Guatar Hero 3 My Custom Songs

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Guatar Hero 3 My Custom Songs

Post by TR0LL on Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:15 pm

I Made Few Songs For GH3 (ill Have Find Way To Record Them Later Hyper Cam 2/Camstudio Dosent Work With Sound o_o)

My Custom Songs

Chart File: ?enca6eu6thd5hsy

Blackfoot - Train Train
Chart File: ?n94h0lkw3mpud8g

Space Ghost Coast To Coast
Chart File: ?v1fb9ee54lzvesj

Youtube Poop Link Infected This IS Sprata To Eveyone
Chart File: ?dga66h4r92aj8u6

There All My Custom But as soon ui can find good recorder ill upload Them and show them to yall see if yall think If You Guys Have PC Version Then You Be able Play songs If not idk how put them on orther systems but good luck trying


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