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Mardek RPG

Post by Dan The Enigma on Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:44 pm

The Mardek series is a work in progress by Pseudolonewolf. It is a series of 8 VERY fun RPG games. Only 3 are out so far, but since it took 3 years for the third one to come out after the other 2 (which came out in the same year, 2007), we may not see Chapter 4 for years to come.

The story is of a young boy named Mardek who, with his friend Deugan, find a fallen star just outside the woods near their hometown of Goznor. Inside, the boys find an alien named Rohoph and they find out that the fallen star was really his ship. Rohoph dies but since Mardek had the same elemental alignment as Rohoph, was allowed to transfer his soul into Mardek's (not exactly willingly >_>). After Mardek goes home, Rohoph explains his origins and how he was part of a race called the Annunaki. 8 of the Annunaki (Rohoph included) are a part of a group of powerful sorcerers called the Goverence de Magi. The group is consisted of the 8 elements. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, Aether, and Fig. But Rohoph explains that the Governance has been warped mentally by an artifact called the "Violet Crystal" and that Rohoph escaped the influence. He then explains that he will be with Mardek for years to come.

-End of Spoilers-

Link to games:

Mardek Chapter 1:

Mardek Chapter 2:

Mardek Chapter 3:
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