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Post by Tal on Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:42 am

Tal stood in the dark for a while, thinking about what happened. A woman who could only be seen by people who've died... Was that even possible?
And the fact that he could see her. It was hard to believe he'd actually died before. You don't hear too many stories about this kind of thing. Then again, anything seemed possible in this messed up world.
"Tal, could you just tell me what's going on?" Agna asked, worried.
"Agna, maybe it's better if I didn't. Hopefully one day I'm able to tell you," Tal told her. "I just hope you never get the chance to see her..."
"What was that last part?"
"Nothing. Let's go find Kit."
Tal dashed down the next hall, opening every door he found. He still hadn't understood what that girl meant by "not up here," so he was just going to check everywhere until he found Kit.
Nobody messes with Tal's friends.

Turning a corner, he saw someone sneaking down the hall toward his direction. It wasn't anyone he'd seen before. Why would anyone be out this late?

No one would be out this late aside from whom L had called. Especially no one trying to sneak around a facility like that. Like they were looking for something.
"Today said that Masu was a Kitsune like Kit. That would mean he could change his form to that of a human. But if he did that..."
When the man was close enough Tal stepped out into the hall in front of him and they bumped into each other.
"Watch it, you fool!" the man said angrily.
"Ah, my apologies."
"You better apologize you filthy..."
"I'm sorry, what was that? Please, finish the sentence." Tal gripped the hilt of his sword. This guy really wanted to start with him?
"Tal, no! Remember; if he's a key to finding Kit we need him alive."
"Ahem, ah, excuse me. I'm rather unhappy at the moment. Do you happen to know where Camila is at the moment?" the man suddenly asked with a change of tone.
"Camila? She's..." Tal stopped then thought. He really shouldn't tell anyone where anyone else was at this point. "...nowhere I know of. Sorry."
"Useless... Fine!"
"You have a terribly bad attitude, I hope you know."
"Just get out of my way!!" The man shoved Tal out of his way, who had let go of his sword and grabbed the wall so he wouldn't fall.
Tal stared at him angrily as he walked away. But no sign of a tail or any way a tail could have been hidden.
Tal turned and was ready to walk away before something caught his eye. Something... shimmered almost.
He knelt down and picked up a few silvery-gray hairs he saw float to the ground.
"...This guy definitely wasn't that old. And this was not his hair color. Either he had it hidden and he's just under a lot of stress or... Masu's got some tricks up his sleeve," Tal mumbled. "I need to get these to Today."
"Wait, Tal. If we lose his trail how will we find him again? If that's Masu, he can change at any time he wants," Agna said.
Tal thought about it.
"Yeah... I think I like where you're going with this, Agna."
"'Where I'm going?' Oh, whatever could you mean, Tal?" Agna asked sarcastically.
Tal smirked. Time to see if he was good at sneaking. He was following that guy.


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Post by Panther on Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:38 am

A spy. They called him a spy.
In most cases Panther took this as a compliment of his skills. But to be called one of Gosvik's men was a curse. Now his allies probably didn't trust him. L seemed to, but why? Nothing made sense.
Panther had been spending all his time on his 'project'. Sometimes Shiki, Chiyo, Izu, or anyone else would check on him. "Just proves they distrust me." Panther muttered.

Panther leaned back. Everyone was looking for Kit and his kidnapper. Panther would help, but he would just be in the way. He was a soldier, not a fox hunter. "All I need is sleep." Panther sighed. He lay on his bed and drifted into the same dream he had been having. But there was more now. Panther's mind flashed back to memories, some he had never seen before. He saw 3 men standing over him. One spoke in a russian accent "We have captured one of His soldiers, captain. Vhat do ve do now?" The captain stepped into the light, and his face horrified Panther. "...Reznov?" he tried to say, but instead, he heard himself say, "YOU'LL NEVER BREAK ME! LONG LIVE GOSVIK!" Reznov smirked, and replied in his usual mysterious voice "I see you are strong in will. Most captives are silent, weak. It would be fun to try and break you. But that is not our goal. No, ve intend to...change you." Reznov leaned in close to Panther's face. "Begin phase 1." The scene then changed to an interrogation room, where Panther saw the man in the picture strapped to a chair. Reznov was there too, speaking to others not in the room, probably behind the glass. "Comrades," he began. "A month ago we captured one of the tyrant's men. He was loyal to his leader. Today, he has changed sides. Here is your proof. Go ahead." With that, he backed away. The man was released from the chair. He stood, but didn't show fear nor hostility. Instead, he spoke, in a perfect russian accent," I avait your command, Captain Reznov."  Reznov smiled. He stepped next to the soldier and spoke again. "This was phase 1. We have made him a perfect soldier, one who obeys orders without question. He now hates Gosvik with his heart and soul. He shows no emotions, for they would only be distractions. In phase 2, I shall personally train him in all kinds of firearms and weapons. In phase 3, we shall teach him to operate all manner of vehicles. He shall be Mother Russia's ultimate weapon!" Reznov paused, probably letting the men he was speaking to talk between themselves. "Of course," Reznov continued. "His only flaw is his face. Gosvik will recognize one of his own, and could break the brainwash. To avoid this we shall have him where this mask." Reznov held a black mask in his hand. Panther shuddered. That couldn't be...
Reznov handed the man the mask. The man slipped it on then turned into the light. "Oh my god." Panther whispered. "That's impossible..." 
Reznov walked up to the man with the mask, and slapped him on the back.
"Welcome to the revolution, comrade. You shall be known as Panther. Am I clear?"
"Crystal, sir." replied Panther.
The flashback ended. Panther sat up in the bed, shaking. He was back in his room. Reznov's words still racked his brain. 
"No, we intend to...change you."
"This was phase 1."
"...one who obeys orders without question."
"He shall be Mother Russia's ultimate weapon!"
"...shall have him where this mask."
Panther reeled; the surprise was too much to handle with everything else. He ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet, then got up and looked in the mirror. The man who looked back at him was the man in Vorkuta, the man with the black mask, the man he used to be.
"Surprising, isn't it comrade?"
Panther looked over to his left. Standing there was...himself, in the mask. "You now realize that you have been another person all along. You used to be me. Now, you are the soldier Reznov's men caught, but you've had a change of heart. Me and you are one; to survive, we must work with one another."
The unmasked Panther was dumbfounded. He had to be losing it. And that was just it. The shock from the dream had damage the brainwashing, but also his mind as well. The masked Panther wasn't there. Panther was now half-crazy.
Just then, there was a knock. Panther jumped, but quickly answered it. It was a soldier with a lead box. "L said you'll need these." said the soldier, who then walked off. Panther opened it. Inside were 20 odd looking clips marked -RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS INSIDE. DO NOT OPEN.- Panther had need nuclear fuel cells for his weapon to work. How'd L know...? "Oh well," Panther said, chuckling. "Let's put 'em in and try 'em!" Panther took a clip and slipped in the slot. He then raise the clip-holder into the gun. The scope turned bright green, and the rifle made a chirping noise. As Panther looked through the scope, he could see a raven on a branch outside. Through the wall. The bird suddenly was outlined then turned a bright white. The gun chirped; it had locked on. Panther fired. A mechanical crack was heard; the bird fell dead. The gun worked.
Panther walked out of his room with the rifle on his back and some clips. "Time to hunt some foxes." Panther said with a smile.


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Post by Grimblade on Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:04 pm

Masu continued down the hallway in search of his prey. "Damn monstrosity, getting in my way..." he thought to himself following the interruption.

He walked in a circle around the inside of the building before checking for any people nearby. No one. He then walked into a closet, which he re-emerged from moments later in the form of a female room attendant.

He walked up the stairs to the top floor of the building and resumed his search. It didn't take him long, however, before he sensed the soul of the one who he had been looking for...

"I've found you at last, *****."

He walked towards the room that he sensed her soul inside of, approached the door, and reached for the doorknob---


The journey had been going along smoothly, and everyone was in good health and high spirits. Sure they were sad that they were gone from their home, but they were headed towards a bright new beginning. And they had each other, which made matters all the happier. They would sail night and day, but enjoy each others' company and play around.

Everything was as it should have been---until that day.

Kuro, being the youngest and most mischievous of the Kitsune, one night went down into the ship's cargo hold to see what was down there. It was curiosity more than anything, especially towards the sacred items that the Elders had sent with Masuyo.

He went through the items, admiring each and every one, until he came upon an old relic---a box, carefully sealed with a number of seals (those that were used, and only could be used, by Kitsune). He knew he shouldn't have, but it was as though a force was pulling the strings of his young and innocent mind, forcing him to make a grave mistake---he broke the seals and opened the box.

Inside was a small orb of dark light that was floating in midair. It quickly started to grow and writhe. Kuro could only stand there with the open box in his hands---his mind was at the control of whatever entity was before him. He could hear a dark voice in his head, but couldn't make out the words.

The writhing darkness then lunged itself at him, clinging to his chest and slowly spreading. He let out an ear-piercing scream, his body unable to move as his mind and body was invaded by the figure, his very soul being mercilessly torn apart and warped.


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Post by Frost on Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:40 pm

The door opened slowly and the Woman walked inside. Camila stood there on the other side of the room looking in another direction. Slowly The woman began moving forward into the room and the door shut.

Izuki:"May we help You?"
The woman jumped, startled at the appearance of this random person. She looked around the room slowly and found something completely unexpected. This girl wasnt the only other person in the room, there were more.
Woman:*in thoughts* "Dammit! Why didnt I sense these other people! This isnt possible!-
"Oh, Im sorry, did I do that? Please forgive Me."
The words echoed from ear to ear and then suddenly the image of the green haired woman flashed through Her mind.
Woman:*thoughts*"That F%@# slut! How did she even!?-"
The woman glanced forward quickly.
Woman:"uh.. yes... I came looking for Miss Camila! I've been requested to bring her down to the infirmary due to an emergency with one of the patients. she said stepping into the middle of the room looking at Camila with a look of urgency.
Rain - Page 8 L
L:"An emergency You say? Thats a terrible mishap. Unfortunatly Miss Camila will be staying here."
Woman:"You dont understand, the person might die if she doesnt come back down with Me!"

There was a long pause.

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/UvnjIEThU-U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

L:*clapping* "Bravo. You are most certainly quite the convincing person. But Im afraid to say You lose this one." L said not looking away from his screen.
L:"Your lying. To all of Us."
L:"Wrong. You see this wouldve been a great plan.... that is if You actually thought it through.
Im fully aware that there is no emergency in the infirmary, nor is there anything happening anywhere else in the compound. Would You like to know how I know that?"
The Woman took a step back, glaring at the back of L's head.
L:"You see, I specifically placed every single person that works in the camp in a secluded spot outside of the compound. For the passed 2 days, Not a single person except for those who are part of the team should be on these grounds, Meaning, You messed up right at the very beginning.
I must say, I applaud You for Your efforts in regards to actually taking one of our members hostage, but Your one foolish individual if You chose to ignore everything else and move forward to Your real objective, which by now My assumptions are correct, Miss Camila is Your target."
The woman stood in anger as the thoughts processed through her mind.
L:"We know what You are, We know why Your here, and Im afraid You know You arent going to escape alive." he said as he turned around in his chair and faced the woman.
L:"The road ends here for you.....Masu."

The woman looked around the room: Camila stood aside of L who was glaring from his chair, Chiyo had stepped in front of the door with 2 pistols equipped, Izuki stood near the windows with Schroder, both equipped with guns and blades, the Doctor's being a small pistol and a large Hook and Izu with a short sword and fully automatic machine pistol.
The woman began to laugh. Everyone readied themselves for anything that could happen.
In a flash the woman rushed Camila, claws revealed. Camila screamed at the top of her lungs as her attacker went for the slash.
It was fast.
The woman was sent flying back into the air and landed on the ground, looking back in anger at L who was out of his chair in a fighting stance. Everyone looked at Him in awe, but never leaving their own ready positions.

L:"You Lose Demon. Your life ends here. Izuki, no one is to leave this room, nor move an inch from here."

The woman got back up and transformed into a well built looking man and ran at L. Ryuzaki moved backwards and kicked Masu in the face, making Him flinch. He used this time to jump forward and hit masu with a spinning roundhouse to the ribs. Masu grabbed L by the leg and flung him into a desk. L jumped back up and punched Masu in the neck, making him gag loudly and jumped up into the air, grabbing his neck with his legs and spun to the side making Masu's face hit the floor making the tile chip a little. Masu extended his claws and slashed at L, tearing his shirt clean off. L spun back and winced from the pain in his back from the 4 long tears in his flesh. Took the advantage to shove L aside and made a run for Camila. Schroder jumped in the way and caught Masu's hand in the hook and shot a bullet straight through it.
Schröder:"How dare You try to lay a feengah on zis woman!"
Masu cried out in pain and kicked at the Doctor who instantly grabbed his foot and shoved the hook straight into his thigh. Blood splattered onto the floor as Masu backed away and broke the hook off. L grabbed him from behind and slammed him onto the floor and stomped hard on his spine. Masu slashed L in the face and scrambled for the door. Chiyo took aim and fired her guns. 2 bullets brushed the side of his arm and the third went straight through the area where the tip of the hook resided from the stab wound. He threw Chiyo out of the way and opened the door, limping out into the hallway. K ran up behind him and stabbed into his back making him stop moving completely.

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/eDAZEB17DU0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Masu transformed back into a fox, his dark fur stained with blood which was seeping out of his wounds and lay there in the middle of the hall. Everyone walked out of the room and brought the body back from the hallway. They stared at it hatefully.
Schröder walked over to the body and examined it. Slowly He pulled out a Medical saw and sliced off each of the tails present on Masu's body.
Schröder:"Zees need to be burned."
L:"Not just yet Doctor." L said as Camila began treating the large gashes on his back.
K:"Ryuzaki, His location... this whole time?"
L:"Yes... K.... Hes still in the building- agh*
Camila:"Sorry." she said nervously as she rubbed alcohol on his wounds.

Izu turned around
L:"Find Talent- agh!* "ah! im sorry" * Tell Him what happened."
Izu:"Yes sir Ryuzaki!"

Izu ran out the door at full speed, leaving Camila, L, Chiyo and The Doctor in the room with the body.

Izu:"We're Coming Kit" she thought as She raced downstairs towards Tal's room.

The green haired Woman watched Izu run down the halls from outside of the window.
"You were always the athletic type, werent You Kona chan?" she said chuckling.


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Post by Tal on Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:22 pm

Tal strained to open the door, but to no avail. It was locked tight.
"Goddammit... how did he get through here and lock it so fast? I was trailing right behind him..." Tal mumbled.
Masu had managed to turn the corner into the hall Tal was trying to get into, but had locked the door to the hall before Tal could get through. Masu either knew Tal was there or wanted to make sure no one could follow him.
"From the sounds of things, he's not even there anymore. We'll need to find another way around to get to him," Agna told Tal.
Tal gave one last tackle to the door. Still didn't budge.
"Jeez, what kind of metal do they make these with?"
Tal stepped back from the door, and before he could turn around it was thrown open and smashed him right in the snout.
"OW!" he yelled as his hands flew up to his now-bleeding nose.
"Oh my God, are you alright?!" Izu stepped out from the door and looked at Tal, shocked.
"Izu! You're back!" Tal said in a nasally-sounding voice.
"Yeah, we've been back for a while. Are you okay? I slammed that door into your face pretty hard."
"Yeah, yeah I should be. It's just bleeding a little and a bit sore, but nothing's broken." Tal lowered one of his hands, but rubbed his snout with the other. "Jesus... what was the rush anyway?"
Izu explained to Tal what had happened since she left. He didn't seem too upset over the deaths of the doctor's friends, but was relieved when he heard of Masu's. When Izu told him Kit was still in the building, he began to rush off with hardly a glance. Izu caught him by the tail and jerked him back, but they both fell over from the pulling force of the other.
"Oof!" "Ugh!"
Tal fell flat on his back and Izu landed face-first onto his stomach.
"Ok... what was your plan...?"
Izu got up and dusted herself off, then helped Tal up midway.
"Well if we want to make finding him as quick as possible, we need to see where we've been and where we haven't, so we can get a general location of where he might be."
"Or we check the places that seem most suitable for holding someone captive. Does this place have a basement or anything like that?"
"A basement? None that I'm aware of... but there might be."
"It might be best to ask L if anything like that is here."
"Yeah. We'll have to go get a map or something from L."
Tal explained to Izu what Agna and he had discussed. They left for L's room, and not too long later returned to Tal's room with a map.
"Ok, so this says there are hidden underground passages all under this facility. A lot of them had been blocked by magma to prevent further use for the fear of enemies," Izu said.
"How on Earth are we going to get through magma?" Tal asked.
Junior shifted in the corner. Flames spouted from his mouth for an instant.
"...Junior...? Would he be able to..."
"Tal, what are you going on about?"
Tal explained his thoughts to Izu. She listened quietly, but agreed nonetheless. Junior was their best bet for getting through the magma-filled halls.
After about an hour of planning and talking, they made their way to the entrance of the underground tunnels and stepped inside.
The tunnels were dark, damp, and hot. They could barely see a few feet in front of them.
"This might be an issue."
"Just walk slowly. Once we get near any of the lava it should light up the halls so we'll know it's there."
Tal took point, followed closely by Izu. Junior walked behind them, keeping a reasonable distance.
A few more minutes of walking led to Izu suddenly stopping.
"Tal, wait, do you smell that?" she asked.
"I can't really smell much other than dried blood right now," Tal responded.
"Oh, right... I'm sorry about that. But it smells like... I don't know... sulfur?"
"That could be from magma. We'll have to be more careful now. Hang on, let's see if I can get any light."
Tal shot a fireball from his mouth that lit up the passage they were going down. The fireball exploded at the end of the hall, but not because of distance. It hit something. A door.
"Tal! A door!"
"Seriously? We were down here for all of 5 minutes, and he had Kit at the end of the hall that you first walk into? I thought these guys were supposed to be sly and clever."
"Tal, just be glad we could find him this easy."
"Yeah... I guess."
"Tal, sometimes when you talk to Agna I forgot you two can talk to each other. Then I think you're crazy. Then I remember she's there," Izu giggled.
"Oh shut up," Tal chuckled. He nudged her lightly.
"Hey!" Izu laughed. She gave him a decently powerful push.
"Jeez, calm down!" Tal laughed as he stumbled over. "We're only- WHOA!!!"
<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/fbOVyxOMxlI?version=3&hl=en_US&hd=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/fbOVyxOMxlI?version=3&hl=en_US&hd=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
Tal suddenly disappeared from what sight she had. But he didn't fall out of sight backwards. He went down.
"Tal!" The laughter ended. Izu ran to where he disappeared. Turns out there was a hole right next to them. And at the bottom Izu saw a red light. Only it wasn't light. The hole led right into one of the magma deposits.
Tal was gripping onto a crag in the wall just out of Izu's reach. There wasn't enough room for him to fly, either.
"Tal! Grab my hand!"
"I... I'm trying!" Tal had his free hand stretched as far as he could. Izu had to lean past the edge to try and get closer to his hand. Then they heard a heart-sinking "crack." The crag Tal had been gripping crumbled. He fell straight down the gap.
She couldn't do anything as she watched his body plummet towards the magma below. But suddenly she was pushed out of the way. She looked and saw Junior smashing a bigger sized hole where the first had been, as he tunneled his way down after Tal. She ran over to the hole and stared down it as she watched both Junior and Tal get closer and closer to the blazing fire as Junior slowly got closer and closer to Tal.
It seemed like Junior reached him, but she couldn't see anymore, because Junior and Tal disappeared into the lava with a resounding "splash."

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Post by Grimblade on Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:33 pm

"This darkness...am I dead?" Masuyo thought to himself. "Is death really this painless?"

"No...as long as I am here, you need not fear death."

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/ULOdg7BOpdI?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/ULOdg7BOpdI?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

Masuyo's body began to turn, turning black, shifting shape, and twisting around as his body regenerated itself. He was not the same...but was rather a black, slimy silhouette of what he once was, his body writhing with dark ooze. His tails, severed, did the same, writhing to him like snakes and reattaching themselves.

The others in the room had already responded, firing bullet rounds at him...but they had no effect, as the bullets went into his body only to drip out of the ooze moments later.

"FOOLS! You expected me to die that easily? HA! Allow me to demonstrate the extent of my power!"

With that comment, dark appendages lashed out from his frame, knocking away the weapons that were being fired at him. He turned to Camila.

"You...you're coming with me." he said before quickly lunging at her and enveloping her in a cocoon of darkness.

Now that he had his prey, he needed to return to the chamber and settle matters quickly. Still in the form of what was essentially a blob, with Camila inside, the figure writhed out of the doorway, closing the door behind him and quickly sealing off the entrance with a barrier of darkness.

Masu continued down the hallway. His goal was close at hand.


Masuyo had heard the horrifying scream and ran as fast as he could to the source of the noise...but what he saw when he got there made him freeze with fear. "KURO!" he had yelled, his voice quivering as he saw his best friend being consumed by darkness right in front of him.

"Get off of him!" he yelled as he rushed over and attempted to pull the strange substance off of Kuro, but to no avail---his hands only slid through the ooze. It wasn't working, and he could feel the soul that lay before him fading...

Masuyo relaxed and, putting one hand on where Kuro's chest would be, uttered three words...

"Take me instead."

At this, the darkness stopped writhing and changed targets, latching onto the newcomer. This one was older and stronger---an even better candidate.

Masuyo wordlessly accepted this fate...the darkness slowly spread through him, beginning to take over. He did, however manage, to begin transferring his own soul into Kuro, repairing the damage done to his soul. "At least I can leave you this..."

Kuro woke, staring in fear and realization at what was happening. "MASU!" he yelled.

"It's alright, Kuro...I don't know what this is...but my soul will go on living inside of you...even in death...I'll still be with you...always..."

Masuyo's body and mind were then taken over completely. His soul had been replaced by darkness...his soul living inside of Kuro's.

Kuro could only lay there on the floor...weeping...lost...


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Post by Panther on Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:34 am

Panther wandered the halls, his weapon, which he called the Cat's Eye Rifle, slung on his back. "Hang in there," Panther laughed to himself. "Those foxes won't outfox me! Heeheehee!" suddenly, he heard a PLOP from the next hall. He lay down prone in the shadows, to see a horrific sight. A large black blob with multiple tails walked past Panther. "Sheeeeee-iiiiiit!" Panther whispered."And I thought Tal was freaky..." The thing continued on, so focused on its plans that it didn't notice a figure following behind itself...

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Post by Chu on Tue Aug 30, 2011 11:27 pm

BunBun was in his carrot floaty, relaxing as the waves of the pool moved him around the pool.

BunBun: I wonder where Master and the others went..Oh well more time to relax

A few moments later a shadow appeared in the pool.

BunBun: What the?

The shadow came to the surface, revealing Vanitas, in some sort of dress thats soaked.

BunBun: *twitches nose*

Vanitas: I know you can understand me, and I can understand you.

BunBun: Okay so?

Vanitas: As you probably know from the last incident in the forest, I'm collecting keys to make myself stronger and not help the rest of these people in this base.

BunBun: *yawn* So what do you want

Vanitas: Help me get Trident's Key in the ocean.

BunBun: What .-.

Vanitas: I need someone to sneak in and steal his key, which I obviously can't do even though I godmod. So help me and I'll help you with whatever.

BunBun: Meh I guess so, I'm bored anyway.

Vanitas: Good, wear this. It's scuba gear with unlimited oxygen, cause I can make stuff like this.

BunBun got into the scuba gear, he has a snorkel a wetsuit and oxygen tanks.

BunBun: Where to?

Vanitas opened a portal into the pool, inside the portal appeared to be a city, with...fish people? What is this?

BunBun: Holy..is this Atlantis?

Vanitas: It's a place close to Atlantis, it's called Bikini Bottom.

BunBun: What the hell is a Bikini Bottom .-.

Vanitas: Just come on.

Vanitas and BunBun swam into the portal, and got warped to the center of Bikini Bottom.

Vanitas: Quickly follow me before the people start something.

Vanitas and BunBun strolled through the many fish people and buildings. These places had such interesting names. Kelp market, Treasure Discounts, Krusty Krab..

Eventually we came out of the city, and arrived at what appeared to be housing roads, but there were only 3 "homes" here. A rock, another rock, and...a pineapple? What is this place ._.

Vanitas: Mother of god hurry up before they find me..

Bunbun: Who?

In the distance we could hear someone talking.

????: I'm Ready I'm Ready I'm Ready I'm Ready I'm Ready for ADVENTURE! Come on Pat!

????: WOOOO, hey who's over there Spongebob?

Spongebob: What Patrick?

This Spongebob character looked in our direction.

Spongebob: OH MY GOSH ITS OUR FRIEND AGAIN! Patrick this was the guy I was telling you about! He came over to my house demanding for some kind of weird key one time. His name is Vanny and he's super nice. He also gave me one of his dresses to wear to work :D Say Hello!

Patrick: Ohefwew..Hi

Vanitas: F%@# .-.

BunBun: Haha? Is that a sponge and a starfish? What o,o

Vanitas: Spongebob show me where Trident's key is.

Spongebob: Silly Vanny! Trident only has his scepter and his spatula. If you mean key you probably mean his spatula, which is in the museum downtown from here!

Vanitas: Take us there.

Patrick: Uh who's your friend there? He don't look like no sea critter

BunBun: I am your mother.


BunBun: What..

Spongebob: Oh don't mind Patrick, he's a lil loopy today, what's your name friend?

BunBun: BunBun.

Spongebob: alrighty then! LETS GO! ADVENTURE! I'm Ready!


We all walked a little bit south of these weird houses, and eventually came to a huge building with statues. I'm assuming this is the museum.

~~~~3 hours later~~~~~

We are still Fking looking at the jellyfish exhibits, what's so great about jellyfish?

Vanitas: Can we go to Trident's key now?

Apparently Vanitas was annoyed.

Spongebob: Oh right sorry friend! It's over there!

Atleast we see a huge room with a rock in the middle, and mounted in it was a handle of sorts.

Vanitas: We have to pull it out and get out of here BunBun.

BunBun: Okay.

Vanitas pulled it out using his godmodding powers, and it appeared to be a spatula? What..why does he need a spatula...sigh


Guards: Stop him!

Lightning came down into the room as a huge guy with a fish tail and crown came floating into view.


Vanitas: BunBun that's King Neptune, and this is his spatula.

Bunbun: Really? >.>

Vanitas: Sorry Neptune but it's mine now. MYOISH

Vanitas summoned what appeared to be an underwater car. We quickly got it on and got the hell out of there.

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/kOwdnIiOV-4?version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/kOwdnIiOV-4?version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="217" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

They chased us. Police cars everywhere behind us, and Neptune was in some kind of ride with seahorses. They all looked pissed.

BunBun: How do we get back ?

Vanitas: We must go back through the portal, which is in the Krusty Krab. When we came in we dropped down over a million feet in depth into this ocean. We can't swim up so we go through a second portal.

BunBun opened the passenger window of the car and got his laser out. He shot down some police cars that were behind us, causing a blockage to prevent anymore cars following, but Neptune kept on our tail. In front of us the police were there too. BunBun shot and the fish people, cooking them. Vanitas drove over the cars as if they were nothing. This car is pretty damn awesome. Neptune still on our tail.

Finally we arrived at the Krusty Krab.

Or should I say crashed into ._.

The people inside were eating what appeared to be burgers? What the? You know I'm not even gonna ask questions anymore -.-


Vanitas broke out a bag with something in it, and threw it at this crab guy?

Vanitas: Sorry Mr.Krab, that should pay for the repairs, anyway where is the portal?

Mr.Krab: Aye your a good lad regardless of how reckless ya are. In the back son. I would hurry if I were you yar.

Neptune was right behind us with his Trident ready to shoot us.

????: zzzZZZZzz Can I take your order?

Neptuned attempted to shoot us with his trident. How is that shooting lightning if we are underwater? It missed us and hit the weird guy at the cash register.



Squidward: Ugh..I hate my life

BunBun: Derp

Vanitas and BunBun went into the back and found the portal. They quickly went through it and arrived back at the pool. Vanitas closed off the portal so Neptune wouldn't come in here.

Vanitas: Phew...

BunBun: Well that was interesting, why do you need a spatula?

Vanitas: I need it for something, anyway thanks for the help.

BunBun: Meh sure, I have to find my master so cya.

Vanitas disappeared, and BunBun hopped out of the pool and went inside the base.

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Post by darthjawafett on Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:55 am

Vanitas walked back to his room putting his new "key" into a storage unit. He walked around the empty halls. Eventually a blob of what looked like darkness walked in front of him..
Vanitas: What the hell are you?
The creature looked up
???: Move out of my way
3 sharp appendages grew from the creature attacking Vanitas... But he wasn't there..
???:Where did he go.....
Vanitas put on his armor quickly with the bone weapon on his back and void gear summoned and charged at the Creature.
The creature didn't seem to care about it and continued walking when vanitas struck 2 of the 3 appendages it had grown were cut off.. and reformed into his body but didn't grow back.
Knowing it could be hurt it but the Dark mass it was carrying to the side and changed shape looking like a human now..
Vanitas(thoughts) : So could this is that masu person today told me about.... If he is i cant kill him cause he could lead us back to kit...... Alright non lethal attacks only.. This thing regenerates so what counts as le- The creature charged forward knocking vanitas back
He desummoned Void Gear... The shadow Used the remaining weapon it had and sent it towards vanitas who brought up a skeleton to block it... The skeleton had grabbed hold of the weapon.. In its eyes were a number... 3...2....1 The skeleton exploded Severing Masu's appendage once more.

Vanitas: So you aren't that smart if that tricked you.
The smoke from the explosion cleared..
Vanitas had brought forth 3 dogs who had the number 5 in their eyes
They rushed towards masu exploding once they passed him...
Vanitas teleported into the smoke.. The explosion hadn't done much to masu though Vanitas took this time to attack Masu severing 3 of his tails with his gauntlet and getting a number of hits on Masu... he still seemed undamaged..
Masu: Your preventing me from my goal... No one shall stand in my way... 10 of the same appendages appeared from the floor circling vanitas and stopping past the ceiling.
Vanitas summoned Void Gear and sliced through them all.
Masu: Bad choice. An 11th appendage charged forward and shattered vanitas' visor and knocking him back the roof over where he was had fallen creating alot of dust Through which Masu was able to escape with whatever he was carrying.

Panther had saw masu run past him and used his new sniper to try to weaken him the bullet passed right through masu and fell to the floor. Masu escaped and continued heading towards his chamber... Panther had gone through the smoke to help vanitas up. The glass from the visor hadn't harmed vanitas but it was completely gone.
Rain - Page 8 250px-Vanitas_Revealed
When the Dust cleared Vanitas had looked around Masu was gone he thanked panther for helping him. He couldn't beat Masu in this form so he decided that it was best to go to L's office to see whats happening.

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Post by Tal on Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:22 pm

Izu sat against the wall, grasping her head.
"No... Tal... and Junior... why..."
Even though they had the talk of Junior being their hope of getting through the magma, they had no clue if he was even able to go into it. And even if he could, what about Tal? How was he going to be alright?
Izu cried silently in the darkness, lost.
Just then, a door slammed. It sounded like it came from the direction they had come from.
"Someone else... down here? No, no one else should know... I've got to hide!"
Izu staggered up and ran a few feet, turning around a corner, and laid down. She tried her best to stay silent.
Eventually, something walked by. Something... dark. Darker than the caves already were. And it felt like pure evil. She had to try hard not to scream, or gasp.
It made its way past Izu, and entered the door she and Tal had been going towards.
"Wait... then... is that Masu?! But how?! We... we killed him! How could he...?"
Once she heard the door close, she quietly stood up, then collapsed again.
"I can't... I can't go in there alone to face that thing. I need Tal... but he... he's..."
Izu continued to cry. He couldn't be gone, just like that.
The ground started to rumble beneath Izu.
"H- huh? What's... Ah!"
Izu jumped out of the way just as something broke through the ground where she just was sitting. But... it was covered in lava. And gave off light due to it. Wait... was that...?
Half of Junior's body was still stuck in the ground. He pulled with his frontal arms to life the rest of his body out. Then stared at Izu. She stared back, worried and a bit confused. Junior seemed... bigger? How was that even possible? Did jumping into lava hasten his growth? Or was it just something natural for him...? But returning to reality...
"Junior... what about Tal...?"
Junior gave her a puzzled look. Izu gazed back, her expression hardly changing. Junior started to gag slightly.
"Junior...?" Izu asked nervously.
He slowly opened his beak, and coughed up Tal who seemed to be in no worse of a shape then when they'd left.
"...Not something I'd want to do again..." Tal coughed.
"Tal!!!" Izu knelt down and offered her hand. Tal took it, and she helped him get up. She hugged him as soon as he was up. He was pretty wet, probably from Junior's saliva and Tal sweating, but she hardly cared.
"Well, Junior saved me again," Tal said. "I suppose you're going to want an explanation?"
"You know me so well," Izu told him, letting go and wiping off her shirt.
"Alright, well when I was falling, Junior jumped in after me, you know that. I was pretty damn sure I was done for. I was literally 10 feet from hitting the lava, then Junior managed to catch up to me. And the only way to keep me from touching the lava was, well, grabbing me in his mouth. So pretty much he had to almost eat me." Tal turned to Junior. "And I guess as far as the random size change goes, I can't really say. The lava had something to do with it, obviously."
Tal patted Junior on the snout, then remembered the magma armor he was now wearing. It was hardening already. So instead of having a soft outer coating from the lava, it hardened and it was like he was wearing a full obsidian coat. Not much was going to be able to break through that.
"Wait, it hardened? Does that mean...?" Izu started.
"We just got a new weapon."
"Junior, you're just full of surprises lately. And... thanks again, buddy." Tal gave him a pat on the snout again, and turned around. "Now about that door..."
"Wait, Tal. We can't go in there yet now."

Izu told Tal about what happened just a few minutes ago.

"...How, though? You can't come back after you die!" Tal suddenly stopped. Yes you could. I mean, he'd somehow done it. But how, is the real question.
"In any case, we might need more help. Stay here. I'm going back to get L and the others."
Izu ran off down the tunnel, leaving Tal and Junior there.
"Izu... be careful." Tal sat down against the wall, and Junior laid down next to him and set his head on Tal's lap.
"She'll be fine, Tal. I'm sure of it," Agna told him.
Tal nodded, and waited there in the dark for her. He was so close to Kit, but he couldn't go in there alone. Even with Junior. He had no clue what Masu was even capable of. To go in there alone would be suicide.


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Post by Frost on Wed Aug 31, 2011 5:56 pm

Izuki ran as fast as she could to the top floor of the building. It was imperative to reach L and the others as quick as possible. Finally she ran into the room to find L completely bandaged from his waist up where the bandages looped over his shoulders and around his neck, like a sleeveless shirt. Chiyo was pacing around the room, her hands on her head with a frustrated look on her face. Shiki was also there sitting next to The Doctor who walked around L, inspecting his wounds.
Izuki:"Ryuzaki!" she said almost out of breath.
L:"Hm? What is it?"
Izu explained how She and Tal had found the entrance to one of the basement floors that contained the magma defense and of the serious problem of getting around it and reaching Masu.
L:"This is going to be difficult. The first problem is that the magma pit underneath here was said to have been dried up after the original compound was abandoned. Tal's correct, We do need to go and help him. However theres some complications."
Izuki:"What complications?"
L:"Well, I cant move around in My current state." he said turning around and walking to a window. As he turned, it became clear exactly how bad Masu had injured L, for there were large angled lines of blood that had dirtied the bandages.
Izuki made eye contact with the Doctor who shook his head sadly.
Doctor Schröder:"I'm sorry fräulein, I cannot leave L's shide. Ze injuries He received from Masu vouldve been fatal eef Miss Camila hadnt begun vorking on zem as soon as she did-

Suddenly the door burst open and Vanitas and Panther ran into the room.
Chiyo:"Vanitas? Panther? Where the hell have You both been!?"
Vanitas:"Cool it Chiyo :/ We both ran into that Masu guy. He was really powerful but we couldnt stop him no matter what we did."
Panther:"Ya I shot straight through that thing and it just brushed it off like-"

L turned around and looked at both of them, his dark pale eyes filled with anger/
L:"What is wrong with You both!? Masu was carrying Camila along with Him! And Your saying Your first thought was to attack him!? Fools! Your goal shouldve been to capture him! What if You had hurt Camila?- Ahg!" L yelled at them, while holding onto his back.
Doctor Schröder: "Ryuzaki! You need to calm down! Your vounds are shtil fresh, You'll shtrain yourshelf und zey vont heal right!" the doctor said as he places his hands on L to help him sit back down.

"L, I need to hurry and get back to Tal. Please decide now!" Izuki said with a worried expression.
Izu looked out the window and noticed something odd...
Izuki:*in her mind* "A shadow? ... "
Izuki darted out the door and looked out the window from the hallway, the shadow was gone. She peeked back in the door: "I have to go, I'll meet You there!"
Izu had made it about halfway to her destination when she stopped running. The air was a bit thin, it was quiet, and Izu had suddenly become cold. From around the corner, a figure walked out and stood at the end of the hall, only a few feet away from Izu. It was a woman. She had long bright green hair and wore an odd black uniform of some kind.
Rain - Page 8 Code-geass-black-cc
Woman:"My My, Izu. You've certainly gotten Yourself into a lot haven't You?
Izu stood back and withdrew her blade.
Izuki:"Who are You?"
Woman:"That doesnt matter right now. Whats important is saving Your friends, and I'm here to give You a way to do so." she said as she began to walk towards Izu.
Izuki:"You stay away from Me, or I promise there will be blood!" she said nervously.
The woman walked up to Izu, a look of sophistication on her face. Izu wouldnt move- couldnt move, she was scared stiff by this woman. Something, something about her made Izu feel weak and frail. As if her very essence was a poison that sucked the life from those who wore themselves around life proudly. The woman touched Izu's face with both her hands and stared deep into her eyes. A mysterious symbol glowed on the woman's forehead in the shape of what looked like a swan.Rain - Page 8 C-C-code-geass
Her eyes began to glow brightly. The glow left her eyes and flew into Izu's, her eyes glowing a bright light. Something raced through Izu's mind and suddenly she was on all fours, panting very heavily. The woman knelt down and lifted Izu's chin up and looked into her eyes.

Izu:"What have You done to Me?" she said blinking her eyes as if her vision was blurry.
Woman:"You'll slowly discover this for Yourself. Until then, I'll see You again real soon..."
The woman began walking away as Izu got back up again.
Woman:" In due time Kona chan.... In due time" she said smiling back at Izu. And in an instant, she disappeared. Izu ran to where she stood and looked around the hallway with hopes of seeing her but it was as if she had dropped off the face of the planet.
Izu:".... Kona chan?.. how could?... ugh never mind that I have to get to Tal! ---

L:"Sense You both are incapable of thinking for Yourselves Your going to stay up here with The Doctor and I." L said staring at Both Vanitas and Panther who at this point looked disapointed.
L:"Today, Shiki. Go and Catch up to Izuki."
Chiyo:"And What about Me, L? she asked with an excited smile.
L sat there for a little bit thinking and glancing back at the Doctor.
L:"Actually Chiyo, I have a special Mission for You. Your job is to make sure these two gentlemen dont do anything We'll all regret. I'm going to rest for the first time of my life."
Chiyo looked puzzled and abit bored of the thought.
Doctor Schröder: "I veel be shtaying vis You mien fräulein, I'm only going to be making shure zat L is getting ze resht he needs." the Doctor said as He walked L into a small room on the other side of the screens. It seemed as if the door appeared out of no where, or it was because it was blocked off and never used. It seemed L never really did rest.

Vanitas:"This is stupid! Why should we have to- *SLAP
Vanitas flew to the side as Chiyo withdrew her arm from where his face used to be.
Panther couldnt help it and burst out into laughter.

Vanitas:"What the hell!?"
Vanitas: "Why should-"

Chiyo:"Shut up! >:U "



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Post by Grimblade on Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:49 am

Masu ran into the room, slamming shut the door behind him. He threw Camila to the floor and moved over to Kit, who was passed out, still trapped on the table.

"Time to wake up!" he said as he struck Kit across the face with his hand, his normal form resurfacing as the dark matter settled.

Kit woke, still delirious from the effects of the imprisonment seal. He didn't respond, but looked at Masu with a quizzical, half-lidded gaze.

"Out of it, eh? Maybe this will snap you out of it!" Masu grabbed Kit's head with one hand and directed the delirious fox's vision towards the girl who was lying on the floor unconscious.

Kit quickly snapped out of it. "Ca...Camila! Masu, you...bastard..." he said with what strength his body would allow.

"That's right. The one you care for most is right in front of you, completely at my mercy as you can do nothing but watch." Masu said as a malicious grin appeared on his face. "And now you choose...your soul, or her life?" Just as he said that, he brought a dagger to Camila's throat and slightly pierced her skin, letting a small drip of blood come out.

The pain caused Camila to wake up. She let out a terrified shriek as she saw Masu standing over her, a knife to her throat. "Wha---what's going on?" she asked shakily. She turned her head and saw Kit, chained to a table and staring at the scene with horror and disgust. "Kit..."

"Let her go! She has nothing to do with this!" Kit exclaimed, his emotions overcoming some of the effects of the seal. "I will tear you apart!"

"You're in no state to be tearing anyone apart, Kit." Masu said expressionlessly. "You give up your soul, or she dies. Those are your only options."

"Kit, don--" Camila began to speak, but was cut short as Masu struck her across the face.

"Stay quiet." Masu said sternly.

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/VNSq1qf5ZFk?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/VNSq1qf5ZFk?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

Kit tensed in rage upon seeing his love being hurt, but then he slumped down into submission. "Fine...take my soul. Just don't hurt her."

"Kit, no! Don't!" Camila exclaimed. "You can't..."

"I can." Kit cut in. "I would much rather die than see you get hurt. I love you, and I'll be damned if I let you die just to save myself."

Camila began crying. "I love you, too..."

"Touching." Masu said sarcastically after tying Camila down as he stood up and walked over to where Kit lay. "Now..." he picked up the soul-severing blade from the small table next to the one Kit's was on.

Camila was crying, but otherwise staying quiet. Kit lay there, his eyes full of sorrow as he stared lovingly at her, who returned his gaze through her tears.

"...your soul is mine!" Masu exclaimed as he brought the sword down directly through the center of Kit's body. It shattered the imprisonment seal and passed through his body like a phantom, causing no physical harm, but...

Kit felt something inside of him tearing; breaking apart. He couldn't explain it. But then everything flashed white...

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/5KMzDVf2Bx4?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/5KMzDVf2Bx4?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

He was in an expanse of nothing. There was only white. He was standing on ground, but there was no ground to be seen. No sky, not trees, no water, no sun---only white. And he was alone. Was this death? He didn't know.

All of a sudden, a figure walked towards him out of the expanse. As it drew closer, he recognized it as being Masuyo...but this wasn't the dark Masu, but rather the one that he used to know. The look in the being's eyes were kind and passionate.

"Well little Kuro, it's been quite a long time." Masu said, smiling.

"Masu..." Kit said. "I'm happy to see the real you again, but... "he paused. "Where are we?"

"The chambers of your soul."

"But I thought you...or rather, the other you...severed it from my body?"

"No. Though that is the normal power of the sword, he instead split the different sides of your soul, which is why I am here."

"I don't quite follow."

"Kit...when I saved you all those years ago, I knew my body wouldn't make it out safe again if I did. The darkness had almost completely destroyed your soul, and the only way to give your soul the strength to carry on was to give you my own."

"...so all this time...it wasn't really you."

"No. What you have seen is only the darkness in control of my form."

"So...what happens now?"

"Now, I leave you...my soul has been unbound from yours. Your own soul has recovered itself, and no longer needs mine there to support it."



"I never got the chance to thank you for what you did...so now I thank you, Masu...brother. I'm sorry things had to be this way. It's all my fault..."

"Don't blame yourself, Kuro. I'm just content that I've brought up such a great Kitsune. I've been with you this entire time, and I've experienced everything you have. I know you're destined for greatness." The room began fading. "It's time...goodbye, Kuro."

"Goodbye, Masuyo."

The room faded completely, several final words echoing in Kit's head. "I leave you with this...free my body. That is all that I ask."

Kit awoke. It seemed that no time had passed since the blade had pierced through him.

"What is this? Why didn't it work?!" the darkness that was posing as Masu exclaimed.

Kit felt power surge through him, his claws and fur glowing as he snapped through the chains that bound him to the table.

"Wha---how?!" the darkness exclaimed.

"You need not know---but only know that I'll be destroying you. You've defiled that body long enough."

"HA! Try me!" the darkness exclaimed as darkness began swirling around him, dark appendages lashing out from all directions.

But they were all deflected; shattering as they hit the pale luminescent flow that emanated from Kit.

"You---HOW?" he asked, a slight edge of fear entering his voice. "DIE!" He increased his attack, the darkness swirling around even more intensely as he tried to bring down Kit, but still to no avail.

Kit continued closer until he had the darkness backed to a wall. "Now pay."

Kit's claws on his right hand grew out several times longer than their normal length, glowing like the rest of him, though pale flames also danced around them. He stabbed all of the claws straight through his enemy's heart---

There was a sharp multitude of lights that shot out as this act took place---the darkness screamed as it was overwhelmed by the power of Masuyo's soul as it coursed through its own previously-occupied body. The whole being turned to darkness and then began turning to dust, disappearing completely. Seven different-colored orbs of light remained hovering in the air where the darkness had been moments before---the souls of his friends---which then shot off into the air. They were now free.

The power Kit had felt subsided the moment he destroyed the darkness, and now that the power had drained from him and Masuyo's soul was gone, he felt sleepy. So sleepy. He passed out as he stood there, and was caught by someone---Camila.


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Post by Tal on Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:59 pm

Tal couldn't wait any longer. As soon as he heard the yells and screams from the other room, he knew Kit needed help. He ran to the door as fast as he could with Junior close behind.

He kicked the door as hard as he could, knocking it down off the hinges. He stepped in with his magnum drawn and at the ready. Masu was gone. Kit and Camila were there alone. Kit was passed out in Camila's arms.
"Camila! What happened?!" Tal asked hurriedly.
"Kit... he... I don't know really. But Masu is gone," Camila told him.
"Gone...? Just... But, how? Tal, ask her more about it!" Agna said.
"Alright, but somewhere else. This isn't the best place to discuss things."
Tal helped Camila up and lifted Kit onto his back. They headed back upstairs into the base and went to Kit's room. Tal passed Izu, whom was on her way to get back to him.
"Tal! You got him back! What happened?" Izu asked worriedly.
"Follow us back to Kit's room. Camila is going to explain there."
Izu joined with the group as they headed back to Kit's room.

Camila explained to Tal and Izu what had happened down in the chamber. They seemed shocked over the events that transpired, but relieved Kit was alright and Masu was gone.
"So, you're not completely sure, but you know Kit is alright," Tal said.
"Yes, that explains it," Camila told him.
"Keep an eye on him for a little while longer. I'm sure he'd want you near," Izu said.
Tal and Izu began to walk out of the room. Junior had to wait outside the room. Because of his random size growth, he couldn't fit through the doorways anymore.
"Camila. Take care of him. He was the first friend I ever had."
Camila nodded. "I will."
Tal and Izu stepped into the hall and closed the door.


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Post by Frost on Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:34 pm

"We Die to Live, We Live to Serve, We Serve to Kill, We Kill to Please"
This was The Code embedded into the brains of these killers; these machines. The Men stood side by side in below freezing weather, facing a small building. 3 of them, dressed in combat gear underneath cloaks with gas masks covering their faces. Slowly each of them began to dematerialize until only the small foot prints left in the snow were visible. Soon the footprints began to spread out and make small trails, each headed in the direction of the lone building.
It was small, 2 floors and a side building that was more of an attachment then an actual part of the original design. Slowly, a window was opened, a door was picked and a small bit of snow fell off of the roof. The building was empty. Small creaks from the floor could be heard leaving the window, as it slowly closed and locked itself. Clicking could be heard from an open doorway. A Man, sitting at a desk, typing on a computer and sipping a cup of coffee with a cigarette in his mouth. He was a younger looking man who from his appearance You would guess he was 16 years old but in reality he was 19. He had short dark red hair, almost maroon, and he wore a striped long sleeve shirt with a small jacket over it with the sleeves exposed and jeans with snow shows. The man glanced up outside the window in front of him and watched a tree branch sway in the wind outside with the snow storm. He looked back down and continued typing, as a small glimmer of some kind shone off of the doorknob. The man looked up from his screen again, this time pausing as he took another sip. Without a second thought, the man spins around in his chair and tosses his coffee into the air. The coffee splashes and hits its target; the now coffee colored figure appears for a short moment. The man kicks the figure and begins fighting with him. The figure pulls out a blade and strikes, but the attempt is prevented by the man who manages to steal it and stab straight through the masked figures face.. The figure dropped to the floor, his body twitching in a now growing pool of blood. The man reaches down and removes the knife from his victims face and wipes the blood off using his cloak. Slowly the man turns back and closes his computer before leaving his room. He looks around cautiously, watching every one of his steps and analyzing his surroundings as well as possible. A small scratching is heard and the man turns and grabs at the wall, filling his hands with the unseen, and throws his hands to the ground. A figure slams onto the ground and materializes as he proceeds to get up. Both proceed into a similar battle that the man had encountered with his first attacker, winning the fight this time as well by snapping the figures neck. The man backs away slowly, contemplating. In an instant the man was punched in the throat and grabbed by his hair and flung to the ground. Moments had passed and the man was now being held captive. He stood there, nailed to the wall with two large knives stabbed through his hands, posing as stakes. The blood dripped from his hands, as well as his mouth which he could taste even before he touched it with his tongue.
The door opened and a smaller cloaked figure entered the room and walked up to the man.

Man:"Dont You just love it when plans change?" he said with disgust.
Figure:"Your only making it worse on yourself"
The figure removed his helmet to reveal a scarred face. The entire left side of his face covered in bandage, and the right side extremely pale, almost snow like. The man lifted his head up and looked into the figures visible eye with an annoyed look. His pupil was a bright red and full of anger and hate, and with its gaze appeared a feeling of unease; as if it was stabbing into Your soul. The man's frown suddenly turned into a smile.

Man:"So C did tell Me the truth. You are alive after all."
Figure:"Oh I'm more than alive!"
Man:"You should've told Me You were coming. I would've set up My new NBA game." he said with a smirk.
Figure:"Matt, Matt, Matt... You were always the one focused on those idiotic fictional games, and never the more important ones."
Matt:"Your no fun B, You were always so distant.... Then again, You were the foolish type after all to lose the way You did."
B:"You think You have the right to gloat!? I killed all of Your friends and Your telling ME I LOST!?"
Matt:"Mello was too careful and let it show, and Near let his guard down. I may always have my nose in front of My DS but I'm not stupid. I was 3rd after all."
B:"You wear that pathetic ranking like it means something!"
Matt:"It means You wont win."

Another figure re materializes and puts a gun to Matt's head.
Matt:*spits at the man* "Worthless dogs the bunch of You. Your not unstoppable!"
B:"Thats where Your wrong! I've got all of You right where I want You! And soon? All of You will be dead."
Matt:"Really now?"
B:"Matt, You will die the same way I killed everyone else. Near, Mello, Sarah, 12, Linda, A:
None of them could've stopped Me and Neither will You!"
Matt:"Your wrong. You may kill Me now but You'll still have C and Izu to deal with! Even L himself!"
B:"Tell Me Who C Is!"
Matt:*spits in B's face* "Suck it!"
B:"Your a fool Matt."
B pulls out a combat knife and stabs Matt in the heart ---

Tal:" That wasnt weird at all..."
Izu:"What? Ok, So I cant kiss You now?"
Tal:" ....I dont know about doing it like that....."
Izu:"Your no fun dragon boy!"
Tal:" it doesnt make You think, at all? "
Izu:"You wouldnt understand why I do Tal."
Tal:" which is why I'm asking."
Izu:"Its a complicated answer.
Tal:"I have time."
Izu:"I see through the outside... does that make sense?"
Izu:"Oh My god Talllllllllllll D:" she said in a whiny voice.

L awoke with a jolt. He grabbed his back from the large amount of pain he caused himself with the quick reaction. He lay there breathing heavily.

L:"It cant be..."


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Post by Tal on Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:33 pm

It all started with a kiss.
That kiss led to a talk back to that room.
The room's light was lit only dimly.
Their kiss ended up at the bed.
Their kiss became more intense, as they laid down on the bed.
The room began to get cluttered with clothes.
The door slammed shut.
They were unaffected by the sudden leave of a guest.
The room's light went out as the natural light of the moon illuminated the room.
Their kiss turned into more. Something more they had never thought of.
A feeling that felt like pure adrenaline through their whole bodies.
Their bodies met, as if becoming one, for just a few seconds.
They separated again, then resumed a few moments later.
It had lasted for 10 minutes before the feeling died down.
They laid there for longer, breathing heavily, before falling asleep.

The night turned to day.

Tal woke up on the covers of his bed, weary from the night before. Well, Kit was safe at least, and Camila too.
"...But that was one weird dream..." he thought.
He looked over to the other side of his bed. Izu was sound asleep, the sheets covering her exposed body. He jolted awake and looked around the room. His belt was laid out onto the ground next to a chair, and his long sword was somehow in the corner. Her clothes were scattered messily around random points in the room.

"...Oh shi-!"
Junior fell asleep in Chiyo's room that night for another "slumber parteh" with BunBun as he called them. Daddy and Izuki were... he didn't know. But Junior was scared. So he ran out of the room and slammed the door shut with his tail.
He knew BunBun wouldn't mind spending the night with him again. BunBun and Junior were good friends!
He remembered when they first met, and he was really scared because he didn't know if daddy was alright, and BunBun and Chiyo were nice to him. Everyone here seemed to be nice to Junior now. Junior liked nice people!
"So, uh, what did you say you saw them doing again?" BunBun asked rather... disturbed.
"I dunno. I was there trying to sleep then they started making noise. And I got hit by daddy's belt. And when I looked over they... I... Can we talk about something else now? @.@ " Junior said quickly.
"Well, sure. That sounds kind of... weird anyway. Maybe my master would know. Humans are weird. Well, I guess dragons do that stuff too."
"Nuh uh! Not me! I don't even know what happened!"
BunBun snickered and ran out of the room, Junior chasing him playfully.
Tal was walking down the hall with his crate of Kut-Ku materials. He knew there was a workshop somewhere around this floor, but he had to find where. He'd gotten the recipe to make the armor parts, so all he needed were the tools.
On his walk there, he passed Izu who was walking somewhere else.
"Oh! Izu! Uh... hi," Tal said nervously.
"Oh, hi Tal. How was, uh, your day so far?" Izu asked just as nervously.
"Well, I'm just, uh, headed over to the workshop. I'm going to refine these materials into some armor for s- I mean defense! DEFENSE!"
Izu laughed nervously. "Oh, that's cool. Hope you... uh..."
"Yeah, me too. Anyway nice to see you gotta go do this bye!"
Tal began to walk off again.
"Hold on, Tal! We need to talk about this!" Izu yelled.
Tal stopped abruptly and dropped the crate. It clattered to the ground, but the contents remained inside.
"Jesus Christ, Izu. I didn't even expect that."
"I didn't either. But, uh, yeah..."
"Ha... haha... Yeaaaaaah... Soooooo. This a secret?"
"Oh yeah. We're probably two of the youngest people on this team. That's nothing to brag about."
"...You sure 'bout that?"
They both laughed lightly, then it got harder. They both dropped to the wall next to them, laughing.
They laughed for a while. When they finally calmed down, they gave each other one more kiss, then stood up.
"Well, I should really get back to working on this armor. Needs to be done one day," Tal told her.
"Alright, Tal. I'll see you later then?" Izu asked, giving him a smile.
"Of course!" Tal smiled back.
They waved each other goodbye, and Tal picked up his box and continued his journey to the workshop.
Tal began to whistle a tune to himself.
"Tal... What on Earth happened last night?" Agna asked, sounding as if she just woke up.
"Don't worry about it. If you don't remember, it's for the best."

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Post by Chu on Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:42 pm

Chiyo: Shut up! >:U


Bunbun watched his master and Vanitas argue almost the whole day. Why were we watching these two imbeciles anyway? We have better things to do like getting me more carrots. Being in this command center is weird. It's dark and creepy. I don't like dark and creepy.

Chiyo: Be quiet or I'll bust a cap in your ass

Vanitas: Whatever

Panther: Come on guys..D:

Then it became silent. Since we're going to be here awhile I might aswell take a nap. Off to carrotland!



BunBun awoke up hearing a huge slam noise. He got up and saw Master and the other two missing.

BunBun: *where did they go?*

BunBun hopped out of the command center and saw master outside a room.

Chiyo: ah there you are bunbun, could you keep an eye on these two while I go out ? Won't take long, gotta restock on some ammo and stuff.

BunBun: *nods head*

Master walked away.

She had put them both inside a room to make sure they didn't pull any tricks.
I had a small bunnyhole entrance in the door to peek inside. Before I peeked in I heard Vanitas talking to Panther.

Panther: I forgot to ask but, where are you from, and what are you doing here?

Vanitas remained silent as usual.

Panther: Oh come on now, we can talk -.-

Bunbun heard something crash inside the room. He peeked inside and saw one of the flower pots smashed.

Panther: Wtf why did you throw a flower pot at me ._.

BunBun: *Derp*

Panther went towards Vanitas to shake him, but Vanitas using his godmodding powers casted a shadow wave of sorts and sent Panther flying into the wall. Ouch

Panther: Ow..seriously

Panther did a barrel roll and lunged at Vanitas, knocking him onto the ground. Something happened. The armor that Vanitas was wearing, or whatever, vanished.

Panther: What the?.. Your a..?

BunBun couldn't believe his eyes, in vanita's place was a woman, who looked about in her mid twenties or so. Had Vanitas been a woman this whole time?

BunBun: *I hope I'm dreaming..*

Rain - Page 8 Kairi-kingdom-hearts-2475511-450-338

Vanitas: How did you get through my shadow armor spell?

Panther: I don't...what the...oh my x.x

Panther was directly on top of Vanitas. Vanitas started to blush a little, but Panther got off.

BunBun was wondering why he was sitting in the hallway watching this conversation. Oh well, nothing better to do. Vanitas and Panther chatted for awhile. I suppose now that Panther knows who Vanitas is, she can talk to him with more ease.

Panther: So that's why your here? Damn

Vanitas: I guess so.

Panther sat closer to Vanitas.

Panther: Don't worry everything will be alright (:

Panther gave Vanitas a nice big hug. Vanitas seemed shocked a little and blushed, but returned the hug.

Vanitas: It's nice to finally talk to someone. And hold onto...

BunBun: *Yawn* *I suppose they won't cause anymore trouble now.

As Bunbun started to hop towards his room, he heard the bed in Panther and Vanita's room rumble a little bit.

BunBun: What the?

BunBun hopped back into the hole and saw Vanitas kissing Panther full on the lips. Panther seemed shock at first, but he doesn't seem to mind? They started making out for a few minutes, then Vanitas pushed Panther flat on his back on the bed.

<iframe width="200" height="25" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/VFd0zPUHgjE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Vanitas took Panther's shirt off, revealing a perfect set of abs. He sure was fit. Then Panther started to take off Vanita's white robe she had on. She had nothing underneath and was completely exposed.

BunBun: DAYUMMMMM- I mean er..control yourself bunbun..Wait why am I still here o.o

Vanitas looked completely embarrassed, but Panther said she looked beautiful. Vanitas took off Panther's pants, revealing a pair of boxers with ducks on them.

Vanitas: *giggles* ducks?

Panther: Ducks are awesome D:

Vanitas finally tore off his boxers and revealed hi-


BunBun got out of the hole and started to head back to the command center.

On the way he heard moaning coming from Vanitas and Panther's room.

Bunbun: I'm pretty sure they don't need to be watched anymore..

As BunBun walked away, he fell into a dark hole that randomly appeared in the floor. He was falling, and falling.

BunBun: What the hell is going on?

Finally he reached an endpoint. He fell onto a...beach? What is going on?

Before he knew it a giant snake-fish thing came out of the sea next to the beach, and started to spark electricity from its horn things?

The creature got ready for an attack, BunBun couldn't move at all for some reason.

The creature was about to zap BunBun.



BunBun awoke with a jolt. He was sweaty. He was still in the command center, and still sees Chiyo and Vanitas arguing. Along with Panther not caring anymore.

BunBun: Phew...it was just a dream...wow..

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Post by Panther on Sun Sep 11, 2011 1:03 am

The next morning was as normal as ever. Panther was eating breakfast and playing with his rifle, pretending to shoot people. Everyone was in a good mood. Panther pointed the rifle at Vanitas, who was not amused. "Goddammit Panther, put the gun down. Your acting like a child." Vanitas said, brushing the gun to one side. Panther looked up to Vanitas and opened his mouth to speak when he suddenly went stiff.
"Hello? Are you even listening to me? Put it down!" Vanitas yelled angrily.
But Panther couldn't hear him. Everything was silent. The he heard a voice.
Suddenly Reznov was in front of Panther. "Trust nobody, Panther. They will stab you in the back." Reznov's voice was low and sinister. "No," Panther said, soft at first, then again. "No, they're my allies. I'm needed by them, somehow."
"Come now, me and you both know that is a lie. Kill them, before they kill you. Trust only-"
"SHUT THE F*** UP!!!" Panther screamed, pointing his rifle at Vanitas. The whole dining hall went silent in surprise. Talent looked at Panther and saw madness burning in his eyes. "Panther, what the Hell is wrong with you!?" Chiyo shouted. Concern spread to the others; something was definitely wrong. Talent tried to grab Panther's gun, but received a melee to the face. Izu rushed to help Talent up. Izu began to try reasoning. "Panther, just calm do-"
"GET AWAY!! JUST GET OUTTA MY HEAD, DAMMIT!!!" Panther was completely crazy. The brainwashing and its breakdown had destroyed about 3/4 of Panther's mind, and madness spread like a disease. Still pointing the rifle at Vanitas, Panther ran out of the dining hall and down the corridors.

Reznov was everywhere. In every doorway, around every corner. Panther couldn't escape. The hallways twisted and turned, and everywhere Panther heard Reznov laughing, whispering in his ears "Kill them all...It will be so easy...you cannot trust them." Panther howled like a beaten animal. He ram aimlessly down another hallway, his mind in agony. The whole base was now on alert, everyone looking for Panther. L came on the intercom system, warning everyone that Panther could be extremely dangerous, and to not corner him. However, 5 armed soldiers were already unconscious from trying. Shiki and Talent came upon Panther in one of the hallways, covering his front and back escape. When they lunged at him, Panther ducked and threw Talent over his back and onto Shiki.
After 2 hours of close quarter fighting inside, Panther came outside into an open area of the base. He had lost his rifle by now, and was completely unarmed. Men and women came out from the buildings, pointing their weapons at him. Talent, Chiyo, and the others stood by, watching the whole thing unfold. 20 to 30 armed soldiers began closing in, still aiming at Panther. Panther's eyes looked back and forth, like a wild animal in a cage. When the nearest soldier was a foot and a half away, Panther lunged. Weapons fired, and bodies flew. Panther was a terrible machine, throwing punches, kicks, and other fighting styles embedded into his mind. More soldiers kept coming, and Panther was tiring. Grabbing a pistol, he seized the nearest soldier and pointed the gun at his head. "BACK AWAY NOW OUR I FORFEIT HIS LIFE!!!!" Panther yelled, his voice hoarse and scratchy. The soldiers put down their weapons, slowly stepping back. Panther began to step back when something glinted in the light. Panther felt a prick, then nothing. He fell to the ground, knocked out. "Vell zen," said Doctor Schröder, needle in hand. "Let'sh take a look in hiz head, Eh?"

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Post by Tal on Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:50 pm

Once Panther was finally captured and the excitement died down, Tal was brought to the infirmary. Again.
"Tal, I swear I see you here every other day," Camila told him.
"It isn't my fault, you know," Tal told her.
"Yeah, yeah... so what happened this time?" Camila asked, starting to inspect Tal's bleeding snout.
"Well Panth decided to go all crazy on us, and he bashed me in the face with his gun. Should I mention that yesterday I got hit in the face with a metal door?"
"This is all helpful information. So from the sounds of it your nose- err, snout might be broken," Camila noted. "Does this hurt?"
"Ow! Yes! Stop!" Tal pushed Camila's hand away. She had started to poke his nose for whatever reason, then wrote something on a clipboard she was holding. She was a doctor though; she knew what she was doing.
"Alright... well Tal, unfortunately I'm going to have to do that a bit more, so you're going to have to bear with me for a little while."
Tal groaned loudly, but nodded in agreement.

After a few minutes of poking, yelling, and scribbling, Camila was finally done. She put down her clipboard and pencil and grabbed some sort of wipes and liquid from a cabinet.
"Alright Tal, here's the deal. It's definitely broken. And since I'm a medic who's specialized on humans I'm not too sure of what to do for dragons. I don't know if their noses are constructed the same way or not, but I'll try what I can," Camila told him.
"I'm going to guess not since we have more snout-like noses, while humans just have, well, their stubs?" Tal tried to say.
"Gee, sorry for our stubby noses. >:l"
"Hey, wait, I didn't mean it like that. D:"
"Jeez, Tal, way to insult them all like that," Agna giggled.
Camila laughed too, when Tal told her what Agna said.
"Anyway, all laughter aside, I'm just going to try and slow down the bleeding for a while before you bleed out through your nose. It's like a waterfall!" she said.

Tal returned to the smithing room (workshop) after Camila let him out of the infirmary. He walked out with half of his nose bandaged up and gauze stuffed partly into his nostrils. He had to get used to breathing out of his mouth for a little since his nose was all stuffed with the bandages. All he had left for the armor was crafting the helmet.
"Alright... so I have to stick the ear here and forge the shell into this shape... Gah. This is harder than I thought," he grumbled.
"Here, let me give it a try," Agna said.
Agna took over the body and started to work on the helmet.
"I don't know if you'd be able to get it, Agna. It's not that it's too difficult, it's just really tedious."
"Wait what?"
The basic shape of the helmet was done. All it needed was to be heated to harden.
"How did you...?"
"It was easy. It just needed professional hands' work," Agna chuckled, cracking her knuckles.
"This coming from the dragon with no thumbs."
They both laughed for a bit, then started the final heating process on the helmet.

Agna lugged the crate full of armor back to her room. It was definitely heavier than when they were all raw materials, but this would be worth it.
She opened the door to her room to find Junior inside (Tal had requested to L after Junior's sudden change for a larger door. L got it installed rather quickly). Junior was resting by the bed, but got up to greet her. She patted him on the beak and walked into the closet in back of her room.
"I know we had a stand around here somewhere... got it!" Agna pulled a stand resembling a hat rack out from the corner and started to hang the armor up on it, piece by piece.
Once all of it was in order, she closed the closet door and began trying her new set.


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Post by Grimblade on Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:43 pm

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/K4CjXeDdORs?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/K4CjXeDdORs?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

Everything was light. He hadn't known what had happen after he had finished off the Darkness, but all he knew was that he had been in a mysterious void ever since. The floor was thinly coated with water, but it wasn't wet. In fact, it was as though there was not even a floor, for he felt nothing beneath his feet.

While the situation seems to be one that would incite panic, he felt at ease...as though all of his burdens had been lifted. He had conquered his past, and was at peace. His soul was his own, and no longer was there a separate entity dwelling inside of him.
It felt strange having his body all to himself. Though he had never felt before that Masu's soul was merged with his, now he could tell that it was gone, and it made him feel as though he were spiritually and mentally lighter. As though he had been cleansed inside and out.

This solitude...this escape...he could bask in it forever. Forever free of the burdens of life.

But no...he couldn't stay. This was only a temporary release so that his spirit could, in a sense, recharge. And he missed Camila...though there was no sense of time in this state, he knew that he missed her.

The room began to darken, the skies of light fading and the floors of surreal water falling away around him. It was his time to return to existence.

<object width="250" height="25"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/hNrXDrs352g?version=3&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/hNrXDrs352g?version=3&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="25" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

The light had faded completely, leaving behind darkness. Kit slowly opened his eyes as they adjusted to the light. He was lying in a bed.

He looked around and realized that he was in his room. It was dark, so it must be nighttime, but his room was illuminated by candles.

As his eyes finished adjusting, he noticed her...Camila. She was sitting in a chair at the side of his bed, her head resting on her arms, which were crossed on the bed in front of her. She was sleeping soundly, her breath releasing in quiet puffs of air.

Kit took his human form, that of a teenage boy, and reached over, running a hand through her hair.

She jolted upright in her chair before relaxing at the sight of Kit, laying there awake and looking at her. "Kit! You're alright!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah." Kit said as he smiled. "How long have I been out?"

"Three days! I was starting to wonder if you would wake up! The doctor examined you, but your case was even beyond his understanding. What happened, anyway?"

"My soul had to basically "recharge" itself after everything that happened. But now everything is fine...I actually feel amazing."

"I do, too. Now that I know you're fine." she embraced him in a gentle hug, her eyes closing as they embraced.

They stayed that way for several moments, and neither of them wanted it to end. At last they looked each other in the eyes and proceeded to give each other a luscious kiss.

"I love you, Camila. I really do." Kit said after their lips parted from each other.

"I love you too, Kit." she replied, giving a smile of genuine happiness.


Camila lay against Kit as they were together in his bed. Their emotions began to boil, spilling over the edge as their love and non-withheld passion overcame them.

They kissed each other passionately as their hands began to roam; exploring each others' bodies. Their clothes, piece by piece, came to be lying at various points around them, until there was nothing left, and each article was without a host.

She lay back and relaxed, allowing him to take control. He did so, giving in to his animalistic instincts as they became one. They were on an island within a deserted plane of existence, the world around them melting away as their bodies and souls became one, each synchronized movement generating pleasure that neither had before experienced.

This continued, each fully absorbed in their combined passion, until it reached its peak. The world flashed as a wave of pure bliss consumed their bodies, taking their breath away as they released the products of their love.

They lay together, Camila's gentle form resting against Kit's.

"I love you." Kit spoke gently, on the verge of falling into sleep.

"I love you too, Kit." Camila responded, her voice trailing off as she, too, fell into the gentle realm of sleep.


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Post by darthjawafett on Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:38 pm

Location: Flying over Alter Forest
Objective: Return to Rebel base, bring back Intel.
Personnel: Bravo 2
Leader: Captain Reaver
Status: Active
*Aboard Rebel evac plane*
Soldier: That was one hell of a fight..
Reaver: Agreed. but the important thing is that we got the information on then next phase of his plans and that most of us made it out of there in one peice.
He looked at the plane flying next to them, it was carrying their wounded.
The squad talked to eachother to keep them from growing bored. It was a long trip till they got back to the base. From inside the ship they heard beeping.
Pilot: Enemies on radar, Reaver get on the turret and take them out.
Reaver: Got it.
He went up a ladder and into a room with a turret facing out a window.
Pilot: Turret shoots rockets Lock on then fire.
Reaver looked through the turret's scope..
Reaver: I....I Dont see anything
The right wing was blown off by a rocket...
Pilot: SH**
2 seconds the left wing and tail wing were blown off...
Pilot:Were Going down...
Reaver hid the intel in a part of the ship only known to rebels..
Soldier: Sir what are you doing.
Reaver: Others will succeed... where we have failed.
The plane crashed landing outside a captured city...
Imperial Pilot: Send a team into that crash, Capture any survivors.
Ground soldier: What about the other plane.
Imperial Pilot: Lost em they escaped while we were targeting the first one.
Reaver contacted L using his helmet's radio a weak signal.
Reaver: L *static* we need help....shot down..... sending coordinates..
Soldier: Reaver whatever your doing do it fast here they come.. about 1.5 miles south..
Reaver: I've hidden the information in the ship They wont find it..
Reaver set his radio to pick up any sound within 3 feet
Gosvik's soldier approached them.
Gosvik's soldier: Take them back to the jail. Their execution is scheduled for tomorrow 3pm.. Public execution.
Location: L's office
Radio transmission: Execution...tomorrow...3pm...Public Execution
L: Not gonna happen...
L called in 3 people... Izuki, Tal, and Vanitas..
L: Your probably wondering why you here... Well its simply. You probably don't know this but a team that was returning to base. They ran into a problem and were shot down. They were captured and are scheduled to be executed. Scanned the city.. Theres a small stage in the center were executions are performed to ensure fear in the citizens.. Behind that is a abandoned building. I want you 3 to go to the penthouse on top and wait it out.. Of the squad there are 6 people alive from the crash. When their execution starts ill tell you when to intervene. Kill gosviks men and then head towards the crash site. Get the information From The ship and call in an evac. Should anything change well inform you.. For now go get weapons from the armory. the plane youll use to get there has supplies and a few zipline guns incase youll need them. Be sure to take extra weapons for them as well... Dismissed.

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Post by Tal on Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:29 pm

This was the perfect reason to break out the armor. It fit perfectly when they tried it on earlier.
"I'm actually pretty excited to see everyone else's reaction. I was more than pleased with it," Tal said.
"I have to say, I am too. We worked pretty hard on this armor," Agna responded.
They continued to talk as they put the armor on for the second time now. Only this time, it was going for some action.
Agna stepped out of their room.
Rain - Page 8 Agna_with_kut_ku_armor_by_talent412-d47jcyl
"I feel silly, but I know it's still pretty awesome."
Agna smiled.
"Of course it is."
Agna headed towards Chiyo's room. Someone had to watch Junior while they were away on this mission, and she didn't know if Kit was okay yet.
Well, until she passed him in the hall.
"Kit! You're ok!"
"Well of course. Masu was no problem for me," Kit smirked. "By the way, uh, what's with-"
"Armor? Tal and I did some personal hunting back at the camp a while ago. Remember that crate we carried with us to this base?"
"Don't tell me all that was in it?!"
"No, just the raw materials. We forged them into the armor here. It's a perfect fit, and provides nice protection."
"Sweet! Well, I'll leave you to what you were doing. See you!" Kit said, and started to walk off.
"Oh, hold on, Kit! I need to ask you something!" Agna called.
"Huh?" Kit turned around. "What?"

Agna explained the situation to Kit. He listened quietly. When she was done, he nodded his head.
"Sure! Of course I can keep an eye on Junior!" he said happily.
"Nice! Thanks, Kit! Someone needed to watch him while we were gone," Tal thanked Kit.
"Just be careful, since he'll probably start to get major separation anxiety," Agna warned.
"Nah, Junior and I should get along fine. We've spent nights together before when you weren't here."
"Whoa there, Kit. Junior's too young!" Tal joked.
Kit laughed.
"Oh, you silly dragon. Not with Junior. Camila, sure, but not Junior."
"Eh? You mean... uh... you too, huh?"
"Me too...? OH!" Kit burst out laughing. "Tal, you're alright. Let's say we keep this between us two, shall we?"
"Deal," Tal said as he started to laugh with him.
"Wait, what? Tal! What aren't you telling me! What happened?!" Agna stomped the ground in anger.
"Don't worry about it, Agna. You two should be on your way; don't want to keep L waiting. See you later! And don't worry, Junior will be fine."
Kit waved to the two and ran off down the hall.
"Well... let's go then," Tal said, recovering from his laughter.
"Tal!! Come on!! Tell me!!"


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Post by Frost on Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:10 pm

Izu turned to L as both Tal and Vanitas boarded the small jet.
L:"Theres something You should Know."
Izu:"What is it?"
L:"... Matt is dead."
Izu's eyes widened. The thought surged through her mind as tears began to form in her eyes. It couldnt be.... One of Her closest friends, had been killed. Similar to Izu, Matt had been hidden during the huge commotion and was pronounced dead, however secretly remained a hidden intelligence operative under L. The memories played through Izu's mind as she saw herself in a small hut.
She had just finished cleaning polishing her Katana when a tall african man, decorated in war paint and feathers walked in and handed her a small blade within a sheath. Izu thanked the man and slowly lifted the blade out and scanned it with her eyes. Slowly turning on a laptop next to her and began typing rather quickly. A screen popped up with the letter M with a dash through it, which slowly changed into a live video feed. Izu stared at her screen as a young man wearing goggles on his head popped up on her screen.

Izu:"Matt :) Its finished."
Matt:"Nice Kona, I knew You could get it done ;)" the man said as he placed a cigarette in his mouth and proceeded to light it.
Izu:"I still dont have any leads on him yet, but i promise I WILL find him."
Matt:"The day will come Kona. But theres something important I have to tell You... Hes... returned."
Izu:"Oh My god... You mean?"
Matt:"Yes. Hes currently hiding inside of a top notch security stronghold in the grais desert."
Izu:"This.... is incredible. I have the perfect solution. Leave it to Me Matt."
Matt:" Good, I'll keep in touch."

Izu logged off the screen and opened another file which opened up several upon clicking it.

Izu:*muffled whispering*" Ok..... retired............. goes by BA...... this will work."


Tears began to roll down Izu's face as she looked at L.

Izu: *between sobs* "Do You know how?"
L:"I'm afraid not..." L said gripping his chest as if He was having a heart attack.
Tal looked outside from the planes door at L and Izu who were just standing there.
Izu turned around and ran up the stairs and boarded the flight. As she sat down next to Tal, Tal noticed the tears falling from her chin and moved closer to Izu, putting his arm around her.

Tal:" Is everything alright Izu? " Tal said with a worried look.
Izu:"Everything's fine Tal *sniff* dont worry." she said wiping her tears as she rested her head against the seat. Tal looked away and looked back only to find the tears had returned. He hugged her and sat back a bit, feeling somewhat nervous about the conversation she had with L.

Soon the jet took off, and L walked back inside.

"Quite the predicament We seem to be having, huh Ryuzaki?" said a concealed voice.

L turned around and there standing a few feet away from him was a masked figure.

L:"Why are You here?"
"Is that any way to treat someone who helped save Your life Ryuzaki?"

L:"Ah yes, I do believe You had something to do with it. In fact You've had something to do with everything thats transpired over the past few years, haven't You...


C:*begins laughing hysterically*


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Post by darthjawafett on Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:28 pm

Location: Jet flying towards crash site
Personnel: Vanitas, Izuki, Talent and Pilot
Status: Active
The flight was quiet. Izuki seemed upset about something and tal attempted to figure out what.
What could L have told her that made her so sad. The pilot's voice came up on the intercom..
Pilot: Gonna drop you off 2 miles from the city.. If i get to close im gonna get shot down and to be honest Dying doesn't sound too good today..
Everyone had grabbed what they were given for the mission.
The plane hovered over the ground and they jumped out the door..
Pilot: Alright.. this is where i leave you good luck with the mission. The city should be South from here.
The plane flew off.
Location: Federal Prison
Personell: Reaver's squad
Status 5/6 active.
the 4 soldiers waited outside a door as Reaver was interrogated.
Interrogator: Why were you all here?
Reaver: Why should I tell you that.
The interrogator pulled out a knife.
Reaver: What do you think your gonna do with that.
________________Izuki's team_______________
Tal: Alright lets move out.
They headed south towards the city. They stopped at a dirt road with a trees scattered around and very tall grass..
They heard cars in the distance. Vanitas hid behind a tree and Izuki and Tal stayed under the grass..
A convoy of 3 armored trucks passed by slowly surrounded by soldiers.
Vanitas: 3 armored trucks... 10 soldiers. Stay undercover until they pass by..
Soldier: Why do we have to start patrol so late in the day....
Other soldier: Oh shut up atleast the west gate was empty today.
The Vehicles and soldiers disappeared up the road completely out of sight.
Vanitas: Alright lets go. They headed up the road so i guess the city is down the road..
They continued down the road towards the west gate of the town.
_________________Reaver's squad__________________
The interrogator grabbed Reaver's head and attempted to cut his eye.
Reaver immediately kicked the interrogator in the stomach causing his assault to end quickly.
While his opponent was stunned Reaver kicked the knife from the interrogator's hands. Reaver was great at hand to hand combat and within 3 minutes the interrogator was unconscious.
Reaver grabbed the knife from the floor. A pistol and some ammo for it and a set of keys from the interrogator. He kicked down the door and gave the gun to one of his soldiers.
Reaver: Alright were done here lets go.
Solder: Whats the plan for escape?
Reaver: Simon, there is an armory over on the 13th floor for guards. I have the key to it.
He held up a key from the set he just got with a big golden A on it. In back of the A was Gosvik's insignia.
Simon: So, with a pistol and a knife you expect 5 soldiers to get up to the 13th floor from the 4th floor.
Reaver: Quiet for a second.
A guard passed by the hallway in front of theirs. Eyes closed he passed them.
Reaver (mouthing words to soldiers):Hold still ill take this idiot out.
Once he passed Reaver. Reaver blocked the guards mouth with his hand and rammed the knife into his throat. He was dead.
Reaver: Look Simon now we have a better gun to use. Anymore complaints?
Simon: No sir. Simon took the Gun and rounds of ammo from the dead guard.
Reaver: Then lets go. We dont have time to waste.
______________________Izuki's Team_______________
By now everyone was ready for battle. Guns in hand.
Izuki still seemed upset about something but she put those feelings aside for now.
Izuki: Everyone off the road walk along the side of it.
They went back into the grass and continued towards the western gate of the town.
Vanitas: Stop. Look over there.
He pointed to 3 lone soldiers talking about something.
Tal:Well looks like they dont see us at all.. I dont think we should confront them for now. We shouldn't give away our position.
Izuki: Alright then its settled lets continue.
They reached the west gate..
Izuki: Guns away they cant know were hostiles.
They put the guns back inside their bags. Out of site.
There were no guards at the west gate. Completely empty.
Agna:Look there is the building. She pointed towards the 12 story building with a penthouse at the top..
Vanitas: Since citizens would freak out if a dragon were walking the streets or flying in the air well have to go through the alleyways to get there.
Izuki: Good idea..
The trio quickly ran into the nearest alley and continued through them. The section of the city there were on contained no roads and the building was there as well. The alleys were empty. Not a soul inside them. They reached the back of the building were izu attempted to pick the lock to the door.
The door slowly slid open... The three walked inside and closed the door. Just as the door closed a helicopter flew over. This was a captured city. There were patrols all over the place. Due to the lack of roads they used aerial vehicles to watch this side.
_________________________Reaver's squad_________________________
They continued down the hallway as quietly as possible. Their escape was now known and every guard was alerted. The majority had gone downstairs to the exit and the majority of whats left went to the 18th floor to guard the boss of the jail...
Reaver: They were fools to leave this floor unguarded.. Quickly into the stair way.
The group listened to what Reaver told them. He was a highly respected individual and an overall great leader. They ran up the stairs as fast as they could within 2 minutes they were at the 14th floor.
Reaver: Armory should be straight down this hallway. Keep your guns ready. He slowly opened the door and the 5 crept out into the hallway. They walked down the hall Reaver looking forward Simon keeping an eye on their right. A Corporal looking to the left and 2 soldiers facing behind walking backwards. Simon constantly checked their path to make sure the ones walking backwards were still with the group. Reaver unlocked the door to the armory.
Inside were 2 guards which were quickly disposed of.
Once everyone was inside Reaver locked the door behind them.
Reaver: Grab what you can carry. Our break out starts now..
Simon grabbed an SMG that was capable of rapid fire and had a holographic sight attached to it. His original weapon was now on his back.
The corporal had an automatic shotgun with a Grip and suppressor on it.
the 2 soldiers grabbed automatic weapons with master-keys attached.
Reaver grabbed a semi automatic rifle with a holo sight and a grenade launcher.
They ran back to the stair way which was detonated upon arrival.
Simon: Shit they knew we were coming. Were gonna have to find a new way out any ideas?
Corporal: Through the cafeteria?
Reaver: Alright then lets move out.
Once they reached the Cafeteria they were ambushed. Soldiers surrounding them and More soldiers up on the top floor.
They were captured and returned to their jail cells. They weren't allowed to leave for any reason now until their death sentence starts.
Reaver: Well looks like were screwed over now...
_________________________Izuki's team________________________
The Team had made it to the top of Building and was in position for the next phase of the mission. Now all they had to do was stay out of sight and wait. The penthouse was abandoned but still seemed to be kept clean. There was a medical cabinet. 5 beds, a fridge that had unexpired food. Lights.. It didnt really seem abandoned but whatever.

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Moments had passed and soon the members of Bravo 2 were led onto a large stage where they each would wait only minutes for their executions. A large crowd had filled the town square, forced to watch the murdering of so called "Traitors to the Empire". It was quiet, death was in the air, and not a single living soul dared open their mouths for any reason other than to be shot. Moments had passed and Bravo 2 was on their last leg. The nooses were tightened, the gun was loaded, and the blade was sharpened. A man walked out onto the stage and faced the crowd. He was of average height, well built with short blond hair. He wore Military gear and a large overcoat which draped back in a cape like fashion. Izuki's eyes widened.

Izuki:"Derom Vilitris. Hes an ex-crime lord who managed to get accidentally lucky during an arms deal. He was supposed to have been killed in a building explosion in Li Mingguang, it doesnt make sense why hes here!" she said slamming her fist into the ground.
Vanitas:"Is he that bad?"
Izuki:"Bad? Hes a mass murderer, He almost killed Me if it wasnt for...-*images of BB breaking in through a window wielding a large kitchen knife* ugh...." she shook her head.
Tal:"Alright guys whats the plan? We're gonna need to act fast here, or their gonna die down there."

Izuki stood up and walked to the edge of the balcony and jumped up onto the railing.

Izuki:"Both of You, on My signal, open fire on them. I have to end his life now, this is much much worse than expected. Meet Me on ground level as soon as I make My move, got it!?"
Vanitas & Tal:"Got it"

Izu climbed on top of the roof and sneaked across the railings and positioned herself above the stage. Vanitas and Tal both took their aim and awaited.

Vilitris:"THIS! Is what happens, when little pieces of SHIT! Like these fine gentlemen here, decide to betray our GLORIOUS EMPIRE and assume to destroy peace as we know it. Well today is a fine day for each of You because Your about to witness what happens to REBELLION!
*turning to face Bravo2* You are ALL going to DIE HERE! I do hope this is a lesson to not just everyone watching from the crowd but to Everyone with a doubt in Our empire and its emperor."

The man extended his arm and a large silver pistol was slapped into his hand which he smiled at and pointed directly to weaver's head.

Vilitis:" YOU! YOU DIE FIRST!-

in an instant, Izuki jumped down onto the stage, landing on a guard, breaking his neck and pulled out Her blade. Everyone gasped as guards rushed through the town square, trying to find cover as Vanitas and Tal began shooting during their descent from the balcony. Towns people started panicing and began running in all directions trying to escape the imminent gunfight. Guards rushed and surrounded Izuki and Vilitis took a step back.

Izuki put her sword up in guard but suddenly dropped it and gripped her head. She closed her eyes, squinting from the pain she was feeling.
The guards opened fire.


Izu opened her eyes slowly. She lifted her head and removed her hand and stood there in shock. Everything. Everything had stopped moving. It was as if time itself had collapsed and everything in the world remained in its respective position. She looked around at her surroundings. Tal had thrown a man to the side who was missing half of his upper body in an attempt to make a dash for Her. Vanitas was frozen in mid air, delivering a kick to a mans face as a grenade was flying passed him. She looked at the men before her, frozen in place, the bullets released from their clips, floating in the air. She picked up her sword and stared at it. After a short moment she proceeded to decapitate her attackers. She finished her task and walked around and cut Bravo Team free. She was still in shock that she was the only thing given motion in this freeze frame of time and space. However this energetic feeling wasnt made to last and the pain returned, this time pounding her head harder than before. As she gripped her head, she blinked again and time unfroze itself and the battle continued. The men who attempted to fire upon her were now minced meat infront of the man leading them. Tal watched in awe as He fended off attacks with Vanitas right behind him. Bravo 2 made their way off the stage as Izuki slowly walked up to Vilitis who was backing up, a look of fear on his face.

Vilitis:"Who are you!?"
Izuki looked at the man, Her hair had gained a sort of spikey look to it and her left pupil was pitch black and her right eye a dull green instead of its usual bright coloring.
Slowly she revealed a pistol and stopped infront of him.

Izuki:"May Your soul rest in peace in the fires of hell!"

She lunged forward, stabbing the blade into his heart. She let go and spun, slapping him in the face with Her gun, and as she completed a full turn around, she grabbed the hilt of the blade and shot him in the face, the force from the shot pushing him off the blade and leaving him in a pool of blood. Izu placed the sword to her mouth and tasted the blood that was splattered on the blade.

Izuki:*dark chuckle

Soon the small skirmish had ended, Tal ran up to Izu who was still standing there looking at the mans body, Vanitas and Bravo Team had stopped and went over mission details.

Tal:"Izu.... oh my god....... Are ... Are You ok...?"
Izu looked at Tal with a crazy glare. He took a step back, looking into her eyes and noticing the odd change.
She walked toward Him with her sword clutched firmly and an emotionless expression.
Tal put his guard up to defend himself, but just as Izu lifted her blade she stopped moving and passed out. Tal caught her in his arms looking even more worried than He had previously.

Tal:"Vanitas! Somethings wrong with Her! We need to get out of here now!" he said with His weapons holstered and now carrying Izu in his arms.
Vanitas:"Right! We need to make our way to a location safe for the jet to come get us. Reaver! Have Your men provide cover. Its time to leave this area before more military arrives. We dont need a war scene erupting from a midtown massacre. Lets Go!"


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Meanwhile, back at the base...

Kit had been having his hands full with watching Junior. When the jet containing the other members of the team had left, he had to forcefully restrain the young dragon...which was no easy task, as he was trying to go straight out the window to follow them.

Kit, however, had realized some new power that he had never sensed before. He couldn't tell what it was, or could he control it, but its appearance is likely from the recent events, and because he now had his complete soul once again. With that being said, he did still have all of the wisdom that he had accumulated over the years, which would make it easy to believe that he would have some new talents...he just needed to figure out how to use them.


"You win again." Junior said with a low growl.

"Yep! What can I say? I'm a master at cards." Kit said with a sly grin.

"One more! Please!"

"No, no. I think I'm done for the day."


Junior had seen some of the crew of the facility playing cards, and had taken an interest in them. Where he went wrong, however, was playing against Kit, who had become a master in playing (and cheating, though he didn't have the heart to cheat against his friends) throughout his times of wandering. It helped him get by in this human world, as well as raise some mischief.

Kit looked over again, and the dragon was asleep, playing cards scattered around where he was exhaling.

"It's about time he fell asleep. He was up all night worrying about Tal." he thought to himself. "Well, he's going to be out for a while, and Camila's busy at per post...and it's only morning..."

He didn't quite know what to do with himself since everyone was gone...and then he looked out the window, and it struck him. New Raylus...they've been on its outskirts this entire time, but had never once ventured out, nor had they given the city any thought.

"I've got it." Kit thought to himself as he wrote a note and set it on his table, and then went out the door.


Kit was in his most favored form, that of a teenage boy, and was walking the streets of New Raylus. What he noticed, however, is that is was like a typical city under control of Gosvik. Military crawling around everywhere, people impoverished, open acts of violence...as always, it sickened him.

As he was walking by an alley, he noticed that a boy was held against the wall by his throat.

"You think you can just steal like that, eh?!" the soldier yelled in the boy's face. "I oughta teach you some manners!"

The soldier reached for the clubbing stick that was clasped at his belt, but was confused when he found nothing there.

"Looking for this?" Kit said with a mischievous grin as he held up the soldier's weapon. "Oh my, it looks like I've stolen something. Care to teach me some manners?"

The soldier was taken aback by this, looking slightly fearful for a moment before going back into his violent state. "I guess I will, then!"

The soldier swung his fist at Kit with all the force he could muster, letting the boy drop to the ground. Kit swiftly raised one hand to catch the soldier's fist, and in doing so, tightened his grip. He felt the crunch of bone and heard the screaming of the soldier as he fell to the ground clutching his shattered hand.

"Demon! Demon!" the soldier screamed.

"It serves you right, you swine." Kit replied coldly as he helped the boy up onto his feet. "You should hurry up and get out of here. Try not to get caught next time."

"Yessir! Thank you!" the boy said as he ran out of the alley.

"Now..." Kit crouched down next to the soldier. "Why is it that you would hurt a kid? Before I kill you, I just want to know. I've always wondered how it is that you soldiers can commit such vile acts and blindly follow such a tyrannical pig."

The soldier simply spit in Kit's face.

Kit sighed as he wiped the spit from his face. "Very well, then." He stood up, but as he did so, he felt the power that had been lurking inside of him reveal itself again. He could feel it, and it was within his grasp.

Collecting himself and embracing the power, he felt it rush through his veins. He could see symbols in his mind...symbols of the Kitsune Elders. And he heard a faint voice..."You are our last. As such, let these runes add to your power. But share them with no one." The voice faded, leaving Kit with this unfamiliar power inside of him.

Looking at the soldier, he brought a symbol to mind...the symbol for fire. Upon doing so, he felt an amount of energy leave him, but his claws glowed with a red intensity.

The guard returned Kit's ferocious gaze with one of sheer terror. "Demon..."

Kit would have simply knocked the soldier out and left him there, but he couldn't have his presence known. He slashed at the soldier with his claws, severing him diagonally in half. But upon doing so, the soldier's remains burst into flames, an unnatural and unfueled fire engulfing them.

He turned around from the violent scene before him and left, letting the power fade from his claws. This power...it brought forth a mix of emotions from him. It made him excited to have such power, but at the same time, it was one of the powers of his elders...and he was the last or his kind, even though he was young. This thought brought about sadness, but at the same time, the power marked a step forward. One day he might have the chance to bring about a new generation of Kitsune: one that would be free of tyranny, and thrive in lands no longer evil.

He pondered to himself as he made his way back to the base.


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