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Visit us on the Top 100 clan sites!

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Visit us on the Top 100 clan sites! Empty Visit us on the Top 100 clan sites!

Post by giDrew Thu Jan 15, 2009 3:37 pm

to help WOA out, please click on the top 100 site banners once everytime you stop by here. clicking them wont redirect you from this page, it will open its own separate tab for you so u arent even interrupted!

The reason is:
the more users who go to the top 100 sites from our site, the higher we will be in the ranks!! At one time we were in the top ten on EVERY one of those sites, top 3 for some...and number one in mkwii!!!

not only does it make us look good, but each one of the top100 sites provides a link FROM THEIR PAGE TO OURS. Those sites get A TON of visitors each day, so the higher our rank on them, the more people that will visit our clan from those sites!
we used to get ALOT of visitors from there on a daily basis. even visitors help activity alot, but we even got alot of new members from those sites as well! it helps ALOT more ppl know about WOA and provides them a link to come here and join us!

aside from GREATLY helping the clan, the sites are fun to go to anyway....i spend alot of time there myself just hanging out in the chatboxes talking, & finding people to play games with if theres no one here. (you can always find ppl 2 play with there even late at night)

its also fun to check out the ranks, see where we and where other clans are at, and even check out the other clans sites from all the links that are provided there!


JUST GO THERE! just by clicking the link and going to the sites you are voting! just click a banner, press "enter and vote" & thats it...u just voted for WOA! The banners are located above our chatbox (scrolling across) and to the right of any post or topic in the forums >>over>>> so CLICK CLICK CLICK PPL!

note: you can only vote once per day on each site (unless you vote from 2 different comps, then you can vote twice in a day) so basically you can vote for us in mkwii once a day, ghwt once a day, ssbb once a day, and so on...

THANKYOU FOR SUPPORTING WOA and have fun at them theyre great sites!

Former Leader of WOA
Former Leader of WOA

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