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Post by Grimblade on Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:36 am

A special force squadron was camped in complete darkness in the valley of the mountain. In the black of the night, one of the scouts sent a signal back to the camp: two small glimmers of light.

Captain: "The target has resurfaced. We must act quickly and capture that abomination, and Gosvik will be most pleased."

Soldier 1: "And from the intel we have received, this should be cake. It's apparently wounded."

Captain: "All the better." the captain said, as he readied to press the button that would activate the trap below, which would ensnare the unsuspecting "creature" above.

Soldier 2: "Well, that's no fun. I'd much rather let him be, and see what happens. F%@# Gosvik."

Captain: "WHAT WAS THAT? HOW DA--" His voice was cut off as he suddenly glared down with eyes full of horror at the place where his hand had been only moments ago. He glanced over at the second shift soldier, who stood there, apparently unarmed, holding his severed hand--still clutching the trigger box--in his left hand.

Soldier 2: "Man, you people are so gullible."

The captain blacked out, and the first soldier attempted to pull out his gun to take out the one that had assaulted his captain--but his gun was gone.

Soldier 2: "Looking for this?" he said, the other soldier's gun in his hands. He then shot the captain clean through the head, and proceeded to throw the gun over his shoulder. "Now tell me: do you believe in ghosts?" he asked, as his form smoothly shifted into that of the captain's.


The rest of the squad that had been patrolling the area, setting the traps, and other various tasks came back to the camp only to find several dead bodies...and a trail of pawprints leading out of the camp. But where did they come from?

Name: Kit

Character: A Kitsune spirit from the once-thriving island of Japan. Normal appearance is a brown fox with a single tail.

Location: Roams the cities looking for possible mischief. (Enjoys tampering with Gosvik's plans.)

Abilities: As with traditional Kitsune, Kit has the ability to shape shift into any human form that he desires. The only flaw in doing so is that he retains his tail, no matter what form he's in. He also possesses 105 years of knowledge---which is not a lot in comparison to his elders, but is enough to get him by in this bizarre world.

As weapons he uses solely his claws, which he may extend even in human form. He has the power to absorb elemental attacks, which are then directed and concentrated into his claws. This, coupled with the movement speed that is typical of foxes, is all the weaponry he needs.

In human form, his voice is that of whoever he is appearing as. While in fox form, he can speak into peoples' minds. (Cannot hear thoughts, but can only speak through them)

Person: A Japanese fox spirit who was sent from his homeland, as his elders had foreseen it to be doomed, but could not part because of their long age. He sees no direct purpose in his life aside from surviving and gaining wisdom, but enjoys tampering with any of Gosvik's plans, as anything involving that man leaves a bad taste in his mouth. Though mischievous, he has a sense of justice and helps innocents, while causing hell for those who are impure of heart.

Gear: None. Physical possessions are only a hindrance.


Kit: "Well, it seems there's something interesting afoot. Or awing...? Nah, that just sounds lame." Kit thought to himself. "I could go back and raise some hell at that camp, but this seems much more enticing." And at this, Kit proceeded to dash along the forest, easily keeping pace with the flying creature.


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Post by Tal on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:28 am

Agna flew onward into the night, unsure where they were going. But they knew they had to keep going. They couldn't turn back. Gosvik had to be stopped. They flew and flew, never looking back, but looking down when they felt a presence following them.
"Tal, you feel that, ri- OOF!"
Not looking, Agna crashed into a tree, hitting her head against the body, then crashing through the branches down to the ground.
"Agna! Hold on!"
Tal grabbed control of the body, wincing at the pain from the stab earlier. Brushing it off for a moment, he reached out for a branch, grabbing a sturdy-looking one at its end. Hanging from the branch, Tal looked down, then up, then down again.
"That... wasn't fun..."
They heard a crack, looking up, they saw the branch buckle, and then snap in two. Gasping, Tal tried turning...
...and landed stomach first on a log-like branch right below him.
"Just our luck... huh Agna?" Tal asked, finally forcing a smile for the first time in a long while.
"You can say that again."
Trying to take in a breath, Tal forced himself up from the branch and took a seat, gazing at the forest around him.
"Beautiful, isn't it?"
"Yeah, but... didn't we crash for a reason...?"
"Urk! Uh... why did we again...?" Agna tried remembering, but to no avail. "I think hitting my head wasn't a good thing..."
"Just a little. I'm sure we'll remember soon enough."
Hopping down from the trees, one branch at a time, the two reached ground level in no time. Not a second passed before they heard rustling and snapping in the brush behind them. Tal spun around, wide-eyed in terror.
"Th- that's right... something was following us."
"Just calm down, Tal. Don't panic. You're a dragon. Not much is going to start a fight with you."
"I... I guess..."
???: "Not much, eh?"
Tal jumped at the sound emanating from the brush. It sounded... vaguely familiar. In an evil way. Like the mere sound of it meant danger. And that's what it was. Tal knew he was in danger. Because out of the brush came Redil Gosvik. Tal was petrified. He couldn't move. The man who had the experiments carried out on him and made him become what he did was now in front of him, walking toward him. Tal's heart pounded faster and harder as Gosvik walked closer.
"Tal! Run! Now!!"
But he couldn't. All he could do as the man walked closer was fall down backwards and try to move away. He backed into a tree. He was stuck now. Why couldn't he move? Or run? Why?
"Tal!! Come on, get up! Now!!!"
Gosvik?: "I've got you now."
The last thing Tal noticed before blacking out was a tail.


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Post by darthjawafett on Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:40 am

The battle had taken its toll on the city and both sides had left leaving no signs except for the piles of dead bodies and the destruction... okay maybe it was clear that a battle had happened. Doing a quick bio scan of the city they're were only a few patches of life around the city. the population went from over 20 thousand to about 200.

Vanitas: I have to figure out why they had their battle here. It just doesnt make sense. I bet this city will have records on everything important at city hall. Vanitas had taken off to the city hall and with another bio scan now knew that the building was psychically stable and held over 130 people, probably guards. Well i guess nothings ever easy, if they give me trouble ill just kill them.

Vanitas walked to the door, as he guess it was locked, what a suprise. He stepped back and pointed void gear towards the door. "FIRE" a large fireball broke through the door opening it. An alarm quickly sounded alerting every guard in the building.
Vanitas: well they better hope i don't have a reason to get mad.
He continued down the hall towards his destination. Seeing a lone guard he proceeded to attack him. Easily winning the fight he asked the guard one question. "Where do you keep the files on this city?" The guard replied with "Before the battle gosvik's forces took most of the files but the ones left are up on the 4th floor cant miss the door." Happy with the response he let the guard live.

Quickly making his way towards an elevator he heard a loud crash and both plunged to the basement. "well i feel bad for whoever was in those." he continued down the hall to see more guards.
Guard 1: stop where you are.
Vanitas: Dont do anything you wont regret.
Guard 2: I'm pretty sure were the ones asking the questions. were you the one who set off the alarm?
Vanitas: Of course
Guard 3: Well what are you doing here, this place is on lock down to keep certain information safe.
Vanitas: So i assume the info im looking for is here.
Guard 1: But you'll never get your hands on it. Open fire!
Quickly disappearing and reappearing behind the targets the guards were confused as to what had happened.
Vanitas: You were dead before this fight even started. Vanitas seemed to move as fast as light and quickly killed the guards.
Deciding it would be better to take care of the guards now so when he gets the files he wont have to deal with them on the way out.
At the end of the first floor there was a stair case he continued onto the second floor. seeing a larger group of guards on this floor he decided it was best to use his newer power. he walked in front of the group who quickly gave a chance to surrender. Fear wasnt shown in their eyes.

Elite guard 1: If you stop now well let you leave alive.
Vanitas: im not scared i will retrieve what i came here for.
Elite guard 2: This is your last chance.
Something that looked like vanitas' barrier formed around him but it wasn't an exact replica. It was wider and didn't cover his entire body. He rushed forward taking out many of the guards.
Elite guard 4: What are you.
Vanitas: Theres no point in you knowing you'll die before its of any use. In a fast flurry of attacks he quickly took out the guards on this floor.

Vanitas: Onto the 3rd floor. He climbed the staircase up to the 3rd floor. This one seemed empty there weren't any guards to be seen. Couldn't even hear any foot steps. On a door nearby it said "Mayor"
Vanitas: hmm I bet he'd know exactly where the files are.
Kicking open the door the mayor quickly hid under his desk.
Vanitas: Relax Calm down i wont kill you if you cooperate.
Mayor: What do you want with me?
Vanitas: I want you to help me locate a file.
Mayor: A file? On what?
Vanitas: Come with me and ill tell you what im looking for.
Mayor: okay
The mayor had told all the guards to stand down for now.
Vanitas and the mysterious yet trustworthy mayor made their way towards the 4th floor. From the outside you could tell it was dome shaped.

Mayor: So what the hell do you want.
Vanitas: I want all the files on this cities secrets. Anything you hid from Gosvik and his forces. The mayor pointed at a shelf designated as History.
Mayor: Knowing gosvik would have looked at weaponry and Industrial we had all of the cities secrets in the history section.
Vanitas: Good go get them for me.
The mayor who was still afraid of Vanitas had done exactly what he said and gotten all the files that held the cities secrets.
Vanitas quickly skimmed through all the files before placing them in his bag.
Vanitas: Good this is just what i was looking for. You can live... for now. Vanitas left the room and had heard the mayor order all the guards to attack the intruder.
Vanitas: That traitor.
*Vanitas underwent a sort of transformation*
He seemed to be the same in every way only now he seemed stronger.
Vanitas: What is thi- wait i remember these a command style. I think i activated my ghost drive.
Vanitas seemed to disappear and reappear with every step he took.
Vanitas: God moving is so awkward when this is activated.
Guards quickly rushed down the hall not knowing what to expect.
As he killed the guards vanitas disappeared and reappeared with each hit. Acting like a ghost. By the bio scan results the last group of guards were heading his way and Vanitas's Ghost drive had been used enough to activate its finish. When they surrounded him he activated it Disappearing from sight. Only reappearing to attack the guards one by one. Each hit powerful enough to kill them. With the guards finished Vanitas left the building and summoned his keyblade glider. He flew off away from the city with the secrets of city with him.
Vanitas: Don't worry mayor, i will have my revenge soon enough.

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Post by Grimblade on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:30 pm

Kit laid by the fire, his head resting on his front paws as he eyed the half-dragon analytically through the dancing flames of the campfire that stood between them. He thought to himself, "Never before have I seen something like this before. With the power of a dragon, he could be troublesome with his power, but judging by the fact that Gosvik's military was out to capture him, and his reaction to my ploy, I can assume that we're on the same side."

The dragon-boy shifted.

"Interesting, I felt the presence of two different souls just now." Kit thought to himself. "He appears to be waking. Let's see, what should I do now...?"

The dragon-boy began to wake. He looked around, dazed, upon regaining consciousness, until at last his mind (as well as Agna's) remembered what had transpired before their blacking out. Upon remembering, he seemed to go into a frenzy of sorts, drawing his strange dual-bladed weapon as his eyes darted around frantically.

???: "GOSVIK, COME OUT YOU COWARD!" The dragon-boy yelled.

Kit (speaking to both minds): "Calm down; he's not here. He never was."

???: "Wh--what is this?!" The dragon-boy said as he continued to look around, until his enraged eyes fell upon the one creature nearby: a fox, sitting on the other side of the campfire, staring at him.

Kit: "Calm down, no one here is going to hurt you."

Kit's statement seemed to have no effect, as the crazed dragon-boy's enraged glare remained unchanged as he stared at the fox, and he appeared to be inhaling sharply. "It appears this boy has quite the grudge against Gosvik, considering he seems to be almost frantic after that shake-up. Hmm, I have an idea...better use it before he launches this fireball at me."

Seconds later, the enraged dragon-boy launched a massive inferno of fire at the fox, enveloping the entire campsite in flames.

The fire cleared---no, it was spinning---and in the center of it, the dragon-boy saw a silhouette...but not of a fox. It was his former self--his human self--standing in the middle of the raging inferno with outstretched claws that seemed to be pulling in the fire.

Shocked and at a loss for words, the dragon-boy fell down and sat there...staring in horror at the "apparition" before him. His Rage-mode was broken, and he could only stare at whatever this was. It had to be an illusion...but it also brought about a sense of longing, as he could see again what he once was.

Former-Tal: "Will you listen now? I save you and patch up your injury, and this is how you react? Well, it's my fault I guess for appearing to you as that pig-of-a-man Gosvik." the apparition said clearly, in Tal's own voice.

The dragon-boy continued sitting there, staring---confused---as he saw his former-self shift forms back into that of the fox.

Kit (telepathic): "I apologize for using your own soul against you like that, but it seemed the most logical way to get you to 'think'."

Dragon-boy: "And I apologize for attacking you blindly. When I'm in rage-mode, it's hard to stop me. Now what the hell are you, and what do you want with me?"

Kit laughed. Well, as far as a laugh would sound from a fox.

Kit: "I don't want anything from you. I just saw you were in trouble, and thought I'd lend a hand. And of course I was curious as to your...form, but that's to be expected. It's not common that you see a half-dragon with a shared consciousness. And I can definitely see that you're against Gosvik. Any enemy of his is a friend of mind. Now, if you don't mind, what's your name? That would make conversation a bit easier."

Tal: "My name is Tal. Gosvik fused me with my own dragon, Agna, and we share this body. Now, what are you, exactly?"

Kit: "Well, it seems that pig's been trying to cook up some dirty tricks. But anyway, my name is Kit. I'm a Kitsune--a fox spirit, if you will. Any souls that I've seen, I can take their appearance, as long as they're human."

Tal: "And the fire...?"

Kit: "Just another one of my little tricks. It's helpful, otherwise I'd be a sitting fox at times like when a dragon belches fire at me."

Tal: "I don't get it, but I honestly don't know what to expect anymore. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to find someone...I need to take down Gosvik, at all costs."

Kit: "Good luck getting anywhere near that man. I've only been able to pull it off once, and he almost had my tail. So I just cause him trouble from a distance." Kit smirked.

Tal: "Regardless, I have to do it. I have to get my revenge on the man who did this to me."

Tal regained his composure and prepared to take flight again.

Tal: "Thank you for your help, my wound shouldn't be a considerable problem now. But I must be leaving--"

As Tal leapt into the air to take flight and search for Chiyo, he all of a sudden felt something on his tail.

Kit (In the appearance of a little boy, clinging to the end of Tal's tail as he began taking flight): "Take me wit you, mista!"


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Post by Tal on Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:23 am

Before my post this goes along with the end of Grim's last post: Rain - Page 3 That_other_rpg_scene_redone_by_talent412-d40l209
"Wh- what are you doing?!" Tal yelped as his tail was suddenly yanked.
Kit: "You gotta let me come! I'ma be good!"
"L- let go of my tail and sure, whatever!"
Tal landed gently on the ground so that the fox-boy wouldn't be hurt, and he let go of Tal's tail.
"Jeez, you have a strong grip..." Tal mumbled, rubbing the now released part of his tail. "If we're going to travel like this the whole way then I don't know if I'll have a tail by the end of this whole journey."
Kit: "I can be widin' somewhewe else!"
Tal suddenly thought, then gave a sly look.
"Tal... don't get any ideas..."
"Oh, come on, I wasn't thinking anything... TOO bad..."
"Mmhmm. I'm sure."
Tal clutched his empty stomach. He hadn't eaten in days.
"Fine, fine. I'm sure we can find food in the nearest town anyway."
"No foxes for you. Especially ones that saved your life."
"After nearly giving me a heart attack."
Kit: "If ya need food we can go to town fiwst ya know. Don't get any smawt ideas wit' me."
"Urk! Didn't anyone ever teach you not to eavesdrop!"
Kit laughed and returned to his fox form.
Kit: "I'm sure riding on your back won't be too much of a problem, will it? Unless your back has a mouth of its own." Kit smirked at Tal.
"Oh, be quiet and hop on," Tal responded with half a smile.
Kit leaped on Tal's back, and after making sure his passenger was secure, Tal finally took back to the skies. The sun was just beginning to rise. Had he been asleep that long? Didn't feel like it...
Nearing a city at last, they flew past a tall building. Tal noticed the eyes of people inside stare at him as he flew past. People. He was finally near civilization. In this form. The only human he'd ever seen before now was Chiyo, and that was who he needed to go find. He needed help if he wanted to take down Gosvik. Speaking of Gosvik, while flying, Tal came across many giant billboards and posters with the words "OBEY REDIL GOSVIK" written on them with large pictures of his face next to them.
Tal couldn't bear to see that man's face. Stopping at one of the billboards, he hovered in place, eying it angrily.
Kit: "Tal, don't do anything you might regret. Remember, we're in the city now. There's people here. And people could also mean Gosvik's men."
Tal ignored him. Just the man's image could spark his rage, and it was getting to him.
"Tal... Tal! Listen to Kit! Don't do it!"
Tal inhaled sharply, ignited the chemicals in his stomach, and tried shooting fire at the billboard. All that came out was a shower of sparks.
"You're lucky, Gosvik. Be happy I haven't had anything to keep these chemicals up."
Just then, Tal heard a scream below him. He looked down, and a woman looked up in horror at him, pointing. Everyone around her began to look up and yell as well, suddenly fleeing the area.
"...Let's go, you two. We need to find somewhere Kit can steal us some food."
With a mischievous look, Kit agreed happily.
Kit: "Mischief is my specialty, after all."

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Post by Chu on Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:08 pm

Arriving at the Capital City, it seemed like your typical city with its buildings, cars, etc, Except with all the posters of a creepy looking guy everywhere.

Chiyo: *We need a place to stop and rest*

Chiyo walked for a couple blocks and found an apartmnt complex. More posters on the walls, even inside the building.

Chiyo: Helllo?..

A man sprang up behind the counter and shot at Chiyo, but Chiyo dodged quick enough and brought out her gun and aimed it towards the man.

Chiyo: Whats your problem buddy?

????: Who are you and what do you want?

Chiyo: I wanted an apartment to stay for the night..

????: You must be new here, our Lord doesn't take outsiders, leave or I shoot you.

Chiyo: Whatever

Chiyo left the man and got out of the city. She went into the forest next to the large city and made an outpost inside a cave.

Chiyo: *takes mr.bunbun out of the bag*

Chiyo: lets get some rest bunbun

And with that Chiyo drifted off to sleep

But Mr.BunBun went out of the cave

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Post by Frost on Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:20 pm

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/bYhLlz5bK6c" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
BB watched before him as the man slowly walked towards him and with every step the man took, the fear in BB's eyes grew and grew, his eyes widening as they came face to face.

Rain - Page 3 L%20rain_thumb "Hello there Rue, its nice to see You again.
Rain - Page 3 187786_237420534017_843044_qHow are you here!? This isnt real!
Rain - Page 3 L%20rain_thumb "oh im afraid You'll find that this is very real."
Rain - Page 3 187786_237420534017_843044_q...
Rain - Page 3 L%20rain_thumb"Your time is over BB. Your corrupt soul has lead many innocent people to their deaths, and established the very foundation on what hell on earth really is, and I must say im disappointed.
Rain - Page 3 187786_237420534017_843044_q "This makes no sense! Your dead! I made sure of it."
Rain - Page 3 L_Death_Note_Avatar_Anime_normal_normal" God Hates You BB. Your time here has expired, its time for You to leave. "
L places a finger on BB's forehead and a small trail of smoke rises. Soon the flesh around the spot begins to burn and dye away. BB begins screaming in pain as L pushes his finger harder into his head.
Rain - Page 3 51909079@N04"What are You doing to Me!?"
Rain - Page 3 20838666_17588921_L__Death_Note_s2_by_xLostxGirLx_normal"From this moment on You and I are going to be alot closer to where we belong."
Rain - Page 3 51909079@N04" No! What are You-"

A bright light bursts from the spot burned on BB's forehead and BB slowly begins to fade and L begins to gain color. BB bursts into flames, incinerating his entire body, as cries of agony echoed off the walls. Pairs of hands appear from the ground and begin to drag BB through the floor,as he remained burning with flames as black as his heart, burning his body until no more screaming could be heard and all that was left was a small piece of notebook paper placed directly on an eyeball insignia on the floor where they both stood. A paper now folded into the shape of an L.

L slowly kneels down and picks up the slip of paper, looking at it with a smile and places it in his Pocket.

Rain - Page 3 20838666_17588921_L__Death_Note_s2_by_xLostxGirLx_normal" Its time to shed some light on this cold grey blood soaked world thats called an Empire and finally restore what little peace we had to begin with. "

L slowly backs up, looking at the spot where BB once stood. Frowning and looking up at the ceiling, L begins to walk out of the room, and all of the lanterns extinguish.
L turns around at the shrine with a frown on his face.
Rain - Page 3 L_Death_Note_Avatar_Anime_normal_normal" Im sorry for everything Hes done. I promise that his actions wont go unnoticed. That I much can assure You."



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Post by Grimblade on Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:51 pm

To avoid further attention from the locals, Tal slowly circled away from the city to throw off any possible pursuers, and landed in a clearing in the forest that bordered the town.

Tal: "Man, I'm so starved...Kit, go get us some food. I hate to ask, but I can't really go anywhere like this without civilians and soldiers chasing me around."

Kit: "Will do. This should be fun."

Tal: "What do you mean by that? Don't do anything crazy. I want to see you coming back with food, not a military squad chasing after you."

Kit: "I won't make any guarantees. But you really think I'd let that happen? You underestimate me."

Tal: "Fine, fine. Just go. Maybe I'll give you a bone if you do a good job."

Kit gave an evil smirk in reply. "I do wonder how a dragon bone would taste."

With that comment, Kit darted off into the forest and towards town.

Upon arriving, Kit thought to himself. "Let's see, let's see...Food and mischief, food and mischief." He darted into the street and viewed the shops located on the street. Most looked pretty sketchy and like they would probably lace their food or something, or were simply unappealing. "Surely there must be SOMETHING worthwhile here..." At this, a thought struck Kit's mind. "Of course! If it's quality that I want, I need to go to where the best food goes." At this, he darted off down the street towards the northern side of the city, where he began scouting out a large, plain building. The sign read 'GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL ONLY', and had Gosvik's insignia large and lit on the side of the building. "Gosvik's goons get all the best food. That damn tyrant. Oh well, looks like this time he's going to have to share a bit. But first thing's first, I can't get in like this. Let's see..."

At that moment, Kit transformed himself into a beautiful maiden, the likes of which he had only encountered several times in his years of wandering. He was also wearing a flowing dress, so that his tail would remain hidden from view. "This should do the trick. What better form to fool a bunch of crazed imbeciles?"

Kit approached the sentry who was standing guard outside of the building, and began staggering, before falling to his knees in front of the guard. "Help, I...I need food. I haven't eaten in days." he pleaded, his voice sounding clear, resonant, and as beautiful as his appearance.

The guard appeared to begin to lash out, before he stopped in his tracks, stunned by the beauty of the maiden before him. He considered his options, and decided upon his own course of action after being swayed by what he'd seen. "Fine, come with me." he said, in a military fashion. "We can keep your worthless soul living, as long as you return the favor." He led her into the building, stopping by the door to use its optical scanner to unlock the door.

They walked through a couple security checkpoints, and down a long corridor to the Government-staff cafeteria. They passed by a number of other staff, who all watched the proceeding with a glimmer in their eyes and low chuckling.

"Sick." Kit thought to himself. "I'm betting this isn't the first time they've taken advantage of young women in this manner." He followed into the cafeteria, where the guard stated that he'd be back momentarily with some food and drink. The guard then left the room through one of the doors. "Well, there's no telling what's going to happen when he's back, and whether or not he actually brings food is a gamble. This is definitely the cafeteria though." He looked around, not seeing much else but long, empty dining tables. "Good thing I came between their meal-times. Ah, this door is what I need." Kit approached a door that was labeled 'Food storage'. "Really, that guard obviously thinks I'm stupid." At that, Kit transformed into one of the guards that he'd passed, who by his uniform appeared to be an officer of sorts.

"Optical scanners. My favorite." Kit approached the scanner and put his eye up to it, his gesture being greeted by a flash of "Retinal ID Confirmed" on the monitor, and the door's lock clicked open. Kit entered, closing the door behind him. Only moments later, he heard a commotion on the other side of the door. "Oh look, he brought friends. I'll bet they're confused right now, hahaha!" He continued into the food storage area. "Oh, my." All in the large room were numerous crates, all containing delicacies that hadn't been seen in local areas since Gosvik's reign began.

Kit grabbed a couple sacks of potatoes and emptied their contents onto the floor. "Now, what to take..." He made his way around the room, putting a number of various meats, vegetables, and breads into the potato sacks, which he slung over his shoulder. "This should do. I'd take all of it, but I unfortunately can't carry much of it. Humans can be so weak. If only I could transform into a giant, or something. Ah well." He looked around. "Well, I'm inside of a government building. I might as well raise some hell."

Kit proceeded to a door that was labeled "Stairs", and passed through. He went up the stairs, scraping his claws of one hand along the wall as he climbed, leaving behind a red marking. After getting to the top floor, he leaped from the top-story window. They only put windows in the top floors because they figure no one would survive such a jump. As he fell, with the food sacks still on his back, he used his claws against the side of the concrete building to slow his descent considerably, and then landed on the ground with a thump. After collecting himself, he grabbed the food, and bolted away as fast as he could.

Moments later, an explosion was heard behind him as he was running. "Thank you, Tal. All that fire I absorbed from you has just paid off." Sirens were going off all over town, but Kit emerged from a dark alley a minute later in the appearance of a teenage storeclerk, walking casually towards the outskirts of the city. "Oh, the sound of chaos."

He left city, people in the streets looking in the direction of the military outpost with looks of surprise, curiosity, and fear. He must have still appeared somewhat sketchy though, walking out of the city with two sacks slung across his back, because a couple of patrol soldiers began to give chase. He ran towards the forest, accidentally dropping some food as a gunshot from one of the soldiers tore a portion of one of the sacks. He continued on without hesitation though, carrying the remaining contents of the torn sack in one arm.

"Hm hmhm hmmm" Kit hummed to himself a once-popular Swedish dance tune as he darted through the forest, easily shaking off the soldiers. He then shifted to the [more favorable] form of a normal teenage boy, with the sack of food still slung over his back, now walking casually.

He was stopped moments later, surprised, as he felt something grab onto the sack and attempt to pull it away. Claws outstretched, Kit swung around, clawing at whoever it was that was trying to steal his spoils. His claw came into contact with a rope of sorts, severing it completely. Standing next to a tree several yards away from him was...a bunny? Confused, he then noticed that the bunny was equipped with cybernetic armor and weaponry, and had apparently attempted to grapple-hook his food.

"How cute; more food." Kit said with a mischievous grin on his face. Moments later, the bunny shot a lazer, seemingly out of nowhere, from a piece of its shoulder-armor. Kit dodged it, catching the beam in one of his claws, which he proceeded to fire back at the bunny. The beam hit its mark, sending the bunny flying into the base of a tree several feet away, but apparently unharmed due to its armor.

After quickly recovering, the bunny was alert once more, ready to attack its target. But its target was gone, and there was not a soul in sight.

Kit walked back into camp, thinking over his encounter. "That was interesting. You definitely have no idea what to expect these days. Rabbits aren't that tasty anyway, though."

Tal was waiting in the trees, and emerged, gun pointing at Kit.

"Caution. Very nice, you'll last long enough." Kit said, setting the food sacks down and returning to his fox form. Tal lowered his weapon.

"You can never be too careful." Tal said. "I take it you were successful?" He asked, eyeing the food sack, as well as the delicacies held in Kit's other arm, hungrily.

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Post by Shiki on Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:55 pm

Shiki: So that's the capital, eh? Looks pristine compared to the other cities. This must be the reward for kissing the ass of your tyrannical ruler. Flying a dragon in there would only draw suspicion. I better land and find another way in.

Shiki landed Bahamut near the entrance and put his pin away. He walked in to the large town. Immediately he saw a park.

Shiki: Well aren't I lucky, there are a billion places to hide here.

He walked in to the centre of town, and found a clothing vendor on the street. He walked up to the cart, and was about to start a conversation when a woman screamed in terror. He looked up and there was a dragon, glaring at a billboard of Gosvick. He took the opportunity to swipe some clothes quickly while the man in charge of the vendor was distracted.

Shiki: It's just my lucky day today isn't it.

He realized he hadn't eaten in days, and that he was starving. He also realized he had no money. He'd been on the streets before though, growing up, and he was wise in the ways of making money. He had been a skilled pickpocket in New Shibuya during his youth, and he hoped he'd retained that skill. Fortunately he had, and within a few hours, he had enough to get himself a decent meal.

Shiki: God, all of these restaurants look so freaking shifty. I don't trust em.

He kept walking until his eyes fell on a restaurant that looked like the food would be edible. He walked in and he got his food, ate it, payed for it, and left quickly without a word.

As soon as he walked out he heard a loud explosion and sirens following almost immediately. He looked to see a Boy, about his age, running away from some soldiers, a sack in one hand and some food in the other.

The boy disappeared in to the forest. The soldiers gave up, knowing full well they wouldn't catch him in the forest. Shiki picked up the items and followed the kid. It was getting dark out. When he found the boy, he was talking to someone he couldn't see

Shiki: uhh, excuse me. I think you dropped some of you-

The kid whipped around, and another set of eyes opened up behind the kid. Shiki could feel the temperature rise. He let the food the kid had dropped fall to the ground and reached for his bahamut pin, and activated it. Bahamut flew out from behind him and encircled him protectively.

It was the dragon from the sky earlier.

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Post by BA on Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:17 pm

The morning sun peeked itself above the horizon, the area was silent but decidedly calm as a smooth chill breeze started to blow across the land. BA had been walking towards a camp, the closer he approached, the more he could distinguish the details of the surrounding area. The camp was nestled between a forest and the bottom of a large cliff side. The camp had a few tents set up and a fire was at the center. At the edge of a the camp, BA could spot a person standing there. The person was no other than the waitress at the Burger Town restaurant.

The girl, standing there, saw BA. Her face lit up and her legs started moving, then she started running. BA cocked his head back a bit and in a surprised but stern matter asked, "It's you? What are you doing here?" The waitress replied, "Hey there mister, glad you could come." The two talked for a bit, the old man asked most of the questions, but he was able to obtain some discernible information.

It had turned out that the camp that BA had found was actually a Rebel outpost. The waitress had fled here, seeking sanctuary from Gosvik's troops. "Why don't you come and rest in the camp for awhile?" The Waitress suggested. That offer of her's was mighty tempting, considering the fact that BA had still felt a little tired and on top of that he was hungry, so he accepted and proceeded to follow her to the camp.

The residents of the campground were quick to notice their new guest, the voices from around the camp grew louder, and the village was set ablaze in conversation about the stranger. Suddenly, the waitress and BA were stopped by a burly looking man wearing armor. the waitress spoke, "Oh hey Lans, this here is my friend BA. No, his name isn't actually BA but that's what my pops always called him so that's the name I refer to him as." Lans gave a nod and directed the two to the campfire, the rest of the camp seemed to settle down.

As the two approached the fire, BA noticed an old man sitting on a carpet near the fire. The old man was quite majestic looking, his white beard and long hair almost gave him the appearance of a lion. He was wearing a purple robe and his legs were crossed as he sat underneath a rug with the most intricate pattern BA had ever saw.

The old man spoke, "come, sit. You must be tired." BA and the waitress both took a seat near the old man. The old man spoke once more, "I am called Arn and I am simply the leader of a small resistance movement, although my son commands most of the soldiers, you met him already, his name is Lans." BA nodded and proceeded to listen to the old man speak, "I know of your troubles, and of the cook. We have certainly fallen under the most unfortunate of times here in the resistance as the cook of Burger Town was a friend most dear to me. You have not the need ask me questions BA, for I shall answer all that I know."

Arn continued, "These are ambiguous times BA, it is a time where men answer to power alone, and evil holds the world in it's vile clutches." BA started scratching his head as to signal the old man to get to the point. Arn again continued to speak, "I have heard about your past BA, you were an inspector in the city of Deralia years ago, but for the most peculiar reason your career there abruptly ended." BA begin to grow aggregated, but Arn continued, stifling BA, "The rumors tell of how you saved a child, but was orded to hand over the child to Gosvik himself. Yet at first, you attempted to hide the boy. This made you at odds with your wife who had just given birth to your daughter and as a result, you separated yourself from your family. The boy was eventually found by Gosvik, and you were quickly dropped from your Job." BA, tired of hearing his life story, got up and started to walk away. "You ran then, just like you are doing at this very moment." The old man quickly shouted. Arn's words forced BA to a halt. Arn slowly got up and began to speak once more. "They gave you your revolver, they gave you the honor of committing suicide, you took your revolver and shot yourself in the heart. Yet here you stand before us, as healthy as ever."

BA interrupted the old man. "That's because I missed, and I had never missed a shot before, they threw my dying body out and I was found by somebody and patched up at a hospital." BA's eyes continued looking into the distant plain, but suddenly he noticed a light, then several. The lights were from vehicles, military vehicles. "They're here!" A man shouted. Suddenly, the camp went ablaze as the rebels took their positions behind the breastwork and began firing lobbies at the approaching army. BA took his position behind a crate and yelled to the waitress to go hide.

To BA's left, there was a propane tank full of propane, to his right, a sturdy rope. "I've got to end this conflict if any of us are to make it out of here alive." BA thought to himself. He tied the rope to the tank, making himself a kind of homemade "bomb and chain" weapon. BA then turned his head to find a truck full of explosives. "Bingo." BA said aloud as he tied the propane tank to the end of the truck.

The truck was conveniently situated on a sort of slope, but the slope was facing the oppose direction of where he wanted to truck to go. Thus, the idea of rolling the truck was quickly scrapped, BA then realized that the truck was facing the cliffside. With enough speed, the truck theoretically would hit the cliffsite and be guided towards the forest, but that wasn't what BA wanted. He continued to work with the idea. "At least the explosion would give me a chance to come up with a better plan." BA thought to himself. So BA disengaged the trucks breaks which allowed the truck to roll towards the cliff. It did exactly as he had anticipated and wandered into the forest. BA grabbed a rifle and aimed it at the propane tank and quickly shot it. The tank lit up and zoomed into the back of the truck, igniting the explosives.

The truck gave off a deafening roar as the forest was set ablaze in flames. Everybody seemed paused. Now was the time to act...
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Post by Tal on Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:34 am

Tal quickly pushed Kit behind him and drew his pistols, aiming for the boy.
"What do you want with us? Why are you here?"
???: "You're that dragon that was in the sky... you can talk?"
"What of it?"
???: "You don't come across a talking, two-legged dragon with dual pistols and photon weapons nowadays," the boy noted. "What are you?"
"I could ask you the same thing."
???: "Huh? What are you..."
"Tal, you actually remembered?"
"I'm perfectly capable of remembering important events, Agna."
The boy gave a strained look at Tal.
???: "How do you know...?"
"'One is within the grasp of Gosvik, the other owned by a young boy. A boy who has already died.' Where'd you get that dragon?"
???: "Where did you hear that? What you just said? And what are you talking about?"
"Just answer or I pull the triggers, boy!"
The boy inched his hand toward his bag. Tal eyed him nervously. His dragon was easily 3 times larger than Tal, and could probably make a meal out of him easy. But then why was he reaching for his bag?
"What's he reaching for...? Tal, be careful."
Not answering, Tal kept an eye on the boy, the dragon, and the boy's hand. Any sudden movements could trigger any violence between them.
???: "If you put your guns down, I'll answer you. But not until then."
"Fine. But don't try anything. Just remember that my fox friend can easily outrun you or your dragon."
???: "Noted. And to be fair..." The boy finally reached into his bag and slowly pulled out a gun, a revolver (an S&W to be precise), an antique for his age. He dropped it to the ground, and Tal did the same.
Kit: "Desummon your dragon, too. We wouldn't want either of us to end up in that thing's maw while we're discussing."
Obeying the fox, the boy called back his dragon.

The conversation between Tal, Kit, and the boy started. The boy revealed his name as Shiki. Tal and Kit made introductions, and told their own stories.
Shiki had come for revenge on Gosvik for the destruction of his hometown, New Shibuya. He, as Tal was told, was indeed dead. He had died many years ago. But some "Game" had kept him alive at the age of 16. He acquired his dragon after being attacked by it, defeating it and getting its pin (even though that made no sense to Tal).
Tal and Kit then told their stories, and the talking ceased.

"Dead, huh? I've still got to wonder how you got a gun of this age, even with your state. I'd normally expect someone of an older age to be carrying it. Someone classy, with a decent amount of money." Tal had been fiddling with the gun for a while, examining it. He noticed a shimmer underneath the barrel. It was engraved.
"It says 'BA.' I thought his name was Shiki?"
"So kid, I guess your name's really BA, or you stole this gun from someone."
Shiki: "Well when someone's got you at gunpoint and you can take the gun what would you do?"
"You take it. Like right now. Hope you don't mind me."
Shiki: "Hey hold it! I still need a weapon! Bahamut..." Shiki went for the pin.
Kit: "From what you told us of your story, you've got your pins that have all these magical properties for your weapons. What use is a gun to-"
Tal stopped Kit by throwing one of his own guns at Shiki.
"Go ahead and take that one. It's more reliable than this old thing. I'm sure I can find the owner of this gun. I'm sure he'll be happy to get it back." Spinning it around his finger, Tal caught it by the barrel, twirling it back so he could grab the handle. He slid it into the holster where his left pistol used to go. It slid in, and the small size caused it to disappear into the holster. "Gonna take me a while to get used to it, especially when I return this thing."
Shiki on the other hand was inspecting the new pistol he was just handed. A P226 Sig Sauer with an 18-round clip. Semi-auto feature, no safety. In fact, the safety lever had been ripped off.
Shiki: "Don't like safety, huh?"
"That second it takes to flip the switch can cost you your life. So I took it off both my guns. Sure, it's a bit more dangerous, but I've gotten used to it."
Shiki looked at the gun once more and put it away, being careful not to pull the trigger.

Not a moment later, they heard something. Yelling, screaming, gunfire. People were fighting somewhere near. And from the sounds of things it wasn't pretty.
Kit: "Enemy movement. About 300 yards east of our current position."
Shiki: "You're a radar too?"
Kit: "I'm a fox. I have ears like a dog."
"Enough fooling around, you two. We need to get to that fighting, now. Innocent people could be getting hurt!"
The three made a beeline for the fighting, but not long in they heard something. Crackling.
Kit: "I smell something. Smoke? No... why would there be..."
Shiki: "Fire! Look out!"
Shiki pointed ahead of them and there was indeed a fire. It was spreading rapidly, going straight towards them.
"Kit! Take care of it!"
Kit: "Already on it!"
Kit took the form of the former-Tal once again to quell the fire. It was painful for Tal to watch it, but he knew it was a simple change for Kit to absorb the fire with. Outstretching his claw, the fire swirled and spun into Kit's claw. It drew closer every passing second, and eventually Kit could absorb no more.
Kit: "I... I can't! My limit's been reached!"
"Dammit! Now what?!"
"We don't have time! It's already... here...!"
Suddenly the fire exploded almost, engulfing the trees around them. All they saw was a flaming inferno, threatening to end their lives. A flaming tree trunk fell towards Shiki, but Tal cut it in two, saving the boy's afterlife. Quickly resheathing his weapon, Tal grabbed Shiki and Kit and threw his body over them for a shield.
Kit: "Tal, don't try to be a hero!" Kit yelled, trying not to show his fear.
"Ha... haha... hero? I'm just trying to keep you two safe..."
Another tree crashed to the ground, inches from Tal's right arm.
Shiki: "We've got to get out of here! Bahamut!" Shiki tried to summon Bahamut once more, but nothing came. He checked the pin, and noticed it was rebooting itself. "No...!"
Another tree. Then another. The forest was coming down quick.
Kit: "So... is this it for us...?"
Shiki: "Might be..."
Both were sweating profusely. The forest was a hellfire at this point. There wouldn't be a way to stop it. But they didn't need to. Neither were paying attention to Tal long enough to notice he was mumbling to himself. Casting a spell.
"Ryuker!" Taking the two with him, Tal jumped through a teleportation pipe he had just created.

The three awoke in a dark building. They couldn't see much but through the room's one cracked window. Scratching his head and getting up, Shiki walked to the window.
Shiki: "...We're back inside the city."

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Post by darthjawafett on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:35 am

while flying on his keyblade glider vanitas wondered...
"This information its great but i need more.. its not enough to help defeat gosvik" he flew over an army base. "Well looks like i found one of gosviks bases" Vantias used a bioscan "Gosviks not here so i guess i can steal whatever i can find. Before he could land 7 missiles were shot from the army base. "Well forget that thought" Vanitas made the glider fly as fast as it could but these missiles were locked on.

Vanitas: Crap im locked on and i cant turn around to shoot at them. 7 missiles huh, how exactly am i supposed to get rid of 7 missiles. In the distance he could see a chain of mountains.
Vanitas: Perfect
Vanitas quickly entered the mountain chains followed by 7 missiles shortly after entering the 1st missile had impacted on the mountain side.
Vanitas: 1 down 6 to go i need to move fast.. Faster than a rocket at least. Vanitas zig-zagged between pillars of stone in an attempt to blow up atleast one more rocket.
Vanitas: no good huh. Alright then Vanitas pointed his hand to the sky and yelled "RISE" a giant skeletal hand came down from space and broke a higher part of the mountain causes the rocks to down 3 missiles.
Vanitas: Only 3 huh well i cant use that again to attack.
This wasn't looking good vanitas was near the end of the mountain chain and there were still 3 rockets. Vanitas decided that he might blow up a rocket if he clung to the mountain side.
The last 3 rockets quickly followed and seemed to be gaining speed. the 3rd rocket had hit the mountainside and exploded.
Vanitas: 2 left huh
Vanitas could now see past the mountain chain it was the capital city and the huge forest now set in an inferno surrounding it.
Vanitas: well i cant head for the city. I guess ill have to aim for the forest.
Vanitas put up his barrier as the 2nd missile hit cracking most of it.
He continued flying.
The 1st missile now moving faster than ever had broke the barrier sending vanitas crashing down into a clearing in the forest. The crash could be heard throughout the capital. Vanitas body bounced like a rag doll until stopped by a tree. The glider turned into void gear then dissapeared.

Vanitas quickly woke up disorientated from his crash. He noticed the forest was on fire and decided it was best to hide in the city of his enemy. Quickly infiltrating the city was easy because everyone was in a panic at an explosion in the army HQ. Vanitas found a dark alley he could hide in.

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Post by Grimblade on Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:19 pm

Kit looked around, momentarily confused. "You people sure are full of surprises." he said, regaining his composure. "Well, nonetheless, I'm glad you did that. I've never seen such a forest-fire..." He sighed. Poor forest. So many animal spirits will perish in that blaze.

"Well, the way I see it, we've got quite a mess on our hands. We have two factions battling it out on the outskirts of the town, a fire raging through the woodlands, and chaos inside of the city due to civilian panic. Great." Kit said.

All three were observing the chaotic spectacle below, looking through the window.

"It seems the military that remained here are calming down the civilians, but it doesn't change the fact that something has to be done before the woodlands are demolished. And it appears that a number of the military are moving out for battle..." Tal said.

"Most likely rebels or something." Shiki added. "I don't see what else would require military movement from the capital."

"Whatever it is, we need to get something done. I'll take care of the military, and you two try and stop the fire and contact the opposing faction to let them know that they need to back off as soon as they can." Kit said. "I don't care who does what, just get it done. We'll meet up later at the rebel camp, if all goes well."

"Funny, I thought you were the type that enjoyed chaotic stuff like this." Tal said with a smirk.

"I do. And trust me, I'll be brewing some mischief of my own, so don't worry about that." Kit replied with a devilish grin.

And with that last remark, Kit bolted through the door and down the stairwell. The building appeared to be an apartment building of sorts, or perhaps some old hotel. But nevertheless, it seemed to be entirely abandoned. "Hmm, I think that'll work" he thought to himself as he ran, formulating an approach to the matter in his head. "Simple, but it'll work."

He bolted through the door and into the streets, in the appearance of a middle-aged man. His tail was hidden underneath an overcoat.

"You, come with me! All able men are to go to the Eastern military outpost and be equipped for battle." A passing guard yelled at Kit as he walked into the street. "All who deny or flee will be severely punished!"

At that, Kit began moving briskly towards the military outpost. After several minutes, it came into view. "Heh, I'll bet they're glad this battle is taking place on the Eastern side. Their Western outpost must be a pretty sight after the way I left it earlier." he thought, unable to keep a smirk from presenting itself.

He walked up to the entrance, where an assortment of equipment had been gathered. A soldier began shouting, "Take one arm, a vest, boots and a helmet! Fight valiantly in the name of Gosvik, and you will all be rewarded, and your families kept safe."

"Sick bastards." Kit thought to himself as he donned the required equipment. "I guess I'll have to deal with this stuff for now. Human weaponry is so...inadequate." He made sure his back was facing the outer wall as he put on the vest, and then put the overcoat back on, disguising his tail once more.

He was mixed in with a group of townspeople who were in the same "situation" as him. Well, same situation as far as everyone was aware. Or fooled. But regardless, he was thrown into the battlefield where a number of soldiers were shooting blindly into the smoke caused by the fire, with occasional shots returning through the fog and hitting various targets. No progress appeared to be made on account of the smoke, and of the shots that seemed to hit anyone who attempted to come too close to the inner part of the forest. The bodies seemed as though they were a cautionary border, letting their enemies know that death is all that awaited if they should cross that foul strip.

Kit ran into the smoke, transforming back into a fox as soon as he seemed to be out of sight. His military equipment fell to the ground as he did so. "And now for the next part of my plan." He then transformed into the appearance of a normal soldier, but one of the actual military rather than a civilian with a gun. He ran back towards the commander's tent, which was slightly outside of the city's outer wall. The tent was large and armored, with two guards inside, two guards outside, and of course, the commander of the Eastern military branch.

Kit approached the outer guards, which had their weapons at the ready.

"What is it that you want, soldier?" the one on the left side of the door asked in a a gruff, deep voice.

"News for the commander. Disturbing news. Weapon. Never seen before..." Kit acted as though he was out of breath and terrified, putting his hands on his knees and panting.

"You'd better come in, whatever it is I'm sure the commander would like to hear." the guard replied.

"So easy" Kit thought to himself as he was ushered into the tent by the guards, which resumed their stance outside of the entrance.

The inside was quite the spectacle. While on the outside it seemed to be fairly normal, the inside contained a number of communications and informational technology. The commander sat at his desk, issuing orders to the soldiers through a microphone. He appeared angry. "What do you want?" the commander asked, obviously annoyed at the interruption. "We're fighting a battle, and you come in here and waste MY time? You had better have something USEFUL to say. Now, what is it?"

Kit stood there, calm and collected. A moment later, quick as a flash, Kit had the commander held in front of him by the neck, a claw at his throat. "If you don't want him to die, put down your weapons." he said to the guards, which obeyed him and backed towards the edge of the tent. "Obedient. I like that."

The commander spit at him. "What do you think you can accomplish here?" he asked, still in Kit's merciless grip. "As soon as the communications drop for too long, people will be here to see what's the matter. You can't do anything without getting yourself killed. What's your plan, anyway? HA, you didn't think this one out did you?"

"I'm going to get my revenge on Gosvik." Kit replied.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The commander laughed under Kit's grip. "And how will you FIND him? I'll let you in on a secret since you're going to die in this tent: Gosvik's not here. Whatever your plan is, it's useless. HAHAHAHA! I don't even know where he is. Now do your worst."

"Interesting." Kit replied coolly. "I'll let you in on a secret since you're going to die as soon as I finish this statement: Your information is indeed helpful."

At that, the guards picked up their weapons, but were too slow as Kit threw the commander against the hard gravel flooring and rushed at the guards, killing one by slicing him through the neck with his claws, thus severing his head and spraying the room with blood, and killed the other by ramming his entire clawed hand straight into his torso, and throwing his corpse at the other guard's. All in one fluid movement. Both guards were now dead, one on top of the other, a pool of blood forming beneath.

But something happened that Kit did not anticipate. The commander reached into his belt, and pulled out a gun while Kit was dealing with the guards. A pistol. Before Kit had time to react after finishing the guards, the commander fired. Kit tried to dodge it, but the shot hit him directly in the thigh.

Kit let out an animalistic scream as he felt the pain course through his body, his blood flowing out of the bulletwound in his leg. A fire now burned in his eyes.

"It seems I was a bit off-mark." The commander said with a smirk, his gun still pointed at the man before him. "Now die." He fired a shot aimed at Kit's head, but the bullet never hit its mark. A spray of fire emanated from the enemy's claws, melting the bullet in midair.

Kit walked towards him, an image of death as his hands were glowing with fire, leaving bloody footprints on the ground as he walked towards him, blood still seeping from his wound. Rage in his eyes. The commander could only let out a momentary scream before his head was enveloped between those hands, ablaze with fire.

The guards outside had heard the scream and came rushing in, but all that greeted them was a quick and painful death as they fell before the claws of their adversary.

The fire in Kit's eyes diminished, and the flames on his hands subsided. "That's what happens when you piss me off, humans." he said aloud. He winced as he slightly stumbled, his injured leg failing under his weight. "Dammit." He tore a piece of cloth from one of the guards' uniforms and made a makeshift bandage for his leg, helping to stop the bleeding. "That should do for now."

He then took the form of the commander that he had slain only moments earlier. In this form, he walked over to the desk and picked up the radio. "This is your commander. All forces are to retreat immediately back into the city and await further orders."

With this having been done, Kit walked out of the tent and set fire to it as he watched the numerous soldiers moving back towards the city limits. He then transformed back into a fox and licked at his wound.

"I hope all has been going well for Tal and Shiki" he thought to himself as he walked, slightly limping, across the empty battlefield towards where the supposed-rebel-faction was located.


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Post by Tal on Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:45 am

Leaving Kit to do his job, Tal and Shiki readied for their mission.
Shiki: "So how can we do this? Bahamut is still rebooting, and even if I could summon him it'd attract too much attention."
"Hop up on my back, I can give you a ride to the outskirts of town. You aren't over 150 pounds, are you?" Tal joked. Getting a more detailed look at Shiki, Shiki couldn't have weighed over 100. He had barely any body to him. Did he ever eat, or was he naturally this skinny?
Shiki: "Haha, so funny. Let's just go."
"Got it."
Helping Shiki up onto his back, Tal dropped to all fours. As he thought, Shiki didn't weigh much at all. This shouldn't be too hard of a flight.
Readying himself, Tal got into a flight stance, then just as he was about to leap out the window...
Shiki: "What the hell was that? A monster?!"
Tal stumbled over and quickly got up again. He chuckled nervously and scratched his head.
"Yeah, monster, had to be. He he... heh..."
Shiki: "Hold on. That sounds like it's coming from..."
"I- it's not-!"
Shiki shoved his ear against Tal's stomach. And the noise was, in fact, Tal's stomach.
Shiki: "This won't fare well. I forgot that you two were about to eat before I showed up." Shiki looked up at Tal, who averted his eyes shamefully. "Hey, you need food too. Food means energy. No need to act all nervous."
"You're just like anyone else, Tal. It's not a big deal."
"Yeah, you're right, Shiki. But we don't have time to go out and try to look for foor..."
Looking back down at Shiki, he suddenly had two small packages in his hand, while the other was fiddling around in his bag. He pulled out a small pot and a bottle of water and set them on some broken concrete not far from him. Eying the bags defensively and hungrily, Tal read "Ramen" on them.
"Tal, what's 'Ray-min?'"
"Hell if I know, but if he's offering that food then I don't care."
"And if he isn't?" Agna asked, laughing lightly.
"If you care for his safety don't ask me that."
Shiki: "Hey, can you at least work up some sparks? That should at least get us a small fire going to boil this water."
Tal nodded, walking over. He knelt down and worked up any sort of fire he could. A few sparks came out, and that was while he was trying as hard as he could. It got a tiny fire going, and Shiki boiled the water on it. Tal looked away nervously as Shiki cooked.
"Tal? What's wrong now?"
"That's... pretty pathetic. I'm a fire dragon, and I could only get a few sparks?"
"Come on, we're both hungry. I would have gotten the same results."
Tal eyed the wall, trying not to carry on with the conversation. Sure, he wasn't still completely used to the fact he was merged with Agna, but that was sort of depressing.
Shiki: "Here. You can have it. I ate earlier."
"All... all of it? You mean it?"
Shiki offered the pot of cooked noodles to Tal, and Tal grabbed it rather quickly, shoveling down the contents.
Shiki: "Jeez! Don't bite my hand off," Shiki said sharply. Watching Tal eat, he suddenly reminded himself of something. "You know, I had that ramen on me the whole time but I had to pickpocket to get my own money for food. Maybe I missed the thievery aspect of it."
Slurping down the last of the noodles, Tal gave Shiki an intricate look.
"Thief?" He asked, chewing the noodles sloppily.
Shiki: "Ah, yeah. I used to be a little pickpocket back in my hometown. Wasn't the best hobby in terms of morality, but it sure was fun. You done with that?"
Tal handed the pan back to Shiki, swallowing the last bits of food. Patting his stomach, Tal felt instant relief.
"Thanks a lot for that, Shiki. You're a life saver."
The two quickly departed, leaving the building behind.

Tal dropped Shiki off at the forest, leaving him to the fire. After leaving Shiki to take care of that mess, Agna took over, growing tired of being trapped inside for so long.
"The rebel camp is this way, right?"
???: "You got it. Keep heading that way and you'll reach it in no time."
"Wha-? Who's there?!"
???: "Look down."
Averting her eyes for a second so as not to repeat the mistake form the night before, Agna saw a brown fox looking up at them.
"Kit! Were you successful?"
Kit: "Oh of course. What do you take me for? Most of the troops are retreating, but I can tell some will stick around to pick off the remaining rebels. Get over there, quickly."
Kicking it into high gear, Agna Boosted towards the rebel camp.

When she arrived, there were still people fighting. The rebels had to be outnumbered, of a ratio of at least 3 to 2. She readied for a landing next to some rebel factions, preparing for whatever might happen. The soldiers would clearly attack, since they knew what she was, and the rebels might be alarmed and also attack. She just needed to let them know she was on their side. She dove down to the ground next to an overturned truck.
Sliding to a halt, she pulled out the single pistol Tal had at the ready. The other was too far in the holster to grab. As she thought, the rebels became alarmed, but didn't fire. Rather, they panicked and moved away from where she was. The soldiers, on the other hand, directed all attention to her.
"Men! It's the monstrosity lord Gosvik has been looking for! All arms, aim for that thing! Make sure to keep it alive!"
"You humans... I've had enough of your madness!"
More subconsciously rather than purposely, Agna grabbed the clip from the gun, shot a fire ball into it, and slapped it back in the gun. Firing it came with more-than-desirable results. The bullets came out as a spiral flame, leaving the barrel red-hot and colored orange from the heat. Firing the first shot, she watched it take its mark, slicing through a soldier's vest and tearing through his heart. It struck a stone wall behind him, and exploded, sending 5 other soldiers toppling.
"Agna! What was that?!"
"Don't ask, I couldn't tell you."
Agna dove behind the truck as gunfire came her way. The bullets were halted by the thick metal of the truck, but Agna could feel the impact from metal hitting metal as it punched her skin.
"Urgh! There's too many! At this rate the truck will be broken in no time!"
??: "All rebels! Focus your fire on the soldiers! Help that dragon!"
Looking up towards the voice, she noticed a man in very casual clothing, clearly not suited for battle, guiding the rebels.
"BA! We don't know if that thing's on our side!"
BA: "Has it attacked us? Or has it attacked the soldiers?"
"Wait, your name is BA?" Agna whispered.
"So we've got his gun! Once we repel these guys we can give it back- UGH!"
Tal and Agna dropped to the ground. There was a hook in their back, attached to a cord, leading into the barrel of a rather bulky gun.
"Tazers. Always helpful. Even against hideous beasts like you."
"U- ugh! You... bas- tard!"
"Harsh words from something about to be begging for forgiveness from its master."
Agna struggled to turn her head to see her attacker's face, but all she saw was a foot coming down on her skull, knocking her out.


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Post by Chu on Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:12 am

Mr.BunBun hopped back to Chiyo's cave, and started jumping on and off of Chiyo to wake her up.

Chiyo: Zzz..wha..What? Whats wrong? And whats that smell?

Chiyo got up and walked outside the cave, the forest near the cave was on fire, and apparently guns were being fired not too far from here.

Chiyo: Ugh..can never have a day without fighting..lets find out what all the commotion is about.

Chiyo puts Mr.BunBun in her bag, and heads out of the cave. She starts to walk towards the city. Theres guards everywhere trying to calm down the citizens, doesn't look like its working much..

She then sneaks into one of the military outposts inside the city, eavesdropping for news and other useful information.

????: Dude one of the entrance soldiers brought in this hot chick for food, and she just disappeared!

????: It might of been someone in disguise, you don't see maidens around here that often.

Spies? I don't know, this is boring me now.

Radio: ZZZNSignerigbASIAAAFNIGNZZZZZZ -staticlol- All soldiers must come to the Eastern gates immediately! The rebels are defending off what appears to be a dragon creature, we must capture this creature at all costs! Arm yourselfs! Prepare for battle!

Dragon? Wait..

Chiyo: Uh-oh, we better get over there

Chiyo gets out of the outpost, and starts running towards the eastern gates.

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Post by darthjawafett on Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:55 am

Vanitas heard the sound of boots. Lots of them the guards must have returned. His temporary safe haven had been destroyed.
Vanitas: well i guess its time to escape. about 3 miles there was an exit to a burnt part of the forest. Vanitas thought to himself: Perfect i can think of where to go after that. Vanitas saw the dragon he had encountered earlier fly out of the city.

Vanitas: Wheres he going whatever i shouldn't worry about that now. Vanitas hurried to the nearest cart a food cart. Vanitas quickly went inside and stole some food. he took a quick break to eat it one of the few times he opened the visor on his helmet. after quickly finishing the meal he left the cart and found another place to hide behind. It was a statue, he didnt bother to look at it he already knew who it was. He gradually grew closer and closer to the exit taking breaks every few minutes to see where the guards were. After about 50 minutes he had reached the exit.
Vanitas: Finally i got out of the-... it cant be
Vanitas saw something jutting out from the ground. he walked up to it to examine it.
Vanitas: Oh god this keyblade he pulled it out of the ground.Rain - Page 3 Chaos_Ripper_KHBBS This cant be good
A shadow kicked vanitas onto the ground and picked up the chaos ripper from the air.
???: Oh look its you
Vanitas: Impossible your dead i saw you die.
???: They gave me a day back and ive spent most of it finding you.. you did a great job avoiding me. but now im gonna kill you.
Vanitas drew his void gear.
???: Void gear ill be taking that from your dead body.
Vanitas charged foward faster than any eyes could see but the person managed to dodge his attack.
Vanitas: What... he was never this fast.
the shadow appeared as 5 people and 3 of them charged.
Vanitas used his quake attack and 4 of the shadows died.
???: Impressive. so i take it youve gotten stronger since you could never use that before.
Vanitas for the first time seemed to show his anger.
The shadow charged forward and vanitas blocked his attack with void gear. Shadow had control in the fight
Vanitas' thoughts: I need to get back on the offensive...
???: Yes you do...
Vanitas: You can read my thoughts
Vanitas threw the shadow away from him.
...Ultima Cannon... Void Gear grew 10x its own size.
Vanitas fired 2 large spheres of energy and the shadow.
???: What is that Blast range is too large for me to escape.
Skeletal hands grabbed at the shadow.
???: How strong is this attack...
the 1st sphere hit the shadow stunning him.
the 2nd sphere hit destroying most of it.
Vanitas: Ill Kill you
Vanitas fired 10 more shots from the ultimate cannon then smashed the giant void gear onto his target.
The shadow was gone.
Chaos Ripper fell onto the ground lifeless.
Vanitas:. I never thought.. id ever see that person again. In the past Vanitas had killed the person.. But what did he mean by they gave him a day back.
Vanitas: I guess it doesn't matter anymore. he walked towards Chaos ripper and picked it up.
Vanitas: Great...now i have two blades. Vanitas summoned his glider and made his way towards where the dragon flew.


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Post by Youkoi on Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:15 pm

Forest fires, dragons, bunnies with lasers, missiles, giant hands, fox people, food thievery, explosions, campsites, you could see everything from here!
That is, except for that one guy. Remi Gasy, I think was his name. Out of all the crazy things I've seen from flying all the way up here, I haven't seen at least one face that has looked like the one on the signs and posters. In fact, it's hard to see a lot of things with all this chaos in the way. Seriously, what is up with this place? It's like they hate being happy. Ah, whatever. Once I apologize to Rodrick, all MY current problems will be solved.

But you know, looking down at all those people...I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for the state they're in. Should I help them...?

Naw, that'd be too much work. I'm sure they're smart enough to keep themselves alive.
But still, some of these people don't seem as ordinary as everyone else. Maybe they might know something that could prove useful, since right now I can't remember anything about who I am, or WHERE I am. For now, though, I just need to find the man that seems to be in charge of this place.

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Post by Grimblade on Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:15 am

Kit continued towards the camp, his mind eased that he had seen that Tal was completely unharmed. It appeared that some of the soldiers had stayed behind to fight against the rebels, and he would have loved to shred them to pieces himself, but he had to keep moving and get help. The bullet-wound in his leg was still open, and he was quickly losing blood, and the last thing he wanted was to black out in the middle of a battlefield, where he would probably not wake up.

He moved through the trees towards the camp while avoiding the soldiers, slightly limping, leaving behind a slight trail of crimson in the grass where he walked.

He saw a defensive border of fallen trees. He was almost there. "Damn, and here I am putting my life in the hands of humans. I guess they're the only ones who can help me now." he thought to himself. He took the form of a fallen rebel that he had seen along the way. "Besides, who would help an injured fox. They'd probably have me as dinner."

As he entered an opening between the defenses, someone spotted him limping towards them, one leg covered in blood.

"This man needs help!" Kit heard him call out. The man who was coming to his aid appeared to be a man in his 40s, garbed in simple attire. White shirt, black tie, brown pants...

The man was the last thing Kit saw before the world before him started spinning. He fell. And then there was darkness.


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Post by darthjawafett on Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:09 am

Riding on the glider he saw a battle down below..
Vanitas: i thought all the nearby soldiers were called back..
Still angry he decided to take out his anger on Gosvik's soldiers. Now having 2 keyblades he could dual wield. Chaos Ripper has a high increase in strength and with void gear he'd be damn near unstoppable. He turned his glider back into void gear and summoned Chaos Ripper. as he fell he teleported in front of the soldiers.

Rebel soldier: A dragon and now this person. Who exactly is he.
Other soldier: Okay get ready we don't know if hes on our side or not.
The rebels pointed their guns towards vanitas but their fingers weren't on the trigger.

Gov soldier: Wait... hes that
Gov soldier 2: Yea thats him the one with the huge bounty placed on him.
Gov soldier 3: so if we give him to gosvik were rich.
Vanitas: Hm it wouldn't matter if you had an army 100 times the size of you right now.. id kill you all.

Vanitas knowing that if he dodged a bullet the people behind could get hurt.. he didnt want that as far as he was concerned they were on his side.
Vanitas pointed void gear back towards the rebels.
Vanitas: This should keep you safe... Barrier he fired a barrier towards the camp and the entire camp was engulfed in the same material he could use to protect his glider.
Vanitas: Now then where was I...
Vanitas disappeared and reappeared behind the 1st soldier.
Every soldier in the platoon was caught off by this. Before they could attack the leader was dead.
They opened fire but the gunfire was blocked by a barrier.
Vanitas: Counter. The barrier shattered hitting every guard. 2 of the guards were stunned by this attack. Also it was obvious vanitas was delaying the battle.
Vanitas performed a Powerful but slow flourish on the stunned guards
Vanitas anger subsided.
Vanitas had hardly killed any of them but the fight was long enough for him to lose his anger he broke the barrier holding back the rebels and walked towards them moving past them. Knowing he was on their side they allowed him into their camp. They would finish the fight however.

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Post by BA on Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:41 am

BA immediately reached out his arm to grab hold of the wounded fox in disguise as a rebel. "I can't see how anybody would have made it back this far with a wound like that. It's almost inhuman." he said as he hunched the soldier onto his back and began to carry him. "The medical tent isn't that much farther, just hang in there." BA said.

The two of them reached had reached the tent. BA handed the wounded man to the nurses inside. In his mind, he told himself "I'll be sure to check up on him later to see if he's even alive, it'd be nice to know if somebody came out of this alive."

With that BA made his way back to the small skirmish that was barely wrapping up. The creature was being tied up in a net below a small transport helicopter and all the troops at this point were in full retreat. "Son of a *****, they've captured it." he said aloud. The rebels in the area were continuing their barrage against the enemy retreat.

"I cannot believe I'm going to do this, but what the hell..." BA thought has he commandeered an old military jeep. He stepped on the gas and started driving towards the direction of the transporter. The helicopter propeller began spinning rapidly as it began to to make lift off. BA's eye's wandered onto the passenger seat as he spotted a metal rod. Picking up the metal rod, BA quickly and forcefully jammed the metal pipe between the accelerator and the driving wheel. The pipe was just right size to keep the two in place which allowed the truck to remain at a constant speed and direction. BA then stood up and prepared to make a jump for the helicopter. "I'm too old for this." he said as he made a leap, only an old man with class could make, to the helicopter.

The jump miraculously connected with the helicopter, and BA's hand grabbed onto the incapacitated creature's holster. The helicopter at this point was quite far in the air and had already begun its route home. BA was violently jerking around all in the while holding on for his life. Then he noticed a gun sliding out from within the holster and managed to grab hold of it while keeping his grip on the dragon's belt. "Can't hold on much longer!" BA grunted as he got ready to aim at the pilot. "What the, this is my gun?" BA thought, but with that, the strength in his hand had given out...

"Holy paperclip and pocket full of internet!" BA shouted as he began his plummet towards earth. BA kept his composure and removed his tie from his neck and took out the paperclip buried from within his pocket. With his S&W revolver back into his possession and the power of his paperclip combined with his tie, BA god modded safely to the ground unharmed. By that, we mean BA hit the ground hard... "Ouch." BA grunted. (turns out the helicopter was flying at a low altitude and at a slow speed, the danger BA really was in was a bit exaggerated.)
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Post by Frost on Sat Jul 16, 2011 4:29 am

The pain from the fall was excruciating. BA looked up to notice many branches broken apart from his fall back to the ground. After dusting himself off and resting abit, BA stands up and stretches before departing back to the campsite with a worried look on his face.
BA: "I hope that young man was able to survive. Ah! Im just not cut out for this type of stuff anymore." he said scratching his head
BA: "I'll let the jumping on and off of helicopters to the other soldiers, to hell with-*ring,ring,ring*
BA pauses and fumbles in his pockets and takes out his cell phone which is the source of the ringing. His facial expression changes from calm to a confused look.
BA: "who would be calling Me at a time like this?"
slowly checking the phone*
BA: "Theres no name, not even a single letter..."
slowly BA presses the call button on his phone and presses it to his ear
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/jn7g2GWEjcc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
???:"Hello, this is Kyle Hyde, otherwise known as BA correct?"
The voice was concealed through a speaking machine making it sound electronically pitched.
BA:"Yes and who is it that I am speaking to?"
???:"Its nice to speak to you BA, You may call Me: K "
BA:"K? A strange name I must say. How may I be of assistance to You?"
K: "I have a small favor to ask of You."
K:"As You may or may not be aware, Gosvik's military powers are strong, and the problem at hand is: they are aware of it. Gosvik is attempting to complete his reign by finding and manipulating 3 beasts, this You are currently aware of."
BA:"Yes I jus-
K:"You've witnessed these beasts have You not?
K:" These 3 creatures are creatures of myth. Legend. A fairytale You could even say. Their powers are undeniably great and combined it amasses to an even greater potential. Gosvik plans to capture and use these 3 beasts to destroy every bit of resistance still out there fighting, and pull the curtain over the world and shroud it in his Empire. I am fully aware of Your work as of a few days ago and of the outbursts within the capitals and I must say I'm not all that surprised. In fact, Im very happy that You of all people chose to fight along side the so called Rebel Cause. They were formed long ago by a rather odd figure at that, yet however they have still remained to this very day."
BA:"Well I've been trying to help out all that I can. These men were in trouble and I didnt want any innocent people to get hurt"
K:"And that BA is the response on which this favor is being presented."
K:"Theres a certain person I would like You to find. Someone who will be able to help You find the answers to everything Your seeking."
BA:"And where would I find this person?"
K:"An Imperial Stronghold located on the Western end of The Grais Desert, which is roughly 20 miles away from Solaria City."
BA:"Hm, who exactly am I going to find?"
K:"Someone You may recognize. Someone You worked with once."
BA:"Oh really?"
K:"That is all I have to say. I will contact You again if need be. I trust that You'll know what to do."
BA closes his phone with a puzzled look on his face.
BA:"Someone whom ive worked with before in the past... huh..."
BA continues walking and stumbles across a small car used by the military to transport the beast to the helicopter. BA inspects it and finds that the keys are still in the ignition.
BA:"full tank of gas, and a request to go find someone. Its almost as if Im being set up to do this." BA climbs inside of the car and looks back in the direction of the camp.
BA:" Im afraid I cant see how Your doing Boy, but im sure You've made it out in one piece. The poor kid."
BA begins to drive away towards his new destination in search of His newly found acquaintance, checking his mirrors and carefully watching his surroundings as he drove down the long dusty roads with a slight fear of being spotted-

Meanwhile in a dark room, lit only by the light from a laptop computer on the ground, a small figure stands up and begins to walk away from it. The figure stops and stares back at the computer.
???:"Its only a matter of time before Hes found, and when that happens, everything will slowly fall into place...I hope." -

Hours pass, as BA makes his way passed the city limits. Completely exhausted from the car ride, BA opens up the windows to the car to let in some fresh air.
BA:"I sure hope this is worth it" he said as thoughts of the conversation he had with this mysterious K character raced through his mind.
Soon BA spots a large building in the distance and stops his car and hides it behind a large set of rocks.
BA:"Better to leave some distance between Me and them. Now to find the person im looking for."
BA slowly reaches the walls of the compound to find guards running about and an alarm ringing.
BA ducks in cover behind large ammunition crates and scans the situation.
BA:"Dont tell Me I did this-*buzzzzzzzzz
BA fumbles in his pocket to find his phone vibrating, this time again with no identification on the screen.
???:"Hello BA, It appears that Your right outside of the base"
Once again the voice was that of one coming out of a machine
BA:"I assume this is K?"
???:"Im afraid not Mr.BA"
BA looks at his phone with fear that he may have given himself away
???:"But its a swell sign to see that K has been in contact with You."
BA:"So who am I speaking to?"
???: "Oh There is no need to fuss, Im here to help You. You may call Me: C"
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/8vPs5l7KhYk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
BA pulled the phone away from him and looked at it with an angry sort of look and then quickly put it back to his ear
BA:"Alright well if Your trying to help Me, what do I have to do first?"
C:"The base is covered from head to toe with security measures that are ready to take out any intruder. Your best bet is to find a way through it instead of around it."
BA:"And how do You suppose i would do that?"
C:"Theres a small substation next to the base which is what generates power to the entire base, You can use the ducts near it to get in. The post where that small substation gets its flow of energy from is too far for You to be able to reach it in time and we need to act fast. Luckily for You, I've already prepared a small emp which i will detonate, shutting the power supply off, and giving You the time You need to get in and get out."
BA:"Oh...How thoughtful. Im at the ducts, im ready whenever You are"
C:"Hold on tight"
Almost instantly a flash of sparks come from the generators and everything goes dark around BA. As quickly as possible, BA lunges through the small duct and makes his way into the compound.
BA:"Now what?"
C:"Now You find Our Friend."
BA:"Im sorry let me rephrase that: Now Where?"
C:"Keep going straight, You'll eventually get to a corridor."
C:"Now drop down and You'll find Yourself in a hallway that has 3 doors in it, ignore the 1st 2 and go through the third on your left and take an imediate right. After that, if our information is correct, You should meet up with Our Friend."
BA:"Got it"
BA rushes through the doors, watching his every step and avoiding the guards passing by.
He runs through and finds himself in sort of werehouse part of the compound.
BA:"Are You sure this is where I was supposed to go?"
C:"Im absolutely sure BA."
BA looked around cautiously, ducking behind boxes everynow and then, freaking out from every noise he made himself.
BA:"Im beginning to think You led Me into some sort of Trap C"
C:"I have nothing to gain from telling You a lie. My information is correct."
BA:"Maybe so but i dont see anyon-
BA pauses and hangs up his phone as a Young Man roughly shorter than he is approaches.
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/CVJeQkupCGk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
The man had long black hair and slouched in an odd fashion, wearing a long white sleeved shirt and blue jeans with no shoes.
BA:"And Your the Man I'm supposed to find arent you?" he said with a smirk
Man:"Well that would be a possibility. You do remember me dont You?"
BA:"Very Much so. Its great to see You again after so long Ryuzaki."
L: "Likewise, now if You dont mind, I'd like to get out of this place. There are people with guns running every which way and not a single bit of sweets anywhere and its driving me crazy."
BA:"Yes lets. Ive also begun to grow tired of this place -


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Post by BA on Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:13 am

Just as they were to begin their escape the power comes back on, "Power restored, emergency lock down procedure, all personnel prepare for combat." The speaker blared. With not a moment to spare, BA and L make their way back to the ducts. "After you Mr. BA." L said as he gestured his hands towards the ducts.

BA climbs into the ducts along with L and the two crawl their way back to the substation. "Mr. BA, the guards will surely make short work of us if we attempt to make a run for it, lucky I didn't leave us without a means of escape. I've prepared a small create near the duct entrance which will contain a surprise." L said, as he continued to crawl behind BA. BA, not pleased with L's sense of play in the middle of combat, decided to forgo questioning L about it.

The two finally reach the exit. BA's eyes scan the area for guards as he carefully slips out of the duct. "There Mr. BA, the create, quickly now open it." L ordered as he kept watch. BA jerks the create open and discovers a few smoke grenades. "This better work." BA thought to himself as he stares upon the handheld device. "Ryuzaki, I'm going to leave one near the entrance of this substructure. You carry one, and I'll carry the rest." BA said as he prepared the smoke bomb.

The two proceed to the military transport. "The soldiers are in chaos, we shouldn't be immediately spotted if we keep moving." L said has both of them continued their jog away from the complex. Suddenly the door to the substructure opens as guards reveal themselves. A voice could be heard from one of the men, "Look, there they are. Fire!" BA spins around, pulls out his revolver, and quickly aims for the smoke grenade he planted earlier. With a single shot, BA manages to penetrate the bomb and activate the smoke, reducing the guards visibility. The two escapees continue their run.

"There's the vehicle, let's get out of here." BA said as he jumped into the truck and readied it to go. L jumped onto the back of the truck and assumed a hunched over position. "I think I like it here in this position, I'll be able to spot any followers as we travel." BA nods his head and presses the accelerator, the truck violent spins then goes on its way.

"So, how have you been all these years Ryuzaki?" BA asked but L quickly answered almost interrupting BA, "No time to chat, we're being pursued. I'll detonate the smoke grenade right behind this truck and allow our guests to become trapped within it, that should give us enough time to change our course and lose our pursuers." L stands up and readies the grenade. Giving it enough time to activate, he places the bomb behind the truck. The smoke quickly leaves the back of the truck and ensnares the car. "BA quickly, throw the rest of the grenades out." BA pulls the rest of the grenade's pins and tosses them out of his window. A huge cloud of thick smog fills the area as the car comes to a stop. BA turns the vehicle and makes his way out of site. The two had successfully escaped and continued their way...
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Post by Frost on Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:54 am

L:"I believe we've lost them. Where are we headed?"
Ba:"Well if You dont mind we're going to a rebel camp located in the forest, I have pressing matters to attend to there."
L:"Ah, interesting. I didnt know You were one to join in the fight in such a manner."
BA:"Well thats a hard answer. I sort of got caught in the middle of it but i also volunteered my assistance so im not sure. I mean honestly I had no idea that it would lead me to finding You."
L:" Ah yes thank you by the way, I wouldn't have made it out of there without your help. "
BA looks up at the sky and notices the moon is in full view. BA pulls into the woods and into a secluded spot somewhat cleared of trees, possibly from the fight from earlier and all of the commotion caused.
BA:" we wont be able to find the camp in the dark like this, we're going to set up here if You dont mind Ryuzaki. "
L:*feeling the dirt with his toes* "Alright, this is fine."
The two men both sit down and BA builds a small fire. BA finds a large log and sits down finding himself to be quite comfortable. L slowly inched off of the truck and stood on top of a stump and crouched on top of it, staring at the fire.
BA:"So Ryuzaki I-
L:"I know You have questions, i'll answer them but dont get angry if im vague with You."
BA:"Yes im aware of how You are haha"
L:"What would You like to know?" L said rubbing the dirt with his toes
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/UMp2VO4Qabg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
BA:"Well first I want to know wh-
L:"Who K is?"
BA:" Like always Ryuzaki you can read my mind haha "
L:" Im afraid I cant reveal to You K's real identity. K has been a trustful ally of mine for many years now. Someone I can rely on for anything. "
BA:" And C? "
BA:" Yes C. The one who called me on the phone and talked me through to finding You. "
L had a strange look in his eyes
BA:"Is something wrong?"
L:whispering to himself*"C...if I had known You were still around I... what could You be planning..."
L:"Um... C? Yes another associate of mine."
BA:" ah. How exactly did You end up in that base? is that what had happened to You all these years? I wasnt able to find any way of contacting You, it was as if you had dropped off the face of the earth or something. "
L looked at BA with a saddened look and then looked down at the fire.
BA:" Well its time we both got some rest. I dont know about You but Im pretty sure im the only man sitting here who landed on his back after falling out of a helicopter in mid flight. "
L:" hm.. yes goodnight BA, i'll see You in the morning. "

As BA drifted off to sleep, L remained there on the stump, his eyes fixed on the fire as if he were mesmerized by the dance of the flames. Within them he could see memories from his encounter with BB, watching as He was burned alive and dragged into hell. The images flashed through L's mind, each more disturbing than the next. L pushes his thumb up against his lip and sighs.
L:" I wonder... whats going to happen to Me now that I am here again... "
L looks down at his hands as his conversation with BB replays in his mind
BB:"This makes no sense! Your dead! I made sure of it."
L:"God Hates You BB. Your time here has expired, its time for You to leave."
BB:"What are You doing to Me!?"
L:"From this moment on You and I are going to be alot closer to where we belong."
*sounds of flames igniting and chains tangling together and in the background BB's freakish screams can be heard*
L looks up into the sky and looks at the Moon
L:"Ive never slept before... things really are changing..."
L slowly gets up and sits down and leans against the stump...slowly closing his eyes, trying to fight the pressure.
L:"K, where are You right now?"


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Post by darthjawafett on Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:12 am

Vanitas was seen talking to an old man who he presumed to be the camps leader.
Elder: So. Who exactly are you?
Vanitas: My name is vanitas theres not much more anyone needs to know.
Elder: i see well vanitas its obvious your very powerful but what exactly were those key like weapons we saw you use.
Vanitas: They're called keyblades. They're powerful weapons that are wielded like swords. Keyblade wielders are experts in magic melee and can also heal. The barrier I used on your camp was an example of my magic.
Elder: Anything else you might be skilled at its important for us to know each others strengths.
Vanitas: I have many skills. Mainly martial arts, weaponry and Tactical raids.
The elder dismissed Vanitas. he seemed to be the only leader vanitas had met who hadn't betrayed him. at least not yet.

Gosvik's soldiers had retreated into the forest because of nightfall. They weren't equipped with night vision and for some reason their commander hadn't sent a squad to come looking for them. Im sure the rebels were just happy that the threat subsided for a while. It was clear Gosvik had the upper hand as rebel soldiers were being rushed to the medical center. Their wounds weren't fatal so they should be expected to make a full recovery. One of the soldiers was shot in the thigh he crawled in from the forest and passed out on the battle field. This soldier... he wasn't like the rest. Vanitas can see into peoples soul and This soldier... his soul was more fox like... a kitsune spirit maybe. Vanitas had heard about kitsune spirits but he never thought they actually existed. A guard tower in the center of the camp watched over the people as they slept. The guards rotated between 10 people every hour or so. Now having time he sat under a light post and read the Intel he stole from that city.

So that place is called Deltech city huh. And under this city lies a large chamber built before Gosvik banished certain technology.
Vanitas: So this is why they were fighting huh this chamber has a large number of weapons robots and other things. When Gosvik first became emperor he feared that certain technologies could make people too powerful.. And if people were too powerful they would overthrow him. So he banished it disabled everything that could make people stronger than him. But he couldn't find these weapons.
Vanitas: I guess ill show these plans to the elder tomorrow. Vanitas put the plans back into his bag and fell asleep. He wouldn't be much help if he was tired.

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Post by Panther on Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:23 pm

The streets of Daleria were barren. The fight had long since left the now desolate city. Only a lone figure in tattered robes wandered the streets. He came to a gun store, where the body of a man lay, post-mortem. The mysterious figure sat down, laying strange things on the ground: a bone, some candles of strange color, and a small silver lighter with a crossed hammer and sickle on it. The figure lit the candles, with gave off an odd-smelling greenish smoke. The smoke began slowly swirling around the body. The figure began muttering things in languages, known and unknown. The bone began to glow and quiver, then flew up and shot into the ground. The ground began to pulsate a foggy green glow around the dead body. The figure then pulled out the lighter and opened it. Suddenly, the pulsing light, smoke, and fire from the candles were sucked to the lighter. The figure brought it to his mouth and blew gently upon it. A small greenish ball hovered from the lighter to the body. Upon contact, the body exploded with light. The areas of decomposition disappeared, the wound to the chest healed, and the solitary sniper's bullet ejected. The light faded, leaving the body of Panther lying on the ground. The figure then stood and said "Камрад удачи." The figure turned and walked away. Panther, who had just awoken with a slight headache from his resurrection, thought "Who says 'Good luck comrade' in Russian...?"

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