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Post by Frost on Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:07 pm

The day had finished. The sun had set and the night followed through with its renewal of time. Morning had come and Camila had awoken from a deep sleep, surprised that she had really been that tired. As she sat her head up, she saw Veilia resting Tal's head on her lap, stroking his face with a loving smile.

Veil: "Good morning Camila. I hope Your feeling well after yesterday's ordeal."
Camila: "T-Thank you, I am. Hows Tal?"
Veil: "Better. His wounds have recovered just as i said they would. I'm just comforting him until he wakes up."

Slowly Tal opened his eyes, real groggy, trying to figure out what was going on. As he felt the petting, Izu instantly popped in his head. He looked up to see Veil smiling at him and a look of confusion spread upon his face.

Veil:"Its good to see You awake sweetie, there's a lot we need to speak about."

The morning went by rather smoothly. Veilia had produced food that she was carrying on her for the 3 of them to indulge in. Camila had worked with Tal, helping him work with his balance as he got back on his legs. He felt good, real good, like he could sprint miles without end. After a while Tal sat down with Veilia in private.

Tal:"First, I want to thank you for saving my life."
Veil:"Of course Tal. I would do anything for you."
Tal:"ok. thats exactly it. Why do you say that? we obviously havent met before."
Veil:"Well you see, we have. I was there in the hospital the day you were born."
Tal:"I take it You knew My parents?"
Veil:"A little more than "knew"
Tal:"What are you talking about?"
Veil:"Tal. I am your guardian angel."

Tal stopped. Was he really hearing this? was this really the truth? what in the world was this woman saying to him?

Tal:"My... guardian angel...?"
Agna:"Tal, what does she mean?"
Veil:"Yes Tal. You see, many many years ago before you were born, there was a large dispute between God and The Devil. It caused a sort of holy war between God's angels and the many demons under The Devil. The Devil composed a plan to unleash all of hell upon the world, using a gate made using the souls of the living. But there were specifications. The sacrifices needed to be pure of heart, free of sin, and have direct links to the heavens. Your mother befriended a fallen angel during her childhood, and it was with the help of that angel that she met your father. It was only fate that they chose to conceive during the period that this war began. It was also that very same angel whom your mother pleaded to for help, she knew they would be coming and she wanted to prevent it any way she could. In the process of all of that, I chose to defect from The Devil's ranks. I was Hell's Knight The One, the highest rank anyone in Hell's army could obtain. I was essentially His bodyguard.
Tal:"Why did you leave?"
Veil:"I couldnt take it anymore. We were fighting a war that had no cause. No form of justification. No morality. Unnecessary chaos. Unlike many of the other beings that dwell in the depths of Hell, I have morals that i stand by, those morals being one of the particular qualities that influenced Satan's choice of making me his personal guard. Anyways, after I defected into the midworld, the place in between heaven and hell, I managed to make my way into heaven, where I met the big man himself. Understanding who I was, he chose not force me into war, and proposed that I work on a special mission. That mission was to protect an infant child from the forces of hell, and to make sure that the soul in his body remains rightfully his. I met Your parents 3 months before your birth, getting to know them and letting them get to know me. I was present in the hospital the day of your birth, i even held you after you were delivered to your mother. You were a beautiful child, and i swore my life to protecting you. I've always been there. I'm the reason why you never felt alone when your parents weren't there, why you never cried when you hurt yourself, why you never got into any trouble growing up. Everything was going so well... until the day of the attack. 2 demons took possession of the bodies of 2 humans who were black of heart and murdered your parents. I wasnt able to stop them in time, so i took the initiative and moved you to safety, where I was able to dispose of them without putting you in any harm... but one remained. He however was an invader of dreams. A Nemarus, or bringer of nightmares, managed to slip by. You were able to dispose of him yourself of course, his mistake being he chose to attack you later in your life instead of earlier. "
Tal:"So your here because of my parents?"
Veil:"because of your parent's love. Yes."
Tal:"Then let me ask you this. When i was being experimented on, when i was being ripped apart, when I died on an operating table, where were you? Both Agna and I were in terrible danger"
Veil:"Being an angel, I'm not aloud to interfere with the world unless your life is in danger. The experimentation wasnt going to kill you. The doctor knew what he was doing. I've always been there whenever You've been in a fight. I've taken possession of your body before to stop you from feeling the pain and suppressing your wounds. As for your short passing i sincerely apologize for that. I'm not obligated to aid Agna, for it is not in my duty to do so. So during that moment I was attempting to free you from the spirit gate that was being used to grip the dragon's soul out of your body, I endangered myself during the process so i stepped back. I managed to push you back which brought you back from the split second flat line.
*lowering her head* Please forgive Me. "
Tal:"It's alright, You've done your job well all these years, even now. And I'm glad to have finally met you where we can share intelligent conversation like this. This clears up a lot for me and i appreciate it. So what does this mean now? Are you going to be here in the human world now?"
Veil:"I've always been here Tal, only times have changed. Now that I've presented myself to you, you may call upon me whenever your life is in danger or need help. I've always given my guidance by trying to steer you in the right direction, but now we can talk."
Tal:"This is amazing." he said with a large smile across his face.
Veil:"I'm glad you think so."
Tal:"Thank you for your help Veil, it means a lot."
Veil:"I'll stay out here with You and Camila and lend you some company until we leave this area. Then I must disappear again."

Tal:"Thank you." he said as they both stood up to walk back to Camila.


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Post by darthjawafett on Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:18 pm

The ship had landed for awhile to patch up the holes in the hull that were made when Kit had left.
The remnants on the maintenance crew patched up the hole in an hour and refilled the Nomad with fuel.

L had went into the Pilot's area of the ship. This ship required 5 Different pilot's operating on 5 different computers. L had been conversing with the pilot who seemed to be incharge of the 5. His name was unkown to anyone who's rank was below his. They would call him by his rank only. On his Dogtags were his Nickname given to him 2 years before Gosvik took over. It read "Red Death" CHMSRAF (Chief Master Sergeant of the Rebel Air Force). This name was given to him because within 3 years he was able to shoot down more than 2500 ships. He was neutral though. His service came to whoever payed the most and he costed his enemy more money than he was payed. When Gosvik took over the planet and the rebels were forced in hiding, he joined the rebels. He did that because Gosvik had destroyed his plan in fear of his capabilities. Then a military presence was sent to his town and he had to witness the death of most of the people he cared about. His actual name was Alexander.

L: Alex.
Alex: Yes L?
L: Are you completely sure it is safe to land here?
Alex: According to our Nav Data this area is Rebel controlled.
L: How long ago was that updated?
Alex: 3 days ago and its currently being updated right now.
*The Navigation Computer in the northeast part of the room talks in a robotic like voice*
A.I.: The Regional Update is complete. This area is still under Rebel Control and Gosvik's forces are no were to be seen... Oh hello there L. It has been awhile. Sargeant is there any other task To be seen?

This A.I. was in charge of making sure the ship functioned well and if anything should happen it would tell Alex exactly what and where it happened.
Alex: Yes Gamma, please check the Fuel tank and see how the maintenance crew is doing on fixing the Hole made in the hull...
The A.I.'s screen disappeared from the Navigation computer. He reappeared in the form of a hologram on Alex's Computer.
A.I.:Well as for the fuel tank it will be filled within the next 3 minutes. As for the breach in the hull. That will take nearly another 20 minutes.
A.I.: so we should be leaving pretty soon.
L: Are the soldiers remaining on the ship.
A.I.: For the most part yes a few of them were taken to help out the maintenance crew do repairs.
The A.I. started to review the path while L and The pilot Talked.
Shortly after the A.I. interrupted
A.I.: Sargeant. L. Our path involves entering Enemy territory shall I change course?
L: What surrounds the area?
A.I.: It looks like a mountain range.
L: So can we fly around it?
A.I.: We would need more fuel to reach our destination but yes we could. It seems as if past that point the path is pretty clear. Either Neutral land or Rebel controlled land is in our path after the mountain range. We can get fuel from there right?
L: I would say that it is acceptable.
A.I.: Oh and the breach in the hull is now repaired.. Shall we depart?
L: Alright.
L left the Pilot's Den and returned to the main part of the ship.
Alex: Well.... then I guess we should go. Gamma prepare to start flight but wait till--
A.I.: Everyone is on board?
Alex: Yes gamma wait until everyone is on board.
The maintenance crew and the soldiers that assisted them returned to the ship. And it Took off Following its new pathway.

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Post by Grimblade on Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:29 pm

It didn't take long. The whole camp was stirring; the soldiers pouring out like ants from a demolished anthill towards the duo, who was quickly dashing backwards to gain better ground. From where they were, bullets were constantly grazing past them, several barely stopped by Junior's molten armor, and one grazing within an inch of Kit's exposed ear.

The situation wasn't looking well.

Kit yelled a command to Junior through the noise of the gunfire, who then burrowed into the ground as Kit leaped forward, landing, and going into a full sprint. The soldiers quickly gave chase to the lone fox.

He ran as fast as he could, not affording to let the soldiers gain any ground. Bullets still sailed through the air, but Kit was too nimble and unpredictable in his patterns to be hit. But it wasn't before long until he stopped...faced with a precipice that led to a several-hundred foot drop.

He then turned around and assumed a human form, the soldiers no longer shooting, but rather sneering and keeping their guns aimed straight towards him as they advanced. He had nowhere to run. He put his hands up into the air, an apparent sign of resignation towards his enemies.

They quickly surrounded him and one stepped forward out of the crowd.

"Ah, you must be Kit. I must say, foxy, you're luck must have finally run out. There's a nice bounty on your head...on top of the fact that Gosvik will be most pleased when we bring him a nice Kitsune-pelt to lay by his fireplace." the captain said before letting out a jeering laugh. "Unfortunately for you, Gosvik would rather have you dead than brought in alive, so before we riddle your mangy hide with bullets and move out to find your dragon-friend, do you have any last words?"

"Well, you're quite the confident one, aren't you? Since you're kind enough to give me the opportunity, I do have something to say..." he paused for a moment before letting out a loud fox-howl.

"Is this some kind of joke?" the captain sneered once again. "Well, in that case...time to die. MEN!"

The guards all cocked their weapons, each aimed at Kit. But suddenly, the earth below began to tremble, distracting the soldiers momentarily. Then the ground began to slide...the area they were all standing slowly began to slide towards the cliff. Guards scrambled for firm ground, but they were already caught.

Junior burst from the ground behind the mob, sweeping his tail and knocking a large group of the soldiers towards the falling ground, leaving many of them unable to get back up due to broken bones. At the same time, Kit was dashing around in a blood-frenzy, his claws tearing through flesh and armor alike. The number of soldiers was largely reduced, leaving only a small group trying to escape, running frantically and completely abandoning the battle. The patch of ground that Junior had weakened had already slid off the precipice, taking corpses and crippled bodies alike with it to the earth below.

Kit managed to quickly outrun the last soldiers, who had fled into a nearby patch of trees to hide, and quickly killed them off. That was easier than expected. Gosvik's soldiers sure are---

His thought was cut off as he felt the cold barrel of a gun against the back of his head.

"Think you're pretty good don't ya? It's too bad...you missed one." the captain's gruff voice said into Kit's ear.


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Post by Panther on Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:50 am

A loud crack broke the captain's sentence. Kit felt something warm and wet spray his head. The guns barrel fell away, and there was a short thump of a body hitting the ground. Kit turned to see the captain lying on his back, an ugly hole in his head. Kit wiped the spattered blood from his head and neck, just as Panther hopped out of a tree 20 feet away. He shouldered his MSR and made his way over to where Kit stood.
"Funny meeting you here, Kit," Panther joked. "Small world, eh?"
"I could have handled him just fine, you know." said Kit, assuming his fox form again.
"And I don't doubt that," replied Panther, grinning. "I just got him first."
Kit looked at Panther, a bit confused. On the plane, Panther had acted all angry and serious. Yet now he acted like another person, cheery and joking. He gave no impression of feeling guilty about the base.
Kit realized he had spaced out, leaving Panther a bit confused.
"Kit, you feelin' 'k??" Panther asked. "If not-"
"I'm fine." Kit interjected. "We need to get moving before someone comes looking for these guys."
As Kit hopped onto Junior's back, Panther pulled out a metal disc-shaped object. After shoving it into the ground, he lay the captain's body over it, concealing it.
"What's that for?" asked Kit as Panther walked up next to Junior.
"A little, ah, "gift" for the reinforcements." Panther said with a chuckle. "That thing has enough C4 to blow a tank's treads clean off. They'll think the whole place is rigged!"
Panther laughed this time, at which Kit couldn't help but grin. Suddenly, Junior came and stopped in front of Panther, facing him. He sniffed at Panther's left pocket, and gave a friendly growl.
"Ugh, fine," sighed Panther, pulling out his beef jerky. "You can have it."
Panther tossed Junior the package, at which Junior snapped it up from the air. Kit chuckled as Junior grumbled in approval. The three continued on through the forest, keeping a steady pace. After about 3 hours they heard a sudden explosion. Panther and Kit turned to see a black cloud rising from where they had left the dead soldiers. "Damn," remarked Panther. "That was a little fast. Kinda wished I'd left another."
"That was a little fast," said Kit. "Lets just hope they get distracted long enough by it."
Panther nodded in agreement, and the three walked on.

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Post by Frost on Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:17 pm

Rain. Pouring. Screaming into beats as each drop hits the earth. Darkness. A single person stands, staring up into the sky. A boy, no older than 16 at most, carrying a black guitar on his back. His long black hair covered parts of his face from the water. His clothing was all black, black chucks, solid black jeans, a black shirt with torn, jagged edged sleeves that reached his elbows, but no longer. A strange black scarf that buckled up his mouth and neck down, and an eye patch, sown into his skin over his right eye. His left eye, a pale blue color, almost white, gazed up into the sky as a large mech appeared and aimed its guns down at him and men with guns surround him.
Rain - Page 10 7-39
Officer: "Hault! Show some identification or be shot!"
Boy continued to look at the mech.
Officer:"Identification! Now!" he said as several clicks could be heared from the men arming their guns.

In that split second, a large lightning bolt fell from the sky, obliterating all of the men and the machine.

Frost:"My Name is Frost. And I am the End."

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Post by Tal on Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:42 pm

A sharp pang hit Kit's mind. It didn't feel like something was trying to invade, more like something's conscience sprang back to life.
He flinched on Junior's back, and Junior felt his sudden shift in motion.
Junior turned his head and crooned in worry of Kit, who straightened himself and replied, "Yeah, I'm okay, Junior. Sorry."

Junior stopped and stuck his bony snout into the air, sniffing it with a deep, raspy sound.
"Junior...? Urgh, that feeling again... Wait... WAIT! I- I know that feeling...!"
Kit's eyes widened as Junior stopped sniffing and inhaled deeply.

Panther opened his mouth in an attempt to ask the two what had happened, but was interrupted when Junior let out an ear-piercing roar. Panther had to crouch and cover his ears from the pure intensity of Junior's roar. When he stopped maybe 3 seconds later, he ran past Panther and took off towards the east. Not wanting to be left behind, Panth lunged for Junior's thrashing tail and grabbed it, holding on for dear life.

Inside, Kit felt relieved and overjoyed by the sudden realization.

"Tal and Camila are alive!"


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Post by Tal on Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:06 pm

Tal distanced himself from Camila and Veil that afternoon. While he was glad he learned something new about his past and his life, he couldn't completely comprehend it all at once.

Firstly, how on Earth was he expected to believe all of this? It all seemed like some made-up drivel out of a fairy tale or something. Nothing like this could have even happened in the real world.
Then again, dragons didn't exist in the real world, nor did dogs that were able to throw their minds into other people's.
The real world also wouldn't have Gosvik, or Tal fused with Agna.

Second, why did all of this have to be happening to him? It seemed like ever since Gosvik captured him and Agna, his entire life went into a spiral downwards. He was thrown into injury every three minutes and some ridiculous, new event happened to him that made absolutely no sense half the time.
Why couldn't he just have been left alone?

That's all he ever wanted since his parents died. But after finding Agna, then the others...

That's when he realized how alone he actually was. As insane as his life had been these past few months, he had enjoyed it. He had friends. He had company.

He had Agna and Junior.

Yeah. Maybe being alone wasn't as pleasing as it sounded all that time ago. Now that he had friends, he realized how great it was being around them all the time. It was like...

It was like he had a family again. Everyone watched out for each other. They made sure nothing happened to anyone else. They didn't always get along, but deep down if it came to it they'd protect one another.

And Tal felt the same. If anyone on that team were in danger, Tal would risk life and limb to save them. It was just a bad habit for him to jump in without thinking, but more often than not he did what he wanted to. Sheer force can't solve everything, but if it can protect who you care about, Tal would continue doing what he did.

Maybe then, that's why he felt helpless about Izu. He couldn't do what he had wanted, and now she was gone. That green-haired bítch... How could he have fallen for such a pointless ruse? Tal would get Izu back; he swore to himself under his breath he would. And this time he wasn't willing to risk his life.

Because he knew he could do it. He knew it. He'd come so far over the time he'd spent with everyone. He wasn't ready to die. And he knew he wouldn't. That bítch was going to die, and it WOULD be by Tal's hand.

A distant roar caused Tal's mind to gather together again. His thoughts had been scattered, but he snapped into action faster than Veil or Camila could react. With a swift motion he unsheathed his sword and took a ready stance. His legs wobbled a bit, but he managed to stay up.

"Tal, wait. You've only just recovered. Don't push-" Veil started.
"No. I need to do this. Just stay back. And for my sake, don't try anything. I need to do this myself. Without any tricks. I need to prove to myself I'm capable of holding my own without you, or Agna, or anyone else pulling something for me," Tal said.
Veil nodded. She understood completely. Even so, she stood up and ready in case whatever made that roar managed to push through Tal.

The roar again, this time closer. But this time, Tal dropped his stance and gazed out into the distance. A speck was moving inward towards them at a relatively quick speed.

"Wait a second..."
"Tal... That roar...!"

The speck came closer and closer as its shape began to form into that of a distinguishable form.

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/q5BGY7cMA5o?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/q5BGY7cMA5o?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
That speck was Junior. That roar was Junior. And with him were Kit and Panth.
They'd found them.

Tal dropped his sword almost immediately as a large smile spread across his face. Behind him, Camila stood up as she realized the same thing Tal did. Her eyes widened as her jaw dropped slightly, overcome with a mix of emotions. Soon enough, she too fell into a smile as a tear slid down her face. Tal ran a few feet and began waving, raising his right arm higher than it'd ever gone. It was still a bit sore, but he ignored it.

Seeing Tal's waving arm, Junior redoubled his speed, coming at the makeshift camp faster than he'd ever seen Junior move. Camila ran up next to Tal and began to wave with him. Veil seemed unaffected, but it was obvious she was glad for the two.

Tal dropped his arms behind him and motioned for Camila. She looked at him curiously, then realized he was going to carry her over. He could easily outrun her since he towered over her by a foot or two and the extra strength of his legs, so she stepped behind him and jumped on his back as he carried her piggy-back style, running towards the three.

They met within 2 minutes. With fair warning, Tal dropped Camila to her feet and lunged at Junior's neck, embracing him tight as he could as the young dragon managed his two front legs around Tal. Kit jumped off Junior's back and, changing his form into that of which Tal commonly saw him as when near Camila, ran to her. They met and hugged tightly, probably just as tight as Tal was to Junior. Panth rolled off of Junior's tail, panting furiously. He clearly had a fun time.

They all let go at nearly the same time. Kit and Tal turned to one another as if they'd been long-lost brothers meeting each other after several years. In a flash, Kit returned to fox form and jumped at Tal, whom held the fox in a tight hug.

"Kit! You... you actually came back for us!"
"Are you kidding me? I wasn't leaving you three behind!"

Tal clearly hadn't caught what Kit said, because the word "three" hadn't even struck him. but for the moment it'd be better if he didn't.
He was finally reunited with his two best friends.


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Post by Chu on Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:13 am

Chiyo went outside into the woods. Mr.BunBun seems anxious about something.

Chiyo: Something wrong Bun?

Mr.BunBun twitch'd his whiskers and ran off on one of the pathways in the forest. Chiyo followed him soon after. Soon they came across a small cave. Inside the cave twas partially dark. Some kind of rocks shone in the darkness.

Chiyo: What is this?

Chiyo went inside. BunBun was holding a tiny piece of the metallic looking rock. He placed it at Chiyo's feet.

Chiyo: This sure looks interesting. Perhaps someone at the plane might know what it is. Let's take some of it, and by some I mean all of it.

After taking all of the ore they headed back to the camp. People were fixing the plane up for another flight.

Chiyo went inside the plane, while going back to her room she noticed the cargo hold door open. Inside there was this hugeass bird monster looking thingy dead on the floor.

Chiyo: What the F%@# is this thing o-o

Chiyo went to inspect it up closer. It looked so bizarre. She saw a light in the corner of her sight.
Below BunBun's ore that he was carrying started to glow.

Chiyo: Huh?

She inspected the ore in her bags to see if they were glowing as well. They were.

Chiyo: This is really weird Mad Perhaps this ore has something to do with this creature. Is there a library or something in this joint?

BunBun started to go to the seating area of the plane. Chiyo was still at the creature.


BunBun: Bleh this ore is so weird. Why did we take ALL of it from the cave -_- If only I could contact Junior. Tal would probably know what this stuff is. Maybe theres something in his storage unit thing that might help us

BunBun hopped from the chair onto the latch of a handle. He pulled down and opened the compartment. Inside were a few bags filled with stuff.

BunBun: Treasure hunt time!

BunBun opened the biggest bag first.

BunBun: Guns, shampoo, knives, bras...whos bag is this... Judging from the bra size it must be Izus, haha flat chest. It doesn't look like she has anything interesting..

BunBun opened another bag. Inside were pieces of metal, and a barbie doll.

BunBun: ....probably Today's bag..

BunBun continued to search for anything useful.


Chiyo: Where did that bunny go .-.

Chiyo left the cargohold and went back to the seating area. BunBun was going through people's bags.

Chiyo: Oi what are you doing

BunBun just twitched his whiskers, as always.

Chiyo: Silly bunny

Chiyo then walked out of the plane. People still fixing the plane and such. When is this going to be done anyway ;-; She surveyed the area a bit more. Behind the plane there was a weaponry and armory area. Perhaps this stuff could be made into something. She walked towards the weaponry first, and opened the door. Inside swords, guns, shields, etc covered the walls of this place. In the middle there is a forge and anvil. On the sides of the place there were tables and bookshelves.

Chiyo: Anyone in here?

Looks like the place is empty. Time to look around for anything useful. There has to be a book on ores somewhere around here.

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Post by Frost on Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:12 pm

Days had passed. The group had managed to gather on the base of a mountain after safely landing the plane. During that time, the group encountered a strange being known only as Frost. An odd boy, and a powerful one at that.; while appearing as a threat at arrival, the team attacked without hesitation only to be flung back and nearly decimated although no serious wounds were received, the message was clear that this wasnt a foe. It was on the 6th day that the team learned the truth.

L:"So, from what we've concluded, there are more of- You, out there?"
Frost:"Negative. There are only two beings: My Sister and I."
Shiki:"And she is?-"
Frost:"The Beginning."
L:"Please elaborate."
Frost:"There were two beings, twins, born from two different wombs, one in heaven and the other in hell. Each were born to decide fate, either by igniting the flame or extinguishing it."
Chiyo:"So You were the one born in heaven right?" she said with excitement.
L:"No. He was born in hell. Werent You?"
Frost:"That is correct. I was the spawn that was conceived in the depths of hell while my sister was born within the peaceful sanctity that is heaven."
Today:"ok ok ok ok, I have a question."
Today:"How is it You fight with an instrument like that?"
L:"I believe the real question is, what is it that makes you both as powerful as you are, and should we be cautious as to what the other can do?"
Frost:"The guitar I carry is called Lamentation. With it, I play tones of The End. Very powerful music that can be both beneficial and deadly. It alters My powers when in use-"
L:"What powers do you and your sister possess?"
Frost:"We both have the ability to wield electricity as a weapon. Its our instruments that makes us different. Our instruments are living breathing souls that choose their musician. Lamentation's soul is that of ice, thus granting me control over the element and letting me wield it as i do lightning. My sister is a different story. ----

A Young girl with long golden hair, in a white dress walked through the palace doorway with a violin in her hands. <iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/vOwEFjzQSjM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
She played as she walked forward, gently swaying from side to side and doing slow twirls as she slid towards the throne. Her elegance was magnificent; the flow, the style, the grace. This girl, this 16 year old girl was playing her heart out, with a large smile across her face.
The girl continued forward without even glancing at the man, continuing with her eyes closed.
Guard:"Didnt You here him? He said Hault!"
The guard lunged for her with his arms out to grab her, but she spun and slid out of his grip causing him to fall flat on his face.---
Frost:"My Sister carries Sentiment, a Violin that rivals the power of Lamentation with a soul of fire. Shes a kind soul who only fights happy, and when she sees a reason to grant her abilities to her ally. A reason, like Me.---

Guards surround the girl and aim their guns at her, threatening her with death if she didnt do as they told her. Following her in their crosshair as she proceeded through the room. She finaly came to a stop at the foot of Gosvik himself, who sat there, intrigued by her sudden intrusion. As her playing increased so did the threats from the guards until she finally opened her eyes.
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/vB00ah6E5E4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
She spun around and faced the guards. She looked all 20 of them in the eyes and began to walk towards them. She twirled around them, smiling at each one.
Girl: "Very well."
She began playing a soft tune that grew louder and louder as she moved around the throne room. The men held their guns tightly and looked around confused. She stopped spinning and turned to Gosvik and did a curtsy to him while still playing. The speed of her playing increased, and as the playing intensified, the men began to burst into flames. One by one, spontaneously bursting into flames and burning alive on the throne floor.
Gosvik sat there, almost happy to see this presentation, as if it was a sort of birthday trick.
And just as quickly as the music had begun it stopped, leaving only ashes in the places where the bodies had littered the ground.

Gosvik clapped as the girl walked back to him and smiled.

Gosvik:"And who might you be my dear?"

Flare: (In a french accent) My name is Flare, and I am The Beginning. she said with a smile

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Post by Tal on Fri Dec 02, 2011 6:34 pm

After a long mix of emotions, Tal and Kit finally decided they needed to start looking for the rest of their team.

"It's going to be dangerous if we stay separated for too long. Gosvik has way too many spies anywhere for us to keep out of his threshold for very long," Tal began to say.
"Junior and I took out a scout camp earlier, so they could-" Kit started.
Panth cleared his throat loudly.
"-with a little help from Panth, I mean. Anyway, they could be anywhere and it's possible the loss of one of their camps they could be all over us like flies to a carcass."
"So we should leave as soon as possible, to reduce the chances of getting caught," Panth ended.
Camila and Veil both nodded in agreement, and they began to take whatever they could from the ruined base.

About five minutes through scrounging around, Tal clutched his head and dropped to one knee. Kit was on him in less than a second.
"Tal! What's happening?!"

"...I think it's time we met..."
The voice was all too familiar in Tal's head, yet he couldn't figure out whose it was. It sounded similar to many things he'd met on his journey, so it was hard to pinpoint exactly whose it might be.

As quickly as the voice came and went, so too did Tal's headache. He let go of his head and placed his hands on the ground, sweating and panting.
"Tal...? You alright?" Kit asked.
Stumbling back onto his feet, he nodded and continued to look around for more materials.

When everyone was all set to leave, and they began treading toward the eastern skies.
Before going very far, however, a small figure darted out from a large hill to their left. Kit outstretched his claws, Panth readied his gun, and Tal had his sword out in no time. Junior stood there growling at the creature that slowed as soon as it hit flat ground and began trotting toward them.

From far away, it looked like...
"...a dog...?"
Tal lowered his sword and motioned for the others to relax.
"Tal, what are you...?" Panth began. Tal swatted his claw behind him to hush Panther.

Taking a few steps forward, Tal adjusted his vision to that more suitable for long distances and studied the figure.

It indeed was a dog.

"Wait, then could that be...?!"
As the dog got closer, its color began to show and Tal realized who it was.


So Repede existed, and Tal wasn't crazy. There was some good news. Resheathing his sword, Tal crossed his arms as a grin spread across his face. Repede's trot turned into a dash as he sped up to meet the group.
When at last he did, Kit and Panth tensed up again, but Tal reassured them by kneeling down and offering his hand to the dog. Repede, as Tal expected, sat down and scratched his head with his back leg, ignoring Tal's hand.
"Maybe some day?" Tal said in his head, knowing Repede would hear it.
Rain - Page 10 Repede17: "Maybe."

The dog's voice resounded in Tal's head as if he'd reunited with a friend long since gone. He'd finally met with Repede.

Standing up and turning to the others, Tal introduced the dog to the group of confused onlookers.
"Guys, this is Repede. This may sound crazy, but I met him in my dreams. He can help us get through Gosvik's castle."
Their reactions were as he expected. Panth scoffed and rolled his eyes, while Kit and Camila raised an eyebrow. Veil seemed unaffected. Junior, however, was still growling.
"Sorry about Junior, he's rather protective."
Rain - Page 10 Repede1: "No big deal. He'll get used to me."

Repede stood back up and walked next to Junior. Junior lifted his claw in an attempt to swat away the dog, but Tal signaled to Junior to drop it. Junior reluctantly did, and Repede lifted his own paw, offering Junior to set his near it. Junior hesitantly set his on the ground in front of Repede's, and Repede rested his on Junior's.
Junior took the what could be called a paw-shake kindly, and immediately softened up to Repede. He stopped growling and nuzzled the dog with his snout ever so lightly.

Tal walked back over to the group and tightened the strap of his sheath around his chest.
"You guys ready?"
With a nod, they all set out as they orignally planned, to the east where kit and Junior had come.

And even though they had lost an ally, which Tal had yet to reveal what happened, they gained a new one.
And hopefully, a new friend.


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Post by Frost on Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:09 pm

Gosvik: "Well it appears the sides have changed this time havent they? Its a shame that its another "Great War", i would have liked to relax during this." he said while taking a sip of wine.
Flare: "*giggle* It sure will be a new experience fighting along side you instead of against you. "
Gosvik: "I admit that I will miss your brother's company but none the less, our new relationship will be one of great significance."

Gosvik leaned over to Flare and held his glass towards hers.

Gosvik:" To a new world! "
Flare:" To a new Beginning. "


It was bright outside in the palace yard. It was a luscious green field on a platform attached to the upper layer of the castle, thus making it a suspended piece of land. It had a large balcony area that over looked the castle walls and entrance and had an abundance of expensive furniture and decorative items scattered along the grounds of the platform. The castle was large, but it wasnt that of any other type of castle. This castle was the size of 5 cities put together with the length of 6 football fields, but that was only the top layer. The castle itself sat on top of a large spacecraft type lift which was also a base itself, filled with military personnel, unmanned machines, laser grids, anti aircraft defense systems and large turrets on 4 corners of it which shot large armor piercing rounds for ground attacks. This was the secondary layer and below was the 3rd and final layer, which was more of an extension of the 2nd, only it housed what kept the castle up. 5 large turbines spun, powering an anti gravity device almost as large as the base which allowed the castle to float in the air, and in particular, above an uncharted location somewhere in the middle of the ocean. It was a floating defensive and offensive weapon that was created soon after Redil Gosvil had stepped into power, and its purpose was simple: Set The Stage For The Conquering Of Worlds.

The Throne room doors opened and 2 men walk in, one man in full military uniform and the other a younger looking boy covered in bandages.

Nerol:"My Lord, You summoned us?"
B: "this better be worth my time!"
Nerol:"How dare you speak to the emperor in such a manner! I-"
B spins him around and pulls out a large combat blade and presses it against the other man's neck.
B:"I'll strap you to a table and remove as many organs from your body as I can without you losing consciousness! That way we can both decide if you dont need your heart!"

Gosvik: "Now, now. Behave the both of you, this is a serious manner and I'd prefer if you wouldnt act like children."
B:"Very well."

Gosvik:"Gentlemen. We are about to go to war. A war that will match 5 in history."
B:"Like WW4? Then this should be fun."
Gosvik:"Nien- no. The world wars are nothing compared to the ones I have in mind."
B:"Good, because World war 5 was a waste of time. I only wish I couldve been there to see that nuke drop."
Nerol:"What wars were these My lord?"
Gosvik:" Many wars, "secret wars" fought by demons and angels, by powers and forces unknown to man until now have battled it out many times before to decide the fate of man. This is another one of those wars, only this time, I will be on top, but in order for that to happen we must finally eliminate the last remaining threat."
B:"Please, we wiped them out along with their base of operations."
Gosvik:"It would only appear so. You see, Your mentor is still alive. And so is the team he assembled. Not only are they a threat ALL together, but they managed to obtain all 3 of the mystical beasts, crush our funding stations, and grow twice as strong with the help of "outer" forces." he said looking down at The beginning who sat there with her eyes closed sipping her glass of wine.

Nerol:"What do You suggest we do My lord?"
B:"I'll murder all of them, just watch me-"
Gosvik:"You will do as instructed of you and nothing more! And I do recall the last time you attempted that, this happened to you" he said motioning to BB's bandages."
B:"I found him. Thats all that matters. Now hes dead. Please continue."

Gosvik:"We have already constructed many walls of defense to withstand anything those pathetic insects choose to throw at us. Commander, You will send Your first wave of forces as an entree to the battle, but will stay back with Your 2nd. We cant afford having You fly around in the middle of a firefight when the fight just began. You will fight along with Your 2nd battalion, BUT ONLY if the first is destroyed! You will focus solely on the immediate threat. I trust Your skills commander, which is why I'm leaving You with the responsibility of 2 lines in our defense. Dont disappoint me."
Nerol:"I wont My Lord."
Gosvik:"Where is The Ghost?"
B:"Right above you"

Gosvik looked up, and the soldier began to slowly materialize and become visible. He stood on the wall itself, looking down at the meeting, observing with silence.

Ghost: *in static* "My Emperor."

Gosvik:"So You can speak. You will BE the 3rd wall. Once the Palace Walls have been breached, You will be the force that keeps them from coming any further. Your abillity to blend into anything is the ultimate advantage, but Your abilities increase when your surrounded by nature, making you the perfect candidate for this task. I'll leave it to You. Understood?"

The cloaked soldier stood there, and slowly dematerialized without saying a word.

B:"I'm the 4th I know."
Gosvik:"Should The Ghost fail, You will be the only thing between Me and My lovely assistant here, and Your mentor and his men. You will have a small batalion of soldiers with you to aid you in battle."
B:"Give Me 4 men and make them elite guards. Itl be quick and simple once they step into this room."
Gosvik:"The elite guards arent as powerful as The Ghost. Are You positive they are all you will need?"
B:"Absolutely. He'll come to Me, and when he does, he will parish without a doubt."

Nerol:"And what of the lady?" He said focusing on The Beginning.

Flare: "oui, what of Me? Monsieur Gosvik. Surely You know that My Brother will inevitably find his way in here, and i will fight him. Have you thought zat far?" she said with a cute smile.

Gosvik:"Of course I have My dear, I've saved the best for last, and with your help I intend on succeeding."



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Post by Frost on Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:04 am

C:"You know what you must do... dont you?"
Konata: "... ... ... *STATIC* k-k-ki....L"
C:"I cant hear you."
Konata:"I- Must- Kill-"
C:"YES, but Who?"




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Post by Frost on Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:05 am

L:"Then we have no choice."
Frost:"You have 3 days."
L:"How do you know this?"
Frost:"You need to reassemble your army, as small as it is."
L:"I asked how you knew"
Frost:"I suggest you spend less time questioning Me and more time thinking."
L:"I'm putting lives in danger. I cant just- I have it."

moments later-

L:"Everyone. I've gathered everyone today... for.. Your final briefing. After I've given these orders, there will be no turning back from this mission."
Shiki:"And this mission would be?"
Today:"War doesnt sound pretty. It sounds very ugly."
Chiyo:"This isnt a time for jokes!"
L:"Listen. We have one chance at doing this so we''ll have to do it right. Gosvik from what we know is bringing his ultimate defense with him. The Bard."
Vanitas:"The bard?"
L:"A practically impenetrable fortress that he himself oversaw during construction. Its a giant floating castle in the sky with all sorts of defensive mechanisms and offensive capabilities. Its going to be one hell of a task going up against it, luckily I've come prepared. The rebel faction we were apart of wasnt the only one, or rather, it was a piece of many. There were 2 more rebel fleets on the east and west coasts of the continent of Ulariun (oo lair i un). We were able to establish contact with them and as of now, we have an army."
Chiyo:"Question, If we're going up against a flying castle then what will we use to reach it? The Nomad?"
L:"No, the nomad would be torn out of the sky in a second. Our allies have supplied us with a large battleship that was used during World War 5, Its technology is obsolete, but its defenses will be enough for us to at least get close to it. Once we're within striking distance, we'll engage the enemy in air combat. Similar to the enemy, we have mechs and plans to use for the purpose of opening a path for you all to get inside."
Shiki:"Wait, wait, wait! Your sending us in!? Isnt that suicide!?"
L:"Its sink or swim shiki. But its not going to be a rush. This is the tactical layout of what we assume to happen."

L turned on a small projector which displayed a map of the ocean where The bard would be moving.

L:"As You can see, We'll be right in the middle of the ocean, making air transportation the only means of infiltrating The Bard. They will most likely send out multiple waves of soldiers to fend off our first attack, so during that we need to find the opening to strike. Which is exactly why I've divided the team into groups."

Today:"Groups? Can I be in shiki's group?"

L:"Thats actually where i've placed you Today. Our first squad will be composed of, Shiki, Today, and Vanitas due to their expertise and ability in air combat. You 3 will handle the outside battle and keep the enemy occupied long enough for a "bullet" to get through. That bullet will be squad 2. Chiyo, Panther and Kit, both of which are currently missing, however The End has already left to go locate them and bring them back. Chiyo, Your group will handle the castle grounds and open up another hole in their defenses for squad 3. Squad 3 is our one shot at winning this war.
Squad 3 will be comprised of only 2 people: Tal and The End.

After that... its in god's hands."

L:"We've built this team from the ground up, our members have grown, our spirits have sparked, and the fires in our hearts ignited. The stage is set for this world.
1 World, 1 Tyrant, 1 Tool, 1 Sense, 1 End, and 1 Beginning. And This is the beginning of a new world of peace and the end of a dark twisted world of hatred and despair.
Oour lives are apart of this fable of misfortunes and its up to us to decide how We'd rather die; In the warm beautiful light of a free world, or in the flames of a dark empire. Fate never sounded so off."

The team was silent for a long time.

Chiyo:"Alright. We have to do this! Not just for ourselves or for everyone whos lost their lives, but for the world itself!"
Shiki:"This world and other worlds!"
Vanitas:"How long do we have L?"

L:"3 days."

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Post by Frost on Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:06 am

This is not a post - This is the beginning of "End Game" go back and read the last 3 posts from here in order of post.


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Post by Frost on Sun Dec 11, 2011 5:11 am

Tal and Kit had sat down for a long time as the story unfolded as to what happened after the attack. To Tal's surprise Kit's reaction made the situation seem completely normal, but then again, everything that happened to him seemed to be more and more normal as they happened.

Kit:"Its gonna be one hell of a challenge finding the team again."
Tal:"No kidding, its-"

Suddenly a large bolt of lightning strikes the ground and Frost appears.

Tal, Repede, Kit and Panther ready themselves and surround him ad he walks up to them.

Tal:"Who are you?" tal barked.

Frost:"I am The End, L sent Me to retrieve You."

Kit:"How can we trust you!?"

Frost:"If i was here to destroy you I wouldve done so instead of stopping to chat."

Panther:"Ha, You think we're that weak?"

Frost:"Compared to Myself? yes. Except for You." he said pointing at Tal
" which is why I've been paired up with you for our final mission."

Tal:"What final mission?"

Frost:"All will be explained upon our return. Now if You'd please gather up around me so we may return to the current command post."

Repede is the first to walk up leaving Tal abit confused. Repede motioned and Tal slowly followed, assuring Kit it was alright as He and Camila steadily walked up on Junior.

Frost lifted his hand into the air and snapped his fingers. Another large bolt of lightning falls and strikes the entire group and with that they vanish.

A bolt strikes and everyone falls over except for Frost who walks forward as L slowly approaches with his eyes wandering from Tal to Repede to Camila.

L:"Welcome back everyone. We have much to talk about."


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Post by Tal on Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:36 pm

L informed them of everything.
It was their last three days.
Their last three days of freedom.
After this, they either fought and freed the world or...

...or they died.

Tal had worked too hard. He wasn't going down. everything he'd been through hadn't been so he could die. He was ending Gosvik, and with the help of his friends.

Gosvik was the one dying.

When L told him about the teams, and confirmed what he'd heard from Frost, he spoke up.
"So, you're just sending me alone with the 'messenger from Hell,' whom we've yet to even know for longer than 12 hours?"
"You seriously think if I wanted to destroy you, I wouldn't have already?"
"Not if you want to gain our trust, then stab us in the back," Tal scoffed.
"Tal, listen to me. I know what I am doing. I trust Frost, and I know he is the right one to send with you on this mission," L sighed.
Tal snorted in response and turned his head.

After L had finished with their briefing, Tal had decided to use some of the time he had left to go make his Nargacuga armor. He'd never had a chance to get to it since, well, bombs exploding and stuff.
He grabbed the Nargacuga off the plane by the stub of its tail and held the tail in the other, dragging them with him to anywhere he could carve and reforge the materials.
Not long after, he found an abandoned armory maybe a mile from their landing site.

"Alrighty then, let's get started on this. What do you think we're going to need off this thing?" Tal asked Agna as he examined the body.
"Going with the basics, probably the pelt for at least every piece, maybe those blades on the wings for the vambraces... Oh, those tail spikes. You could do something with those, too."
Tal started to carve gently, since the Nargacuga had only recently started to decay. None of the body had actually fallen apart yet, but he'd rather be safe than sorry. He sliced just under the Narga's pelt, skinning it and tossing it on a rack to his side. Next, he began to pull off the tail spikes, setting them near the pelt. He was able to manage about 13 of them, which might have been more than enough.
While pulling off the spikes, he noticed something glimmering a shinier red than the rest if the tail's inside.
Slicing the tail next to where he saw it, he pulled out what looked like a brain stem, but in the tail?
"...Does this even make sense?" Agna queried.
"No, not in the least. What can we even do with it...?"
Tal clenched the bloody brain stem and noted its rigidity. It hardly bent in his grasp and didn't even break.
"...Helm, got it."

After several hours of carving, Tal began the refining process. it took him several tries to get the shape of the mail right with the pelt, but Kit had walked in on him to see what he was doing and was able to get his help. after that, Kit offered to help him finish, to which Tal courteously accepted.
Tal crafted the helm to the shape of his head while Kit measured the width and length of his arms and legs.
For the waist, Tal easily fit it to his size and was applying scales for thickness and sturdiness when Kit walked up with a white cloth he found somewhere.

"Here, tie this there," Kit said, pointing to the front of the coat.
"Wha- Why?" Tal asked, confused.
"Just do it. It'll look cool."
"Kit, I'm going for what makes me live, not what looks cool."
"Come on, it won't hurt to do it!"
"Alright, alright. Fine. But if it even seems detrimental it comes off."
Kit nodded with a large smile on his face as Tal finished the coat.

Only three hours after Kit had joined him, Tal had finished. It took about 10 hours to complete altogether, but it was well worth the effort. Tal had stepped into another room for a second to don the armor, and when he stepped out...

Rain - Page 10 Agna_with_narga_s_armor_by_talent412-d4btmh3
"Well?" he asked. "What do you think?"


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Post by Frost on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:40 am

Time Until Endgame - 51:45:37



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Post by darthjawafett on Fri Dec 16, 2011 10:54 pm

So as time passed more and more equipment were donated from other rebel forces.
6 of the pilots were given an AI to help during flight and other combat situations.
Vanitas was given one of them. These AI were different than the one seen on the Nomad. It could freely removed and placed into any other electrical appliance.
He was told to bring soldiers on board the target ship then assist in the skies.

His AI was Omega. Omega was intelligent and adaptable to any possible situation.
Programmed to act just like a Field Commander. Omega did have his flaws though.
Omega loved mischief and causing problems but promised to be serious during the final mission.
When Omega appeared he showed as a dark shadow.

Omega appeared
Ω: Hello Vanitas...
Vanitas: Oh.. Omega hello. What do you want.
Ω: Do you exactly have a plan?
Vanitas: Of course i have a plan.
Ω: And that is.
Vanitas: For the transport its fairly simple..
Ω: I didn't want to discuss that. I meant a plan if your shot down and land on the target.
Vanitas: Well theres one thing i wasn't planning on.
Ω: I assumed you didnt... No one really wants to plan ahead for the worst..
Vanitas: Alright then what do you think i should do?
Ω brings up the map of the target.
Ω: Alright do you see this tower here?
Vanitas: Yes..
Ω: Its been confirmed to control over half the ships functions.. Mostly Interior defenses. If you could take it over then it would be of a great help.
Vanitas: And Just How many people are in that tower..?
Ω:About 10-20 defending it at the base and 2-3 people actually controlling it.
Vanitas: That will be our fall back plan then. But if it should fail?
Ω: Well, I have a strong feeling you wont like one of the 2 results.
Vanitas:Yea, I probably wont....
Ω: Thats why this plan only happens if we get shot down.. Also remember to remove me from the ship if we do get shot down. Dying seems unpleasant.
Vanitas: It probably is...
Ω Dissapears. Vanitas gets up and returns to the camp

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Post by Frost on Sat Dec 17, 2011 4:21 pm

Time Until Endgame - 42:24:05

The sun was beginning to rise. The first day had passed and two remained.

L:"Your awake."
Frost:"I do not sleep."
L:"You dont? or didnt?"
Frost:"Your mind. A roulette wheel that never stops spinning. Your a brilliant man, but You ask too many questions."
L:"Even Einstein asked questions. I simply seek to learn the truth."
Frost:"The truth, my comrade, is that there is no truth. Only lies that have served as the thread that this world has been sown together with."
L:"Comrade? What an odd thing to say."
Frost:"Does my speech bother you?"
L:"No, I just wouldnt have expected to be called comrade by "The End". I figured we were just excuses for you and your sibling to fight."
Frost:"While your lives do in fact mean nothing to My sister or I, It does however, NOT mean that we arent obligated to ensure that your able to keep them."
L:"You dont enjoy your job do you?"
Frost:"Its not a job. Its what I was conceived to do, as was my sister. Had there not been a need for what we do, we wouldnt exist."
L:"Had there not been a need to decide the great war endings, you wouldnt be here?"
Frost:"Had there not been a desire for sport."
L:"So they want us dead?"
Frost:"In truth? Yes. God is a despicable being, a liar and a war hungry beast. His brother isnt that great a man either but he at least admits to his intentions. This great war will be the deciding factor for not only Your world but ours. My sister and I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time, for after this war, the prevailing side shall decide the fate of the world and worlds beyond."
L:"So You have a plan."
Frost:"Not that I can reveal to you. However, You already know."
L:"We better try our hardest then. For change to take place, the decisive choices must be acted upon."

Frost:"Are You sure your team is up to the challenge?"
Frost:"What if I may ask am I supposed to provide "The Hybrid" with?"
L:"Nothing. Tal can take care of himself in battle, that much im sure of. Your role is to be his escort. I'm leaving it to him and him alone to put an end to all of this and stop Gosvik once and for all."
Frost:"And what of the obstacles that we're forced to face? Like the girl."

L looked down at his feet. He hadnt thought of it at all. Izu was still missing after being taken by C. He hadnt even considered the possibility of seeing them both on the battlefield as well. What if Tal came in contact with her? What if she killed one of the members of the team? Or is killed by one of the members.

L:"Konata Izumi. I failed her."
Frost:"That was her name?"
L:"Yes. She was my "2nd" apprentice. I met her when she was a young girl, an orphan living in the streets, and brought her to Wammys house. However, unlike the other children, I took her under my wing and taught her myself. She was like the daughter I wish i had."
Frost:"Your letting your emotions take over."
L:"Theres a first for everything."
Frost:" Will you be able to end her life if need be? "


Frost:"I will if you request me to."
L:"No, Your mission is to be with Tal. Worry about him and the final objective."
Frost:"Very well."

L slowly turns around and begins to walk back to the Nomad.

Frost:"And what of the one called C?"
L:"Cecil has been a thorn in My side ever sense I met her. The evil that dwells within her heart is one relative to Rue's. I'm not interested in her nor am I interested in B."

L walks away and Frost remains staring at the sun.

A lightning bolt strikes The End and he disappears, another bolt strikes the edge of the roof of the command post and he reappears, this time with Lamentation in his hands. He sits down and crosses his legs and removes a pick from his right pocket.
<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/CT4gs_Lray4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>As he begins playing his guitar, the clouds in the sky appear to drift towards him until all of the sunlight that touched him ceased.
He continues playing his strange melody, and after a short while blood slowly begins to drip from underneath his eyepatch and trickle down his face.


Far away in the castle garden, The beginning stood there among the roses, playing her violin and bringing them to full bloom with a large smile on her face. She was having the time of her life.
As she continued playing, her large smile slowly turned into a frown. Soon she was crying from her left eye and she began to sob while still maintaining a happy and upbeat tune.

Flair & Frost: "You must be playing too."



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Post by Frost on Fri Dec 23, 2011 4:48 pm

Time Until Endgame - 30:03:49


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Post by Panther on Fri Dec 23, 2011 7:47 pm

"So what now, comerade?"

Panther opened his eyes. Everything was white, and there was nothing. This was the "neutral zone" of Panther's mind. And amidst the nothingness, Panther stood facing Reznov, who stood in full Russian battle gear.

"What do you mean, 'what now'?" Panther asked. "It's just a war; we simply go and fight."

Reznov chuckled. "Same as always; you listen, but do not pay attention. This war will either give you all freedom, or it will be you and your friends' dooms. Yet you do not take it seriously."

"How am I not being serious about this?" Panther shot back. "I'm ready to die, if need be."

"That is exactly what I'm talking about!" Reznov said, becoming frustrated. "You are forgetting everything I taught you! How to fight yet survive, how to-"

"You mean what you brainwashed into my mind?" Panther interjected.

Reznov stopped, then sighed. "Perhaps our methods of training you were...unorthodox, to say the least, but how else would you have survived this long? You shall always live, not matter what."

"But I'm in control now! I could kill myself if I wanted to!"

"Go ahead and try, then."

Panther woke up in his bed, drenched in sweat. He immediately grabbed his usp.45 from its holster and put it to his head, then stopped. No matter how hard he thought, he couldn't pull the trigger. Panther turned to see Reznov standing next to him, smiling devilishly.

"Did you really think we would make a human super-weapon that would let himself be killed so easily? We expected that the brainwashing wouldn't hold, so survival instinct was a sort of, ah, 'Plan B'."

Reznov knelt down next to Panther, who was still trying to pull the pistol's trigger. His eyes were bloodshot, and his hand shook from the mental strain.

"Don't you see, Panther? You shall never be fully in control. Yes, you can block me out whenever you want, you can control your actions, but you shall never be able to let yourself die. Your mind will not let you, and will eventually take over if you continue to resist."

Images of holding a gun to a rebel's head flashed through panther's mind as he remembered his brush with insanity. He had acted like an animal, cornered and mad.

"Yes, just like that." Reznov said calmly. "Except you will not have that meddling German to stop you this time."

Reznov stood up, looking down at Panther, who had lowered the gun from his head, letting the hand hang limply.

"Besides, letting yourself be killed won't make your allies appreciate you. If you want to do them a favor, bury their bodies when the war is over." Reznov said spitefully. The Russian then faded away, leaving Panther staring into space. He sat there, just staring. Suddenly, in a burst of rage, he raised the gun, putting it to his head, and pulled the trigger.


Opening his eyes, Panther looked down. In his left hand sat the sidearm's 12-shot magazine. He stared at the clip, then dropped it and the gun to the floor with a clatter. Placing his head in his hands, Panther, a soldier of three different armies and a battle veteran, cried.

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Post by Tal on Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:05 pm

Night of the Second Day
30 hours remain

Tal had been practicing nonstop with his swordsmanship (swordsdragonship?). He knew he had a lot to learn to take down Gosvik. While practicing he managed to find a way to extend his Spirit combo up to two hits more. He'd probably left the camp 10 times over the day to go find soldiers he could pick off, but he hardly found them a suitable challenge. They were all taught the same way, so he knew how to read them like a book. None were more skilled than any others. That bored him. He wanted a real challenge.
His armor had been aiding him more than he thought. It turned out that when he had the whole set equipped, whenever he'd roll to evade something he rolled almost twice as far as he ever remembered, and seemed to be less tired while doing it.


On the night of the second day, when only 30 hours remained, Tal was getting ready to leave again when Kit showed up. Again.

"What do you think you're doing?" Kit asked.
"Practicing. Don't you worry, I'll be fine," Tal replied, strapping on his sword.
"That's not what I meant. I meant why soldiers? You really think you'll get better off of them?"
Tal laughed.
"I've been thinking the same thing since I first left. But it's not like I have much else to do."
"Well..." Kit paused and thought for a moment. "What about me?"
Tal turned around and Kit saw the dumbfounded look on his face.
"If I didn't know it was you talking I'd think you were serious."
"What? Think I can't hold my own?" Kit's face turned stern.
"I'm not swinging my sword around at you! Kit, this thing could KILL you easily."
"Then don't use that one."
"Are you insane? How would I get better with Dancing Hellfire if I use a different type of weapon in battle?"
"What if you made a non-deadly one?"
"A... a what?"
"Make one out of wood or something. That way it'll only sting when and if you hit me. Big emphasis on 'if.'" Kit smirked.
"Oh you're on."
Tal spent the next two hours creating a wooden replica of Dancing Hellfire to spar with Kit. He had to match every aspect to its original likeness, or else he'd be thrown off. Length, weight, even the designs...
"Are you sure you're going to do this...?" Agna asked, a bit worried.
"Damn right I am. No one, not even Kit, offends a dragon's pride. Especially mine," Tal said, whittling a point onto the large log he'd manage to carve into the head of Dancing Hellfire.
"You certainly have gained a lot of self-respect."
"More than you know, Agna."

After Tal finished the sword look-alike, he went back to Kit. Standing with the wood's tip in the ground, he said to Kit; "You set?"
"Let's do it."
Tal pulled the sword from the ground and held it in his usual ready stance. Kit morphed his form to that of his usual teen boy form (his preferred fighting form) and readied his claws.

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/wwH1hPMyVZU?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/wwH1hPMyVZU?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

Kit threw the first hit, slashing at Tal's hand to disarm him, but Tal rolled to the left. While getting up, he swung his sword in a circle to keep Kit away then ran at him head-on. He knew he had to avoid using his fire in the fight since Kit could take it and use it to his advantage.
Tal attempted a Fade Slash to his right, but Kit rolled under the sword to his left to evade, and slashed at Tal's legs, leaving a nasty gash on his left ankle.

"Hey! So you're able to do that to me?!"
"Oh please! You gotta make the danger real! How else am I going to get your best effort?"
Tal backstepped away from Kit as he went to slash again, and almost fell when he landed on his left leg, but shrugged off the pain and stabbed the sword forward, catching Kit off-guard and leaving a deep stab wound in his right arm.
"See what I mean? You can still do a lot with that thing!"
Kit outstretched his claws.

"What's he doing? He hasn't absorbed anything, has he...?"
"Tal, look out!"
Tal's mind jumped back to reality when he noticed what looked like whips of ice come out of Kit's claws and lash at him violently. He tried using his sword to block, but when they struck the sword it turned extremely cold and actually burnt his hands, making him drop it. The whips retracted and Kit now sent a pure wave of ice at Tal. Not expecting it, Tal was struck dead-on by it. He covered his face with his hands and closed his eyes.
When it stopped just a few seconds later, Tal opened his eyes and noticed his legs were frozen in blocks of ice to the ground.

"Oh come on, Tal! You're better than this!" Kit said, walking up to Tal. He flicked him on the snout. Tal went to smack him away but he leaned back and laughed. "Come on, dragon-boy!"
"Whatever you say, foxy." Tal smirked. In a flash, Tal punched Kit in the side of the face (the claws on his gauntlets retracted, mind you) and sent him to the ground.
Letting loose a jet of fire, Tal melted the ice and dove for his sword.
Rising again, he spun to see Kit get up and rub the side of his face.

They stood face to face again, several feet away. Neither moved.
"We're even so far, aren't we?"
"Looks like it."
"Well then, I'd better step it up a notch."

Kit changed his form into that of Tal's human form. Tal stuttered back and stared at himself for a few seconds. In that few seconds, Kit (using his new power as he had before) changed the ground behind Tal into a large pool of water and dashed at him. Tal snapped out of it a little too late, as Kit tackled him into the pool.
Tal gasped before he hit the water.
"Kit, I can't swim!!"
Then the resounding splash. Tal kicked and splashed and tried for the surface but couldn't.

Kit wasn't trying to kill him, he'd never even think about it. But he was trying to win. So he froze the water with Tal in it.
"Dammit, sorry Tal. If I knew that I wouldn't have done that. Well whatever. Better get you out before it kills you... huh?"

Tal's eye snapped open as it stared at Kit with a look of intense anger. The ice exploded, sending shards flying several hundred feet in any direction, many of them cutting Kit as he was launched backwards. Tal shot through in a fiery cloak several feet into the air, then he dive-bombed Kit on the ground.
Kit got up at the last second and rolled, just barely avoiding the dragon's wrath.

"There you go, Tal! Bring it!!"
"Some nasty trick you've got there," Tal snarled.
"I'm known for my tricks, Tal. So is Gosvik. You think he won't try something like that? You have to be ready for anything."

Both of their adrenaline was pumping. Neither of them was ready to lose.
Kit outstretched his claws again and just as quickly sent lightning flying at Tal. He rolled forward under it, and the armor's distance effect brought him right in front of Kit. Tal dropped his sword and uppercutted, hard. Kit flew back a good 15 feet before striking the ground. Tal grabbed his sword and was on him in only a few seconds. Swinging the sword over his head, he went to hit Kit, but Kit moved and this time punched Tal in the face.

Tal fell to the ground and rolled twice, then wiped the blood from his mouth and got up.
Kit was gone. Izu was kneeling down in front of him.
"Tal! Are you alright?! What happened?!" she asked.
She offered her hand. He almost took it.

"You're a devious bastard, you know that?"
Tal did a sweep kick, knocking Kit off his feet as he changed back into fox form to avoid Tal's next kick, which probably would have shattered his rib cage had it connected.
Without thinking, Tal launched a fireball at Kit, whom quickly absorbed it.
"Nice try."
Kit launched the fireball right back at Tal with twice the power.

A shade of orange was all Tal saw for a moment before realizing the fire wasn't hurting him. If anything, it was healing him. He felt completely refreshed despite his fight with Kit. Quickly grabbing his sword he dashed from the flames and initiated a Spirit combo before Kit even realized what happened.

180 slash to the right. A forward stab. 180 slash to the left. An upward slash. The three-hit slash. And lastly, the Roundhouse.

Tal did his little flourish of sheathing the sword after spinning a full circle. He turned around again to see Kit on the ground with scratches and cuts all over his body.
Tal ran over and offered his hand.
Kit opened an eye and noticed the smile lining Tal's face.

"Alright. I think we're done."


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Post by Frost on Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:31 pm

Time Until Endgame - 10:00:00

Soon, days end drew nearer and L had taken the initiative and moved the entire rebel army and the team onto the ships and immediately set sail. There were 5 battleships that made up the rebel fleet, 2 constructed to house the Stingers - Large robots with land to air combat capabillities that were stolen from an underground armory near the eastern coast of the continent, 2 providing fighter jets and and reserve stingers as well for serving as the carrier for the military's passengers and the final ship reserved specifically for the team itself with a relatively smaller crew than the others but enough to man the vessel. The sun was at its highest, the world was silent, as if it knew what was in store for itself the next day.
Everyone had stepped onto the deck of the ship to attend a speech that L planned to deliver to the rebel faction as well as the team, with soldiers on the other ships viewing by large monitors that transmitted from the base ship using com-links.

Everyone awaited as the door slowly opened and L stepped outside into the brightness. He wore a sad expression as he stepped in front of everyone and everything went dead silent.

L:"War, isnt an illusion. Right now, we are all on the brink of something that is beyond our control. Something that spells doom for this world and worlds beyond. Something that requires the very essence of what makes us human, and dictates that we use that to prevail. Tomorrow is a day unlike any other. Tomorrow is the day of The Great War. A war that will ultimately decide our fate. Redil Gosvik will stop at nothing to wipe out any resistance torwards his reign, and will be throwing everything hes got at us. Why? Because he understands 100% how dangerous we really are and knows that we can win.
*L straitens himself up and throws a fist in the air*
I know each of You have what it takes to overcome this obstacle! And I'll be damned if I'm going to lead you to failure!
*L directs his attention to the team*
We're Team Kibou! We have what it takes to accomplish this!
Shiki. Panther. Vanitas. Chiyo. Today. Tal. Kit.
I chose each of you to join this team because I knew that You, as unique individuals would be able to help make a difference in this world. You each didnt meet each other by accident, I can assure You. We each have our roles in this war, and Your role is to be the shift in balance. Stick with Your squads and watch each others back. Your final order from me is to come out of this war alive as Heroes! *Meanwhile, all of the other soldiers were getting excited and began to cheer and yell and soon the whole boat was loud with cheer, full of courage and determination.*

L looked at the crowd on the boat and listened to the cheers from all around and was proud.
He smiled as he looked at the team who smiled back and gave solutes.


Suddenly L froze stiff and his eyes grew wide. He walked up to the large wall of the ship behind him and punched out a window, grabbing a large shard of glass in the process. Without hesitation he stabbed himself in each hand and began to smear the blood on the wall. Soon everyone had stopped and realized what was happening and went into panic. The team ran up to L and grabbed him, shaking him, asking him what was wrong, but as they pulled him away he had already finished writing.
In large bold letters of blood, the message on the wall read:


They stood there attempting to decipher the message, as L was shook again he snapped out of his trance. He looked at his hands and read the message.
Tal:" Ryuzaki! Whats going on!?" Tal asked.
L:*in a soft whisper*"it's bb"

L stopped again. He gripped his chest with intense pressure while attempts at inhaling could be heard.
Slowly he fell to the ground, no longer moving. Tal and Kit both rushed to his side and grabbed him.

Kit:"L! L!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!! L!!!!!!"

Everything had stopped.


Slowly a pen is set down on top of a notebook underneath the name: "L Lawliet" which was written in bold and a short paragraph underneath it.

BB:"Goodbye" he said with a dark smile.


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Post by Tal on Sat Dec 31, 2011 10:27 am

Repede may not have been around long enough to know who everyone was, but the death of this "L" character even came as a surprise to him.
He was able to guess that he was their leader, from everyone's reaction to his death and his earlier speech.
Tal remained kneeling next to his body with that same look of shock he always seemed to get whenever the fox-boy pulled that stunt of looking like his former human form. He'd removed his armor for the time being; at least until they got to Gosvik's hideaway.
Going back to L, he examined the dead body. It just didn't make sense. Repede had seen a lot of crazy stuff in his few years alive, but nothing as ominous as this. And who was this BB he talked about? What in the world was going on?
"BB..." Tal mumbled. "This is twice..."
"Tal...? You- you met the guy he was talking about?" Kit asked.
"No. But I've heard him mentioned enough to know that he's just as dangerous as Gosvik, and twice as insane."
"What did you mean by 'twice?'" Chiyo asked this time, worried.
"And you know, now that I think about it, what happened to Izu? Tal, what are you hiding from us?" Shiki gained a stern face as he started to interrogate Tal.
"...I... I guess I do owe you guys some explaining."
Junior had to wait in the back of the flying thing because he was too big to be with everyone else. No fair! He always had to be by himself!
But when he heard screaming and daddy yelling from the next room, he shoved his head through the doorway to see what was going on. That L guy was on the ground, and everyone was around him. They looked sad. Stop being sad! He'll be up in a second!
But when he noticed that guy wasn't getting up, he knew then that he wasn't getting up.


Daddy seemed really upset, and that doggy was right next to him, sitting down. Everyone started yelling at daddy suddenly, like they were asking him something.
"Stop yelling at daddy!" Junior growled. no one seemed to pay attention.
But then they stopped, and daddy started talking to them all. He was telling a story about that lady he was always with. Not Chiyo-Nice-Lady but Izu-Blue-Hair.
He told them about some other BB-Crazy-Guy and how he hurt Izu-Blue-Hair. Then he talked about some Green-Haired-Beetch and how she took Izu-Blue-Hair. Beetch, I think. I don't know. It sounded like that. When daddy noticed Junior had his head through the door, he sort of covered his mouth with one hand and mumbled "Oops." Did he say something he shouldn't have? Stop hiding things from Junior!
"Daddy, what's a 'beetch?' Why'd you call that lady one?"
"Junior, don't repeat what your father says. It's a bad word, that's all you need to know. He can have a bad temper sometimes," Agna chuckled.
"Oh shut up."
Junior was still confused.


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Post by Frost on Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:13 pm

Endgame Has Begun



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