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Post by Josh1995 on Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:52 am

Light/Small Class

The Light class selection isn't completely balanced among themselves, but what you can usually expect from them are higher drift, Mini-Turbo and off-road stats along with, of course, low weight. The higher speed combinations usually have decent acceleration to go with them, so it's possible to jet through a track and get way ahead of your opponents, and more or less stay there even after being attacked. Just be careful not to drift yourself right off the side of a track!

Medium class characters and vehicles are exactly that: unremarkable in their attributes, but good enough to get ahead. Certain combinations may skew the driver towards the Light or Heavy side of the spectrum (e.g., low acceleration or higher drift), but for the most part, they're average, and best for novice players who just like picking Yoshi or Luigi or whoever.
Note: you can unlock two variations of the Mii character, but their stats are identical, so we display just one.

The burly Heavy characters (and Waluigi and Rosalina. Don't ask us why they're in Heavy Class) have one main disadvantage: low acceleration. This means that if you miss a starting boost or are otherwise knocked out or slowed down, they take longer than other racers to get going again. And yet, they usually have high speed. Therefore, when playing GP or against others, a Heavy player will have to keep up their momentum and stay "alive" on the track as long as possible. Be careful out there.

In general, picking the best character and vehicle combination isn't an exact science (though Time Trial rankers may have you thinking otherwise). More than anything, it's going to be your skill that puts you ahead. Proper knowledge of drifts, boosts, recoveries, and staying on the inside of the curves can put you in first place regardless if you're Diddy or Donkey Kong.

For players who have the urge to play as their Miis (and who doesnt), keep in mind that altering your Miis height and weight in the Mii channel before playing Mario Kart will affect your Mario Kart Mii weight class.

For Grand Prix cups and online races: The above text definitely applies here, but there's some other things to keep in mind. With the random nature of the computer opponents (and trigger-happy humans), races can be nearly the same for everybody. Though if anything, we strongly suggest getting comfortable with your chosen vehicle(s), especially their drifting. Bikes drift with their entire bodies, while Karts will usually send the rear of the body up while in the drift. Getting a feel for drifting is important, since mastering it can ensure smooth cornering, successful Mini-Turbos, and therefore inch you further ahead of the pack.

For Time Trials: This usually depends on the track, but virtually every top-ranking ghost in the world right now features Funky Kong on the Flame Runner, due to his incredibly high speed stat. As long as you nail a starting boost and continue to keep up momentum using constant wheelie boosts and smart Mushroom boosting, his low acceleration becomes a nonissue.

Some tracks will require specialization. For example, top rankers on GBA Shyguy Beach use Toadette on the Magikruiser, since that combination's near-max off-road stat allows racers to cut across the shallow water on the track -- barely even touching land -- with negligible speed loss. Download and watch ghosts to know who the pros are using, and try to keep up!

For Battle mode: A Heavy character (or Medium with a high weight stat) can be good, since you don't get knocked around too badly. But quicker recovery and getting back into the game as soon as possible is something a Light or Medium character with high acceleration is going to be best at. Again, we can't be too authoritative: you should go with a character that feels good to you and does what you want to (speed, power or something else?). And to be honest, Battle matches are usually so hectic that it doesn't always matter who's who. Have fun!

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