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Item Profiles

Note on dropping items
Certain items can be dropped on the track or tossed in front of you. By default, they're dropped behind you, but if you're playing with the Wheel, you'll have to press Down on the D-pad to drop it and Up to throw it. In every control scheme, you must first hold Up on the D-pad/stick, then push the Item button to toss it ahead. An item tossed may work better than an item dropped!

Related to that, if you're hit by Lightning or another attack that knocks you out, the items you hold can be knocked loose and fall onto the track. Mushrooms, bananas and Bob-Ombs are just three examples. If you're a bystander (bydriver?), for example, you can try to dash into fallen Mushrooms for a free boost!

49x47 77x59
Super Mushroom & Triple Mushrooms
Each Mushroom gives you a short turbo boost for about two full seconds. Good for boosting through the pack if you've been knocked down a few spots, but even better for taking advantage of shortcuts on many tracks.
Gold Mushroom
Gives you unlimited turbo boosts for a short period of time. 200x187
57x47 59x59
Green Shells & Triple Green Shells
Shells are the missiles of the Mario Kart world: a straightforward weapon that's meant for destruction and little else. They can be fired straight ahead you or laid down behind you on the track. When in motion, shells will ricochet off walls if they don't hit a driver.

Triple shells of both colors can also act as a shield, since they fly around you in a circle. They move somewhat slowly, so there's still that small chance that a projectile can still hit you regardless. 200x187
56x46 57x57
Red Shells & Triple Red Shells
Red shells home in to the next opponent in front of you. This makes them pretty dangerous! But if you're being pursued by one, it's possible to get rid of it by taking a sharp corner or holding a banana or other shell behind you. Fake Item Boxes will not work as a suitable shield. 200x187

Blue Shell
The most devilish Mario Kart item ever created! The Blue Shell makes a beeline for the 1st-place driver, positions itself, then slams down on the driver in a huge blue explosion. The driver is then incapacitated for a few seconds (more, if they were above lava or a pit!). Anyone else within the blast radius will also spin out for a short time. The Blue Shell is basically perfect: you can't always escape it, and it will get its man -- unless you happen to have Star invincibility or Mega Mushroom at the time. There are special cases where you can escape it, like when you're entering or being shot out of a giant cannon on certain tracks.

Some tips for those who are about to be hit with a Blue Shell. If you know it's coming, don't attempt to make a jump or a boost. Instead, brake hard and stop right in front of them, giving you a better start after the bang. Also, you might take a few opponents with you with the explosion.

For the daredevils out there, the alternative is to try to boost away from the Blue Shell. This is possible with a boost pad or a mushroom. Just as the Shell is coming down on you, like in the picture to the right, activate the boost. If successfull, the Shell will hit the ground behind you.
55x53 69x62
Banana & Triple Bananas
The banana is a basic item that spins out anyone who runs into one. They can also offer protection for the user: hold the Item button to "dangle" the banana behind your vehicle. If you're not in a curve, red shells and other items coming towards you hit the banana instead, canceling both out. Triple Bananas offer greater protection, because there are three of them (duh), plus they stay in a straight line behind you without having to hold the Item button. 200x187
The Bob-Omb works like a Banana, except it explodes in a couple of seconds after landing, creating a large blast that can toss anyone who touches it into the air. The blast isn't as big as the Blue Shell's, though, but do get as far as you can from a Bob-Omb once you see one flashing red. 200x187
False Item Box
Drop or throw this item to make a false Item Box appear that knocks out any driver who runs into it. In past Mario Kart games, the False Item Box looked pretty similar to the regular Item Box, save for the upside-down question mark inside. In Mario Kart Wii, the Box is a more distinct red color that's easier to spot from far away. Therefore, it may be harder to fool your opponents. Still, its best use is when it's placed along with real Item Boxes. 200x187
Bullet Bill
Turns you into a Bullet Bill that flies through the course on autopilot. Of course, it doesn't last forever, so keep an eye on the exhaust/fire shooting out of the back of the Bill -- when it starts to sputter, you're almost done! Keep yourself from being disoriented by pretending to drive through the course along with the Bill until the power ends. 200x187
Sends out a Blooper who splatters a few nearby opponents with ink. If you're the one who is hit, random splotches of ink appear on your screen, and it'll take a few seconds before the ink goes away. Seeing the rest of the track ahead shouldn't be too hard, but the blind spots can still heighten the risk of running into a banana or other obstacle that you didn't see coming. Just keep those eyes forward! 200x187
Lightning Bolt
Lighting zaps every racer on the track (except you), shrinking them and lowering their max speed. There's no way to avoid it, but at least you won't be alone when you're putting along several feet shorter than you were. 200x187

Super Star
Along with an increase in speed (comparable to a Mushroom boost), the Star turns you invincible, letting you plow through any on-track obstacle or opponent without being hurt.

By the way, Star beats Mega Mushroom, so don't be afraid to take them down a notch.
Mega Mushroom
Doubles your size and allows you to squash opponents by running into them. The Mega Mushroom is pretty similar to the Star: you're not totally invincible, but you do get a slight speed boost and can mow down any opponents ahead of you. 200x187
POW Block
Once activated, the POW Block will appear above a few nearby opponents, and will pound itself three times -- the third pound will spin out and stop the opponent(s). If you've been hit with the POW Block, you can escape its shock by flicking the remote/wheel up on the third pound (or shaking it wildly after the second). You'll still spin out, but you'll keep your momentum, meaning you can stay in the race! The small blue shockwave that will appear under you will indicate that you've escaped. You can also avoid the hit if you're in midair after launching off a ramp or other big jump. 200x187

Thunder Cloud
A detrimental item that puts a raincloud above you, and will spark and sputter for a short while until it gains enough electricity and zaps you -- not cool! You can escape the threat of the Thunder Cloud by simply ramming into any nearby opponent, which will send the cloud over to them. They can deal with it. Just be careful of not being rammed back -- a game of "hot potato" on the track is funny, but not really beneficial to anybody!

A big tip for people being attacked by the Thunder Cloud is that they are unaffected by grass or other patches of road that would normally slow down a player. Though this lasts only as long as the Thunder Cloud, take the opportunity to cut corners through tracks.

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