Wii mote skins and red wii's :D

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Wii mote skins and red wii's :D

Post by MajinKitty230 on Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:25 pm

Okay, today me and my mom went to Walmart, well walked cause we don't have a car :/ but it was cool out. SOo we got some food and shirts, well I got one. it was a yoshi shirt :) and I went to electronics and saw tons of new things, like wireless sensor bar, mario DS holders and pens :D and I saw the red wii, at first I thought it was something cause of the holidays Razz but it was for the Mario series! :)

While in electronics I saw some new games and stuff, I wana get Kirby's Epic Yarn :3 anyway, I got a skin for my wii mote C: it was mario themed, and thank goodness it was only $5.00
NOW I KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS. A wireless sensor bar, a carrying case for my Nintendo DS (if I find the charger).

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