8: Lightning Cup Tracks

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8: Lightning Cup Tracks

Post by Josh1995 on Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:57 am

8: Lightning Cup Tracks
Lightning Cup Tracks

SNES Mario Circuit 3

This track is almost too obvious to list a bunch of tips. Mario Circuit 3 has a lot of wide turns, with even wider shoulders for you to jet across and cut your time like a hot knife, not to mention you can get way ahead of the on-track competition.
The lone subtle shortcut: On the second curve before the finish, the colored wall features a gap in it for you to boost through and head straight across the corner.
Another last-minute boost: Like in Ghost Valley 2, a boost arrow is positioned just before the finish line. It shouldn't be as easy to miss as the Ghost Valley one, so you should be able to drift around and then hit it with little effort.

DS Peach Gardens

Peach Gardens goes on a long time, but there are, at least, enough spots for you to boost through and make things go a little faster.
Flower beds: Almost every turn in the early half of the course has a couple of flower beds on the path that can slow you down if you manage to drive into them. But if you can boost through them, you'll find they're great little places for shortcuts. But if you choose just one flower bed to boost through (in a time trial, for example), which one should it be? We recommend the first one you see after the starting line (not pictured), which is also the biggest one and stretches across half the corner.
The hedge maze: On the north side of the track is a bunch of tall square-shaped hedges with a couple of Chain Chomps roaming the grounds. You can't go completely straight through, but do try to stay towards the middle of the area, weaving left and/or right and avoiding Chomps when they get close.
The mole field: A little bit before the finish, you'll have to contend with a few moles making life difficult in the backyard. There are two ramps off to the left and right that you can boost to and trick off of, but if you can't, just keep your eye on the moles (they don't move around like they do in Moo Moo Meadows, though) and stay on the inside when drifting.

GCN DK Mountain

Another one of those "crazy" tracks, DK Mountain is pretty twisty and narrow, meaning you're more at risk than a lot of other tracks. Try to stay alert and stay ahead!
Drift tip: The edges of the grass on the sides of the track aren't actually considered grass by the game, so you can safely drive over those ruffles and get ever so closer to the corner when drifting.
Rollin' down the mountain: Heading down the side of the mountain after being shot up there by the huge cannon can be a bumpy ride. Luckily, you can trick-boost off of the wooden ramps to stay in the air and get down to the bottom quicker. 427x240
Cliff shortcut: On the last curve before the drawbridge, you can easily jump off the cliff from the start of the turn and down to the lower level, effectively bypassing the entire curve. You may fare better at pulling this off with a kart, as top ranking players use Funky Kong with the Flame Flyer when setting records on this track.

N64 Bowser's Castle

For the final retro track, the game gives you Bowser's Castle from Mario Kart 64, which honestly could have been a few corners shorter. But for the most part, there aren't that many gimmicks.
Super early shortcut: Time trial runners don't have to wait long to use a Mushroom: right after crossing the bridge from the starting line, you can boost through the wide patch of grass to the right and then drift inside the castle.
Beware the shifting Thwomps: Shortly after entering the castle, you'll come upon a large hall where two Thwomps fly out in front of you, shift from one side to the other, then drop down. They stop around where you are on the track, so be ready to swerve out of the way. If you can manage to squeeze between them, great, but don't depend on that -- just get far away.
Onto the roof: The final section of the track takes you up a spiral ramp to the roof of the castle for a series of jumps. First, a boost jump will throw you into a row of Item Boxes (beware the lava geysers shooting up from the edge), and then you'll have to avoid the top pillars when going across a couple of smaller jumps. As always, use trick-boosts to your advantage. 427x240

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