6: Banana Cup Tracks

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6: Banana Cup Tracks

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6: Banana Cup Tracks
Banana Cup Tracks

N64 Sherbet Land

The ice is thick, and as wide as the sky, which means lots of chances for mini-turbo after mini-turbo. Keep that in mind, as shortcuts alone won't keep you ahead of the game. Just don't drift too close to the corners in the ice, lest you fall into the freezing water!

Slip around back: When coming up to the second group of Item Boxes, you can hang a right and slip in between the small crevice on the side of the large rock cliff. The benefit is a boost jump at the end, which can push you ahead and closer to the entrance of the cave.
Slip through again: Once in the ice cave, you can veer right again and hit a boost strip on the side of a column. After that, try to stay on the inside corners on the sides of the other columns to maintain a good, fast line through the cave.

GBA Shyguy Beach

It's maritime mayhem on Shyguy Beach: A pirate ship off in the distance randomly fires cannonballs onto the track, which subsequently explode like Bob-Omb items. Plus, the track isn't exactly smooth, with water flooding some of the parts that you need to drive across.

Landforms: Shortly after and shortly before the start/finish line are two large patches of grass with a strip of bare land that stretches around them. For the most part, you can keep going straight past these green mounds without losing or gaining too much. The second one before the finish, however, is definitely beneficial if you can boost past the small string of land to the left, then quickly turn left, and pass the line in a jiffy.
Island hopping: Water swallows the line of sandy land, creating "dots" of land for a short while. If possible, tap the drift button to hop over the small gaps of water and to keep going at optimum speed.

DS Delfino Square

Delfino Square is rigidly designed, with only a couple of chances to go off the beaten path. You'll have to rely on your drifting skills to manage the right-angle corners in this sunny town.

The split: The street will fork at halfway around the course. You can either go straight or veer left around the block. Both ways are virtually the same length, but the left-hand path is ever so slightly shorter and may get you that extra little bit of time.
Karting on the dock of the bay: After getting through the thick of town, the path leads left down to the seaside. Before the next corner, you can drive off the left-hand side of the road and fall down to the pier, where a lone Item Box stands. It's also a good way to avoid any mayhem on the main track. 427x240
Backlot shortcut: If you don't want to hop down on the docks and have a boost item ready, you can turn right into a secret shortcut behind the last of the village buildings. Look for two crates next to each other to signify where the passage starts. Boosting is required since the ground is muddy back there.
Cut across the lawn: After going across the drawbridge, you have one final shortcut opportunity before the finish. If you can, boost straight through the corners, over the grass, and right up to the final turn. It's best if you have a Gold or Triple Mushroom, since it's kind of a long way across.

GCN Waluigi Stadium

For some reason, Waluigi Stadium invites insanity. Maybe it's all the jumps. Maybe it's the wide turns and long straightaways. Maybe it's the whole atmosphere of a rowdy stadium. Whatever it is, you can expect craziness whether you're playing against the computer or with other humans. Our basic tips include exploiting every jump by tricking off of them, getting extra boosts, and staying on the inside of turns when drifting. Simple, really!

Mud shortcuts: At the north end of the track is the first turn with a wide patch of mud on the inside. Luckily there was a boost jump with some Item Boxes just before that, so if you got a Mushroom, boost through the filth and cut some time.
Half-pipes: The new twists for this track (compared to the original in Double Dash) are the half-pipe ridges added to certain spots: the turn after the first boost jump; a couple turns before the finish line; and the Piranha Plant gauntlet (see below). Barring the gauntlet ones, it can be a good idea to hit these ridges and get the extra boost by catching air. 427x240

The Piranha gauntlet: For the most part, you're safe by blasting straight through here, swerving to avoid the Piranhas, and firing bars when necessary. But since the half-pipe is lined with ridges, you can run up the sides and boost on the way down a couple of times. Tricking may take too long, though, so try not to do it -- this section of the track can pretty much make or break you.

The fastest way to get through this is by 'rim surfing', meaning you take small jumps on either side of the halfpipe, without tricking. As soon as you land, you'll get a boost, but turn up again for another jump, and continue surfing the rim like that till the end, but be careful not to land in front of a pipe. That sucks.

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