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Post by Tal on Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:44 pm

Tal carried Izu out of the city rather hurriedly, with Vanitas close behind. Reaver's squad took point, leading them to an aircraft for transportation.
"What the... I don't even know how to explain..." Tal thought nervously.
"I'm not sure what to say either, Tal. That was all rather unexpected and just plain creepy..." Agna replied.
"Just as long as it never happens again..."
Reaver's squad came to a halt in front of their downed plane.
"Why are we here again?" Vanitas asked, seemingly irritated.
"We're foraging what materials and arms we can from the wreckage. Conserve, don't waste," Reaver replied.
"Sure, whatever. Make it quick, before those soldiers catch up."
Reaver's squad began salvaging the plane.
Tal had become bored with waiting after a few minutes and began to become more acquainted with Vanitas. Sure, they'd met and were in the same team, but they'd never really talked too much. They'd exchanged a few words, such as their pasts, interesting life experiences, etc. Tal had learned that Vanitas had been recovering his memories and powers lately through some unknown way.
"Well, that sure all sounds interesting," Tal commented, scratching his head after removing his helm due to the heat.
"Believe what you want. I don't have to believe your story either," Vanitas retorted.
"I didn't say I don't believe you. I actually do. I never know what to believe in this crazy world, so a story like yours seems sane, if anything. I don't actually expect anyone to believe mine right off the bat."
"You don't exactly find a dragon every day of the week. Finding a hybrid really seems out of the park."
Tal tilted his head slightly. "You can say that again."
"Alright, you two. We're all set. It's beginning to get dark so we'll head out now," Reaver told the two.
"Good; let's go," Vanitas said.
The darkened sky cast shadows all through the forest path. Tal was getting tired out more easily due to carrying Izu all the way there, but he knew they had to be close. Vanitas was slightly ahead of him, slowly increasing the distance between them.
"Hey... hey guys! Slow down... just a bit," Tal panted, still trying to keep up.
"What? Need a break, dragon-boy?" one of Reaver's men asked. "Too tired from all the combat?"
A soft laughter started amongst the squad.
Tal gritted his teeth angrily, but said nothing.
"Don't let them get to you, Tal. Remember, you'll end up living longer than most of them anyway," Agna chuckled.
Tal's lips changed from a scowl to a smirk.
Just as he was about to pick up his pace to catch up, a loud crack emerged from the woods and one of the men screamed.
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/l1TTCeTKhSQ?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/l1TTCeTKhSQ?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Tal just barely made out some sort of black, panther-like monster jump from the woods and through the path, lightning-fast. It sliced the man who screamed in half with what seemed like bladed wings. It disappeared just as quickly.
"What the hell was that?" Vanitas yelled, drawing his blade.
"Shit! It's the forest beast!" Reaver yelled.
"Forest beast? You mean you knew something was out here and you brought us out during the night!?"
"You think I expected that thing to still be here?!"
The monster struck again; this time missing its aim and clipping Tal's chest armor from behind.
"Son of a... Vanitas!! Take Izu and run for the plane! Keep her safe! Reaver! You stay here and help me! Send your men with Vanitas!" Tal ordered.
"Taking orders from a dragon, huh. Whatever, gives me some time to recuperate. Men! You heard it! Protect the girl! Go!" Reaver commanded.
The rest of Reaver's squad, along with Vanitas, took Izu from Tal and ran off toward the plane. Reaver and Tal drew their weapons.
"Forest beast, huh? Know anything about it?" Tal asked as the two stood back-to-back, circling vigilantly. Tal spotted it coming from his left. "Dodge!"
Tal and Reaver rolled in the directions they were facing, avoiding a blade to their sides.
They got back up and scanned the area.
"Other than the rumors I've heard of it being around for hundreds of years, not much. Oh, it likes to kill people that come here, too," Reaver said sternly. "To your right!"
Tal backflipped from his spot and leaped over the monster's face as it missed its bite and dashed back into the woods.
"Well, I'm seeing black, panther-like, deadly, sneaky. Sounds about right for that killing part. Heads up!"
Reaver rolled as its wing soared where his head just was. He spun around but it was already gone.
"Then let's stop its sneaking and get some action going. Right between us!"
Tal and Reaver both swung their blades toward their center. They each slashed through one of the monster's wings on either side of it as it stumbled, rolled over, and crashed. It got back up immediately and stared at them with glowing red eyes.
Rain - Page 9 Nargacuga_Picture
"Well I'll be. Nargacuga," Reaver said in a serious tone.
"You know its name, then. Sweet."
Tal rushed it with his blade at the ready. He swung it over his head and smashed it to the ground where the Nargacuga just was, but it already jumped and lunged at him from behind. It cracked and shattered his chest plate clean off.
"Goddammit!" he yelled, frustrated.
"Hold on! We can't get it trying to rush it without thinking!" Reaver ducked as it whipped its tail around to his location. He stood back up and fired a bullet into its left wing. It roared and leapt at him, knocking him to the ground.
"Reaver!" Tal called. He ran at the Nargacuga once more while it was turning to face him. He slashed it clean across the tail, scarring it down almost to its body.
It screeched and jumped over Tal's head and landed behind him. Its red eyes began glowing, and left a trail when it moved. It stomped its front legs into the ground and roared loudly.
Tal had to crouch down and cover his ears so they wouldn't explode from the intensity. When he looked back, it was gone, so while he had a moment he helped Reaver up.
"We've got to get out of here, we can't kill this thing!"
"Oh no, I think not. This bastard owes me some new armor," Tal replied angrily.
"Watch it!"
Tal spun around and brought his sword with him, slashing the Nargacuga's face. It didn't stop it, though, and slammed its front leg into Tal's chest and pinned him to the ground. Reaver was knocked back into a tree from the force of the blow. He smacked his head into it and passed out.
The Nargacuga roared in Tal's face as he screamed for help.
The Nargacuga drove its fangs straight into Tal's right arm and began chewing and pulling. Its fangs sliced clean through the vambraces.
"Aghhh! Let... let go of me you bastard! F%@# LET GO OF ME!!!" Tal screamed. He kept punching it in the side of the head with his free arm, but it barely moved. It got pissed at one point, though, and let go of his arm and bit straight down on his left claw.
It released his claw quickly and lunged straight for his throat. The kill.

"I don't think so, you overgrown zoo exhibit!"


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Post by darthjawafett on Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:53 pm

The forest was anything but quiet. They soldiers and vanitas could still hear the beast move but it wasnt getting any closer.
Simon: Looks like it picked its target. You sure your friend can handle it?
Vanitas: He's not one to back down. The landing zone should be 3 miles past here.
They continued running... a small electric spark came from Vanitas' right eye. Causing him to trip. Izu fell on the ground in front of him. He held his right eye in pain.
Soldier: Are you alright?
Vanitas: Yea.
The soldiers helped him up and he picked up izu and continued running.
_______Other side of the forest________
a small electric spark come from a persons left eye.. They felt no pain from it.
???: So... hes around here.. Great.
Soldier: You dont think there is gonna be any more of those things around do you?
Simon: I highly doubt anything that tough would travel in packs dont worry about it.
Soldier: You think Reaver and that dragon are gonna live?
Simon: Not sure but there are two ways to find out. Turn back or keep going and wait... Vanitas what exactly was that spark that came from your eye?
Vanitas: Nothing. Dont worry about it.
He said that rather quick as if he was hiding something
Simon: Alright then.
The 5 made it out of the forest and into a clearing where a jet or helicopter could land.
Vanitas: Alright you three wait here and make sure she stays okay
He pointed to Izuki.
Vanitas: Im gonna head back and assist Tal and Reaver..
He gave a radio to Simon.
Vanitas: Should anything happen call in an evacuation and defend this position. Ill be back.
Vanitas disappeared into the forest
He continued down the straight path that they used to escape. After running for 10 minutes Something appeared in front of him.
???: Hello Vanitas....
Vanitas: Who the hell are you...
???: So you did lose memory when you came to this world. The figure's hand came down to its side and electricity surged from its eye lighting up her face. Rain - Page 9 Kairi-kingdom-hearts-2475511-450-338
Vanitas: So... its you... you seem so different from the last time i saw you kairi. What happened to you?
Kairi: Well then you are observant. I possessed this person for her powers.. From her memory i learned that she is from our universe and i found you.. a being created from Darkness that lived in her heart.
Vanitas: Well i hate to end your journey but im gonna need her back for certain reasons.
Kairi: So, does that mean you wanna fight? If i win i get your powers as well as hers. If you win ill leave.
Vanitas: Alright but first i really have to go help someone.
Vanitas ran towards were he had left tal and Reaver. The conversation was a short one about 2-3 minutes long.
When had reached them he saw Tal Smash the beak of the large beast. The beast had burn marks all over its body. Its tail had been severed. The beast fell to the side dead.

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Post by Panther on Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:00 am


Panther's mind was filled with pain. It clouded his judgement, destroyed all reason. Everything was red and black, full of confusion and chaos. There were eyes all around, following his every move. Images of surgery tables and prison cells came and went past. And above it all was Reznov's voice, booming over the discord, telling Panther to forget trust and kill everyone. Panther's mind screamed in agony. So much pain.

And then it all stopped.

Panther woke in the darkness, lying sprawled on a cold surface. There was utter silence. Panther called to anyone, but nobody answered. Panther began to give up when he heard someone say his name.
Suddenly there was a door. Panther stared at it, unsure what it was. Light appeared behind it, shining bright through the old fashioned keyhole. Panther gripped the handle. It was warm. With a thrust, he opened the door. The light filled everywhere.
Panther awoke on a bed in a dim lit room. Panther tried to move, but found thick leather restraints holding him. As his vision improved, Panther realized he was in the infirmary. There was a small window opposite of his bed. It was dark out, and he heard nobody in the hallway. "They're all asleep, I guess." Painter thought. Panther lay awake for half an hour before deciding to sleep. He closed his eyes and slowly drifted off.


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Post by Tal on Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:32 pm


<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/kvFtGqBO3HQ?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/kvFtGqBO3HQ?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Tal's conscious faded as Rage Mode took over. Both his and Agna's merged to one. Their body erupted into flames as the Nargacuga recoiled in surprise and pain.
Rolling backwards to distance themselves they came up with the magnum Trevor had given them. They fired off 5 of the 6 rounds as the Nargacuga jumped and leaped around the forest's trees.
3 rounds had made their mark, further damaging the wings. One had implanted itself directly into the Nargacuga's eye, scarring it and gushing forth a fountain of its crimson blood. The Nargacuga seemed less than affected as it continued its evasion and assault on Tal and Agna.
It clung to a tree,s trunk, pushing off it for a propulsion to launch itself at the two. They dodged by rolling under its wing and fired the last round into its back when they came back up.
Sheathing the gun, they picked up their sword from the ground (they dropped in when the Nargacuga first pinned them).
It spun around as it entered its own rage mode. It protracted tail spikes and its eyes glowed a deeper red and left a more potent trail. It roared again at Tal and Agna, but this time they pressed their helmet harder to their head, giving them time to attack the Nargacuga before it completely recovered from its roar. They slashed one of its wings, severing it down the center.
The Nargacuga pulled back and screeched in pain, then whipped its tail around and tried to impale the two with its tail spikes. They used their sword as a shield, holding it vertically to hold back some of the force of the hit, but they still were pushed a bit.
Pulling the sword from its defensive stance, they immediately swung it upwards, severing the Nargacuga's tail clean off. It stumbled to the side and fell over, stunned by the sudden loss of its tail. More enraged than before, it quickly recovered as Tal and Agna were rushing in for the kill. It swung its good wing around and slashed their left leg, leaving a deep, long gash.
They tripped from the pain and fell flat on their stomach, but quickly rolled over to get up. The Nargacuga, unhappy with their assault, pinned them once more by stomping its claw on them as hard as it could. It lifted its other claw and swung it down, but was stopped with a swift punch to the face.
Their gauntlets were still on and usable, and managed to cause it to back up off of them. They jumped up quickly and immediately started bombarding it with a flurry of punches and kicks to the face. It kept it backing up at a constant pace as their relentless fury continued.
When at last they backed it into a tree where it could not move anymore, they raised their right fist into the air far back and swung it forward so furiously it met the Nargacuga's face with a burst of flame and a resounding "crack."

The Nargacuga fell over, dead, as Tal and Agna stood there panting.
"Wanna F%@# with me again, you bastard?!" they screamed at its dead body, kicking it once more for good measure.
Their rage subsided and all the pain immediately swept through Tal's limbs. He collapsed almost immediately as he saw Vanitas run from his left to catch his body.
"You alright?" Vanitas asked.
"Not in the least," Tal panted, coughing up blood. His right arm consisted of three gashes, two of which were small and shallow, but one of which extended from right below his shoulder to his elbow, and was deep enough to see the bone. His left hand was riddled with holes, and his left leg was cut down the middle horizontally.
"Right, stupid question. You're a complete mess."
"Just... just get us both to the plane. And... try to get that thing on board. It owes me some new armor."
Tal smirked faintly, then passed out.


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Post by darthjawafett on Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:45 pm

Tal sat down to rest while Vanitas was thinking about how to get the dead beast back to the landing zone....
Vanitas (on radio to simon): i found them for the most part they look terrible but should be okay..
Simon: Thats great.. Should we head there?
Vanitas: No i got it just clear out the Lz im sending something. Tell me when no ones there.
After a few seconds
Simon: Alright what are you sending though?
Vanitas: You'll see.
He grabbed the beast's tail and threw it towards the landing zone.
From the ground came a giant skeletal hand again. It punched the Nargacuga sending it flying landing on the outer edge of the circle clearing.
Simon: What the hell is that thing is that the forest beast?
Vanitas: Yea were bringing it home with us.
Simon:Why exactly?
Vanitas: You ask too many questions. Stay out of there for one more drop...
He threw the severed tail It landed closer to the center of the clearing.
Vanitas: Can you walk?
Tal: Barely
Vanitas lifted Tal over his soldier and dragged Reaver's unconscious body
He walked slowly back to the Landing zone.
Vanitas: Simon call in a plane im heading back now.
Simon: Alright..
Simon: Command, Mission Complete we need to get out of here.
Command: Alright Simon were getting you out of here now.
Vanitas moved faster and faster trying to avoid anymore conflict in this forest..
Reaver woke up..
Reaver: Huh were am I?
Vanitas: Still in the forest.
Vanitas helped Reaver.
Vanitas: Tal killed the monster that attacked you two. We need to get back to the Landing Zone.
Reaver: Alright then
Reaver had pulled out a gun from its holster. Ill cover you if i see anything.
Vanitas: Alright then lets keep going.
Vanitas could move a lot faster now with Reaver back on his feet.
Reaver could keep up as well.
In no time they both returned to see a plane waiting for them with the beast in a cage attached to it and the squad inside.
Vanitas placed Tal in one of the seats and got outside.
Reaver: Were you going.
Vanitas: Take off without me I have something i have to take care of before i head back.
Reaver: Want any help?
Vanitas: Wont need any ill be back at the base by morning..
Reaver: Alright then
Reaver closed the door and walked to the pilot telling him to take off.
Inside the plane were Reaver with the remaining 3 people of Bravo 2 and Tal and Izuki.
Vanitas watched as the plane took off heading for the rebel base.

Vanitas: Alright then... Let the fight begin.


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Post by Panther on Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:15 am

Panther woke up in light. His eyes adjusted, and he saw he was still in the infirmary. Some nurses were attending to new patients in the two beds on his right, whom were Tal and Izu. Izu was asleep for all he could tell, but Talent was pretty screwed up. There were large gashes on his arms the nurses attended to to, and overall he looked like a mess.
"Hey Tal," Panther said. "Looks like you just went through the blender, eh?" Tal remained asleep. "Oh, c'mon," Panther sighed. "Just because I whacked your nose doesn't mean you need to hold a grudge over it. It's not like I did it on purpose anyways." Still no response aside from a slight movement from his tail which dangled over the floor. "Out cold..." and Panther would've bugged him more if two guards and a man who appeared to be a a commanding officer of some sort. After getting the restraints off, Panther stretched out his back. "Alright now," Panther started. "To what do I owe the pleasure of being released for?" The Officer stepped in front of the other two men. "I have a special mission for you. I think you'll find it within your area of expertise and have no trouble on your own. There's a factory 10 miles from here that until recently was abandoned. About a month ago intel says that Gosvik's men took it over and it is now a weapons factory. Your job is simple: infiltrate the factory and do as much damage as possible. You can depart in 8 hours, and you have access to all weapons and tech you might need. There is a motorcycle fueled and ready for you in the garage." And with that, the guards walked off. Panther stood in the infirmary for a moment, then exited and began heading to the weapons arsenal. He was going to need explosives. Lots of explosives.

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Post by darthjawafett on Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:30 pm

(Previous Night)
The chopper was gone. Within 2 minutes Kairi was in the clearing as well..
The fight started immediately.
Kairi had summoned her blade. Rain - Page 9 200px-Two_Become_One_KHIIFM
Kairi: Well Draw your blade too..
Vanitas: I wont need it to win here.
Kairi ran forward. When she tried to stab vanitas he moved to the left and grabbed her wrist throwing her in front of him. A dark pool that was hidden in the night caught her.
Vanitas: You fool. The pool exploded sending her flying to the edge of the Clearing.
that strike had activated a power within kairi. The exact opposite that vanitas had.. Light.
Many light crystal had appeared in front of kairi. She Threw them and as she threw them more appeared.
Vanitas had dodged many of them only being hit by 5 so far.
Vanitas: Alright ill mimic you..
Dark crystals of the same size had appeared next to him. He was able to throw them with only his mind. The projectiles clashed and eventually vanitas won that fight..
Kairi: Lets see how you do against this.
A Stalagmite Made from the same light as those projectiles appeared under Vanitas. He jumped away from it before it could fully rise.
More and more appeared from the ground. They followed vanitas as he ran around the clearing.
Kairi rose one in his path and he punched it shattering it.
Vanitas (thought): There that weak huh.
Vanitas jumped in the air.
He outstretched his hands and a ball of wind extended over the clearing.
Kairi used her barrier.
The Stalagmites were shattered by the wind and it clashed with the barrier.
Vanitas: It wont save you.
a Dark wall appeared behind Kairi.
Kairi: Whats he planning to do?
Within seconds the barrier shattered and the wind sent her into the wall trapping her.
Vanitas dropped onto the ground and approached her. He summoned his blade.
He charged forward and sliced. He ended up on the second side of the wall.
Kairi's Possesor: What... My control over her... its being severed. Shit I need to fight back harder.
Vanitas: Looks like that worked for now. I just need to hit you like that 4 more times.
Possessor: Not gonna happen.
Kairi charged forward once again she attempted to slice vanitas. But he was able to defend it.
Vanitas: Your too weak.. There's no chance of you winning.
He kicked her away. Then sliced her again. Severing the possessor's control even further.
Vanitas: Look at that Im getting tired.
Vanitas withdrew and entered a Dome made of Dark energy. From the ground Came up a skeleton. This one looked different while looking exactly like the others. Vanitas' eyes lit up inside this skeletons head.
Vanitas: This one is one of my favorites. The skeleton Drew Vanitas blade.
Kairi: What?
Vanitas: You think i would continue the battle without a chance of progressing farther?
The skeleton entered a stance similar to Vanitas' fighting stance. But it just stood there.
Kairi had just stood still as well.
Vanitas: Your just gonna stand there? Then ill attack first.
The skeleton sunk under the ground. Jumping up to the side of Kairi with the blade in hand. She blocked the attack but was pushed back. The skeleton was Slightly faster than vanitas. After 6 failed hits the skeleton appeared behind her and sliced forward.

Vanitas exited his shadow dome and the skeleton exploded. His blade was now in his hand again.
Vanitas: I have to do 2 more hits now. He summoned his alternative keyblade No name.
He charged forward getting 1 more slice.
Vanitas: Your control is getting weaker and weaker... There is no hope for you.
Kairi: Wrong i have one last chance.
a keyhole portal opened up above her.
Vanitas: Not gonna happen...
he jumped up.. what looked like a wyverns head started to come from the portal.
Its head and neck were fully out and his claws were starting to show. Vanitas blade entered the portal and it closed.
Vanitas: That was close. I remember what creature she was paired with... And now looks like i can remember mine as well. But i wont need to use it until i separate you two.
Kairi was struggling to move. Vanitas took this chance to throw his blade which then severed the last bits of the possessors control.
Vanitas blade came back to him like a boomerang..
He charged forward with both blades. Both hit Kairi at the same time. He was moving them farther and farther from each other. The possessor was thrown to the side away from Kairi who was now unconscious.
The strange figure couldn't move anymore. Ill only need one seventh of my summons power. A keyhole opened up in front of vanitas. From it came a giant snake head. Its eyes were pale.. Orange color. Its stare could pierce through you. This one's element was power of the mind, Darkness and light.
Vanitas: Imprison this one.
Hydra: Alright.
The hydra stared at its target. The possessors eyes changed to a pale color.. His body turned to a spirit and flew towards the hydra. Being swallowed by its mouth.
Vanitas: Alright... go back.
The hydra went back through the keyhole. Which Vanitas then closed.
Vanitas: Its a good thing those were able to survive our universe's destruction...
He looked over to Kairi.
Vanitas: I guess the only thing left to do is return to the base..
He didn't have enough energy left to warp.
He turned Void gear and No name into the glider with the attachment. he threw kairi into the attached sidecar and took off.
By daytime he was on the roof of the Base... He desummoned void gear and no name.
He went down the stairs carrying Kairi and entered the infirmary. He placed her in one of the beds and saw Tal laying down.
Vanitas: Well its good to see that you made it out of there okay.

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Post by Tal on Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:10 pm

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/wUogKmsOe_I?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/wUogKmsOe_I?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Tal stood in full Narga armor wielding his long sword and gauntlets while Agna stood to cover his back. Monsters swarmed.
"You ready, Agna?!"
Agna roared in agreement.
The monsters attacked, and Tal and Agna were fully prepared. Tal slashed through a monster, sending its two halves soaring past his body.
Agna lashed out on one that went for her, tearing its arm off with her mouth and ripping off the leg with her claws. She threw the arm at another monster's face, startling it for a second, which was enough for her to charge up a firebolt and shoot it, burning it.
Tal was knocked to his feet, but rolled to the side and uppercutted while getting up, stabbing the monster in its throat. Dropping its body, he stabbed his sword into the ground and roundhouse kicked another one coming in with its teeth gnashing.
Agna spun around and knocked back a monster with her tail, then charged up lightning magic and shot it at the recovering monster.

The wave of monsters was done. In came the humans through the arena gates.
"Humans now? Well, a battle is a battle. Let's get 'em, Agna!"
Agna snorted, teeth bared.
The humans charged.
Agna began to build up her fire breath. Tal held off the humans as long as he could while she did.
He grabbed his sword and somersaulted forward behind a group heading towards him. Landing on his feet, he spun around and swung the sword, sending a fiery shockwave from the blade to dismember the humans.
He ran to the other side of Agna and cut through two more people attempting to attack Agna. One of the humans managed to bash Tal with their shield, sending him across the ground about ten feet.
Rolling along the ground, he stopped while lying a relaxed pose, one hand behind his head and legs crossed. He pulled out his magnum and grinned at the human with one eye closed.
His finger pulled the trigger and the bullet ripped through the human's forehead. He spun the magnum back into its holster and windmill kicked while getting up, knocking back a few more people.
Agna's fire breath was done charging, and she fired it at the last group of people. The fireball exploded in the center of them, incinerating them all.

The last gate opened.
"And now... the big boss of this arena."
Agna growled defensively.
"Heh, no reason to worry. I'll be fine."
Stomping. The ground trembled. The duo held their ground. Until finally the leader showed itself.

"...A dog?"
A dog no taller than half of Tal walked out. It had one eye; the other was closed and had a large scar down it. It held a pipe in its mouth, had a dagger sheathed along its right front leg, and wore a chain around its neck. Its tail was hook-shaped (to a degree; it was mostly straight but curved in then back out near the base) and it also had a blue stripe leading down his back coming from a tuft of blue fur from right behind the head. It walked up and sat down in front of Tal, looking him in the eye.
Rain - Page 9 Repedetalesofvesperia_2
"Woof woof!"

Tal's eyes jolted open, but he never moved. He stared at the ceiling of the infirmary.
"...Guess I'm becoming too battle-hardened..." Tal sighed.
"Battle-hardened, huh? I guess you have come a long way, haven't you?"
Tal smiled faintly. He went to scratch his head, but immediately dropped his arm and seethed in pain.
"That hurts that hurts that hurts...!"

"Tal! Try not to move your arm too much!" Camila walked into the room with a bottle of something, probably the same stuff she used on his nose not too long ago. "I swear, you're in here every other day..."
"Don't worry, Camila, I plan it all. I love the pain," Tal joked.
"Oh I know you do. That's why I have something special for you today. This should hurt a lot." Camila smirked.
"Hah, nice one... right?"
"Hmmm maybe. Just hold still."

Camila started to work on Tal's arm, which he never noticed the gashes until now. He hadn't paid attention to it since he was, you know, passed out.
Camila was right. It hurt. A lot. Flesh wounds are the worst, mainly because it stings so bad when you just touch them, so whatever medicine applied usually stings and makes it worse, but hey, you get better after a while.

In fact, after a few minutes Tal was used to it and began thinking about his dream a bit more.
"Just what was that dog...? You don't see one like that every day..."
"That's for sure. Maybe it didn't mean anything, and it turned out to be a dream with a weird ending."
"Maybe, but lately I'm not taking dreams lightly. Especially not after that whole demon incident..."
"Yeah, that's true... Hey, you know, I just realized. We shared a dream for once. We don't usually do that, do we?"
"Yeah, you're right. Aside from that time with the demon, it's never happened before."
"Maybe it's a sign we're becoming closer. You never know."
Tal smiled.
"Yeah, maybe..."
"Huh? What did you say?" Camila asked.
"Oh, uh, nothing. Talking to myself, I guess."
He wasn't talking to himself anymore. He never was. Anytime he talked with Agna, they may have been the same creature, but they were always separate.
Besides, they were there for each other.



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Post by Frost on Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:56 pm

(The previous Night)

"Quite the predicament We seem to be having, huh Ryuzaki?" said a concealed voice.

L turned around and there standing a few feet away from him was a masked figure.

L:"Why are You here?"
"Oh cmon,is that any way to treat someone who helped save Your life Ryuzaki?"
L:"Ah yes, I do believe You had something to do with it. In fact You've had something to do with everything thats transpired over the past few years, haven't You...C?"
C:*begins laughing hysterically* "Oh, You know Me so well dont You?"
L:"Answer My question. Why are You here?"
C:"How odd of You to ask a question which You already know the answer to."
L:"Very well. Your desires are quite questionable."
C:"questionable? whats not to understand? *begins walking around L* My desires are only to fulfill the desires of those above Me."
L:"Those above You."
C:"You know exactly who I'm talking about. Or do i have to refresh Your memory on why we're able to speak to each other right now?"
L: "..."
C: " The Devil has a hard enough job L. You dont expect Me to let Him deal with all the stress of keeping everyone in line do you? "
L:(It makes sense now. C is...)
C:"There are 2 beings that keep watch over the souls of the living and dead. God, who seems to favor You of all people and Satan, My faithful employer. There is one being, excluding myself, who keeps everything in order. The Grim Reaper, who i believe You've... met once before. With many different disturbances in the natural order, the two old men and their jockey get tired and overworked."
L:"And thats where You come in."
C:"Correct. Bravo, You havent lost it after all."
L:"Then does this mean Your here to spectate?"
C:"Oh no, I'm here to collect. You see, Your little bargaining chip disappeared on us, and the big man demands retribution. He really was a keeper You know."
L:"No... It cant-
C:"Dont tell Me You havent figured out what really happened to Matt."

L stopped. The world around him came to a halt. He pictured Matt and his conversation with Izuki and it all became clear.
L: ( Matt couldnt have been found by just anyone. His remote location kept him hidden from any sort of satellite surveillance, none of us, not even I wouldve been able to make any sort of direct link to Matt without Him doing it himself and leaving his whereabouts. And even if he was somehow located, is combat training is incredibly well put together, He couldnt possibly fall to just any random soldier or military official.... the only other explanation is........... B!)

L snapped back into reality and looked at C.

L:"I'm not going to let You take the lives of anyone here!"
C:"I dont plan on killing anyone. I just plan to sit back and watch You fall on Your own."
L:"What do You know!?"
C:"I know that sooner or later Your going to find out why building a team with these specific people was the biggest mistake of Your life. Then again, You've had many lives havent You? "*chuckles*
L:"What do You mean mistake?"
C:"You'll find out soon, but in the meantime lets both sit back and watch everything fall-

Doctor Schröder: "Ze van who vill be falling iz You."

L and C both turned to see the doctor stepping out from the corner.

L:"Doctor Sc-
Schröder: " I overheard ze conversation. You C will die here."

Without another word, Schröder dove for C who slid back without the slightest amount of hesitation. Quickly revealing 2 needles, the doctor lunged and swung at C's chest. C ducked under his arm and pushed it upward and knocked the needle out of his hand. The syringe broke, spilling its contents which began to melt the metal floor panel. C stood there as The Doctor retrieved another from his coat and spun on his knee and tripped C who was thrown off balance.
C stumbled backwards and crashed headfirst into a large generator box on the roof shattering the helmet. Slowly C stood up and faced Schröder and glared at him.

Schröder:"You... it cant be!"

Rain - Page 9 C-C-disguised-as-ZERO


Schröder jabbed a needle at C's face. C spun around, catching his arm, lifting it into the air and gave a small jab near his ribcage. The Doctor instantly went limp and fell to his knees. C slowly knelt down and looked him in the eyes.

C:"Such a fool."

Slowly she picked up the syringe and grinned at him. She popped off the container of serum and forced the doctor's mouth open, pouring the liquid inside. Slowly a low sizzle type noise could be heard and the doctor began to scream at the top of his lungs as his insides began to melt away and his organ systems were destroyed. Just as The Doctor took one last big gulp of air, C pulled out a pistol and shot him in the face, making him fall over with a small steaming hole in between his eyes.

C put away her gun and looked back at L.

C:"As I said before. I'm simply going to sit back and watch."

And with that final statement, She disappeared.


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Post by Grimblade on Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:58 pm

Kit made his way back to the base on Junior's back in his normal form. They had gone out for a while to the outskirts of the city for a while so that he could test his new-found abilities, but he didn't last long before he collapsed, barely able to move, covered in small cuts, and his energy drained.

"You sure you're be alright?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. This power...it just takes a lot out of me." Kit replied weakly. "I'm just glad you tagged along, or else I'd just be stuck lying back there for who-knows-how-long."

"So what are you gonna do?"

"My strength will come back in a while; I just need some rest, and maybe some herbs. I'm surprised I'm even conscious after that, though."

"Yeah, it was so cool!"

Kit chuckled lightly as he remembered what he had done. It was pretty cool, wasn't it? He had called upon power from an ice rune and concentrated moisture in the air, forming a crystallized orb of ice, after which he used a light rune and channeled sunlight through the orb, creating a beam of concentrated light. Using and channeling natural sunlight had used much less power than if he had generated the light himself, but the orb itself wasn't strong enough, which caused it to backfire; shattering and creating a minor explosion, which littered him with small cuts and blinded him temporarily, on top of causing his energy to pour from him as he had still been channeling. A useful weapon to use in the future; I'm sure. Who knows how a normal human may have reacted to such an immense explosion of light. All I'd have to do is concentrate the sunlight into an orb and use it as a projectile after disconnecting my channel. He pondered to himself. He'd been trying to find clever [and non-draining] ways to use his new powers, but he simply didn't have enough capacity for energy in his newly-regained soul to use them to any extent more than a few simple feats. He sighed. Power will come with time, I suppose. Nothing to do but be patient.

They had arrived back at the base after a short while of walking, and headed towards the infirmary. After they got to the floor, Junior shot off running.

"Woah! What's up?"

"I smell daddy!"

"Oh, I suppose they must be back now! I wonder how messed up he is this time." Kit said jokingly.

They practically burst through the door, scaring the medical staff inside as Junior bounded to Tal's side, Kit still on his back.



Junior nuzzled Tal for a moment as both looked extremely happy to see one-another.

"Well, looks like you got into some more fights. I told you to stay away from from those bars; you lose your senses." Kit said jokingly, his presence beforehand unnoticed.

"Yeah, well, you know me." Tal replied with a smirk. "But really, you have no idea."

Camila had brought out some food for Tal, and some Ginseng root for Kit to regain some of his energy (along with bandaging his cuts and reprimanding him for not being careful). They both they caught up on what had happened during the time they had been gone, each with their own stories to tell.


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Post by Tal on Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:49 pm

Not much had transpired following Kit's visit aside from a lot of talking between the two. They exchanged stories, and Tal had asked how Junior had been. Aside from that it had been a relatively short visit.
After Kit left (and pretty much dragged Junior back with him since Junior didn't want to leave Tal's side), Tal took another nap since there wasn't much else to do. He hardly touched the food Camila brought him.

Another dream...?
"Guess so. It's not too out of the ordinary for someone to dream, is it?"
"No... I guess not... but when I do..."
"Something weird happens?"
Tal nodded. Agna rested her head upon his lap while he sat against her side, using her wing as a sheet.
"Just once it'd be nice to have a calm dream. The one earlier wasn't all crazy, but it wasn't calm either... And that dog. Just what was it doing there?"
"I'm telling you, it was probably just one of those weird endings that don't make sense."


Tal and Agna both jumped up and stared at where the noise came from. That dog from before. What on earth was going on in Tal's head?
"Wha- you again? Where do you keep coming from?!"

Rain - Page 9 Repede19: "Woof woof!"

"Yeah I should have expected as much."

Rain - Page 9 Repede18: "*groan*"

"Hold on, Tal. I can translate for you."
"You speak dog?"
"No, but I can communicate with him since we're both animals."
The dog trotted over to Tal and sat down in front of him. It looked at him with that same stare from the dream before.
"Well, what's your name? Why are you here?"

Rain - Page 9 Repede2: "Arf! Woof woof! Bark!" (Name's Repede, Tal. Nice to finally be able to talk to you. Why I'm here? I don't know. Just felt like it.)

"You... you just... I don't think dogs can just hop into people's brains and dreams because they 'feel like it.'"

Rain - Page 9 Repede17: "Woof." (So says you.)

"And a lot of other people in this world. But now that I think about it, this isn't the most insane thing that could have happened. You've got to have a reason to keep popping up in my dreams. The way you word it, you certainly aren't just something dreamed up by my mind."

Rain - Page 9 Repede4: "Arf arf!" (Yer darn tootin'. Ah, well, you see, that Gosvik character. He's gotta go.)

"I knew that much. And you came here to tell me that...?"

Rain - Page 9 Repede13: "Grr..." (Quiet and let me finish. So Gosvik isn't as easy to take down as you might have thought. He's a conniving little devil. Well, big devil. But that's beside the point. My point being, I can be just as conniving as he can.)

"So... are you offering help or something?"

Rain - Page 9 Repede9: "Woof... arf, bark." (Well... maybe. I'm not really here, am I? I can't help you out there.)

"But you just told me-"

Rain - Page 9 Repede3: "*groan* Bark woof." (I say lots of things. Anyway, that place he's all locked up in? Don't take it for what it is. It's loaded with traps and such that can kill in an instant. Ya gotta be careful going through there.)

"As expected. Do you know what kinds?"

Rain - Page 9 Repede16: "*whine* Arf..."
(Ones that can take out your eye, that's for certain as far as I know.)

"Your... so you've been there then."

Rain - Page 9 Repede11: "Woof woof! Bark!" (Hey, you catch on quick. Yeah, that guy took my eye the last time I showed up there. I'd like to pay him back the favor.)

"But I thought you aren't actually there..."

Rain - Page 9 Repede8: "Grrr... *growl*" (Ya want my help or what?)


Rain - Page 9 Repede17: "Arf! Bark..." (Good boy. So anyway, to get in, you'll need some sort of entry that isn't the front or back door. You need to think outside the box. Or in this case, the palace...)

"Like a secret secret entrance. One he doesn't know about. Or we make our own without alerting him. Your point being we need the element of surprise on this one. And if we have it we can get through a decent amount of the traps with no problem. And none of us lose an eye. Or a life."

Rain - Page 9 Repede18: "*howl*" (Man, you're on fire! There you go! That's all I gotta tell you, then.)

"Hold on, before you go, how exactly did you get in his palace? And why? Why would he want your eye?"

Rain - Page 9 Repede11: "*growl* Arf!" (Let's say I know your friend Kit, but he doesn't quite know me.)

"You followed him in, and Kit didn't know. Kit went to cause havoc, you had your own mission."

Rain - Page 9 Repede19: "WOOF!" (And that, my scaly friend, is where I leave. You're pretty quick for the type of dragon you are.)

"That a good thing?"

Rain - Page 9 Repede19: "Arf arf!" (Sure is. Fire dragons are known for their brute force rather than quick wits. That's left for ice dragons. Then I'm not too sure about lightning. Maybe their aerial skills. Check it out someday, you'll learn something.)

"Hey, we ever going to meet out there? I always wanted a dog as a companion. I never could have one..."

Repede stood up and stretched, then turned and waved his tail as he walked off into the distance.
"While I'm at it, I'll look for your eye. Maybe take Gosvik's if I get a chance."
Repede turned again to look at Tal for one last time before he woke up.

Rain - Page 9 Repede18: "WOOF WOOF! *howl*"

Tal woke up without a start this time. It was silent in the infirmary and the lights were out. Must have been nighttime. The others must have been up to something while he was out. The question may be "what," but the better one was "could he and should he trust Repede, the mystery dog from his dreams?"


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Post by Panther on Tue Oct 18, 2011 2:55 am

The next morning was no different from any other; after breakfast, everyone would attend to his/her duties. In truth, the rebels were taking a bit of a break after the recent events. Panther had left the base the day before the previous, roaring away on a motorcycle. Nobody either knew or would say where he was off to, but nobody truly cared. Some thought it wasn't a good idea having him released from the first time he was locked up, much less the second time. These thoughts were never openly expressed until after the events that occurred that afternoon. 
It was perhaps 15 minutes after lunch that the rebels radars picked up a motorcycle speeding towards the base, and slowly following it were 4 of Gosvik's tanks. As they got nearer, cannon fire and explosions could be heard echoing through the forest. L came on the base's intercom telling all personal to move in doors and away from the main gates. Soon, nobody was outside, and all that was heard was the booming of 50 mm. tank cannons.
"Damn it!" screamed the tank commander. They had chased the infiltrator for 10 miles, and all the cannon fire was missing the small motorcycle they chased. "I want that Panther dead! FIRE!" The commander, a tall narrow faced man in his mid-forties, was almost raving mad. He had shown the dark soldier the entire factory, thinking the soldier was inspecting it for Gosvik. He had been played, and now he wanted nothing less than  revenge. The cannon shells ripped the ground, sending up a cloud of dirt. When it cleared, they found they were at the rebel base's gates, but no motorcycle or spy. "He hides behind a wall, like a coward! Blast it down!" the commander ordered. But nothing happened. "Are you listening, you dogs? I SAID BLAST THOSE DOORS!!" 
"Sir, the tanks are not responding!" replied one of the drivers.
"What do you mean, "not responding"?!" yelled the commander.
Just then, the dark soldier, the infiltrator, the "Panther", stepped out from the shadow of a nearby cluster of trees. "Commander Granger! Surrender yourself, your tanks, and your men to the rebels." he called. The commander laughed long and loud. "Surrender?" he asked. "Why would I surrender when I could shoot you where you stand right now?" 
"Your answer is beneath all four of your tanks, commander." replied Panther. "Perhaps you'd like to.."C-4" yourself?" He chuckled to himself at his pun, then continued. "As for your tanks, I dropped a small EMP bomb in each tank, which has now fried it's firing functions. You lose, commander." 
The commander didn't laugh this time, but smiled maliciously. "Very clever, Panther," he replied. "Your skills surpass any of our great emperor's soldiers, maybe even sone of his generals. However," He paused, as if admiring his own genius. "Unlike some of our generals, I have backup plans." he finished. Leaning to the radio on his shirt, he barked orders. "Iron leader to Pheonix leader! Commence tactical strike on my coordinates!"
The roar of jets could soon be heard approaching, 3 medium fighters, each carrying a multitude of incendiary bombs. 
"It's too bad they'll never reach this base, commander." said Panther, pulling out a switch from his belt, where 2 others could be seen. He clicked the switch he had grabbed right as the jets came into view, flying low. Suddenly, the center careened to the left, taking out the left jet's wing. The jet on the far right went straight to the ground in an awesome explosion of fire, and was followed by the other two. Black smoke stained the blue sky, and the smell of gasoline and burning grass filled the air. 
"EMP pulsators have an amazing effect on flying planes, if I do say so myself." exclaimed Panther. "So commander, how about that surrender?"
The commander had been staring at the wreckage from atop his tank, but now quickly faced Panther. 
"I'm not giving in yet, filthy rebel!" he said with a snarl. He began giving orders on his radio again. "Iron leader to Big Bird and Steel Hammer! Commence battle procedures, codename "Earthquake", on my coordinates!"
Looking up again, he laughed. "Did you here that?" asked the commander. "I just called in a carpet bombing and missile strike on this whole area! This base is history!"
"So it would seem," replied Panther grabbing another switch. "but the amazing thing about your missiles is how they follow orders."
He stood there with the switch and waited until he could see the missile trails. When he heard the low roar of the bomber, he hit the switch. Slowly the missiles began to change direction, now going at the bomber.
"You see, commander, your missiles wi attack a given target unless given a higher priority target. In this case, your bomber is currently emitting an enemy beacon, attracting all of them like bees to honey." 
He finished as the first missile hit the bomber, making a brilliant explosion in the sky. Now frantic, the commander was calling in everything from the factory, men, tanks, and jets alike. But at the flip of yet another switch, the commander lost contact. In the distance, explosions could be heard, followed by a distant rumbling. 
"That is your factory falling in on itself, commander." exclaimed Panther. "Now I'm tired of this. You have 2 minutes to exit your tanks." He began walking to the gates, when a short crack was heard. Panther's shoulder jerked, and he stopped. The commander smiled as he held his Ruger pistol in his hand, still smoking. Panther turned around, facing the gun. "That," he said, " was not nice." 
With that, he hit the last switch.
The third tank on the left jumped, sending it's turret flying in the air. Similar explosions came from the other three tanks, until all that was left were four heaps of blacked, burning metal and bodies. Turning to the doors again, Panther walked to the doors and waited to be let in. Black smoke now filled the sky, and the smell of burning flesh could be smelled by the gates. Mission Accomplished, thought Panther. Now, I need a bath.

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Post by Frost on Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:55 am

Panther popped inside the command center to find everyone gathered there.
Panther:"So how'd I do?" he said with a smirk.
L:"Panther this is no time to be celebrating..." L said getting up out of his chair.
Chiyo:"Thanks to the little stunt You pulled, You've led them straight to us!"
Panther: "Wait what!?"
L:"Your little "game" you had with that armored tank grabbed the attention of the actual Military. We have a little over a minute before they-

Suddenly a loud explosion was heared, followed by more. The ground began to shake, and everything in the room began to fall over.

L:"Dammit its started! Everyone, We need to leave this area IMMEDIATELY! Quickly, we need to board the Nomad before we all die here!"

Everyone ran out of the room as fighter planes dropped bombs on the compound. People could be seen running for their lives as troops ran in with big machinery and began blasting everything in their sights. The hanger that held the Nomad was big, but of course, so was the plane. It was a large military designed cargo plane, probably used for transporting vehicles or other such items as its original function, now serving as a means of escape and a place for refuge.
Everyone quickly boarded as the roofing of the hangar began to shake and rattle with tremendous force.
L:"Everyone hurry! We need to leave!"
Vanitas: "Wait! What about Tal and Izu?"
The thought had slipped L's mind.
Junior roared from inside the back of the plane, and Kit rushed out the door of the plane, but L grabbed him by the shoulder.
Kit:"L I need to go get them! We cant just leave them-
L:"Kit We dont have a choice! We need to leave now or else none of us here will survive this. I completely understand the seriousness of this decision but there is no other alternative!"
Kit looked L in the eyes and nodded his head.
Pilot:"Ryuzaki! Sir! The hangar doors arent moving! the locking system was destroyed from that last blast!"
Shiki:"Today! Lets go!"
Today:"huh? oh right!"
Shiki and Today both jumped out and ran in front of the plane and took aim at the doors. In Seconds a large electric shockwave was sent flying at the door which blew them straight off their hinges and out into the open. As they ran back into the plane, the others praised them on their teamwork and prepared for take off.
The planes engine roared and the propellers spun and in an instant, the huge cargo plane was up in the air, a take off about as fast as a jet's surprisingly enough for its size. A large missle flew straight in front of the plane, cutting through its path as the Team watched from above as the complex was destroyed, piece by piece. The building slowly collapsing, the infirmary and entire medical wing of the facility completely gone, the barracks also.
Explosion after explosion, the base was soon reduced to ashes and remnant of the buildings it once contained.

Hours had passed, and everyone aboard the plane was quiet. Saddened at the possible loss of their teammates and at the loss of their Headquarters. But it was more of an internal struggle for many of them. Kit had seperated himself from the group and was looking out the window from the cargo hold in the plane, tears rushing down his face from the thought of Camila. Ashamed of himself that he hadnt even thought of her until now.
Kit:"I was practically the first one on the plane.... and when i left I was meaning for Tal and Izu... please Camila please be alright..."
Junior rubbed up against Kit's leg with a sad look on his face.
Junior:"What happened to daddy? is He okay?"
Kit hadnt thought of that either. He struggled for words that wouldnt scare the child.
Kit:"Tal is gonna be alright. We'll see him soon :) I promise."

Panther hadnt said a word either, whether it be because he felt bad for those who had lost their lives that day or about the possibility that it might have been his fault, it was unsure, although he was quiet as usual. Shiki and Today seemed to be the least torn up from the incident. Shiki who had been awoken from a nap and thrown onto the plane, and Today who had just wandered into the teams chosen area by miracle. Chiyo sat down, annoyed at the fact that Vanitas seemed to be the only person willing to make conversation with her, the problem being He wasnt another woman and he only wanted to talk about how he'd miss the pool.

A Couple Million Miles away...

The complex was gone. Hardly anything remained where it once was. It was dark and horrid. Blood stained everything, corpses littered the grounds, fires burned on the torn pieces of buildings and in craters left from the bombings. Ground troops had invaded after the first wave of bombs and had slaughtered everyone they saw. after the job was done the final wave of explosives finished off the place for good.

Suddenly, a crackle is heard. A small chunk of wall begins to budge and slowly falls over revealing a young woman. Her clothing was torn and a bit bloody, although the blood wasnt any of her own, she staggered at first from the shock and for a short bit she was unable to stand up properly without falling over. She slowly walks over to another side of the ground and begins squirming as she begins to move around rubble and debris from a small area. After a short bit, she eased herself as she moved a collapsed bed out of the way to reveal a body which she took the liberty of putting over her shoulder.

Camila:Good shes still breathing...*clutching Izu who rested on her shoulder* "What in gods name...."

Camila knelt down and begin to slowly shake Izu, attempting to receive feedback.... alas nothing.
Camila:"Still unconscious... Shes practically Comatose. Izuki why wont You wake up!? I need Your help right now!- gasp*:
She took her hands off Izu's shoulders and stood up looking around frantically.
Camila:"Oh My god! Where's Tal!?"

She wandered around, lifting items out of the way and stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of a jagged looking edge that had a paper like look to it, sticking out of the rubble.

Camila:" A Wing! Tal! "



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Post by Tal on Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:32 pm

Camila moved pieces of the rubble away from where she found Tal's wing. She struggled with some of the larger rocks, but eventually found Tal lying face first in the wreck.
She knelt down and flipped him over, letting his back rest on her knee.
She checked his wrist for a pulse.


She checked his neck, next.

Still nothing.

Lastly, as she silently gasped at the horrid thought, she checked him for signs of breathing.

Camila's trembling hands covered her mouth. She couldn't believe this. No way he was...
"Tal... Oh my God... What... what will I tell... No..." she whimpered.
A tear fell from her eye as she waited there with Tal's body in her arms. His mouth was slightly open and had a stream of blood crawling down his lower lip. His eyes were closed, as if they dared not show the reality of what had happened to him. His limbs, wings, and tail were limp as they drooped to his sides.

Camila didn't move for a while. What would she tell Kit? He even told her, Tal was the first friend he ever had. What would he do if he found out Tal was...


She couldn't. She didn't want to hurt Kit. But she knew it had to be known. But the real problem was how she'd manage to find the others. They could have gone anywhere in the world. It would be difficult for her to do anything, especially with Izu in a comatose state and Tal's body to bring with her.
She couldn't do anything but wait. She had to wait and hope that someone would come by and find her.

What were the chances of that, though?
Even she wasn't expecting it. But once again, it was her only hope.

So Camila managed to make a makeshift shelter from the rubble as night fell upon the ruins of the base.
And she waited with Izu, sobbing quietly for the loss of Tal.

It was a loss she knew no one would take lightly.


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Post by Frost on Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:59 pm

Camila sat there against the rubble sobbing as it slowly began to rain. She applied the torn up sheets from the bed remnants and used them to cover Tal and Izu with them. Every now and then she would check Izu, hoping for a response. Thunder clapped and lightning shot back and forth across the sky. A Lightning bolt struck in front of the make-shift shelter, throwing Camila back and she screamed in response. With that flash of lightning appeared a dark figure. The figure slowly moved left and right, as if looking for something. Camila gasped at the sight of it and hid behind one of the bed frames she used to hold a wall.

Camila: "Please dont let this be happening " she said whiping tears from her face as she slowly grabbed a metal pipe.

She looked from around her cover and to her surprise the figure was gone. Slowly she placed the pipe down and turned around to Izu. Everything stopped. The figure she had seen only a minute ago was now standing in front of her, looking her in the face. An arm reached out and grabbed Camila by the throat and flung her outside of the shelter into the rain. She being walked out after her. Camila squirmed , trying to get back on her feet but the figure appeared right infront of her and kicked her in the ribs which sent her flying in the other direction. Camila gripped her chest and cried in pain as the figure slowly moved closer to her. Slowly revealing a blade, the figure stopped in front of Camila who began to inch away. The Figure swung the blade down and Camila closed her eyes and screamed at the top of her lungs.

She stopped screaming and opened her eyes to find another dark figure standing in between them both holding back the blade. The 2nd figure kicked the 1st back a few feet and the fight began. The sword bearer charged and swung giving the 2nd the chance to slide around and jab 2 punches. The sword flew out of the 1st's hand but not before a solid punch was landed on the other's face. A mask flew into the air and landed next to Camila who grabbed it and looked back at the fight. The 2nd figure revealed itself to be a slender looking woman with long green hair.
The woman jabbed 3 times, landing 2 punches in the chest and 1 on the stomach of the hooded figure. Both engaged in cqc, constantly throwing punches and kicks only to block each one, until the figure slipped. The woman kicked figure in the stomach, pulled out a gun, shooting twice, spun it around and delivered a pistol whip which spun the gun in the air for a split second as it was caught and fired again. The figure stumbled backwards and fell flat onto the ground as a large puddle of black like fluid leaked from its body.

The woman slapped her gun around reloading it with amazing speed and placed it back in its holster on the back of her waist. She turned and walked over to Camila and knelt down next to her.

Woman:" I'm sorry miss, I'll need that helmet back if You dont mind. " she said with a smile.
Camila slowly handed her the mask shakily. She had no idea what had just went on but she was in pain. The woman extended a hand out and helped Camila to her feet and walked her back to Tal and Izu who remained in the shelter.

Woman:"Oh My" she said trying to hide a large smirk.
Camila:"Thank You for saving My life, i'd be dead if You hadnt have come."
Woman:" Wouldnt it have just been wise to wake up sleeping beauty? " she said kneeling down next to Izu.
Camila:" No.... I dont know whats wrong with her, she has been in this comatose state for a while now. Not a single response."
The Woman rubbed Izu's forehead with her thumb.

C:(I hope You enjoyed the little gift I gave you)
As she took her hands off Izu, the swan-like symbol from before appeared on her head again and glistened.
C:"Excellent, You've gotten over the trauma from the excessive use. Soon My darling.... soon..."
Camila:" Excuse Me? "
Woman:"hm? oh nothing. Give Your friend here the rest of the day or so. Then check her again."
Camila:"Why? What will that do?"
Woman:"Worry about that when the time comes"

The woman walked out of the shelter and looked down at Tal.

C:"Dont think I've forgotten about You my little unfortunate friend." she said again with a large smirk.


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Post by Grimblade on Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:40 pm

Camila lay there, her mind swimming with thoughts, unable to sleep.

What was going to happen to her...?

Is Kit alright...?

What if the military found her? If that happened, everything would be over...

And worst of all, for the first time in a while...she was alone. But it was a feeling that she knew very well from past experience.

As a young girl, she had grown up in the Warrens, a slipshod area near the outskirts of the city where the extremely impoverished lived. She had never known her father, but was an accidental daughter of a prostitute. She was raised in a shanty home for several years, until one day her mother just didn't come home. It was then that she was abandoned, young and without anything aside from the clothes on her back, and forced to live on the streets.

She managed to survive as best she could in the following years, barely living off of scraps and small amounts of work wherever she could. But she couldn't make a living off of this forever. People gave children work out of pity, but as she matured, there would be little options for her in this society as a woman...most turn to prostitution, but that was not a life she wanted to face. She simply wouldn't go down that road.

The one thing she hated most about her life though: She was completely alone. She had no one, and it had always always so.

It was one dark night that she had went to sleep in a small unoccupied shack, as there was a terrible storm going on. She was just falling asleep when she heard voices from outside.

"Yeah, I saw her go in here." one voice said.

"Alright, go in quickly and grab her before she can make a run for it." a second voice said.

Then she heard laughing, and from the sound of it, there was three of them. She went and stood next to the shack's one doorway and picked up a plank of wood.

As the first man ran in, she bashed his head with the plank, knocking him unconscious. She didn't have time to react, however, before the second grabbed her and threw her to the floor.

"You *****! Look what you did to Denver---" he said, as a third followed him inside. "Ollie, grab her."

The third man held her down as she struggled to get free of his grasp. But it was a futile effort, as he had her pinned. All three of them were boys not much older than her, but all rough-looking.

The first man knelt down and slapped her across the face. "That's for knocking out Denver." he said coldly. "Now...just one more thing, and then we'll leave you alone. That is, if Denver doesn't want to get you when he wakes up." he sneered evilly. He ran a hand up her shirt, an evil grin on his face. "You'll do just fine for tonight."

Her face was that of terror as she struggled to free herself, to fight back...anything. Her eyes went cold as she realized her struggling was no use, and she saw him unfasten his belt, his pants coming off as he prepared to have his way with her. She never wanted things to be like this...what dignity she had would be stripped of her. And after all these years of fighting...

She closed her eyes as a tear fell down her cheek, preparing for the worst. But nothing happened. She heard a *thud*, a yell, and then silence. The man's hold on her had slackened.

She opened her eyes, confused, tears flowing, looking around. The first man was lying on the ground, as was the second. Both had needles protruding from their necks.

"They're just passed out, don't worry." a calming voice said from outside the shack. "Looks like I passed by just in time, eh?"

She looked out and saw a middle-aged man standing in the road next to a cart.

"Th...thank you." she replied through bewildered tears. Embarrassed, she began walking away, saying nothing more.

"You headed home?" the man asked.

"...I have no home." she replied.

"Any place to stay?"

"Wherever I can find."

"Then how about you come to my place? I have an extra room."

"I...I couldn't." she replied.

She was shocked by this. Someone being kind to her?

"Look...if it makes a difference, I can even give you some work at my shop. You can have a steady pay and not have to deal with things like this." he said as he pointed to the shack. "It's your choice."

It was thus that she accepted the offer and finally left the Warrens. Surely it was a stroke of luck, but...for the first time in her life, she was happy. She had a home, and a figure that was like a father to her---Hughes was his name, who was a local herbalist, and a fine one at that.

During her stay there, she worked for Hughes for years, earning pay and learning the ways of a herbalist. She learned how to make medicines, poultices, and so forth. And it was during this job that she also realized...she loved to help people. She knew herself how bad people could have it, and she made it her goal to treat whoever she could as well as possible, sometimes even taking out of her own pay to do so. She was making a difference, and it made her happy. And she was no longer alone.

...Until the day that the city was overrun by Gosvik's soldiers. For her own safety, Hughes helped her escape to the rebels, staying behind himself.

It was then that she joined the rebellion, aiding in their medical facilities to treat those around her.

But she felt alone once more...

...Until she met Kit.

"Kit..." Camila murmured as she fell asleep, a single tear falling from her eyes.


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Post by Panther on Thu Oct 27, 2011 1:27 am

(Back on the plane)
Panther sat staring at the metal walls of the cargo plane. Nobody had spoken yet, and he knew why.

All he had wanted to do was something impressive, to change everyone's view of him as risk. He could've just demolished the factory and left, but wanted to have a bonus. And what happened? He led Gosvik's forces to the base.
He had destroyed their home.

And for what? Admiration? He had thought he was feared and hated, but now he knew it as fact. Nobody had even offered to mend the bullet wound in his shoulder. However, it wasn't serious, and had clotted up by now. It hurt still, and reminded Panther of his failure. 
And then there was Tal, Izu, and Camila. They could be dead by now, and if they weren't, who would go back for them? Everyone was dead. Kit was probably heart broken. Panther was surprised Kit hadn't killed him by now. 

Panther looked at his usp.45, which was now in his hand. Ending it all would be so easy, but cowardly. He holstered it again, now looking at his bare hands. He had killed so many people with his hands, both directly and indirectly. And now the blood of his allies were on them, too.
It was his fault Tal was dead. His fault for the destroyed base.

All his fault.

Panther, in anger whipped out his knife, and in a shout of pure rage, thrust it not only into but through the metal box he sat on. This startled the others, and Chiyo stood up.
"Panther, what the HELL were you thinking?!" she shouted at Panther.
"Um guys? Can we do this later?" asked Today, not wanting an argument.
"No!" continued Chiyo, "Camila, Tal, and Izu are probably dead now because this idiot wanted to show off!"
Panther pulled out his knife, and sheathed it again. He walked to the back of the plane where the cargo bay doors were, as if unaware of the argument. 
"And where do you think you're going?" asked Chiyo, still angry.
Panther grabbed a parachute off a hook, not even turning to face Chiyo.
"I'm going to look for the others. The base was my fault, and therefore any people left behind are my responsibility. I'll have my tracker on me, so you'll know where I am."
He began putting on the parachute, when a light click came from behind Panther. He turned around to see Chiyo pointing a pistol between his eyes. 
"You've caused enough damage already. Three of our best people are dead because of you. You're not just going to run off, and I don't intend to let you."
Panther took a step forward, placing the gun's barrel to his forehead.
"Chiyo, I almost wish you could shoot me now. But I wouldn't die." Panther said softly.
"And just how do you explain that, Panther?" growled Chiyo.
"Hasn't L told you?" Panther looked around. "Any of you?" he asked again.
"Figures." he said. " Years ago, I was a subject to brainwashing in an attempt to make a super soldier, but it didn't hold. When it broke, it destroyed my memory and half my mind. You should ask L, it's a good story."
"Now, if you don't mind, I have people to find."
Suddenly, in one swift moment, Panther pushed the gun to the side with his hand. Chiyo fired, at which Panther jabbed her in the ribs, then ripping the gun from her hands. He pulled out a stun grenade, which he threw down a foot from himself. It exploded with a loud bang, which ricocheted off the plane's metal walls. With everyone in the cargo bay disoriented, Panther groped for the bay door switch. Finding it, he hit it, then jumped out.

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Post by Grimblade on Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:46 pm

In his mind, Kit felt as though he was dying. Camila...she was left behind...and so was Tal...and even though L said it was no use turning back, he couldn't sit here idly, going further and further away from the people that he cared about the most. He had to do something.

But what? He was in a plane going at a fast pace, thousands of feet above the ground, and was in the middle of a row of his teammates. Surely L had them sit this way so that he could be stopped if he were to attempt an escape. Dammit.

Kit reached out his soul and formed a mental connection with Junior, who was laying in front of the group, apparently very troubled at leaving Tal.

"Junior, I need you to listen. As soon as I get the chance, I'm going to get out of here. I don't know how I'm going to, but I'll make it happen. I'm going to find Tal, so don't worry. I'll make sure you get to see your daddy again."

Just then, the distraction that he was waiting for happened. Panther had lost it and jumped from the plane after throwing a stun grenade. Everyone in the plane was dazed from the blast.

Quickly, he infused his claws with a simple fire glyph and tore a gash in the floor of the plane, the metal sizzling as it came apart like butter. Wasting no time for everyone to regain their senses, he fell through the hole and cut through another layer of metal before he began to fall.

It was a funny sensation; falling. He felt as though he were weightless, but at the same time, he knew his weight was sending him closer and closer to the ground. He quickly tried to think up a means of cushioning his fall, slowing himself down, or some other means of, well---not becoming a crushed pile of matter on the ground below.

He tried to use a wind glyph to condense the air, tried condensing the water in the air and freezing it, but nothing could slow his fall. And his power was drained. Dammit! What now?!

Kit closed his eyes and braced himself for when he would hit the ground below. But there was no crash, fall, or pain...in fact, he felt as though he was no longer falling. Could he be dead already? Was dying this painless?

He snapped back into reality as he felt himself snatched out of the air. It was Junior, and he was also falling. He must have jumped, too. Quickly mustering what energy he could, Kit drew water from the ground to the surface, creating a layer of mud before they hit the ground.

Junior landed with a soft thud, his dragon body taking in the shock of the impact. He seemed slightly dazed, but fine. When he seemed to have recovered, Kit created a mental link.

"Well, I'm sure glad you showed up. I thought things weren't going to end well for a moment."

"I'm glad I showed up, too! I wanna go with you to find daddy."

"Fine by me. It'll actually be nice to have some company. But we need to be careful...if we're discovered, this could all be over."

And so the two began their search. They were in a large grassy plain with small groves of trees. And no soldiers in sight. Kit riding Junior and keeping a lookout for signs of danger, the two of them proceeded forward in the opposite direction of that which the plane took.

We're on our way. Please be safe...


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Post by Frost on Thu Oct 27, 2011 9:10 pm

The commotion had stopped and everyone sat quietly.

Chiyo:"Ow, My F%@# chest."
L:"You know, Your people skills seem to need a little improving."
Chiyo:"Clearly :/ I've had it with that guy L. Why have we had to put up with him for so long?"
L:"His purpose for being on the team was clear."
Chiyo:"Clear my ass."
L:"Yes... although, his recent actions have been contradicting everything ive said in the past which kept him from being shot. His recklessness will get him no where. Its only a matter of time before he ends up doing something reckless and kills himself."
Shiki:"I need not mention how he opened the hatch right? I mean its not like any of us couldve been killed in the process."
Today:"If I wouldve been sucked out I couldve flown back in."
Shiki:"Yeah? Well if anyone else got sucked out of the plane they wouldnt have been so lucky."

L:"Yes. Well aside from the very obscure issue we just experienced I only wonder what was going through their minds."
L:"I see none of You noticed. Kit left as well."
Today:"I noticed"
Shiki: " <_______< ..."
Today: "..."
L:"Clearly their motives are to go back to the base- or whatever is left of it and find Tal and Izuki, along with Ms. Camila whom i believe was Kit's drive for leaving also. As much as I'd like to applaud them for their efforts, they seem to have forgotten how high up in the air we are and how far away we are from the base's position. They left as if we were right over it."

Today:"That will probably take them days to reach it."
L:"Exactly My point."
Chiyo:"Can we just kick Panther off the team or something? I mean I have to deal with Vanitas, thats a big enough chore."

Vanitas (walking towards them):" Hey! What the F%@# I heard that! "
Chiyo:"No one asked you!"

L:"His line in the team is thinning. We'll see where his actions lead."

Vanitas:"So what do we do? Are we going to turn back for them?"

L:"No. They chose to leave on their own, meaning we arent responsible for anything that happens to them. Plus, with the military now hunting us down, landing anywhere that isnt 100% remote isnt going to do us any good."

Vanitas:"I could fly off on my glider and get them if itd help."

L:"No. I need You to stay here. In fact I need every one of you in this room to stay aboard this plane, thats an order. I didnt build this team in order for everyone to go off on their own ways. if they die out there then so be it."

"The gates of Hell.... their hinges seem a little loose-"

Sarah:"Konata chan, I've missed You dearly."
Konata:"This is amazing, I never thought I'd ever see You again."
Sarah:"I've missed You to Kona, and by the looks of things You seem to have grown alot sense we last saw each other. Have You gotten taller?"
Konata:"All these years and You still make fun of my height, I cant help being short."
Sarah:"Dont feel bad, its what makes You so cute."
Konata:"Aw, thanks :3"
They both hugged one another for a long time.
Sarah:"I had forgotten how soft Your skin was Kona" she said rubbing against Izu's cheeks."
Konata:"Oh stop haha."
Sarah:"You've certainly grown...."
Konata:"Sarah... what are You-?

Slowly Sarah eased her hands down and lifted Izuki's shirt up and began rubbing her body. Izu began breathing faster and faster as she watched her friend slowly inch a hand down her pants.
She was interrupted as they both locked lips. Slowly Sarah pushed Izu onto her back and got on top of her where the kissing resumed. It was as if Izu was locked in a trance, she wouldnt do anything accept cooperate with her friend as they undressed one another. Sarah stopped and Izu put her hands on her to push her away.

Konata:"Sarah, I dont think we should be doing this..."
Sarah:"Shhhh, just let Me handle it from here <3" she said as she slowly placed her head between Izu's legs, which caused Izu to cry out and her face turn a bright red.

After a little bit, sarah popped her head up to look at Izu

Sarah:"I love You Kona <3, dont You love me?"
Konata:"Of course I love You <3"
Sarah:"Then why didnt You save Me?"
Sarah:"When You watched Me get brutally murdered, did you love me then?"
Sarah:"Answer Me!"

C:"No, She didnt."
Sarah:"Who are You?"
C:"I'm the carrier of souls, I've come to bring You to where you belong."
Sarah:"But I cant leave, I'm not ready."
C:"Your whats holding this poor girl back, Its You who caused her to almost get killed, and if it wasnt for Me, You wouldve successfully ended K's Life."
Izuki:"K? ... How would.."
C:"She belongs to Me now little girl, and there is only room for one mind altering being in her brain and thats Me."

The swan figure flashes and flashes over the scene and then blank.

Slowly the room begins to fade and everything turns to black.


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Post by Tal on Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:06 am

Repede leaped from rock to rock across the snow-covered mountains. His feet never missed a step, and he jumped with such grace. He never slipped or tripped. His chain collar trailed behind him though the air, but never once got in the way of his footing.
Rain - Page 9 Repede9: "Tal, Tal, Tal... Who knows? Maybe one day we will get to meet face-to-face? If we do..."
Repede stopped on the spire of a mountain, gazing out at the setting sun on the horizon.
Rain - Page 9 25ew4tk
It dyed the Earth a deep crimson color as it hid away beyond the clouds.
Repede's feet sunk into the snow with every step he took, but he was light enough that he didn't completely fall through the large amount of snow.
Rain - Page 9 Repede3: "...I'm looking forward to it. I remember back when I used to love this kind of sight. Yeah... way back in those days."
Repede brushed aside the thought of his past and began to walk towards the edge when he heard a series of screams and explosions from far away, followed by the sound of a plane taking off.
Rain - Page 9 Repede5: "Wait, but that's in the direction of... Gosvik...!! How could he have...?"
Repede bounded from his spot on the mountaintop and resumed jumping from rock to rock, this time at a quicker pace. He headed toward where he heard all the noise coming from.
The base.
"Tal, why can't I reach you...?! You should be one of the first consciences I'd pick up around here... His overpowers most anything else's, but I can't even pick up the presence of a squirrel..."
Kit though to himself anxiously as he rode Junior through the field they touched down in.
"Kit, is daddy alright? D'you know where he is?"
"Junior..." Kit couldn't tell him the truth. He was too young and too innocent. He might have been 3 times Tal's size, who already is one of the bigger members on the team, but Junior was still only a year or two old. How would Kit be able to just tell him that he has no clue where his dad is and not even a squirrel is alive around this area? Kit thought up a decent lie; "Yeah, Junior. He's fine. I can't pinpoint where, but I can feel him out there somewhere. You'll see your dad again soon, I promise."
Kit could feel the tension ease up off of Junior.
"Whew... Good. I'm not sure what I'd have done if he were hurt or... or worse."
"Your dad's a tough customer, Junior. He wouldn't go down too easily," Kit said out loud to the young dragon. "But in the state he was already in, and something as bad as that bombing, I'm not sure if he would've..."
Kit dispelled the thought. He didn't want to think about that.
"So where was the base again? I don't exactly remember..."
"It's due south of here. Just go that way and we'll reach it eventually. I'm sure that's where I'm sensing him from."
And so Junior took off in the direction of the base, hoping that he could find his dad and the other ladies.
" Camila... you too, please be safe. Take good care of the other two. I know you can do it... If anyone can make me not think about what I think might have happened, it's you..."
Repede stood on top of the hill, staring slack-jawed at the ruins of the base. It was exactly as he'd thought.
Rain - Page 9 Repede8: "Gosvik...! How did he find them...? Yet again he managed to get in my way without even trying. Every time I get a lead on someone who can take you down, you manage to somehow get rid of them..."
But... but surely not Tal. He was a dragon after all. Dragons were tough, like that one all those years ago... But that was another story.
Repede started sniffing the air for any signs of life. He winced almost immediately after the first inhale.

Death. Blood. Bombs.
All he could smell was the dead bodies littering the ground and the residue leftover from the bombs. Not a single living thing could have been down there.

Then he remembered the plane. He heard a plane taking off not too long after the first explosion. Tal had to have boarded it with all his friends, and escaped somewhere.

But after one more careful look, Repede's heart sunk.
Looking down near a larger pile of rubble, he saw the nurse that would always be with that fox-boy carrying two bodies with her into a makeshift shelter.
The glimpse of red he caught was all he needed to know.

Tal didn't make it.

Rain - Page 9 Repede13: "...Tal..."
Even though they had never actually met, Tal was the first dragon Repede had actually met that had such a... condition. Because of that, Repede still felt a sort of connection to him. He'd hoped they could take down Gosvik once and for all.

But now that chance was gone.

Rain - Page 9 Repede15: "...Rest in peace..."

Repede laid down on the hill top, out of sight from anything that might be a threat to him. The ground wasn't covered in snow due to the drop in altitude, so his belly didn't freeze.
He laid there quietly for a while, and a single tear fell from his only eye.

He rested his head on his paws and closed his eye. He attempted to get some sleep, but he wasn't sure he'd be able to now.

Rain - Page 9 Repede15: "When the morning comes, I need to set out. I've got to find someone else. I can't sulk forever, especially about someone I've yet to meet face-to-face. But first, I'll at least visit him before anyone wakes up. It's the least I could do..."


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Post by Youkoi on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:05 pm

Journal Post # 34

Things had been going pretty normal for me. At least, as far as my status. As for the recent events that have been effecting the team and I, things have been pretty hectic. I am currently on a plane, flying away from our recently destroyed base. I am with some, yet not all of my teammates. Some we had completely left behind, and some jumped out to go back for the ones left behind. The ones that remain on the plan are worried about the rest, and so am I. I know what has happened, and yet...I am not sure why. All of these tragic turns of events are real, I know it is, and I know that hey had happened, but the thing is, I don't know why all of this was happening. I know I was there, experiencing and learning what was going on, what had effected me and what had effected my friends. But that's as far as my memory is going. The smaller details remain a mystery to me, a mystery that I should already know the answer to. It's hard to explain. It's almost like, in a sense, I wasn't all there. I mean, I was physically there, but in, uh, a mental state, I wasn't. The key points I can clearly view via my memory, but the smaller details were a blur. It's like I was just spaced out through the whole thing. I'm, rambling now, I realize. But this is what my journal is for, isn't it? To go on about my thoughts, to ask myself questions, and see if one day, I listen again to my ramblings, and see if I could answer my own inquiry. At least, that's what I remember the purpose to be.

Anyway, all I'm saying that the events the clear, but the reasoning is not. But I feel as though my system's in full operation now. I have more sense in this reality, now! I feel like I can finally take more part in the story, of my new found friends, in their journey to save the wo--aqpoiwejrjcnnqaosall;;0100110101010101.....
Error : Data Transfer Interrupted
Error : Data Transfer Interrupted -- Source : Transmission
-Incoming Signal-

Message from: Creator; October 29, 4011
Creator: Today?
Creator: Today are you there?
System: huh
System: hey, thats my name!
System: who are you, and what are you doing interrupting my diary >:0
System: i meant journal. thats what i said
Creator: Ahaha, nice to see you are still the same, Today.
Creator: I just wanted to talk to you, see how you were doing.
System: oh
System: well i guess thats neat. im pretty fine, but i almost had an error because of your sudden transmission!
System: :<
Creator: I apologize, ahah.
System: who are you anyway? what kind of name is creator!
Creator: Well, I certainly didn't name myself that.
Creator: That is just what your system calls me within this chatting program
System: oh cool
System: but why would my system name you that????
Creator: Because Today, that is what I am.
Creator: I am your Creator.
System: :0 !!!!!

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Post by Frost on Sun Nov 06, 2011 9:53 pm

The morning was rough. Camilla had been searching all over the rubble for any sort of food she could use to keep her energy up. Her luck wasnt so bad, finding half a food ration to nibble on, which had done its initial job considering she prefers to portion her meals. She had covered Tal's body with a small tarp that was too torn up to cover his face. She wouldnt dare look at it, in fear that she would start crying, so she focused more attention to Izu and other smaller things.

Camila: "Dammit I've got nothing left. No supplies!" she said striking her fist against the floor.
"what am I supposed to do if something else happens like yesterday? I couldve asked that strange woman for some help, but she disappeared on me.... it must've been that she was in the area at the moment or something.. maybe she didnt care that we were in the middle of this..."

Hours had passed and Camila had finished cleaning up a new spot to move Tal and Izu. She was tired and almost hopeless, afraid of the idea that she may die there.

Camila: "The sun will start setting soon, I need to find more supplies!"
She looked around in every direction and after a while noticed a small broken up shack by where the entrance to the infirmary used to be. She ran as fast as she could, almost tripping over the gravel and as she arrived she was stricken with happiness. Small medicine containers and half crushed food rations remained from the explosions. She began to gather as much as she could, tying a small piece of fabric to use as a bag. Meanwhile--

Sarah:"Belongs to You!? She isnt a tool for you to exploit witch!"
C:"Ooo, witch? such a harsh term. You dont hear Me calling You such filthy names."
Sarah:"You dare-"
C:"Your stupid but smart enough to keep yourself alive... that is until now."
Sarah:"How are You even here?"
C:"I told You. She belongs to ME. And no ignorant little succubus is going to keep her from me."
Sarah:"How did-"
C:"You've been an obstacle that I've had the displeasure of dealing with twice and I've waited too long for this to turn back now."
Sarah:"So it WAS You! I was right about-
C:"About Rue? Yes, it wasnt his own intention but it worked perfectly in my favor."
Sarah:"You forced him to murder Me!"
C:"Forced? Oh no, my dear, I merely sped up his inevitable surrender to insanity. You see the madness that dwelled inside him had to be released, and it was slowly extending out of him the more he murdered. He believed that the murdering calmed his madness but in reality it fed it. Made it stronger. I only helped it reach its peak and beyond."
Sarah: *extending her arms* "I wont let You have her!"
C:"tisk tisk"

Izu began shaking violently. She tossed and turned and began breathing heavily. The trauma seemed to go on for hours but only lasted a few minutes. it stopped. Izu opened her eyes. She sat up and looked at Tal's lifeless body, and turned around and looked at the rubble. She slowly stood up and and picked her sword up from the ground and stared at it for a bit, looking at it as if in a sort of trance.

Camila had finished packing up the goods she had found and began walking back to the spot she cleared. As she had reached the spot she stopped as she watched Izu stand up. She happily ran towards izu but stopped suddenly as Izu turned and looked at her.

Camila:"Izuki? .. are You alright?"
Izu stood there for a good while staring at Camila. Then she turned to her and unsheathed her sword.
Camila:"Izuki, what are you doing?"
Izu slowly started walking towards Camila, lifting her sword and preparing to strike.
Izu looked at her blankly. Everytime she blinked, static would flash over her vision and a high pitched squeal would blast through her ears. She;d stop walking and blink, and then resume walking where she would repeat the process as she got closer to Camila. Camila began to panic and began stepping back. Izuki swipe at her with her sword with lightning speed, slicing the bag in half, spilling its contents onto the floor which caused Camila to freak out even more.

Camila: "Izuki stop please! What are You doing!?"
Izu lunged forward, stabbing at Camila. Camila screamed and moved left avoiding the blade. Izu then jumped in the air and kicked her in the chest, sending her flying backwards into a wall. She grabbed Camilla by the throat and forced began to push against the wall as she raised her sword with her other hand.

Camila:*chocking* :" NO! PLEASE! "
Izu blinked and the static flashed and the screech became louder. She lifted the blade up and turned it around with the blade facing down.
She blinked once more and then swung-

Camila shut her eyes awaiting everything to end.. nothing? She looked back up and her eyes grew wide. She looked in shock at Tal, gripping Izu's arm. You could hear his grip tighten as her arm shook and her hand went limp and dropped the blade.

The high pitched squeal was louder more than ever.



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Post by Tal on Mon Nov 07, 2011 6:32 pm

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/4mShvIFyv-U?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/4mShvIFyv-U?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
"Izu! What the hell do you think you're doing?!"
Izu continued to scream. Her emotion remained unaltered, a look of fear plastered on her face. Her eyes seemed... blank.
Tal struggled to stand. He pulled himself onto one leg, but then collapsed. Catching himself. he tried one more time. His legs wanted to give out and he wanted to cry out in pain, but he didn't. He pulled himself up on his torn legs and threw Izu off Camila.
"Ever since... that thing with Vanitas... with those... guys..." Tal panted heavily as he held Izu against the wall of the shelter. Tears began to roll down her face. "You've gone insane or something!!!"
Camila sat huddled in the corner, terrified of the two. Tal she had thought to have been dead and Izu in a coma, but now this?
Tal kept the hand on his good arm pressed against Izu's shoulder. His other arm felt completely numb and cold. He wasn't sure if he would be able to keep it.
"Why won't you answer me, goddammit?!"
Izu covered her face with her hands. Tears continued to pour down as they wet her shirt and Tal's hand.
Tal's hardened expression finally lightened. He knew whatever was happening to her wasn't her fault. It had to be the work of some sort of other... being.
"Izu... What the hell's happening to you...?"
Suddenly, Tal couldn't take the pain and fatigue from overexerting his wrecked body that much. His legs gave out and he collapsed into Izu's arms.
Izu slowly dropped to the ground, still in a panicked frenzy. She held Tal's head against her shoulder. He panted heavily but shakily, as he faded in and out of consciousness. His arm was still oozing blood as it soaked Izu's arm in a deep shade of red.
"I- Izu... p- please... snap out... of it..."
Izu sat there in the dirt, shaking vigorously, holding Tal.
Camila was still in the corner, trying to take in everything that had just happened.
Junior and Kit continued walking. They still didn't know where they were headed, but they needed to keep going. Eventually they'd come to SOMETHING one of them recognized.
"...Nothing yet. This just doesn't feel right, being so far away from Camila... and you're probably stressed without your dad, huh Junior?"
Junior groaned. He clearly was.
But then in the distance...
"Hey, look Junior, smoke! Maybe there's a camp there?"
"Nyaa!" Junior perked up as he noticed the smoke. He took off after it.

After a few minutes running, Junior skidded to a stop at Kit's command.
"Junior, wait! Stop!" he hissed.
Kit listened for a second. Voices.

But they weren't any he knew. Nor did he want to know if they belonged to whom he thought.
"Junior, turn around, now!"
Junior reared up and spun his body around, but as he did he felt a sharp pain go through his rear right leg.
Kit spun around as he heard the sound of something gritting the hardened lava on Junior's leg.

Unfortunately, Kit was right. The smoke was from one of Gosvik's patrol's camps.

And they spotted the duo.


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Post by Frost on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:41 pm

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/vtfNm3Pb8HQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Konata sat there shaking. Her vision flickering into static and a sharp ringing in her ears, stabbing into her eardrums with every wink. Her hands trembled as she held onto Tal, her expression growing more and more emotionless as she stopped blinking. She put Tal slowly on the ground and stood up. She walked over to her sword and picked it up, and at that instant Camila regained her frightened look and started running away in fear of Izu. She walked up to Tal and stared at him for a long time, clenching her sword in her hand.

C soon appeared behind Izu who didnt take her eyes off tal.

C:"Kill him! Kill him and end Your suffering!"
Konata:"... My..... Suffering...."
C:"Yes! This being is the source of Your torment! Dispose of Your obstical! Kill him!"

Konata placed both hands upon her sword and flipped it upside down in a stabbing position.
She stared at Tal, and then with one final pause forced the blade down-


The sword is sent flying out of Konata's hand and lands on the ground a few feet away. Now standing in front of Tal is a young woman with bright pink hair in a gothic suit with wings sprouting out of her back. Tal's eyes opened up a small bit, regaining a small bit of consciousness.

C:"What is this!?"
Woman: "You've gone too far. I will not let you harm him any further."
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/I4iuDjtZa2A" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
C:"Foolish girl! Konata, Kill her."

Konata blinks once and in the blink of an eye she rushes back and grabs her sword from where it landed. She dove for the woman with lightning speed, slashing her sword, kicking it into the air in front of her and spinning around to catch it and swipe again and again, creating an unstoppable barrage of attacks. The woman simply moved side to side, throwing her hands forward, fingers stretched out, catching the blades as they came down and throwing them back. Konata jumped and threw a side kick at the woman who blocked it with her elbow. Konata dug into her arm and spun around delivering a back kick. The woman grabbed Konata by the neck and slammed her down on the ground and flung her at C who stepped out of the way. The woman ran at C and threw 3 punches managing to catch her on the last one while spinning around and kicking Konata off her feet as she charged back in for another attack. Konata rushed back at her spinning her sword in a windmill motion but the woman caught the blade and snapped it into pieces, throwing her off balance allowing the woman to grab Konata by the neck once more and fling her into a wall, causing it to break.

(continue playing the very first music video ^)

C took a step back, completely baffled at the sheer fact that this mysterious person had just ruined her attempt on Tal's life. Konata rose from the rubble and began walking towards her when C stuck her hand out.
C:"Enough, We're leaving."
Woman:"Your not going anywhere. I shall not let you escape from here."
C:"Oh please. Spare me the talk girl. You cant stop Me. You've only managed to delay the inevitable. It doesnt matter tho, I've got what I came here for."

And with that C vanished into thin air, along with Konata at her side.

The woman stood there, eying the spot where they once stood and turned around to face Tal.
She knelt down beside him and placed her hand on his cheek and rubbed it.

Woman:"Its time to wake up sweetie."
Camila:"Dont touch him!" she said running up to them holding a metal pipe.
Woman:"Its alright, I'm not here to harm anyone. As You can see I just finished doing so a few moments ago."
Camila:"Dont lie to me!"
Woman:"Miss, if I was lying to You, do you honestly think we'd be having this conversation right now? here I know how we can treat his wounds more efficiently."
Camila:"But I dont have any supplies for those types of wounds."
Woman:"Dont worry, i've got that taken care of."

The woman slowly unwrapped her left arm and placed it near her mouth, which she opened to reveal sharp piercing teeth on both sides of her mouth and bit into her flesh. She seemed to savor the moment as she removed her lips and smeared the blood onto his wounds and kissed them. A small sizzle type sound could be heard.

Camila:"What did You just-"
Woman:"I'm a Vampire. What I just did is going to help save his life. That small sound you can hear? Is the muscles and tissue in his wounds rebuilding themselves. He'll have to nap for a bit but he'll be fine in the morning."
Camila:"How did... im sorry. I'm Camila"
Woman:"I know very well who You are, but its still very nice to meet you.

My name is Veilia, but You can call me Veil. Its kinda what i prefer to be called anyway.
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Post by Tal on Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:33 pm

Repede heard the commotion from below and immediately jarred awake.
He had heard the girl Tal had a love interest with screaming mercilessly. Tal had been yelling something fierce at her.

Rain - Page 9 Repede9: "...He's alive! But what's going on?"

Tal collapsed again into the girl's arms. She remained screaming, but at broken intervals and less intensely. After a few minutes, she stopped completely and set Tal down, picking up her sword. The woman with green hair appeared behind the other girl. Izu, was it? Regardless, he knew that woman was no good. She whispered something into Izu's ear and watched as she lifted the sword up and went to impale Tal.

Repede growled and began down the cliff when another woman appeared, seemingly out of nowhere and stopped the attack. Not stopping to see how anything would turn out, Repede dashed fast as he could to the battle. By the time he reached the bottom of the cliffside the green-haired woman and Izu had gone, leaving the nurse, Tal, and the pink-haired girl.

About 100 feet from the shelter, Repede stopped himself and dashed behind a rock. He suddenly thought about his actions.

Rain - Page 9 Repede11: "If I just run in there after all that just happened, I'd probably be stricken down without a thought. A random dog running into their shelter with a dagger also doesn't exactly fit in. If he's out cold again I'll have to see if I can contact him through his dreams."

Repede did just that. Focusing his mind outward, he managed to find Tal's conscience. Prying his way in, he managed his way into Tal's sleeping head.
Repede wandered through a forest, keeping an eye out for anything. The forest's trees towered high above, higher than he even thought Agna could fly. He had never actually seen Agna in flight, so he didn't know how she'd compare to him, but he didn't think she could go that high.

After a few moments, he heard rustling in the branches above. Drawing his dagger, Repede took a battle stance and perked up his ears. He listened intently for any other sound that he might hear, but nothing else. Still not believing of his surroundings, Repede walked on with his dagger drawn, ready to defend himself should the need arise.

Not long after this, he heard another noise from above.
Then another.
He looked up as a figure clad in jet-black armor dropped down from the trees feet-first in an attempt to land on Repede. Jumping back, Repede growled and barked.
But he stopped as he looked his opponent in the eye. A mask covered his face from the helm of his armor, but he recognized immediately the color of the eyes and the armor type.


"Repede!" Tal called as he eased himself.

Rain - Page 9 Repede3: "Woof woof! Aroo! (Tal! You're alright!)"

Tal stared at him for a moment before Repede realized he couldn't understand him. Repede groaned, and Tal sat down on the ground in front of him.

"Hold on, I just called Agna. She should be here soon," Tal said as he lifted his helm off his head. His dark brown hair clung to the helm from constant use, but he smoothed it out after completely removing the helmet.

Rain - Page 9 Repede18: "Woof!"

Repede laid down where he stood, pushing scattered leaves and twigs with his paws as he dropped himself. Tal eyed him as he went, checking for signs of hostility as it seemed. Repede couldn't blame him after all; they had only met in Tal's dreams, and he wasn't expecting Tal to completely trust his every word.
After making sure Repede wouldn't try anything to harm him, Tal held out his hand.
"So... do you mind? Not sure if you'll want an almost-total stranger petting you, but..." Tal hesitated.

Repede wasn't too keen on people he didn't completely know, and Tal was no exception. Repede snorted and shook his head, letting Tal know he declined the offer.
Tal retracted his hand, appearing upset by Repede's answer.
"Ah... r-right. Sorry. Maybe one day, then."

They spent the next few minutes examining each other. Repede noticed that Tal's right vambrace was cut open and left a deep scratch on his arm. His greaves were scratched and torn in a few spots, but revealed no major injuries to his legs.
Tal spent a long time curiously staring at Repede's missing eye, as if he wanted to know more about what had happened, but Repede told him about that already. Surely he hadn't forgotten?

Noticing Repede's exchanged looks of curiosity, Tal glanced away from his eye and motioned toward the pipe Repede held in his mouth.
"I've never heard of a dog who smokes. Never was into myself, really."
Repede barked and shook his head. The pipe wasn't for smoking; he just became accustomed to holding objects in his mouth ever since he was a puppy.
"Oh, right. That was a stupid comment anyway. Dogs can't smoke." Tal laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head.
Repede snorted once again and sat upright, lifting his rear leg to scratch behind his ear.

That was when he heard the sound of flapping wings.

Both he and Tal gazed upward as Agna's body flew into sight from the western sky. The view was magnificent. Hardly a sight in the world matched to that of a dragon in flight. Agna's red scales glistened in the sun's rays, casting a shadow under that which stood below her. Her claws remained tucked into her body to increase control and retain how aerodynamic she was. Her tail trailed behind her, being taken by the wind shifts and her turning body as she began to descend to the earth.

She emitted a valiant roar, spraying a trail of glowing fire from between her jaws as she flew through. The fire grazed her scales and was tossed off like a thin sheet torn into pieces. As she got closer to the ground, she spread her wings wide to catch herself before plowing face-first into it. With a mighty push, she slowed herself to an almost complete stop. With another light flap of her wings, she stopped right above the ground and dropped on her feet, running to meet Tal.

"Agna!" Tal laughed and ran to her as he jumped from his spot. He threw his arms around her neck as she lowered her head to his level. After a second of the embrace, he let go and she returned to her natural standing position. She glanced over at Repede and tilted her head, releasing a puff of smoke from her nostrils.

Rain - Page 9 Repede18: "Bark woof! Woof! (You can translate for me now, right?)"

Agna nodded and sat as she began to translate Repede's words to Tal.
He didn't have much to say, other than that he was glad Tal was okay and wasn't dead as he thought. His hopes of defeating Gosvik had dwindled when he saw Tal's supposedly lifeless body, but now that he knew Tal was alive, Repede had hope again.

Tal smirked proudly and patted his chest with a balled fist.
"I'm not weak, y'know. It'll take more than that to take me down," he said triumphantly.
Agna looked over at her Rider and did what could have been classified as a smile in human definitions. Or at least as far as Repede thought.

Rain - Page 9 Repede17: "*whine* bark? (But I have a question; that nurse checked for signs of life from you but from her face, it looked like she didn't get any. How'd you manage that?)"

Tal tilted his own head in thought.
"Well, like she told me before, Camila is a doctor for humans, not dragons. She probably didn't know that a dragon's heart isn't directly in the middle of its chest," Tal started. He placed his palm over the left side of Agna's chest and tapped it with his finger. "Right there. That's where ours is." Tal began to scratch Agna, and she hummed in satisfaction.
"As far as the pulse goes, I'm not sure she'd really feel a pulse through those thick scales. Our thickest scales probably grow around our wrists- or for a dragon on all fours, their ankles- and eyes. Not sure why they do that, but it is how it is."

Rain - Page 9 Repede10: "Aroo? (And breathing? I don't think even a dragon could go without air.)"

Tal thought for a moment. He couldn't come up with an answer immediately for that one. Repede knew he wouldn't try to lie at this point, now that he already told Repede so much. He shrugged his shoulder and said, "That I don't know, I probably just got some smoke stuck in my nostrils and couldn't force it through in an unconscious state."

Agna laid herself down on the ground just as Repede stood himself up.

Rain - Page 9 Repede2: "Woof woof! (Well, I probably shouldn't overstay my welcome. I just had to check if you were ok after that ordeal with the women and whatnot.)"

"Uh, wait! Speaking of..." Tal's voice dropped. His expression immediately turned grave. "What happened to Izu?"

Rain - Page 9 Repede13: "*whine whine* woof... (No point trying to mince words. That green-haired woman took her. She had Izu try to kill you. If I were you, avoid her completely. It's not the first time she's gone after your life.)"

"Wait, Izu or that woman?

Rain - Page 9 Repede17: "*growl...* (That woman. She pushed you into that pool way back when, remember?)"

Tal shot his gaze off to the side and mumbled, "That was her...? But she jumped in to save me... and..." He shook his head, then asked, "What about Izu though? Was she alright?!"

Repede slowly shook his head.

Rain - Page 9 Repede16: "*whine* (It might be best to forget about her. She seems intent on killing you now.)"

Repede stepped back, and as Tal jumped up to go catch him, he dispelled his mind from Tal's and returned to his own body.


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