WOA Video: A FareWell To Troll

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WOA Video: A FareWell To Troll

Post by TR0LL on Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:44 am

funny how it is i made it so yall had thing remeber me about even with mario (who is may Fav Chrarter) So i wanted make a announcement with this i know that 2 people have asked if they want do videos ive have been Thinking Of Being Replace As Of October There be 2 New People Join WOA Youtube Channel To Upload Videos As They wish
Camus And B2B I Shell Give You Account in PM If u Wish still do this and we got 4 people doing channel

Lol Like TV (30 Mins Show well be replacing with 15 Mins Show) (1 Members Well Be Replacing With 2 Members)
Anyways Here Is Video


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