..." he muttered. What was going on?
He backed away from the puddle and into something else. He was afraid to see what he'd backed into, but he needed to.
He slowly turned around, and the first thing he saw was its feet. Feet... they were more like... claws... They were black, and most of the leg they were connected to was black, but then turned red. A vivid red. Like the color of...
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/JkxeFwwSSAs?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/JkxeFwwSSAs?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
He turned all the way around and marveled at what he saw. In all her majestic glory, Agna stood tall on four legs, her wings pulled in to reduce size, and her tail stretched out behind her. Her big, blue eyes stared right at Tal.
Tal stared back in pure awe. Her gaze seemed as confused as his was, but relieving nonetheless.
Neither of them moved at first, but then Tal threw his arms around her chest, embracing her tightly. Agna lowered her head to his.
"Agna... I can't believe this... you're alright..." Tal told her, trying not to tear up.
"Of course, Tal... I'm just as confused as you are right now... but... I can't help but feel happy. You're a human again!"
Tal suddenly broke away from her and stared in amazement.
"You... you can still talk?!"
"You can hear my voice? Oh, thank goodness! I thought... you'd never be able to hear what I wanted to say..."
Agna sat down and lowered her head to Tal's hands. He held her head and sat down next to her. She laid down and coiled her body around Tal, still resting her head in his arms.
"Agna... What... what happened? Why are we like this...?"
"Tal... I honestly don't know. But... I'm happy for you! You... you're finally..."
Tal stopped her.
"You don't have to try and hide it, Agna. I know you're upset about it. I am too, to be honest..."
A shining tear fell from Agna's eye. It glittered like a diamond, but was only a tear. Dragon's tears... they must be valuable to some degree. They were only shed on certain occasions. Special occasions. And Agna cried... for him.
"Tal... I love you... I know I can't replace Izu... but I was never trying to..." Agna sniffled.
"I know, Agna... You were there for me, always. You don't need to replace anyone. I'll always have room in my heart for you, Izu, and Junior. I love all of you..."

"...but we have to wake up."
"...Yes. We still have work to do. We have to fix this world that Gosvik destroyed. It's going to take a long time, Tal, but we can do it. We have to. We need to fix the damage he's done."
"And we have to wake up. They're waiting for us, but we can't see them now. L and Konata, Repede and Junior... all of them. We can't see them again just yet. We have work to do. And then once we're all done..."
"...that's when we can see them again."

Agna laid down and Tal leaned against her side. She lowered her wing over him and sheltered him from the world that lay before them. It was big, it was definitely a big world, and Agna didn't think he was ready.
But she knew he was, at the same time. And he knew it, too. They had to be ready to fix everything Gosvik had done.

And to start, they had to wake up.

So waking up is what they did.

Repeat he song if you have to.
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/jZWopPAbPj8?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/jZWopPAbPj8?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Tal's eyes slowly opened. He was on the sand of the beach still, but his head was in a girl's lap. She sat there silently, staring out over the horizon. Her hair was the same color as the dragon's scales, and was pulled back into a long ponytail. She wore what seemed like a type of iron armor for defense, and next to her were Tal's sword, the upper body of his armor, and some odd weapons that resembled the upper and lower jaws of a dragon's maw. Her face was stern, but retained a sense of comfort.
When Tal sat up, the girl turned and helped him sit up.
"Are you alright?" she asked.
"...Yeah. A little dizzy but... fine," he responded. Or rather, he was almost fine. He could tell something was wrong.
"Good. You fell sort of hard after what you did to Gosvik. I thought you might be..."
"No, no. I'm fine. Thanks for worrying, though."

Tal stood up and stared out over the horizon toward where Gosvik's castle once stood. He saw nothing but the setting sun disappearing beyond that line.
"Were you staring at the sun or...?" Tal asked.
"Yes. No matter where I am, the setting sun always manages to interest me," the girl responded. "But that's not what you were getting to, was it? You want to know who I am, and how I got here."
"No point in extending the conversation. Care to share?"

The girl nodded her head and began her introduction.
"My name is Shyvana. You might not believe this but, I'm a half-dragon, just like you. So that dragon you called and disappeared? I'm right here."
"...Not the craziest I've heard. I believe you. A half-dragon like me... hard to believe that I'm still a dragon after... this."
Tal gestured to himself.

It was true. Tal wasn't a dragon anymore. Somehow he'd almost completely reverted back to his human self. The only dragon-like features he retained were his tail, his claws, and scales on the backs of his arms and possibly elsewhere. He'd noticed the coat he was wearing when he gestured to himself and went to ask Shyvana where it came from.
"It's Gosvik's. Or rather was. He doesn't need it anymore. Your armor was charred and broken in places, and it was getting cold. I thought I'd get you something to keep you warm."
"It's no problem. Thank you. Though it is just a bit too long..."
The coat did overextend past his waist, almost to his feet. But considering Gosvik was a large man, it wasn't surprising his coat was this long on Tal.
"You don't know how you got that way, do you?" Shyvana asked.
"...No. But I sure would like to know."
Before Shyvana started explaining to him, Tal checked his mind for a second.
"Agna...? Are you there?"
"Yes. I told you, Tal, I'm not leaving you."
The corners of Tal's mouth curled into a smile, then quickly went down again.
"Well, when you killed Gosvik, the bindings he had on these worlds split. The worlds separated again, but not everything is back to normal. Things are still where they shouldn't be. Creatures still exist that shouldn't."
"Like me. When the binds broke and the worlds split, I should have stayed in this world, and Agna should have been pulled back to the other. But because of the genetic fusion we went under..."
"...the separation didn't work. It only completed the original fusion that was supposed to happen between you two."
"So I'm a complete half-dragon now? I mean, if that makes sense," Tal questioned.
"Looks it. Aside from retaining some of your dragon-like features, you're just like I am. You should be able to revert between dragon and human form at will," Shyvana answered him.
"The best part is that Agna is still here," Tal replied, trying to hide a smirk, but he couldn't.
"I suppose that is good, isn't it?" Shyvana chuckled.

"What are you planning on after this?" Tal asked Shyvana, turning around.
"Probably just exploring the new world that'll be created now that Gosvik is dead," Shyvana responded, staring out at the horizon again. "It'll be nice to see how people rebuild without that demon watching over them, threatening their very lives."
"Would... would you mind if I came along? I don't have a home anymore. I don't have a place to fall back on when I'm tired, or anyone to be around. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to accompany you."
The sternness in Shyvana's face seemed to go away and be replaced by joy. She seemed happy that Tal asked her this.
"Of course you can, Tal. You're the first other half-dragon I've met. It'd be an honor."

Tal cringed a bit when she said his name. It seemed like his dragon alias. It was the name he'd taken up when he transformed, and he thought it should stay that way. Or at least, he wanted to hear Shyvana's opinion.
"Hey... what do you think of the name 'Tal?' It's... it's not actually my real name. It's the name I started using when I became a dragon, so now that I'm not... I don't know. Should I... should I still use it?" he asked.
Shyvana thought for a second. "I think it's a fine name. Regardless of whether or not you look like a dragon anymore, you're still a dragon. 'Tal' is just as much your name as your real name is. I think you should stick with it."
Tal smiled.
"Alright. Tal it is. Thanks, Shyvana."
"Please, call me Shyv if you want," she laughed.

Tal turned around once more and stared at himself in the water's reflection. His face looked the same from before he was fused with Agna. He still recognized all his facial features.
His eyes... no matter what, he always had those eyes. He had them before, he had them as a dragon, he had them now. His eyes were the one thing that never changed. And he liked them.
Despite the fact of how long he was a dragon, his hair had grown out into a shaggy mess. Most of the back was tied into a ponytail to keep some shape to it. He didn't mind it. It reminded him of his helm, anyway.
He noticed a few scales between the open part of the jacket. They were scant by his neck, but as they went down they seemed to thicken and become more plentiful as they disappeared again and stopped just above his waist.
"...I didn't change too much," he whispered to himself.
He stood back up and stared out over the horizon, thinking about what would happen next. His journey may have finally been done, but he still had a lot ahead of him. And he was ready.

It was the most ready he'd ever felt in his life.
And he still had friends with him. He'd always had friends the whole way through.


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It was finally over. He was dead. And now...what? What is there to look forward to? Is there an afterlife? Will he simply fade into oblivion? The better question...why could he still think about these things clearly? It was an endless confusion as Kit pondered his current existence. Everything was black and he seemed to have no form whatsoever, but was still able to think freely.

Suddenly he noticed a far-off light. A light...surely it must be a way out of this void. He started to move towards it, directed only by his disembodied mind and spirit. He was almost there...almost...

But a barrier seemed to block him from reaching it. Let...me...in...

"No." a voice responded, resonating throughout the void.

It was then that he noticed, perched upon the orb of light, was a fox. A fox with arcane symbols covering his entire coat, who seemed to be ethereal and exuding light.

"You have made our race proud. But it is not yet your time."

"But...I died." Kit replied. "Why..."

"Because you weren't destined to die." the voice cut in. "You should have killed Flair and stopped Gosvik. Why did you not do so?"

"Because...I had to save Camila."

"Ah, but you could have done so if you had killed Flair. Camila would be alive, and so would you."

"But...Flair didn't deserve to die."

"And why is that?"

"Because, I could tell...she was being manipulated. She didn't really want to do what she did. So taking her life wouldn't have been fair. It may seem illogical, but through death, I kept two innocent people out of harms way. And I hold no regrets about that."

The fox smiled. "You have grown, Kuro. I can see that you have truly fulfilled your role of attaining wisdom. I can tell that you have what it takes to rebuild our race."

"But...I..." Kit stammered.

"I think I can bend the rules for you this time." he replied with a mischievous smile.

Suddenly the image faded and he was once again in a void of darkness. But he could hear...waves? And crying? And he could feel something holding him down.

Kit opened his eyes slightly. He was laying on a patch of sand with the ocean crashing upon the shore. There was a young dragon resting its head against him and crying softly.

"There's nothing we can do." a voice said. Repede. "His soul slipped into the void. He's gone. I'm sorry..."

"But...no...he can't..."

Repede sighed.

"You know, Junior's right."

Repede quickly turned around with an expression of shock on his face, his pipe falling out of his mouth, and Junior began to let loose tears of happiness.

"KIT!" They both exclaimed at once.

"But how?" Repede asked, looking as though he were seeing a ghost.

A mischievous smile appeared on Kit's face. "Well, it seems Death didn't want me. Something about stealing his chickens."

Repede let loose a small chuckle before picking up his pipe. "You people never cease to amaze me."

Kit stood up and felt his balance thrown off a bit. "Huh...?" He looked behind him and saw not his usual tail, but...three? trailing behind him. It was then that he realized the change. He had attained wisdom and therefore progressed in power as a Kitsune.

"Now I'm confused." Repede said.

"Let's just say it means that I've gained a lot of wisdom. But also that I still have quite a ways to go." he replied before chuckling lightly. "But enough about me. What are you two doing here?"

"Everything went crazy and we fell into the ocean. There was luckily some wood drifting around from the fortress, so we floated on it and ended up here." Junior said.

"Oh...well, I guess how I got here is the better question then."

"I haven't the faintest idea." Repede replied.

Kit sighed. "Oh well. A story to find out later, I suppose."

"But what should we do now? I've scouted this island and it's very small...nothing's here."

"Let me cover that." Kit answered as he looked off into the distance. Raising one hand, a glyph appeared in midair and a ball of fire shot up into the air before exploding, sending a shockwave through the air. "And now we wait."

And surely enough, within minutes there was a large helicopter there, which landed on the shore near them. A familiar commander's face poked out of one of the doorways.

"You three! I'm so glad to see survivors." he exclaimed.

"Survivors? I want to know what happened." Kit replied with a hint of seriousness in his voice.

"Well...we're not exactly sure. Everything was pure chaos, and there were explosions...we were able to get away with a good number of our soldiers, but many died. But one thing is for sure...Gosvik is dead."

They did it. But...where are they?


The helicopter was approaching the mainland. As it did so, Kit's eyes snapped open, waking from his rest.

"Let us out here." Kit said.

"What? Why?" The commander asked, beating Repede to the question, who was obviously wondering the same thing.

"Just do it; we'll meet up with you back at the base camp." Kit replied.

"But how do you know where..." the commander sighed, dropping his questions. "I keep forgetting there are still forces I know nothing about. Very well."

With that, the three of them were dropped off on the shore, the helicopter taking off and continuing towards its destination.

"Now can you explain?" Repede asked.

Kit simply pointed to a grove of trees a bit further in-land, a small pillar of smoke rising from the center. He took human form and donned a cloak, and entered the treeline, Junior and Repede following closely behind.

They came into a clearing with two half-dragon forms sleeping near a campfire. They quickly woke up though, the sound of Junior’s footsteps much too loud to go unnoticed.

“DADDY!” Junior exclaimed as he ran and almost tackled Tal.

“Junior! Oh my God…you’re safe…but how?”

“We had some help.” Repede said from behind Junior.

“You too!”

Before anyone could say anything, Kit leapt onto Tal’s back from behind, causing him to jump, and put his hands over the half-dragon’s eyes.

“Guess who?” Kit asked mischievously before hopping off and landing a short distance away.

Tal swung around and was at a loss for words at what he was seeing. He couldn’t move, and didn’t know whether or not to trust his vision.

“Kit…you…but…” Tal choked out, stammering.

“You were dead.” Shyv said. “Your soul was gone entirely.”

“I was. But it seems the world wasn’t ready for me to go quite yet.” Kit replied calmly. “And look at these tails.” he added in before swishing his three tails around in the air, smiling subtly.

Tal ran over and pulled Kit into a hug with the force only a dragon could muster.

“I’m so glad you’re not dead, Kit.” Tal said.

“And I’m glad to see you’re alright, too.” Kit replied, hugging back.

“So, care to introduce me to your lovely lady-friend?” Kit questioned as they ended their hug. He had a mischievous smile on his face again.

“Oh, right…this is Shyv; she’s also a half-dragon.”

“Nice to meet ya, Shyv.” Kit said, extending his hand to shake hers.

And so the 5 of them talked and rested for the night, relating everything that had happened at the end of the battle, about Tal’s transformation, etc. The next morning they awoke and Kit was gone, having left behind nothing but a map and coordinates and a small note saying “meet me here in a day or so”.

Kit had been travelling for half a day, clearing distance quickly by using his abilities to manipulate the air around him and speed himself. He at last arrived at a small house on the outskirts of a small town.

He approached the door and knocked firmly, and was soon greeted by a familiar face.

“Why hello there.” BA said, smiling calmly.

“Hey there; long time no see.” Kit replied.

“Indeed. We should sit down and chat over tea sometime now that the world isn’t in imminent danger.” BA let out a chuckle. “No need to explain by the way, I can guess why you’re here.” he said, leading Kit down a small hallway before opening a door.

“Thanks; I really do appreciate it.”

<iframe width="250" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/BPsOU4wi7aY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Kit glanced inside and saw Camila’s sleeping form on a small, twin-sized bed beneath a window, the rays of sunlight illuminating her.

“It’s no problem at all. I’ll give you two some privacy. I’ll be in the dining room if you need me.” BA said before closing the door and stepping down the hall.
Kit stepped over lightly and sat down next to Camila, running a hand through her hair.

She opened her eyes dazedly and looked up, suddenly jolting awake. “KIT!” she exclaimed before jumping up and pulling him into an embrace. “I knew you’d be alright…when I appeared here, I knew you’d saved me. Kit…”

Kit hugged her close before giving her a loving kiss. “I’m glad to see you alright too. And now there’s nothing in our way…we can finally be together.”

They ended their hug and looked into each other’s eyes, saying nothing, as nothing needed to be said. There was plenty to talk about, but that could all be said later. All they needed right now was each other’s company.

They sat there on the small bed, cuddled together and finally able to relax.

After a while, Kit broke the silence. “I think BA’s got some tea on, judging by the smell. And I could use some food, too. What do you think?”

“I think that’d be wonderful.” Camila replied, smiling gently.

Together they made their way to BA’s kitchen where the three of them drank tea and ate biscuits and chatted idly. The conversation started off light and mild, but they soon began to discuss the bigger topics, mainly about what had happened during the battle and time that BA had been gone. Camila began to cry lightly at one point when Kit was talking about his death, clutching his hand a bit more tightly.

After hours of talking (and lots of tea), they all said their goodnights and headed off to bed, Kit going with Camila.

As they entered the room, Kit closed the door.

“Hey Camila…” Kit said, a mischievous grin on his face.

“Not in someone else’s house.” Camila cut in.

“Not what I was going to say.” Kit replied, his tone softening and his smile becoming a sincere and gentle one. “I was just wondering…”

He pulled a small case out of his pocket and opened it, revealing an ornate ring embedded with a semi-large diamond.

“Will you marry me?”



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Post by Frost on Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:00 pm

; The Death Of Redil Gosvik ;

Frost:"Its finally over."
Flair:"The war, you mean."
Frost:"Of course. "Our" battle still isnt finished yet."
Flair:"Zat- *clears her throat* That is true."
Frost:"Please sister, speak as you wish, from this point on we dont abide by their rules."
Frost and Flair turned around and walked over to Tal who was resting in the wing of the dragon.
Frost:"The Hybrid. A truly interesting abomination of mans lust for power."
Flair:"He is not an abomination Frost, He is a gift. An angel. One born not of the heavens but of earth. Born to end this worlds suffering and bring peace to all of its inhabitants."
Frost:"It's the way of men to make monsters, and it's the nature of monsters to destroy their makers."
Flair:"Stop it. You make it sound like hes some sort of curse. And hes not. Of course You know all about that, dont you?" she said touching the dragon as it cradled tal.
The dragon looked Flair in the eyes but did nothing.
Flair:"Thats right, I know what you are. And I'm glad that he'll have you there with him when he wakes up from his long deserved rest."
Frost:"Flair. Its time we left."
Flair knelt down in front of Tal and caressed his cheek.
Flair:"Please take care of him. He is the One who will bring about peace to this world and be its protector. I wish we had enough time to stay here and converse with him about very important issues.... however we must leave to ensure that He's able to have a world to protect." she whispered to the dragon as she pecked Tal's cheek.
Frost:"Peace Be Revenged"

And with that the two of them disappeared in a flash of lightning.


; Securing Of Peace ;

"We're the bringers of Faith."

Flair appeared on top of a floor of clouds in a wisp of fire. She had a serious look on her face and began to walk forward towards a large glistening white gate. Beyond the gate there appeared to be a large city, with towers of Romanian style architecture and it was booming with activity. Flair walked up to the gate and was greeted by two guards who bared swords of fire and had large white wings. Flair smiled at them and came to a stop.
Guardian 1: "Halt. State your business."
Flair:"Oh com now, you two know who i am." she said with a smile.
Guardian 2: "Madam Flair! I apologize for not recognizing you sooner."
Flair:"Eetz ok, Your doing your job. Now if you dont mind." she replied, her accent getting stronger.
Guardian 1: " I'm afraid We cant let you pass. We have specific orders from your father not to allow you to come back. "
Flair:" So He knows. Clever man papa is. "
Guardian 2: " I'm going to have to ask you to leave or we will be required to use force. "
Suddenly an explosion is heard from inside the city and the guards turn around to see a giant mushroom cloud of fire near the center of town.
Guard1/2:"What was that!?"
Flair snapped her fingers and the two guards instantly burst into flames. She walked passed the two bodies and stopped at the gate. Slowly she revealed Sentiment and her bow. She closed her eyes and focused. Slowly the instrument began to hum and glow. She touched the instrument and a bright flash of fire went off. As the fire died, Flair appeared, completely changed. Sentiment was gone, her hair had turned pitch black along with her dress and her eyes a pearly white. She extended her hands towards the gates and in an instant they burst open, flying off their hinges. Without another word she dashed inside as a siren began to scream across the city. Within the city, the townsfolk were in a frenzy, running in every direction to escape the blazing fire that was now engulfing half of the once pearly white city now turned ash tray. Flair dashed through unnoticed as large amounts of similar looking guardsman ran towards the fire in attempt to tame it and bring back order amongst the residents. Her feet bounced further and further towards her destination, her speed increasing with each step as if the clouds were pushing the tile to aid her push. And they were.
She stopped as she arrived in a sanctuary, decorated to the core with religious statues and carvings and symbolic patterns. From the inside, the fire could be seen, burning brighter as smaller explosions erupted from its feet. At the top of the Sanctuary, inside a large throne room, a small council of 9 were present. 8 sitting at a round table around the 9th who sat in a much larger seat, separated from the others, holding more prestige and authority and unlike the other 8, had a masked consultant, appearing to be unknown by the other delegates. The group itself appeared unaffected by the explosions, strictly keeping the situation under the table as to continue the current business at hand.

"So I believe we've come to an understanding?"
"Yes, to the very depths."
"This is going to be interesting."
"Would You focus on the current topic please?"
"I'm sorry, i'm too distracted by the magnificent light show outside... Wouldn't You agree My lord?"
"It's clear that our Lord has no interest in petty mishaps. He makes such short work of situations like it its child's play."
"To call it child's play is quite rude."
"Hm? And who are you to be speaking? What You should be doing is taking that ridiculous mask off and stating why you have the audacity to speak to me in such a tone."
"My identity isn't your concern. And its a work of genius. Its the spark-"
"I have no interest in dealing with anything my young fool of a daughter has cooked up. And hes right, you should remove that ridiculous mask, I myself am surprised I've kept you here for as long as i have."
"As ridiculous as it may be, I'm afraid i cant do that. As for your daughter, I'm sure she knows what shes doing."
"You seem to have faith in that pathetic child, tell me, what is her true plan?"
"Why dont you ask her yourself?"

The council turned to see Flair standing at the entrance to their room, her eyes fixed on the large man in the center 9th seat. She stepped forward and walked up to the group and stopped as the members stood up from their seats except for the 9th chair.

Flair:"Bonjour Papa!" she said with a large smile.
Council member:"Quick! Get-"
Before the man could say another word, he burst into flames. He dropped to the floor and began screaming as he slowly began to disintegrate. The other members grew silent, the fear in their eyes growing as she stepped closer and closer.
Flair:"We need to talk."
9th Chair:"About what? Your murdering of innocent angels, or Your plan to over throw Me?"
Flair:"Over throw you is such a harsh phrase, i prefer the term Impeach."
The man began laughing, his deep voice echoing around the room.
9th Chair:"I never thought My own daughter would turn on Me."
Flair:"Your an evil man! You corrupt innocent souls with lies and make them do your bidding!"
9th Chair:"HA! Your beginning to sound like your brother. And look like him too from your choice of clothing. Children truly are a handful."
Flair:"Frost has nothing to do with this!"
9th Chair:"He doesnt? So your telling me that you, all by yourself, decided to commit treason!?"
Flair:"I'm here to put an end to your monotonous decisions that gamble human life and life as we know it!"
9th Chair:"Oh, so you know what it takes to be who I am!?"
Flair:"I know that god is supposed to be the bringer of peace!"
The man went silent.
Flair:"God doesnt start wars for his amusement. God doesnt prey on the weak. God. Isnt a liar. God is the ensurer of peace and the well being of all things living and non. God exists as a symbol of faith for those in need. God is loved and not feared. YOU Are No God!"
God:"I see."
Flair:"I'm going to remove you from that chair and take your place as the god everyone deserves and the very one it needs! Even if it means striking you down papa!"
God:"Well then. I'll give you 5 minutes. After those five minutes are up, you will be gone, forced to exist forever as a memory and nothing else."

Council member:"My lord, the guards are on their way as we speak." he whispered.
"Thats not very fair." replied the masked man.
The man walked over to the edge of the platform that supported the council room and watched as soldiers flew through one of its gates.
Masked Man:"Flair. Take your time."
Suddenly an even larger explosion erupted from outside the sanctuary. From underneath his cloak, the masked man dropped 2 c4 detonators.
Council member:"You monster! Your with her!"
Masked Man:"Excellent guess." the man said with a sigh.

Flair watched as her father stood up from his chair. She didnt waste anymore time and ran straight for him. He teleported and appeared in the air with his arms crossed. She clapped her hands and swung them at him, shooting large balls of fire. He remained still as the fireballs burst before touching him. Flair spun around, doing ballet style movements. Every time she would swing into a new movement, fire would fly out, obliterating anything in its path. Her father stood there, allowing the blasts to fly right passed him as he watched the other council members get obliterated by her power. She threw everything she could at him but nothing would work. She stood there panting as he lowered himself to the ground.
God:"Your pathetic."
Flair:"You wont win!"
God:"I already have."

He turned around and blocked a kick from the masked man. Flair took this opportunity and focused all of her power and in one swift motion, she struck her father with a large bolt of lightning that lit him on fire. He stopped moving and began to cry out in pain, attempting to put the flames out. As he moved around, the flames turned green and blue and slowly blended into a bright purple that gave off small pops of static as it burned through him. She bent her fingers and the electric type flames grew bigger and brighter causing the screaming to grow louder.

Flair:"GOD BLESS!"

With that last response, she closed her palms and her father burst into ashes that sparked with electricity.

She stood there panting, her fists still outstretched towards where her father once stood.
The masked man walked over to her and patted her on the shoulder.
Masked Man:"Oh how easy God fell. Please be careful from here on out."
Flair:"You took a big risk Deneuve."
Masked Man:"Deneuve? Next you'll be calling me Coil." he replied in a joking manner.
The two of them looked out towards the city, the fire still burning brightly.
Flair:"Well i'll have to call you something if i'm going to rebuild this world with you by my side."
Masked Man:"I'll think of something later. Right now we have to worry about the distraction we used." he said pointing to the fire.
Flair:"Dont worry i'll take care of it, but for now you should probably find a way out of here and back to the streets. I dont want anyone suspecting you were involved." she giggled.
Masked Man:"Who me?" he replied in a sarcastic tone.
As the man began to take his leave, Flair turned back around.
Flair:"By the way, You might want to fix your cloak a bit. Your shirt is showing through the tears, and your white sleeves are peaking through as well."
Masked Man:"I was never good at dressing accordingly."


; Securing Of Peace ;

"We're the Unholy Saviors."

The bodies of various demons littered the ground. Some fled and others attacked only to meet the same fate as the others before them. A strange wasteland looking world with large piles of rotting corpses and remains, piles of skulls, large stone pillars which served as channels for large rivers of lava that shot out of the ground at random intervals. All of which acted as a sort of kingdom to a large palace that was decorated with images of death and coated in fire. Frost walked towards the castle, leaving large trails of demons behind him along with a young woman with short blue hair who would add to the collection of demons every so often. Frost had retained his appearance from when he had first fused with lamentation despite a few personal changes. He still wore a white dress shirt but exchanged his suit's pants with solid black torn jeans and a pair of black shoes which looked similar to his old ones from their worn out looking appearance the jeans gave them. His hair was pure white and was shorter and jagged and he had large wings made of bone that tore their way out of his back. The two of them walked up to the palace gates and Frost blew them apart.

Frost:"Conduit, dont fail me. This plan needs to follow all of the steps accordingly. There is no room for error."
Conduit Girl:"Could you be any more monotone? Its like talking to a damn A.I., and stop calling me conduit! I have a name in case you didnt know."
Frost:"You "Had" a name, when you were alive. Down here that no longer applies."
Conduit Girl:"Maybe it doesnt apply to you but it sure as hell applies to me!"
Frost:"Listen to me girl. Your here with me because I know what your capable of, not because i care about how you feel."
The girl spun around and grabbed Frost by the neck and slammed him against a wall.
Conduit Girl:"Listen you asshole! You dont know what I've been through! I betrayed the man who raised me like his own daughter, killed My best friend and attempted to murder the love of my life! If you think i dont have the capability to take on this mission you're sure as hell mistaken! I dont need you here!"
Frost:"But I need you here." he replied, gripping her wrist and breaking her hold on him.
Frost:"Its exactly what you've been through that's made you into the person I need to help me liberate this world."
Conduit Girl:"I hate the way you treat me..."
Frost:"I only wish to keep you alert and focused. I apologize for hurting your feelings." he said rubbing her cheek.
The two continued onward and fought their way through the castle, fighting off waves and waves of undead and demonic creatures until they reached a large chamber. Inside it was a large throne room made of only a large platform surrounded by lava with a large man sitting at the very end in a ring of molten rock. They walked in and the doors shut and sealed themselves behind them and the large man rose from his seat.
Man:"Its great to see you my son." he began
Frost:"Father. You seem to be doing well."
Man:"Ah yes, I am. In fact I couldnt ask for better.
Frost:"I assume you know why i'm here?"
Man:"Of course I do, i'm no imbecile."
Frost:"Then you know I'm serious."
Man:"Of course, and I couldn't be any more proud."
Frost:"Conduit. Lets begin."
Conduit Girl:"Right." she said revealing her sword.

The man disappeared in a wisp of fire and reappeared in front of them and struck. Frost caught the claw and punched him in the face with a fist of lightning.
Man:"Hahahahaha! That was good, but you'll have to do more than that to kill the king of darkness!"
In that moment she slid underneath the king and jabbed her sword at him. He spun around, grabbed her foot and flung her across the room. The king teleported once more, and just before she flew off the platform he caught her and slammed her on the ground and picked her up by her neck.
Man:"Is this your girlfriend Frost? Hahaha! You should've introduced us." he laughed.
Conduit Girl:"Stop toying with me you sick bastard!"
Man:"But why would I want to obliterate something so precious? And sexy." he replied licking her face.
Suddenly Frost appeared and kicked him in the face, making him teleport away.
Frost:"Conduit, i warned you not to be reckless during this fight."
Conduit Girl:"F%@# reckless, that sick son of a ***** licked me!"
Frost:"Remember. Satan isnt meant to be taken lightly. He can easily murder the both of us in an instant. We must remain on guard."
Conduit Girl:"Alright, lets go."
She took off with an intense burst of speed. She jumped up and brought her sword down directly on top of the king. He laughed and flung her across the platform again but was cut off as Frost came in swinging an electrified icicle and smacked him in the face once more, throwing him off balance. Frost saw this and shot a string of lightning above the king and stretched his hands creating a small net and brought it down on top of his father and brought down a large thunderbolt which struck the net. Frost stopped after he heard laughter and turned around to see his father free of the net and unharmed.

Satan: "Your going to need to work alot harder than that boy-
Suddenly he was interrupted by the girl's sword stabbing straight through his chest.
Conduit Girl:"Now!!"
Frost shot a bolt of lightning at the tip of the sword and it created a large pulse of electricity that electrocuted his father and made him shake furiously. Frost lunged forward and punched his fist through Satan's chest and ripped out his spine, his skull still attached to it. As the body stumbled backwards, Frost spun around and froze it in place until the whole body was one large icicle. The body remained still enough for Frost to spin around and strike it with the spine, using the skull to shatter the frozen body into nothing more than blood soaked ice. The two stopped as he crushed the skull and threw the spine into the river of lava.

Frost:"It is done."
Conduit Girl:"Now what?" she said panting heavily.
Frost:"Now I shall rebuild this world into what is should be."
Conduit Girl:"So Your going to take his place?"
Frost:"Yes. I, along with my sister, am going to change the entire outworld and bring peace and order to it, ensuring the safety of the mortal world."
Conduit Girl:"Well i'm glad i was able to help you. At least I was able to atone for my sins."
Frost:"I'm sure you did what you had to. As for everything else that happened, I'm quite pleased that it turned out the way it did."
Conduit Girl:"I guess you'll be going around everywhere, putting everything in its place."
Frost:"Yes, I will be collaborating with my sister to put the system together."
Conduit Girl:"If you ever see any of them again... could you tell them something for me?"
Frost:"The ones who helped save earth, correct?"
Conduit Girl:"Yes."
Frost:"That could be a possibility. What would you like me to tell them?"

I'm Sorry.

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