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Post by Grimblade on Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:13 pm

Kit ran. He ran as fast as he could, following the map that he held in his one usable hand. He was slower than usual, as he couldn't use his fox form, and his arm seared with pain at his every move, but still he kept going.

"Not too much farther..." he thought to himself. "Camila..." His mind was swarming, conntemplating what he would do when he actually got there. "I think I know..."

He at last made it to the camp. It was a shanty sort of layout, but one that was decent for being put up so quickly. There was a series of tents hidden in the center of a thick ring of trees---hidden enough to keep out most passers-by, but not enough to escape Kit's keen senses. He made his way stealthily into the camp, avoiding the guards who could not see him in the darkness of the night.

He went from tent to tent, until he at last found her...

Her tent consisted of nothing but a cot, a wooden table, and several shelves of salvaged medical equipment. She was sleeping soundly on her cot, her beautiful form seemingly at peace in the middle of this world of darkness. It was enough to make Kit smile.

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/ad_L6D9mnj0?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/ad_L6D9mnj0?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

He sat down in the chair by her table, and stared at her longingly for several minutes---which seemed like eternities. How badly he wanted to be with her...and he could, but what happiness would lay ahead of them? They could find happiness in each other, but would that really be worthwhile in a world that's polluted by the sadness of others? No. He would have to do whatever he could to make the world right again before they could truly be together...and even if it meant that he would die in the process, he would do whatever he could to set this world straight once again; not as much for his own sake, but for Camila, and all of the others who have their own rights to actually live a life of freedom...one free of torment, pain, and suffering...

And thus Kit had made up his mind. For so long he had been keeping to himself---running not from his enemies, but from the chance of being hurt where it hurts the most. In his lifetime, he had begun to keep his heart guarded, free from the risk of losing anything or anyone dear to him, as he had nothing to lose. But no more---now he has a reason to fight, a reason to belong, and people that he cares about, and he would do whatever he could for them...

He took a piece of paper from the table and wrote a letter. He laid it down on the desk, and then carefully unwrapped her glasses and set them on top.

Kit walked over to where Camila was still sleeping soundly, and quietly repeated the final line from her message. "Amor vincit omnia." Love conquers all. He forced himself away, still wishing desperately to stay, leaving the tent with tears in his eyes.


Camila awoke. Another day. The first thought that sprang into he head was whether or not Kit was still alive...a thought that had been plaguing her mind ever since the incident. She'd never met someone like him before---and even though not human, she had feelings for him. He was different...not just in the sense of his being, but in the sense that he seemed to actually care, and that there was a connection between them that she had never experienced before...

Her thoughts were interrupted as she noticed her glasses sitting on the table in front of her. "KIT!!!" Her heart jumped in her chest, and she bolted out of bed. She noticed no one else in the tent. Concern running through her mind, she picked up her glasses and put them on, and then noticed the letter on the table underneath.

She read it. It was lengthy, as Kit has seemingly poured all of his feelings into it, and fully explained his thoughts.

Camila began crying. She was truly happy. No matter what, she knew in her heart that one day she would see him again, and that they could be together...

She stared out of the entrance to her tent, watching the sunrise as tears streamed down her face.


Kit wandered through the woods after making a more efficient sling for his arm, which was beginning to heal slightly. He still wouldn't be able to use it for a while, but at least it would heal more quickly than it would for a human.

He continued on, a fiery light in his eyes, being driven now by a new goal---and a new-found purpose.


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Post by Frost on Tue Jul 26, 2011 3:10 am

Kit walked through the forest, his eyes looking up at the rising sun as it peeked its head above the clouds. Suddenly Kit stopped. A mysterious masked figure stood in front of him, studying him as he readied his claws.
Kit:*to himself*"Gosvik's influence isnt to reach anywhere near Camila!"
???:"Calm Yourself Kit. Im no enemy of Yours."
The person's voice was being altered by a microphone in their helmet. Kit paused as he took a step forward.
Kit:"And Im to believe You?"
The figure lifted his arms and slowly spun around.
???:"As You can see I am completely unarmed. I only wish to speak to you"
Kit:"Who are you!?" he yelled as he prepared to strike.
The man slowly removed his helmet to reveal a young man with long black hair and dark bags under his eyes.
L:"Ive been watching You for a while Kit. Its nice to finally meet You, I am L." ---

Tal:"Agna Jr... You're going to have one long journey ahead of you... I just hope you mature faster than humans. Otherwise, I'll be in some deep trouble lugging you around everywhere..."
???:"Thats a cute kid" said a concealed voice from the shadows
The bushes begin to move and Tal twists himself up and prepares to engulf his enemy in fire. A smaller figure appears from the bushes, completely concealed in combat gear and a helmet used to mask their face.
???:"Relax dragon boy, im not here to fight with You, I came to speak with You and Your little friend aswell" the figure said pointing to the baby dragon.
Tal gazed at the figure with a hateful look and backed down abit without letting his guard down.
The figure stepped forward and sat down on the ground next to tal and agna jr.
I dont believe him agna, get ready to break him in two."
No Tal. I sense...This person... You can trust them.
???: "Lets get started shall we?"
Tal:"First tell me who You are!"
Tal its alright
I understand what your saying but Im not taking any chances."
???:"Alright. Its only fair that i introduce myself. After all, I already know who You are."
Tal hesitated.
The figure placed their hand on anga jr and began to pet it, making it purr.
???:"Its really great to meet You Tal, You may call Me K . :) " ---

Vanitas stopped as another person dressed completely in black attire walked up to him.
Vanitas summoned his keyblade and slashed at the person.
The figure caught the blade and yanked it from his hand and shoved it in the dirt.
???:"You take action first without thinking. Thats whats going to kill you."
Vanitas activated his barrier in between himself and the figure. The figure walked right through it and looked him in the face.
Vanitas was speechless. Somehow this person was able to deflect his swipe and walk through his barrier as if it was air. feeling threatened, Vanitas through a punch forward, but the figure pushed his arm away and swung behind him. The figure placed both hands on his head as if grabbing hold of his mind, and began feeding him horrible images of his past into his brain, making him re live every one of them. Vanitas fell on his knees shaking, as the character removed their hands from Vanitas.
Vanitas:"Who are You? And What do You want with Me?"
???:"Vanitas was Your name correct? Your movements are sloppy and You fail to foresee the consequences of your actions."
Vanitas:"Why are You talking to me like You know Me?"
???:"Because ive been watching You for some time now."
Vanitas looked at the person in shock
???:"You lack the potential to use your powers effectively."
Vanitas turned towards the person turning on his bioscanner
???:"Your bioscan wont work on Me. Ive completely removed it from Your possession.
Vanitas lowered his head in disbelief. This person, this being, whatever it may be, was playing the role of god.
???:"Your mind was that of an open window, anyone could see inside and anything could get inside."
???:"Your new barrier needs work. You cant control it and eventually You'll fail to stop it from imprisoning You."
Vanitas:"Who are You!? Are You some sort of Demon!?
???:"You may call Me C. And I have an assignment for You."
Vanitas sat up and looked at the figure. ---

L:"There is No Why. There is only How."-
Tal:"Then tell me How"
K:"I cant but there is someone that can."-
C:"You see, its important that You find them soon."
Vanitas:"Otherwise the world is gone?"-
L:"No, its the end of everything You know and love."-
Kit:"I understand Your motives, but im not sure on why i should believe You."
K:"I dont expect You to, however this is a matter that cant be overlooked."-
C:"Gosvik wins if You dont. I watched what happened to You earlier during Gosvik's attack."-
K:"You need all the help You can get."
Kit:"I understand Your concern but I have my own agenda."
Tal:I have too much to worry about right now" looking at agna jr. -
L:"Even More the reason for this to happen."---

L:"Kit, I'll leave You to think about this Yourself. My job here is done."
Kit:"L, I cant stay at the camp. I told You, I have my own agenda."
L:"Maybe so, but I can almost guarantee Your friend? the one who was captured? will most likely be there.
L:"Yes, the dragon thing."
Kit paused for a sec, thinking about tal. He was alive after all. But how did this guy whom he had just met know who tal was? Kit turned back to the man but after that he was gone ---

K:" I'll be taking My leave now. Use the information i gave You to your advantage, and dont forget about Your little friend over there" the figure said pointing at Today who had managed to drill the word "ugly" into the ground in huge lettering. K began to walk away as Tal watched with a look of confusion.
K:"Take care of that baby. Its adorable." ---

C grabbed hold of Vanitas's head once more.
C:"This meeting never took place, but the meaning of this conversation will stay with You"
Vanitas began to shake as The person called C began to clutch his head very hard.
Vanitas fell onto the ground unconcious and C walked away.

L:"Everything is set. Now we wait."

Officer:"My Lord, We've Found Him."
Officer:" In Ymaria sir " (E-mair-ia)
Gosvik:"Kill him!"
Officer:"Yes sir! Give the command!"-

Miles away on the roof of a skyscraper, a man lifted an FR F2 sniper rifle and layed it on the edge of the roof. Looking through his scope and adjusting his crosshairs, the small silouette of a man could be seen walking on the sidewalk.
Sniper:"Au revoir ami"
The man leaned forward
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/On_fdkiagfY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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Post by Frost on Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:16 am

Teaser for whats to come~

<iframe width="200" height="10" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/RAFMQaWlMEQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Post by Tal on Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:57 am

The person called K walked away, leaving Tal and Agna with only a vague hint at what needs to be done.
"They never even gave us a direct way to go. I mean, the camp, I guess, but which camp? There's a lot of camps nowadays," Tal said, returning to his resting position.
"And it's not like the answer is going to just pop up in front of us."
"Even if it does, they said we have a choice of whether to go or not."
"And what about Today? Are we going to tell him?"
"Agna, I don't think we're in any shape to move on our own. You do realize that hell-from-above pretty much turned our leg into swiss cheese."
"Interesting comparison. But yes, you're right. We probably won't be walking on them anytime soon. And our wings..." Tal looked over his shoulder at the once-whole wings. They seemed to take the brunt of the force. They were sliced apart in three spots, and had gashes in about two more spots. They were filled with holes all over. "We probably shouldn't expect to use them for a long while..."
"Yeah..." Tal glanced over at Junior again. "If he was at least a year old or so, we could use him to get around. But... we can't really control that."
Junior returned to sleeping soundly. Tal and Agna were surprised that he had let K so much as touch him. When Today picked him up in the facility, he almost had a heart attack. Junior hiccuped.
Today: "So Tal who was your friend?"
Rolling over to face Today, Tal explained what K told him.
Today: "Sounds like we need to head to that camp. But you can't really move, can you?"
"No, not really. The most I can do is move my arms or body. There's no way in hell I'd be able to walk on these legs," Tal explained.
Today: "Then I GUESS I could carry you. I mean, it shouldn't be too hard. What do you weigh, like 200, 300 pounds?"
"Hey! I'm not fat... am I...?"
Agna stole possession of the body.
"Today, you're extremely inconsiderate. Just because we have the body of a dragon doesn't mean we have the physique," Agna growled, clearly insulted.
Today: "Oh. Right. So 400?"
Agna snorted.
"Just shut up, Today. We're leaving in the morning. I could still use the rest."
Today: "Nobody wants to be nice to me. ;_;"
Turning back over to her other side, Agna glanced over at Today.
"Change your attitude towards me and I wouldn't."
Resting her head on the ground, she watched Junior for a little while. He was still hiccuping.
"It's adorable when he does it. I didn't even know dragons could get hiccups."
"I'm a bit confused too. We aren't prone to the same sicknesses humans are."
Junior's eyes opened slightly as he let out another hiccup. He clacked his jaw slowly, then let out a small belch.
The belch turned into a condensed beam of pure fire. The instant it happened both Agna's and Junior's eyes went wide with astonishment. The beam was so powerful it pushed Junior back a few steps. It lasted only a few seconds, but when it ended it left a smoldering crater only a few feet from Agna. Junior's jaw clacked together quickly, then slowed down, and stopped. They both stared at the crater.
"What... the..."
Junior was suddenly frightened. He leaped from his spot onto Agna's shoulder, then crawled over onto her back, clinging to her shoulder, peeking his face over in fright. Agna grabbed him off her shoulder and held him tight, rolling onto her back. Junior began whimpering, still shaken from the experience. She stared at him intensely, trying to figure out what just happened.
"What in God's name was that?!"
"Tal, I have absolutely no clue. But I have a feeling Junior's going to be a huge help to us."
Calming down in Agna's embrace after a little, Junior finally laid his head back down on her chest, staring her in the eye sleepily.
"It's all right, Junior. You didn't do anything... Just go back to sleep..." Agna whispered lovingly. As Agna stroked him down the back, Junior slowly fell back to sleep.
"I see now why Gosvik wanted him so badly."
"Then let's be grateful we found him before anything happened to him."
"Yeah... just so long as he doesn't manage that again while we're asleep."
Agna chuckled lightly.
"I think we'll be just fine." And with that, the two drifted off to sleep, the last bit of the sun slowly disappearing beyond the horizon.

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Post by darthjawafett on Wed Jul 27, 2011 6:01 pm

Vanitas regained consciousness and began to look around confused.
Vanitas: Where am i what happened.... A shadow appeared in front of him.
Xemnas: Hello vanitas its good to see your still alive.
Vanitas: Yeah... good.
Xemnas: Anyway i have 3 things to tell you while im here.
Vanitas: Okay go ahead.

Xemnas: I say what happened before you blacked out a person was talking to you a strange person he had powers over your mind making you remember your past. After your conversation he was gone. And you were unconscious. He obviously wants to remain hidden so i wont bring up his identity.
Vanitas: Anything else you wanted to tell me you said 3 things.
Xemnas: Right you remember how back in my world everyone in Organization XIII had a data replica?
Vanitas: Yes they would be as strong as the original.
Xemnas: It turns out the chamber that holds them all was brought along with you.
Vanitas: Really where is this place?
Xemnas: It was placed underneath the Capital.
Vanitas: So its destroyed?
Xemnas: No its still there the entire place is indestructible. Its locked up to anyone who doesnt have a certain key....
Vanitas: ... a key?
Xemnas: Yes a key.. Lucky for you i found it today.
Xemnas took out the key Rain - Page 5 Kingdom_Key_KHD It was a little bigger than hand sized but although shaped like a keyblade it wasnt one.
Vanitas: so this opens the chamber?
Xemnas: Yes, treat the Data Replicas as challenges and training drones. You and anyone you take wont die during the fights. and you can choose how long to fight and you can fight the same challenge many times.

Vanitas: How will i know which door leads to who.
Xemnas: The insignia on the door will tell you which door leads to which data copy. My door is at the end of the hall.
Vanitas took the key.
Vanitas: And the 3rd thing.
Xemnas: You need to have better timing in your attacks You have to think quickly during battles. Your battle strategy is to think up the attacks as you go along. Usually it works but against stronger opponents you might fail. Thats why i gave you the key to that chamber. Hopefully it will make you stronger.
Xemnas started to fade once again.

Xemnas: Looks like i have to go once again
Vanitas: Alright.. well bye Xemnas..
Xemnas: I suggest you go along with the plan and then make your way back to the chamber the entrance is on the southwest boundary of the Capital....
And with that Xemnas disappeared.
Vanitas: So i guess i should go towards the camp..
And with that He summoned Void Gear's glider and head towards what he thought was the newer rebel camp being sure to fly low to avoid being spotted.

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Post by Grimblade on Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:13 pm

Kit stood there in the forest for several minutes, contemplating what the strange man had just told him. He had plans in mind and he didn't want to blow them, but would this help him in his goal, or be a hindrance?

"The man who I just spoke to...I couldn't tell if he can be trusted or not, but if what he says is true, I can see Tal again, which will make my quest all the better...But at the same time, I don't want to return to the camp...I can't face Camila like this...after that message I left. I would be torn to no end if our paths crossed right now. What to do..." he thought to himself as he sat down in the grass and gazed at the sky, a thoughtful gleam in his eyes as he assessed the situation.

"I think I know what to do now." he said aloud, though no one was around to hear him. He stood, his contemplative mood now broken, as he turned around and walked back in the direction that he had come from.


He arrived at the camp in the form of an elderly woman, his tail hidden in a shabby dress, and his arm still in a sling.

"Who goes there?" asked the guard at the entrance.

"Just an old woman, sonny. That damn Gosvik's assault tore down my home and broke my arm, and I've been looking for refuge. Kids these days..." Kit replied.

"Very well then." the guard replied. "It's nice to see someone who survived that horrid massacre. You're free to stay as long as you need to; just talk to the chief and he will direct you. His tent is the one over there." he said, pointing to a large, more decorated tent a bit off to the side. "Welcome to the rebel camp. It's not much to look at, but our old one was destroyed, and we will be building up strength once again."

"Thank you very much sonny." Kit replied, giving a kind smile. "You remind me of my grandson." he said, pinching the guard on the cheek and walking away. He was laughing on the inside: he found encounters like this to be highly amusing.

He had successfully gained refuge to the camp after meeting with the chieftain. He was given a tent, clothes, and food. He was also told that he should go to the infirmary to have his arm looked at, but this offer was kindly refused. Now he just had to stay in this disguise, and wait...wait for someone to show up, or for something to happen. And then he would observe---not joining in himself, but observing, until the time is right.


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Post by Youkoi on Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:28 pm

"Well would you look at that, they really aren't that heavy."

Today lifted the two dragons up and down, like weights. I guess you could call it warming up.

Today slung the big dragon, Tal (and mean lady) over his shoulder, and held the little one under his arm like a football.
"I should probably be more careful with this one.

Eh, it's a dragon, it can deal with it."

Today took off with the rocket jets on the soles of his feet, carrying both dragons with him. The weight made the take-off a bit rough, but Today got a handle on it.
"They may not be heavy in weight, but they sure are heavy sleepers."
Something shocked in his circuits. It was like a light flicked on in there. Except, it wasn't exactly a light. It was a memory. Yeah, a memory....but of what? Today looked over at his luggage, Tal and Jr. Sleeping soundly. It almost...scared him. Why? There's nothing wrong with them. It's not like they're...they...no, they're not. They're not! What am I thinkin!? Ha ha, they're just sleeping! Yeah, right! Sleeping! They aren't dead. Not one bit.
Today looked behind him, and what he saw almost froze him entirely. No, actually, what he imagined was what shocked him so.
Was that, fire? Fire? Ha, why would there be a fire? Heh, hey! Was that a building! W-well, it's not a building anymore! Ahaha, look at it fall over! Oh nooooo, all those poor people! All those poor, not dead people! Look, the fire's spreading! Oh man, I can hear the screams from here! Oh, I think I knew that guy! Geez, I'm gonna miss him! Aren't you going to miss him, too, Proffessor!? Good thing you're alright, flying up here with me away from such a terrible scene of chaos! Uh oh, P-p-proffessor, a-are you bleeding? Whoah, there, that looks rough! Don't worry, I can see through all those scars! All those...those burns! You're alright! We're all alright! C'mon, wake up, you gotta see how alright you are! Wake up! WAKE UP!! H-hey, say it with m-m-m-me, now! I'm alright! Lemme hear...hear you..Professor! 'I'm alright!' Say it! S-SAY IT!! SAY IT, LET ME HEAR YOU! Let me hear, you Professor! Please....let me hear you.....for one last time......I'm alright. I'm alright. I'm alright! Professor, are you listening! I'm alright! That blood won't go away if you don't say it! It won't go away....you won't go away....I'm alright! I'm alright! I'm alright!!
"I'M ALRIGHT!" Today yelled to himself out loud.

His own shout snapped him back to the night sky he was flying through. He looked at Jr., still sleeping in his arms. Sleeping....yeah, that's what it's doing. What happened? I think I must have blanked out for a second, hah. Sheesh, I gotta wake up! Wake up, me! Wake up!...Wake up!

Suddenly, a bright light blinded Today for a bit. What was that, a camp? I think that's a camp. And, is that..a...a fire? A fire? A fire!?
Today's jets began stuttering, slowly coming to a complete stop.
"Heh..." Today said faintly, losing power. "..I am a robot...I do run on electricity.....I rescue others....and stop fires....and lose power...from time....to time..."
And with that note, Today started to plummet down to Earth.
The ugly planet that has fires.

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Post by Tal on Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:35 am

Tal finally woke up when they hit the ground. Today crashed through trees, broke branches, smashed bushes, but Tal woke up when he hit the ground. As soon as he felt that impact he jumped awake, just in time to be thrown off Today's back, be launched about 15 feet from his body, roll along the ground about three times, and smash into the trunk of a tree. Upside down.
"Ow, son of a *****!" Tal yelled.
"Jesus, what just happened?"
"Hell if I know."
Attempting to flip himself over, Tal slid down the trunk of the tree and rolled, landing on his stomach. He grabbed a low-hanging branch of another, nearby tree and attempted to lift himself up. He managed to get onto his feet, but with a large struggle. Slowly letting go of the branch, he stood in place, legs shaking tremendously. He attempted to take a step, but collapsed immediately.
"Ow! Ow, that hurts... ugh, it hurts a lot..." Tal whimpered.
"Tal, are you alright?"
"Y- yeah... Just... in a bit of pain."
Still on his knees, Tal lifted his head and looked around to see what else happened. Junior was unconscious by a large vine.
Tal & Agna: "J- Junior!"
Tal tried once more to stand, and got his legs a bit more steady. Dragging one leg behind him, he limped over to Junior. He collapsed again in front of Junior, placing his hand over Junior's chest.
"Junior, come on... wake up!"
A pulse. Not faint, but not strong. It was fairly average. Tal was fine with that.
"Oh thank God..."
Tal sighed. Reaching in to pick him up, he heard a noise.


"Huh? Wh- what was that?" Tal asked, slightly nervous.


The vine next to Junior moved. It slowly encircled Junior, startling Tal and forcing him to jump back. That wasn't a vine; it was a huge snake!
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/6Xlsy3cC03o?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/6Xlsy3cC03o?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
"Junior, NO!!" Agna roared.
The snake's gleaming yellow eyes stared at Tal as its body grew into a tighter circle closer to Junior. Tal was petrified. He'd never been a huge fan of snakes before, but to come across one of this size? It was almost as bad as spiders. He couldn't stand spiders.
"Tal, snap out of it!"
"Sn- snakes... It had to be a s-s-snake?" Tal mumbled fearfully, inching his way backwards.
Tal was too scared to listen. He completely forgot about the danger Junior was in. His own fear completely took over his ability to focus.
Agna had to think of a plan fast, otherwise they'd all be goners. And one came quick. Almost too quick.
The snake lifted its head and started moving it towards Tal, while its body started to coil around Junior.
"Tal! You call yourself a dragon?! You're just a coward! You're afraid of this overgrown reptile, when you're bigger and badder than it!"
Tal's mind snapped into consciousness.
"What'd you say?!"
Tal couldn't stand an insult like that. He pushed himself off the ground into a standing position as the snake lunged at Tal, jerking Junior along with it. Tal sidestepped to avoid it and jumped at it. He grabbed it by the neck, wrestling to keep its head and mouth down while its body twisted wildly. The coil was loosening around Junior, but it still tossed him around a bit. The shake-up was enough to finally wake him up. He immediately started crying and yelping in pain. Tal worked his foot into the coil while wrestling with the snake and pried it open enough for Junior to squeeze out. Unfortunately, when he did, the coil tightened more than ever around Tal's foot, causing him to cringe and abruptly end his grip on the snake. Junior snuck away behind a tree. The snake's grip on Tal's foot loosened, but only to be moved. The coil was now around his thigh, tight enough to make him crouch over in pain.
A grave mistake.
The snake moved its head and coiled twice around Tal's stomach and chest, then once around his neck. It squeezed tightly, choking him of any breath.
"Gah-! This- thing... Can't breathe-!" Tal coughed.
"TAL!! Oh God, what did I do?!" Agna cried.
The snake lunged, swallowing Tal's head and scraping his broken jaw with one of its serrated teeth, causing him more pain.
"I... AM NOT- DYING... HERE!!" Tal yelled.
Luckily one of his arms was free, and using the gauntlet he stabbed the snake through the throat, right in front of where his face was. He pulled it out, and stabbed it again, over and over until his head was finally freed and the coils around him loosened drastically.
Tal threw the dead body off of him and rolled over onto his stomach, panting furiously. He looked at his now-bloody hand, trying not to think about what would have happened if his arm wasn't free.
Agna Jr. rushed out from behind the tree, stopping near Tal's face. He stared him in the eyes, trying not to cry for once when his dad was hurt. Junior licked the cut on Tal's jaw, trying to clean it of the blood that seeped out.
"Heh... You know, Junior, you aren't half-bad." Tal said through pants and coughs.
Tal passed out again, leaving Junior the only conscious being around.
Upset with Tal's sudden sleep, Junior whimpered, then roared loudly. The roar wasn't mean to wake Tal up; it was meant to get the attention of the rebels in the nearby camp. Even though he was only a baby, Junior's mind was still functioning. And he knew that's where they were headed.
The rebels came, carrying Tal and Today off to their camp. Junior followed on Tal's shoulder.


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Post by Chu on Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:31 pm

It was a quiet ride onto the rebel camp base. Shiki fell asleep in the back of the truck. The rebels who rescued us weren't talking at all. Mr.BunBun is napping peacefully in my lap.


Its about 20 minutes later driving on this road, and what appears to be a camp layed in the horizon. Shiki finally woke up from his nap.

Shiki:..*yawn* Are we there yet?

Chiyo: I think thats the camp up ahead.

Shiki: Doesn't look like much.

One of the rebels replied.

Rebel: We are still building and bringing up our defenses.

Another 5 minutes later we have reached the camp, theres rebels all over the place fixing, healing, building stuff.

Chiyo: *puts bunbun in bag* This place seems lively.

Chiyo and Shiki got out of the truck, and started to look around the place. Wounded soldiers in tents, children playing around with balls, there is this odd old woman with a broken arm in one of the tents.

Shortly after..

Rebel: Oi MEDIC! We have an injured Dragon boy and..Cyborg?

Shiki: Hey! Where?

Chiyo: I guess Tal and Today are alright.

Another truck came into the camp with Tal and Today in the back, they both looked fk'd up.

Chiyo: Derp

Chiyo noticed a baby dragon on Tal's shoulder.

Chiyo: Aww its so cute, where did he come from?

The baby dragon got out of the truck and started to stretch itself. Mr.BunBun came out of my bag and started to stare at the dragon.

BunBun: *twitches nose*

Baby: Nyaa *lets out a small roar*

Chiyo: Yay friends, friendship is indeed magic.

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Post by Panther on Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:19 pm

Shortly after taking off on the motorcycle, Panther realized he had failed to check for gas. He had gotten no more then a mile towards the group of people before he ran dry. After about 5 minutes of cursing in both english and russian, Panther watched the group pack into trucks and take off. He walked to where they been before. "No wind," Panther muttered. "Good. I should be able to follow these tracks to their destination. Once I do that, I'll try and figure out what's been going on. Things seem to be going to Hell in a hand basket." He chuckled at his last remark. He stood and began walking. He followed the tracks for maybe 2 miles before noticing an area where the trucks stopped. Stooping down, Panther saw footprints belonging to people and....a dragon? "Should've known," Panther sighed. "This was waaaay too normal." He continued walking for another 4 miles until seeing what looked like a small city. As he got closer, he realized it had been a city, but now was a base. But to whom it belonged was yet to answered. Then came the question anyone would ask themselves when upon a base of unknown purpose: how do I get in? Panther reviewed options, but looking at the base's current defenses, they would be useless. "I might as well just go up and knock than do all that." Panther said sarcastically. Suddenly, Panther got a mischievous grin upon his face. "Walk up and knock..." Panther said again. "...why not?"

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Post by Grimblade on Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:48 am

The rumors quickly traveled across the camp. What Kit had been waiting for had finally happened, and it hadn't taken long.

News of an interesting assortment of people, all injured, arriving at the camp in a medical truck. A girl with a pet bunny, her arm sliced...a boy, a reaper, with a stab-wound through his arm and a broken bone...and the most exciting news of the bunch, a half-dragon, in the worst shape of all...and a baby dragon.

"Tal, Shiki, and Chiyo...I suppose L was right. I just waited, and they came to me. They're all apparently in rough shape though, no doubt from the assault several days prior." he thought to himself as he sat in his tent, still in his disguise. "And now I just have to wait a while more...there's no way I could go to the infirmary, both because Camila is likely there, and because they already have it locked-down and guarded due to its...guests. There's nothing to worry about though: knowing the rebels, they'll be treated well, and I'll be able to see them after they recover."

Although he was itching to be reunited with the others and to find out what the hell is going on, he had no other choice but to wait it out even longer. The news was curious though---how could they have all been injured so badly? And what's with the baby dragon? Surely Tal hadn't found a woman at some point and---

His thoughts were interrupted as he heard a ruckus outside.


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Post by darthjawafett on Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:22 am

Vanitas sped towards where he thought the camp was. Easily able to dodge trees as if he had the glider his whole life.
He made it to the outside of the camp in a half hour.

Vanitas: Guess ill just continue on foot.
he walked up to the gate were a guard greeted him.
Guard: Who goes there?
Vanitas: my name is vanitas, im not your enemy.. i can at least say that.
the guard directed vanitas towards a tent where he could get supplies.
he overheard 2 rebels talking.
Rebel: Did you hear?
2nd Rebel: About what?
Rebel: The dragon they found him out in the forest he was wounded pretty bad.
2nd rebel: I heard about a robot and a reaper but not a dragon how'd they find him?
Rebel: Some soldiers on patrol heard a roar and went to go investigate they found him passed out and brought him back here.

Vanitas: So that dragon-boy is here huh. shouldn't worry about it right now i probably should set up my tent.
Vanitas set up his tent taking a few minutes.
Vanitas had some sort of plan in his mind but he couldn't remember who told him it.
He decided to walk around the camp to see if anyone else he had seen at gosvik's base survived.

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Post by Tal on Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:48 pm

Junior jumped off of daddy's shoulder and stretched. Where was this place? Was it safe? Did they have food? Could more people pet him? Too much to think about!
Almost immediately after stretching a tall girl wearing some dark weird cloth and her bunny looked at Junior weird. Why? Is there something on my face?
The bunny hopped over to Junior and twitched its nose.
"Nyaa" Junior hummed.
The bunny hopped up next to Junior and rubbed its nose against his neck.
Junior felt happy. He growled happily. He liked being happy!
The bunny stopped and Junior smiled at it... happily!
The tall girl knelt down next to Junior and slowly inched her hand toward his face.
"I hope you're friendly..." the girl mumbled.
Junior was defensive, but not willing to attack the girl. She didn't seem mean, but he couldn't know for sure. He pulled his head away from her hand, and she jerked her hand back an inch, but then held it there.
Junior was thinking. Should he let her touch his head? Would she hurt him? If she did, he'd burn her! Yeah! Because Junior could do THAT! But... how?
Junior slowly moved his head back where it was, and the girl (slower than before) moved her hand closer. She patted Junior on the snout.
"Merr..." Junior felt really happy today! This girl was nice! She made him feel happy!
But Junior heard a noise behind him. Those people... what were they doing with daddy?! Why are they moving him?! Without Junior!? Hey!
Junior scuttled up and started pecking one of the people on the ankle. That'll show them! But the man pushed him away with his foot! And it hurt!
"Hey, hold on, what are you doing?" the girl asked. Was she trying to help daddy?
"He's injured. We're taking him to the infirmary," the mean man responded.
"Not him, the baby! I know you're moving Tal to the infirmary. I meant why are you kicking the baby around? It's just worried about Tal!" Tal? Oh! Right! That was daddy's name! Junior was so smart, he remembered that robot guy called daddy Tal!
"Well then keep it away from me. I don't want to deal with that thing," the mean man said to nice lady. She can be called Nice Lady for now. Because she's nice!
"Kick it again and he might somehow make his way onto your face while you're asleep." What did Nice Lady mean? Was Junior going to peck Mean Man's eyes? That sounded fun!
The Mean Man and his other guy took daddy away. That's right! They were taking him!
Junior started after them again, but the bunny stopped him.
"It's alright. They're trying to make him better!" the bunny said. Even though they were different species, animals could easily communicate with one another.
"But, but, what if they hurt Daddy?" Junior sniffled.
Nice lady knelt down next to Junior again, and picked him up. Hey! Wait... she had soft hands. Junior liked her hands!
"Calm down, baby. Tal'll be completely fine. They won't hurt him," Nice Lady told Junior.
"Will they really, Nice Lady...?" Junior whimpered.
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/v3TlwkoxtZc?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/v3TlwkoxtZc?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
"Don't worry! By the way, I'm Mr. BunBun! What's your name?"
"I'm Junior..."
"Junior, huh? I think we can be friends! Besides, friendship is cool and stuff! And we can go on adventures!" Mr. BunBun seemed nice, too. A lot of people here were nice so far!
"Adventures? I don't know if Daddy would like that..." Junior said.
"As long as we're together we'll be fine! Chiyo would let us!" Mr. BunBun said joyously.
Chiyo? Was that Nice Lady's name? She has a nice name! Junior liked Chiyo and Mr. BunBun! They were nice!
"Ok! Then we're friends now! Yay, friends!"
And from that moment forward, Junior could say he had "friends."
However, their happy occasion was cut short when they heard all sorts of noises and stuff from somewhere else.
"What's all that ruckus?" Chiyo questioned. "Come on, Bun! And you too, baby... I wouldn't feel right leaving you here. It's for Tal, anyway."
Chiyo grabbed the two friends and set them in her bag, leaving it open enough for them to poke their heads out. She ran towards all the noise.


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Post by Frost on Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:16 am

Moments had passed. The infirmary had been completely full with only a few people. The medical staff was running back and forth trying to deal with and treat each patient accordingly.
Chiyo had her large cut treated and bandaged up, the white medical tape nearly covering her whole arm. Her minor injuries were treated with other small bandages and a small use of painkillers to speed up her recovery. Mr.BunBun remained by her side along with Agna Jr. who was happily playing along with BunBun who was still very hesitant with the child's size apart from its friendliness.
Shiki lay in bed somewhat unaffected by the painkillers applied to him. Both of his arms bandaged, his left somewhat colored red from the blood releasing from the stab wound and his right held together in an odd looking sling that flexed his muscle every 12 minutes to confirm vital signs from the immediate fracturing of his entire bone.
It had been several hours sense Tal was admitted to the infirmary. His wounds were like none the doctors there had ever seen, they called in a special doctor, one who stood out from the rest of them and left the operation under his control. In a matter of hours, Tal lay in bed, his wings bandaged and treated, His jaw completely replaced and his legs fully straightened. The doctor was no push over. Tal had very advanced pieces of technology on each of his legs. Special prostetic equipment which doubled as leg braces sent electrical signals and currents through his legs, allowing Talent the abillity to stand up on his own without feeling any pain. Due to the severity of his injuries it was imperative that after being treated with special medication, tal had to make sure that he walked around on his legs every so often to ensure the medicine could spread as his muscles contracted.
Today sat there fully charged, waving goodbye with a needle in his hand at a rebel officer who walked out of the infirmary with a tattoo on his arm that read "Ugly" who then proceeded to brag about it to his fellow officers.

Soon, all 4 guests in the infirmary were taken to a different building in the far back of the rebel camp. A somewhat bigger one then the rest of them however unless you were looking for it, it really didnt stick out too much.

A small envelope was suddenly shoved through the door of Kit's tent. Kit picked it up and proceeded to read it
Proceed to the large building in the back, Your audience has been requested there.
Kit looked at the letter with confusion and walked out of his tent, managing to avoid being spotted by anyone in the infirmary, especially Camilla.

Vanitas and Panther were greeted by 2 rebel officers who led them both to the building together and guided them inside.

The room they entered was fairly large. It had 5 tables, sets of chairs, a couch, a small tv set, a few lamps and many bookshelves filled with books. From a quick glance it couldve been mistaken for someone's apartment. Shiki sat on one end of the couch, staring at Tal whom was laying down next to him with Chiyo conversing with him and pointing every now and then to his wounds. Vanitas sat in the corner, viewing everyone as eyes moved back and forth across the room. Panther proceeded to introduce himself to everyone but stopped in his tracks at the sight of tal. Stepping away from the couch, Panther sat down in at a table and set down his rifle and began to detach the barrel and replace it, soon he felt a small rub against his feet. he looked down in shock to see agna jr. sniffing at his pouch. Agna jr. fiddled through Panther's belonging and discovered his stash of beef jerky and proceeded to run off with it. Panther grabbed for his bag and proceeded to yank it away from the little dragon. Agna Jr. surprised from his sudden interaction, freaked out at the site of Panther's hand and bit him and ran off, dropping the now half chewed up package of beef jerky, leaving panther with a baffled look on his face and a longing for a new bag of jerky.
Kit walked in the door, surprised to see familiar people in the building. He instantly ran up to tal and transformed back into a teenaged boy and sat next to him and began conversing with Him and Chiyo with a happy but concerned look on his face.

2 Hours pass, and the group of people begin to get confused and frustrated as to why they have been waiting so long and for what reason they were called there together.

Soon the door opens and an older man walks in with a determined look on his face.

BA: "Excuse me for being a tad late, I had some things to take care of"

Shiki turned around from his sitting spot on the couch-
Shiki:"Were You the one that called us all here?"
BA:"Im afraid not, I was summoned here myself. And I must say its a pleasure to see You again under different circumstances."

???:"Well theres no need to worry, You dont have to wait any longer."
A figure dressed completely in black walked through another door on the other end of the room.
Tal looked up from the couch and stared at the character in disbelief.
Tal:"Wait this guy looks famliar...wait is that K?" he thought to himself.

The figure opens up several brief cases which contained documents. The figure then proceeded to place a small laptop computer on the table center of the guests, turning it on.
The light flashed and a large letter L appeared on the screen. Everyone turned and sat forward as the figure sat down next to the computer, placing a large microphone facing the group.

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/MTGlrcReWrk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

L:"Greetings Everyone. I am L."
Ba nodded at the computer as Kit looked at it with a sign of interest.
L:"I have called each and every one of You here for a special purpose. Each and everyone of us in this room are aware that the world is in terrible danger, and what none of You may know is that We each share the same goal, to end Gosvik's rule."
The group looked back and forth from themselves and the computer.
L:" The reasoning behind calling each of You specifically is because You have been noted to posses great strength and potential, and are currently using those abillities to thwart the plans of Gosvik's forces as previously seen in Solaria City. Gosvik is under the impression that he is the sole ruler of the world and that he alone has the power to control both this world and worlds beyond. Our task is one and the same, to stop him and bring back peace to a time that hasnt seen it in generations. With that being said I would like each of You to come up and introduce Yourselves to the group, this will allow everyone to get to know one another and get a grasp on whom their working with."
One by one the people walked forward and introduced themselves and explained their assumed roles.

BA:"Greeting everyone, its truly nice to meet You all, Im BA. I was a detectiv*fade
Chiyo: "IM Chiyo and this is Mr.BunBun My Bunneh. Im fairly good with shooti*fade
Vanitas: "My name is Vanitas, I use this special weapon called a keyblad*fade
Tal:"Hello, as many of You know My name is Tal and Im half Dragon but-"*fade
Today:"I hate to see the sucker who has to go up next! oh wait im next... what Ugly ordering for role calls"*fade
Kit:"hello, my name is Kit, Im a kitsuni fox spirit who-"*fade
Panther:"Panther here, Im a russian sniper, I have experience in all sorts of combat-"*fade
Shiki:"Sup guys, Im shiki. Im from a town called new shibuya which was once-"*fade
Agna Jr.:"Nyaa!"

The introductions were out of the way and the group had grown a bit more comfortable conversing with one another.
L:"good. Now onto the business at hand. Gosvik is attempting to complete his reign by finding and manipulating 3 beasts, this You are all currently aware of. Conveniently, All 3 are present in this room. These 3 creatures are creatures of myth and Legend.Their powers are undeniably great and combined it amasses to an even greater potential. Gosvik plans to capture and use these 3 beasts to create his new empire in his own image and destroy anyone and anything that gets in his way."
Vanitas:"Easy fix, we have all 3 hes done hes stopped, lets go find him and kill him and get this over with."
The figure turns to Vanitas-
???:"You really are impatient arent You?"
vanitas sits back abit.
L:"K, its alright, leave him be."
Tal:"So it is You K! I knew it had to be You
Agna:"You couldve just asked Me, I knew from the moment the door opened."
For the first time tal ignored Agna's comment for the sake of his own embarassment.

K:"I was waiting for You to point Me out Dragon Boy" K said with a slight chuckle.

3 Hours later, the group comes to a conclusion.

L:"I have pressing matters to attend to. My assistant K here will be here to answer any questions You may have, feel free to ask away. Also Your free to roam about but I must ask You to not leave this camp, under any circumstances. Our team needs to form and we need all the time we can get to prepare for the worst. Good luck and I'll be in contact."
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/u14Mhse4gWI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
The computer shut off and K placed everything together and sat on top of the table, legs crossed, facing the group.
K:" any questions? You heard him. "
BA:"What intel do we have on Gosvik as of now?"
K:"We're currently working on that. You see, we had a fix on Gosvik's location in Solaria City. However soon after his attack, he disappeared as if he dropped off the face of the earth, we cant find him or anything leading to him anywhere."
BA:"I see..."
Chiyo:"Anything You want us to do?"
K:"Prepare. Train. Get to know one another. We dont know when we'll find anything on Gosvik but when we do we'll have to be ready. It could take days, weeks, even months."

K hopped off the table and began to walk out of the door.
K:"Im going to take my leave now. This information we've shared today doesnt find itself. I'll be in and out of the camp, You'll see me again if You need me"
K walks out the door and leaves the group behind.

Panther:" I know this is sudden and please dont think of me as rude but... does anyone agree with Me when I say that K might be "on the other side of the fence"? if You know what i mean?"

Shiki:"What are You saying hes Gay or something?"

Panther:"Well... i mean did You see the way he sat and walked... i mean even the way he talked. just straight up.."

Tal:"isnt this a weird way to start a conversation with people You've only just met? so what if hes gay, i dont think that should take away anything from that hes on our side and is a valuable asset to our team. As far as we know hes the only link we have to L at this point and even L seems to be very distant."
Agna:I dont think Gay is the correct way to put it."
Tal:"What are You talking about agna? I dont think dragons could even be considered remotely.. homosexual...."
Agna:"Your right Tal, and there never have been, however You and I are alot alike species wise. Its not like we wouldnt know what that is."

Kit:"Well its important that we start off everything tomorow, we have alot of work to do."
Today:"Hey this place has some ugly rooms with beds. I call whatever bed tal chooses."
Tal:"What You dont want to sleep alone?"
Today:"No, I just wanna steal Your bed from You"
Tal:"Today Your a robot, what would You need a bed for? You can go sleep anywhere else yet you choose My bed?
Today:"Just because Im not human doesnt mean i dont like to be cozy, figured You'd know that."
Tal:" I swear.... "

Panther:"God dammit You little monster GIVE BACK MY JERKY!"
Agna Jr. Ran around the room gobbling down an entire bag of jerky with Panther chasing Him every which way.

Chiyo caught Agna Jr. who dropped the bag, now completely empty and chewed.
Panther:"Dammit, that was my last bag!" D:<
Chiyo:"Give it a rest man, You can always go get more <.<"

Chiyo:*holding Junior in the air*"Hes a cute widdle gai, he doesnt know any better :)"
Agna Jr.:Burp!

The group had now formed and would go through preparations to liberate the world.

Unfortunately K was right.

Several Months later -

???: "You son of a B|tch!"


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Post by Chu on Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:15 pm


It's a few days after the meeting with K and L, and Chiyo started to gather supplies for the huge battle ahead of everyone.

Chiyo: *talking to bunbun* Lets see...we need Herbs and a special blueshroom for potions...more bandages..weapons..

Mr.BunBun: *blinks*

Chiyo: Lets check the forest around this area for anything we might be able to use.

Mr.BunBun: *Twitches nose*

Chiyo and BunBun left the Tent she was assigned to and started to head out into the forest. She noticed everyone else getting ready for the battles aswell. Tal and Junior were training their firebreath, Shiki is meditating, Fett is frolicking through flowers, BA and Panther are shooting at targets, and Kit is stealing an apple from one of the mean rebel guards.

(Flashbacks to Forest exploration)

Theres trees everywhere, undergrowth, flowers, and plants.

(Now to the Present Several Months later)

Chiyo: Dammit I can't remember where I found those weird plants ;-;

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Post by Grimblade on Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:28 pm

Ever since everyone had met up, Kit had been having a enjoyable time. Things were actually kind of...normal. But in an abnormal way.

Everyone in the "team" is pretty interesting, and all have their quirks, but I enjoy being around them. They're people that I've felt that I can talk freely to, as they're all united under a common goal: to bring down Gosvik.

Chiyo is really nice and fun to talk with, though her bunny didn't seem to like me at first...probably because I'm a fox. And foxes typically eat bunnies. But I explained myself, and BunBun warmed up to me eventually. It's nice having someone to talk to while in my fox form without having to use telepathy.

BA is cool, though he seems rather reserved...as though there's something troubling him that he doesn't want to talk about. But he's still really nice, and a hardcore gentleman. And classy.

Vanitas is kinda odd, and is really impatient with the circumstances. I mean, so am I, but I enjoy getting to relax for a while, actually. He really seems to dislike Chiyo...which I don't get. And what's with all the keys? They don't even unlock anything. I don't get that either.

Panther's interesting, and is a real military man. He's kinda strict about all of us needing to "prepare" as much as possible, and trains often.

Shiki's really nice, and it was great getting to see him again. His pins really spark my curiosity, but he's always willing to let me observe them. He's also recovering from his arm injury.

Tal and Agna...it's so great getting to see them again. They seem slightly darkened from everything that happened, but they seem to be really happy now that they have Junior. And they're recovering pretty quickly, thankfully...their condition was pretty bad, and I've been doing everything I can to help them out. They enjoy the company, too.

I really like Junior though, he's so adorable...and I can talk to him like I've been doing with BunBun since they're both animals of sorts. The three of us actually hang out together quite a bit.

As for me...I've spent my time talking to everyone and playing random games, along with slight bits of smaller mischief. Oh yeah, and my arm is fully healed now---it's still not as flexible as it used to be yet, but aside from that, it's all better, which means I can finally go back into my normal form and be able to actually move around. I'm glad, too, because that means no more being stuck disguised as a pitiful human.
I don't join in the sparring with the others as they train, as they often drew a lot of spectators, and the last thing I want is to draw Camila's attention towards myself. I've been able to avoid her completely, largely due to the help of the others. After I explained my plight, they've helped by doing everything that they can to ensure that mine and Camila's paths don't cross while in the camp. It's painful being so close to her and yet so far...but it has to be done, and at least I've had the others to occupy my time with.

I've also spent a lot of time in the forest outside of the camp. I know that I'm not supposed to leave, but what could be the harm? I enjoy the solitude. It gives me time to think and get away from it all. I've been working out and training a bit too while I'm out, but to myself: mostly agility training, as well as some combat training, both of which will make sure I can out-maneuver any enemies that come my way.

That about sums it up...I'm not going to go into EVERYTHING that's happened over the last few months, since that would take a while, but I think you get the gist of it....Oh my, is that a chicken I see? I think I'll go take that---


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Post by Tal on Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:07 am

Life had gone by rather slowly over the time that passed. Every day was more of the same; recovery, Junior, rehab, etc. I mean, sure, it was for the greater good when eventually they would all take down Gosvik, but still. All this prep was boring him to death.
Agna tried to tell him every day that he needed to bear with it, and that if he didn't she'd smack him one when they were done with this. Tal scoffed, commenting that "You can't control the body when I am, and you'd only be smacking yourself when you're in control." As for what was going on...

A few months after the meeting, Tal was healthy enough to move around without any help. He'd been using crutches for a while, but eventually he had to ditch them and learn how to use his new legs. He was wobbly at first, falling multiple times, but eventually he got the hang of them. Everyday he'd walk down to the gate of the camp and stare out into the world beyond.

Speaking of walking out, he'd been going out into the forest every other day for target practice. He'd only realized long after the facility that his pistols were gone. He remembered why, but he hadn't needed to think about it. Shiki had one, but he couldn't just take it back from him. That wouldn't be right. He learned BA had his revolver back (which he never remembered to question him about) so at least that was alright. Gosvik had taken his other pistol way back when. How had he gone to target practice, then? A guard from the armory noticed Tal eying some of the guns enviously when he walked past every day. One day, while Tal was gazing out into the forest, the guard had presented him with a gun; a .44 Remington magnum revolver. He'd never used a magnum before, much less a revolver. He'd held onto BA's for a while but never fired it. Every other day after that when the guard had relief of duty he and Tal would walk out into the woods and practice firing.

Tal had become fond of the guard. He'd learned his name; Trevor. He'd been a rebel as long as Tal had been alive, so at least 17 years. Trevor became a rebel the day Gosvik's men burst into his home, killed his wife and two daughters, and burned the house down. Trevor came home to a fiery grave and a note from the soldiers:
"Consider this a warning. Join Gosvik or else much worse shall befall you."
From that day forward Trevor devoted all his time to the rebels to take down Gosvik. Trevor was deadly with a handgun, no matter what type. Derringer, revolver, pistol; no matter what he used he always out-gunned Tal. But Tal was happy. He finally had a shooting partner. Someone who could make him improve. Someone he could strive to be.

Tal's wings were well on their way to recovery. Whatever the doctors had done, it worked. Tal and Agna were sure that they'd never feel the rush of flight again. The doctors had pulled off the impossible. Tal and Agna would be flying again in a few weeks. But they'd be one passenger short...

Junior had grown to an overwhelming size. He wasn't tremendously huge (he had only grown to Tal's height, maybe a bit taller, and had to be at least 18 feet long), but he had grown so much since Tal first found him. Whenever Tal would take him for walks around the forest, it always seemed like Junior took HIM for the walks. He' always dash out ahead of Tal, causing Tal to rush out after him, but then he'd turn around, pick up Tal in his mouth and then run around for a bit, dropping Tal off in an open field then proceeding to run some more, ensuing in a large game of tag between the two. Tal used to get extremely nervous at first to the whole ordeal (he never knew if Junior would let him go after he picked him up, or when he'd run around the forest he was afraid something might happen to him), but after a while he was fine. Junior was just like him anyway. He meant more to Tal than life itself. The bond between them strengthened over time, and eventually became like an iron chain with a diamond overcoat. They were almost inseparable. Losing Junior would be like losing his life. And he knew Junior felt the same way.

The rest of the crew usually kept to their own plot devices, doing whatever came naturally for them. Tal usually never paid attention.
He didn't really feel like anyone paid attention to him, anyway.

"17 years... Man..." Tal mumbled at the gate to the camp.
"17... Oh! Oh my, how did I almost forget?! Happy birthday, Tal!"
Tal smiled slightly.
"Thank you, Agna. To think. 17 years I've been alive, and I've only had you for one, maybe one and a half. And... this..." Tal gazed at his body again.
Agna remained silent.
"I'm sorry, Agna. I know I should be used to it. I am! And I'm fine with it!"
"Are you sure? You never sound like you mean it..." Agna asked rather irritated.
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/0cyf_1hMi_k?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/0cyf_1hMi_k?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
"Of course! Both you and Junior mean more than the world to me. When we were first fused, sure, my emotions seemed all depressing and negative, but on the inside, I was overjoyed. Agna, you were like my mother. One from a different species, but still. When it happened, I felt happy. I was closer to you than ever."
"So... you masked your happiness with sadness... why?"
"It's not like I meant to! I was still shocked about it. I wanted to tell you how happy I felt... but... I just couldn't. It was like the happiness was repressed rather than masked."
Agna thought for a second.
"Tal, I'm so glad I met you. You proved to me that I can trust humans. I was just about ready to believe all of them were filthy, savage creatures."
"But not you, Tal! I was injured, and snarling and roaring at you, and you walked up to me regardless and helped me."
"To be honest, I'd always taken an interest in dragons. But they never existed in the real world. When Gosvik took over and bound these crazy worlds together, I searched for a long time to see if dragons actually existed somewhere."
"And then you found me?"
"Well, not quite. I walked for a very long time. Longer than you'd expect most humans to be able to walk. I... I couldn't stop. I had to get far away from my home. It wasn't safe."
"It wasn't?"
"No... Gosvik... however he brought all this stuff into our world, it seemed like a slew of demons and all sorts of other hellish figures chose my house for some sort of demonic portal. I couldn't do anything I was weak. And scared."
"But you aren't anymore. You have me Tal, and I have you. Together, we're strong, we're brave, and we can take on anything this crazy world has to offer!"
Tal tried to hold in a tear, but it fell. And more after.
"Agna, you're the best. I don't know where I'd be without you. I love you."
"Oh Tal, I love you too..."

A noise from a nearby bush. Tal jumped up, gun at the ready.
"Calm down there, guy!" Kit jumped from the bushes. "Am I really that threatening to you?"
"Jesus, Kit. Don't scare me like that."
"What? I guess I'll have to send the surprise I brought you for your birthday back!" Kit said mischievously.
The rest of the crew all followed behind Kit with all sorts of food and decorations. Tal was dumbstruck.
"Wha- how did you-"
"Forget I can eavesdrop on you? Forget about it, let's just party! On the count of three, guys! One, two, three!"
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/lrsy9t94nvg?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/lrsy9t94nvg?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

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Post by darthjawafett on Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:18 am

[Flashback start]
its night over the newer rebel camp. Vanitas decided it was time to go see what this data room is like. Take on one of the challenges. He decided that instead of waking up anyone he would travel quietly and quickly using a portal.

Vanitas pointed void gear in front of him and a bolt shot out opening into a portal he climbed in and was back in the destroyed capital.
He looked around.. no life to be found... he headed towards the western exit.
Gosvik made this place go from the pinnacle of his empire to a trash heap. Destroyed buildings crushed bodies broken glass everywhere.

Vanitas: This is why he needs to be stopped and exactly why im going to where i am.
Vanitas was out of Solaria and walking around towards the south exit. The key of his waist glowing brighter and brighter. It flew from his waist and into his ground revealing a door with a crown on it. The door looked ancient however it still opened.. Vanitas walked inside and saw a huge hallway with doors spread throughout it.

Vanitas: Which one should i choose.... he looked at the symbols on it... finally stopping at one door. This one was different from the rest. Upon the door was a sitar like symbol.. looked kinda like: Rain - Page 5 120px-Demyx_-_Replica_Data.

He opened the door and walked inside..
The Room was huge 1/4 the size of Gosvik's capital..
The floor of the room was covered in water..In the center of the room was a pillar of stone... someone was placed on top of it..

???: Hello child who are you?
Vanitas: I am vanitas... im here to fight you i guess.
???: A challenger huh its been awhile. My name is Demyx
Demyx came into view but was still on top of his stone pillar
Rain - Page 5 300px-Demyx

Demyx: Let us begin..
Vanitas attempted to climb up the pillar to attack but Demyx reacted quickly pulling a string on his sitar as a giant wave of water pushed Vanitas to the ground. When he hit the water it was much deeper than when he stood on it feeling like an ocean. It was important his visor stayed in contact during this battle now knowing this.
Music filled the room and more water themed attacks were sent towards vanitas. He dodged them carefully will thinking of ideas.
Demyx: Dance water...Dance!

Vanitas summoned giant skeleton hands to use as platforms to get to the top of the pillar. he used fire based attacks to turn Demyx's strikes into steam. He reached the top and lunged at Demyx who blocked void gear with his Sitar.. the arpeggio. the impact knocked vanitas back a few inches and then Demyx charged and smacked him off the pillar by hitting with the arpeggio.
Demyx: Gonna have to work harder than that to beat me. Vanitas fell into the "ocean" again and swam back up.. climbing up onto what felt like land. He heard more music this tune was faster than the last..
He warped onto the opposite side of the pillar. and kept up that plan.
Demyx: What the whats he trying to do.... he strung all of the strings on the arpeggio and water flowed down the pillar... Vanitas was still able to hold on..
Demyx: where the hell did he go....
Vanitas appeared behind Demyx who quickly turned around to knock him off the pillar again.
The hit made contact and vanitas held still in the air..
He appeared behind Demyx and crashed void gear down. even though he dodged the attack it smashed the pillar forcing him onto the ground..

Demyx: well i guess you want a fair fight huh?
Demyx moved his sitar as fast as Vanitas's blade he used water to push himself back and played his sitar once more.
Vanitas slashed at him now that he was open for attacks. and kicked Demyx back into the far wall. No blood came from him because he wasn't a real person. Just a replica..
Vanitas charged and slashed at Demyx he jumped back Vanitas summoned No name and fired a dark bolt at Demyx. it felt like a burn..

Demyx: well that hurt... its time for my blood symphony. He started playing a song on the arpeggio.
Vanitas: Blood symphony..?
The water under vanitas rumbled and he knew what was going on he used a barrier. what seemed like a hundred thousand different sharp objects made of water rushed out from the ocean underneath vanitas. once all in the air they pointed towards him and launched ten thousand by ten thousand. It forced him further and further away from Demyx... however he started to get closer and closer towards him.. Eventually grabbing him and throws him towards the incoming onslaught which was the last of them he covered himself in a barrier and watched as Demyx finished himself off. his body disappearing and the room reverting to what it was like when Vanitas entered Demyx was back on the stone pillar.
Demyx: Alright you've won now you can leave... The door reappeared on the far wall. Vanitas hadn't even noticed it was gone.. He left the hall and was back on the surface. the door closed behind him and his key was back at his side... Time hadn't moved at all during his battle.. He opened another portal and was back at his tent. he learned from this battle.. it made him very stronger and it gave him an idea of what the other challenges were like..

[End flashback]

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Post by Chu on Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:55 am


Behind the bushes we waited. For Kit's signal of course, it twas Tal's 17th birthday. I have no idea how Kit managed to get that information, he's a better stalker then me. We were going to surprise Tal when Kit gave the signal. A party was a great idea with all the bullshat going on these past weeks.

BA: Psst, Panther you got the sign ready?

Everyone is whispering.

Panther: Yeah

Rain - Page 5 Lolrainscene

A huge sign with Happy Birthday Tal on it was made

Panther: Who drew the F%@# Heart

Chiyo: Stfu its pro

Panther: Nou

Chiyo: *pulls out shotgun*

Panther: *looks scared* o3o

Vanitas: How much longer is this going to take...

Shiki: Shut up all of you

~Kit gave the signal~


Ba brought out Youtube with his pocketful of internet and putted on some catchy party music, Panther waved his sign in the air, and everyone else went up to Tal and gave hugs.

Tal: Aw thanks you guys

(Flashback over)


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Post by Youkoi on Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:14 pm

Journal Post #2:

The past month or so has been pretty wild.

Walking around the camp every day, I see how hard everyone's working. Each one of my new "teammates" have been training in their own individual way. It was interesting, seeing all of their fighting styles and techniques. As for me, I had none. I only had programming, and the devices that are installed in me. Kinda depressing, actually. Not being able to work as hard as the others.
But oh well.
Instead, I've used this time to do many other things. Like exploring nearby areas, fetching resources, repairing the technology around this camp, which is surprisingly advanced for this time period, and remembering.

Lately, I have been regaining a lot of the memories that I once lost. I remember where I'm from, why I was created, and more importantly, who created me. The man that everyone just referred to as the Professor. I'd tell you about him, but to be honest, I still haven't been able to regain many memories about him. He still remains a mystery to me, which is also kinda depressing.

But on a brighter note, I've been functioning a bit better thanks to the Rebels for charging me up to 100%. And as you know, I've also discovered this new function that allows me to save audio journals, which will surely help me remember stuff. So yeah, everything's been pretty easy going. But you know, this is just the calm before the storm. We still need to get that Gosvik guy. Yeah, that was his name right? See, told ya I'm remembering stuff!

Ah....I think that's enough for now, Journal. Everyone's going to sleep, I have to take on Night-Time Guard Duty, which is boring because nothing ever happens at night, and you know, do some more exploring. Maybe this time, I'll find something interesting. Can't wait to put more entries in ya!

Today, signing out.

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Post by Frost on Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:58 pm

Rain - Page 5 2myxmcg: Izu ...I..


K woke with a sudden jerk and sat up breathing heavily. K looked around the room, it was dark, and raining outside. The claps of thunder and flashes of lightning lit the sky outside with life.
The entire camp was asleep. K climbed out of bed and slowly walked outside of the bedroom into the living space. it was small and looked a bit cramped. A 2 seat couch and a small table and chair filled the room up a whole lot more than You could expect. The only thing that stood out from the rest of the furniture was the small fireplace, still alive and burning a dim light of orange. K went and sat down in front of the fire and began to feed it small bits of wood making it come back to life. The light shined on K's face as the flames grew brighter and brighter.
K looked to the left of the fireplace and noticed the mask placed on top of a stool. Picking it up, K looked at it with a sad expression.
K:"I cant sleep... I cant stop thinking about You Sarah. I promise He will pay for what He did to You."
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. K quickly threw the mask on and ran behind the door drawing a pistol.
K: "Who goes there?"
Tal:"Its Me Tal, may I come in? Im soaking wet?
K:"Give Me a minute"
K left the door and put on the suit that people recognize as K and ran back and opened the door, letting Tal inside.
K:"You sure do come around a lot. Take a seat, how may I help You? And why were You out in the rain?"
Tal:"Sorry, I needed to get out of bed anyways i was tired of just laying there. And I had some questions and Agna was able to sense that You were awake so I came over."
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/5pjWJewDzio" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
K:"Thats an interesting sense You have. Well what did You want to ask Me dragon boy?"
Tal looked at K uneasily.
Tal:" Its about Me and Agna Jr. .... Whats going to happen to us if we're captured? What happens if Gosvik happens to take control of 1 of us? or 2? or all?"
K:"I honestly dont know. I'm fully aware that He managed to split both You and Agna apart from each other. And from what I've gathered, Your appearance changed when You rejoined. You look more human, I mean aside from the wings. You gained new abilities and strengths and seem to have a better sense of control of Your body. In truth, the process in which he used to fuse you the first time and then break you apart is phenomenal. To be completely serious with You, if he already has the ability to do that then there's no telling what he could do if he got a hold on either of You."
Tal: "I see... This is really serious. Not that I didnt think of it that way in the first place, its just... I dont want Agna Jr. to get hurt. I dont care if I do, so long as nothing happens to him."
K stood next to Tal and put a hand on his shoulder.
K:"This is why its important for us to protect You. You, the Child, and Shiki's Dragon are very vital to the survival of the world. Gosvik has to be stopped before he can lay a finger on either of You."
Tal stood up and began to walk out the door as K unlocked it.
Tal:"I still have to prepare for what may come. I've been looking after Junior this whole time that I havent had too many chances to train myself."
K:"Alright then what do You say about this?"
K left the doorway and returned throwing Tal a Key.
K:"Its the key to a small private training facility here in the camp. Its actually built into the mountain. Its only used by people like Me but there can be an acception. Meet Me there not today, but tomorow, I'll use today to prepare it, just dont forget."
Tal:" uh... wow.. I uh Thanks K, thank You it means alot but You dont have to do that, I can go and find some oth-"
K:"Shut up Dragon boy, You talk to much, now go back to sleep" K said laughing.
K closed the door as Tal began to walk away.

Tal:"well then... I guess we have something to look forward to ay Agna?
Agna:"Yes Tal, This is a valuable opprotunity to better ourselves in the field of combat."

Time will tell.


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Post by Tal on Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:08 am

The door slammed shut behind them. That... wasn't a good sign. The room was overwhelmingly long, more like a corridor than a room.
"Well we won't progress by just standing here," Kit said.
"Yeah, let's go," Tal responded rather nervously.
"What's the matter, you scared?" Shiki asked (it seemed like a rude question but he asked it in a worried manner).
"No, sorry. Let's just finish this."
They began down the corridor. Tal, Agna, and Junior took point, followed by Kit and Shiki, then Chiyo. About halfway down...
*rumble rumble*
Chiyo turned around. "Is something the matter, Tal?"
"You mean you guys didn't..." Tal said anxiously.
"Didn't..." Shiki started.
"...Never mind. Let's keep moving."
The corridor's end became closer with every step. And with each one, the feeling in Tal's gut grew heavier and more painful.
"What's that noise?" Kit asked.
"Beats me. But it can't be good. Let's get out of this hall," Chiyo said, a bit irritated.
The five turned around. The windows all shattered to the inside behind them. And through each of them came a giant... tentacle? Or something like that. They definitely looked something like them.
"Shit! Run!" Tal yelled.
They ran for the door at the end of the corridor, but it was suddenly getting farther away.
"What the hell?! What's going on?!" Shiki screamed fearfully.
"Fight them! Just destroy them!" Kit yelled.
Tal hadn't heard and kept running with Junior, trying to get away, while the other three stopped and tried to fend off the horrendous things.
Kit managed to cut three apart while Shiki used his pins to burn them, shock them, cut them, etc. Chiyo used BunBun, her knife, and her pistol. The noise of battle is what got Tal's attention. He turned around and saw the scene. There were too many. They outnumbered the three. And soon, they each fell. The tentacles grabbed each of them, slowly engulfing their bodies before dragging them out the windows.
"No!! Goddammit, bring them back!!" Tal screamed.
They closed in. One suddenly darted out from the rest, threatening to completely lacerate Tal's body. But it stopped. Well, was blocked. By Junior. He took the hit.
The tentacle receded and all of them pulled back out the windows.
Junior fell sideways into a puddle of his own blood. His magma armor was slowly fading to a dull gray rock.
"Junior!! No!! Don't... don't die!!! I'll save you again!! Just hold on!! Resta!!!"
Tal used the healing magic. But Junior was already dead. He was gone. Along with Tal's friends. Everything had been taken from him in one fell swoop.
"N... no... J- J- Junior...?"
And then the breakdown.

Tal jumped awake on the floor, thrashing around violently. He must have fallen off the bed while asleep.
He slowly stood up, shaking and in a cold sweat.
"Tal! Are you ok?! What happened?!" Agna asked worriedly.
Tal wiped his forehead.
"I'm- I'm fine. Just... just a nightmare... that's it... Yeah... haha... a nightmare..."
Slamming on the door. And then it broke in. Kit came bursting through in the form of a general, claws at the ready.
"Tal! What's going on?!"
"Nothing! Nothing, I'm fine... Just a bad nightmare..."
Kit lowered his claws.
"A nightmare? That's it? It sounded like you were being attacked by something!" Kit said nervously.
"They do say nightmares are triggered in the presence of evil spirits. It... it may be possible..."
"I'm not sure. If there were evil spirits around here I'd be able to sense them."
"You never know. Anyway, was it really that bad?"
"Well for me at least. I'm not sure if anyone else heard it. As long as you're alright, though," Kit responded, still a bit worried.
"Yes, I'm fine. Head back to bed. You'll need the sleep," Tal told him.
Kit nodded and walked out. Tal closed the door behind him. He turned around to proceed to walk back to bed, but fell back against the door, sliding to the ground.
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/sfLFKGUMlAw?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/sfLFKGUMlAw?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
"Tal? What now? Are you... ...right?"
He felt dizzy. The room was spinning. His cold sweat suddenly turned hot. He was burning up.
"Tal! Wh... ...s goin... ...n?! Tal!!"
He could barely hear her and she was inside of his head. Literally. What the hell was going on? Tal suddenly felt extremely sick, too. He tried to stand up, but dropped to his knees. He vomited blood.
"Oh my God!! Ta... ...at's happen... ...to you?! Kit!!!"
Everything was going in full circles now. Tal dropped to his side and blacked out.


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Post by darthjawafett on Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:56 am

Vanitas went into the forest to train, once out of site he opened a portal to Solaria again. he entered.
Vanitas: This place just looks even more horrible every time i enter..
He made his way back to the data-rooms. The key opened the door once again. He saw something that wasn't there before it looked like a terminal.. He approached it.. A message on the screen appeared saying "You've beat one of the challenges you have been granted the ability to move the entrance where ever you please". a map appeared on the screen vanitas was easily able to find the rebel base he placed the entrance a few feet from the gate

At the rebel camp. the earth shook for 5 minutes as the Data-room was moved.. Now being underneath the rebel camp. The terminal disappeared..
Vanitas: well i guess this place was moved now i'll go pick a challenge..
He walked around the hall looking at each door.. Demyx's door was glowing signaling that the challenge was completed.
He stopped at a door with a lance insignia Rain - Page 5 Xaldin_-_Replica_Data on it and entered. The room was windy. along the ceiling there were lances all purple in color... there was a person wearing the same clothes Demyx wore.. He looked stronger. Many lances surrounded him
Rain - Page 5 300px-%22Xaldin%22

???: you must be the challenger. I am Xaldin you wont be able to win here..
Xaldin was able to move with his lances following him he wasn't grabbing them though...
he quickly started the battle by sending a tornado at vanitas... Vanitas jumped out of its path but was dragged into the tornado. Xaldin pierced the tornado with lances. Vanitas grabbed the one Xaldin was holding onto and kicked him back. stopping the tornado. His lances quickly retreated back to Xaldin.
Vanitas summoned his blade and charge foward and had his attack blocked by all 6 lances..
he teleported behind his opponent in an attempt to get an opening but the lances moved behind him... he grabbed all lances and swung them around Vanitas jumped up then Xaldin jumped attacking with his lances simultaneously before crashing down with all 6. Vanitas was able to block 6 of the hits but the 7th one sent him down..
Xaldin stood still and vanitas slowly got up recovering from the powerful attack.
Xaldin: You had me worried. I was afraid you'd given up for good.
Vanitas: Far from it.. I can't be beat..
Vanitas charged forward with a flurry of attacks before breaking Xaldin's guard with a strong punch. It stunned Xaldin who was quickly knocked into a wall by Void gear.
Xaldin freed himself from the wall and got up from the ground.. Getting all 6 of his lances back..
He grabbed 3 lances in each hand.
Xaldin: Ill make you suffer.
He charged forward thrusting 3 lances towards vanitas who jumped back away from him.
Xaldin let go from the lances in his right hand and smacked them towards vanitas with the lances in his left.. Vanitas dodged them by using his air slide.
Xaldin grabbed the 3 lances out of the air and had all 6 float at his sides.
he appeared in front of vanitas and punched him into the air then jumped with 2 lances and held them vertically as he spun making a wheel like formation. after that was done he punched vanitas back onto the ground.
Vanitas felt pain from this attack.. he knew he couldn't die in this room but he wasn't going to lose.. he created what looked like a small dark pool as big as a car tire.
Xaldin:... what is that
Vanitas jumped in the air and summoned No name plunging it into his creation...
Dark bullets that resembled Glass shards Flew across the room.. 1/4 of it couldn't be blocked by Xaldin.

Xaldin struggled with this attack it broke the lances attached to the ceiling and 2 of Xaldin's lances...
Vanitas teleported back to the ground holding No name he had no idea what he just did but whatever it was, it worked in his favor.. Xaldin was showing signs of weakness... The battle was about to be over. Vanitas ran towards him with Void gear in hand easily breaking 3 of Xaldin's lances.. leaving him with one. Vanitas was able to land hits on Xaldin...
Vanitas hit Xaldin with a powerful combo before knocking him into the air... He hadn't noticed how low the gravity was in this room until now. he went into a command style he had never seen before... he floated over the ground.. he struck Xaldin sending him higher up in the air.
Then his next attacks consisted of charging at him then teleporting to a different area of the room.. He was able to use Sky climber's finisher after awhile..

He jumped on void gear and flew around the room piercing Xaldin at every change he then appeared above Xaldin and spun on void gear causing a column of wind to tear at him and destroy him ending the battle. The door appeared and the room reverted back to normal..
Vanitas was healed from the battle... He left the room
The lance on the door started glowing once the door was closed.
The terminal hadn't appeared though. Vanitas left the data room and was outside the Rebel camp he was glad to see that moving the rooms worked perfectly. he went back to the rebel camp and went back to his tent... The challenge he faced today was twice as hard as Demyx's challenge... He did recover a couple of lost powers.

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Post by Frost on Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:56 am

L:"Im not sure if You should go on with this"
K:"Ive been analyzing everything and I've also gotten second opinions and results from the small team of scientists established here at the camp. From what we can tell, nothing should go wrong."
L:"Be very careful. I cant stop You from here but I can ask You to make Your life a priority. If You die, then everything You and I have worked on up to now will have meant nothing."
K:"Yes Ryuzaki"
K turns off the monitor and walked out of the cabin. It was morning, the sun peeked its head above the mountains illuminating everything with a beautiful shine. K walked over to the building in the back where the team was bunked. K walked inside and proceeded down the hallway towards shiki's room.
K:"Shiki are You awake? I require Your assistan-
Kit:"K! HELP ME!"
K turned around to see Kit trying to lift talent on his shoulder.
K:"What on earth happened!?"
Kit:"I dont know! I found him like this!"
K:"quick we need to take him to the infirmary!"
As quick as they could, Kit and K lifted Tal to the infirmary tent and stopped at the back entrance.
K:"alright Ive got it from here, [whisper]go on kit[/whisper]"
Kit nodded and ran back to the building, as doctors were called to help with Tal.
Tal was taken to a back room within the infirmary with the door seal off.
Nurse:"Doctor its Him again we need You"
Doctor:"Wunderbar! bring him in!" -

Later that afternoon-

Shiki:"Ok so it just needs to be powered?"
K:"Yes, everything after that will be handled by them."
Shiki:"Well alright, if You know what Your doing."

Everyone had gathered around the center of the camp where K and Shiki stood next to an odd looking machine.
BA:"anyone know whats going on?"
Chiyo:"Not a clue but hey, big machine, shiki's involved, must be exciting."
BA:"not exactly the answer i expected but alright haha"

K:"Alright everyone. I'd like to introduce You to something that our Engineers have been working on for quite some time now."
Engineer1:"Yes. We've invented a new defense system in case of enemy attacks."
Engineer2:"We call it The Storm!"
Engineer3:"It has amazing strength on the ground and has the abillity to shoot aircraft right out of the sky."

Today:"pffft I could do that... i just dont wanna."
Kit:"hush Today, im trying to listen"

Engineer:"We will now present the machine!!"

Shiki activated his lightning pin and fired a small strand of electricity into the device giving it life. The men began to demonstrate the machines abillities. They guided the machine through a small training course set up. The machine plowed through a junk tank, and shot down a remote control plane launched into the air. Soldiers applauded the machine and the engineers as the machine began to spin around and destroy test dummys. The engineers call the machine back and deactivate it and take a bow. Everyone clapped and praised them for their work.
The machine's eyes turned back on glowing a bright red and looked down at the engineers who were speaking to everyone and boasting about their creation. The machine's targeting system locked onto one of the engineers, scanning the man, and soon to confirm him as a target.

Without a second to spare, the machine threw its hand down, crushing the man into mush.
Everyone began to scream and panic, as the machine began to shoot at everything that moved.
Kit:"God dammit! We have to destroy that thi-"
Almost instantly, K rushed from behind Kit and ran towards the robot. The machine looked down and swung, allowing K to dodge and jump onto its arm. K pulled out a sword and ran up the robots arm and jumped, avoiding its grasp and landed on its head.
K sliced open the robots head making it shake and go crazy.
K spun the sword around and stabbed straight down into the robot's body. The blade pierced the reactor which was accelerating at an alarming rate. Before anyone could say a word-

The robot exploded, causing a wave of heat and a huge ploom of smoke to fill the camp.
Nothing remained in the spot where it once stood, only rubble and machine parts.

Shiki:"oh no! K!"
Everyone ran around the blast site, scanning every inch for K's body.
"Over here!"
A medical officer had begun lifting K's body from the rubble. K was completely torn up. Helmet cracked, suit torn up, body armor completely obliterated and unconscious. A medical team soon rushed over and carried K into the infirmary. Slowly they lied K on top of a bed when suddenly a door burst open.
Doctor:"Nien You fools! In here!"
The team rushed and picked K back up and moved into the Doctor's quarters.
Doctor:"ovah zer next to ze Boy"
K was placed on top of a bed next to the bed which was occupied by Talent who was connected to machinery and had an oxygen mask over his face.
Doctor:" No one is to Enter! Got it!? "
Medical Team:"Yes sir Doctor"

The Doctor began to hook K up to machinery, slowly removing the damaged suit and helmet.
Doctor:"You really need to shtop doing things like zis. Sooner or Later Your going to die and Im not going to be zer to patch You up every time. You owe Me for all ze Ozzer Times Ive treated Your injuries."

The doctor finished setting up K and went and checked on Tal.

Doctor Schröder:"Aye Doctor vat have You gotten Yourself Into?"


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Kit lay there, shocked, as K was taken to the infirmary. After all this time, he'd never expected that K would ever---could ever---be hurt. At least he himself was safe and sound, but the explosion had knocked him over since he was so close, causing him to fall and roll over on the ground. And his ears were ringing---he couldn't hear anything except for that endless, infernal noise.

Sitting up, he looked over and saw Shiki standing unharmed a few dozen yards away. He seemed to be trying to say something to him. But he couldn't hear. Shiki started running over, his eyes occasionally glancing towards something behind him. What was he looking at?

Kit turned around. Medical staff had been sent over to make sure that no one else was hurt, and he found himself staring into the face of none other than Camila. Their eyes met. He saw her gaze go from one of worry, to one of recognition. He saw a happy glint in her eyes as she said a single word, which he could make out from her lips: "Kit?" He couldn't take it...he got up, turned around, and ran---ran through the camp, out of the gate, and into the woods. He kept running.

He didn't know how long he had been running, but he could run no more. His legs gave way beneath him as he fell to the ground, his sore paws and tired limbs resting beneath him. He was on the top of a cliff, which he had been running along for some time now. He had no idea where he was. His hearing had returned, and he could hear water below.

Kit laid there, tears rolling down his muzzle as he stared down the vast crag before him, and at the water tossing and turning beneath. His tiredness finally got the best of him, and he drifted into a troubled sleep...


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Rain - Page 5 Empty Re: Rain

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